2019/7/17 Draft NATO-affiliated report reveals number & location of US nukes in Europe

Belgian Politicians Insist US Secret Nukes Should Be Out as Report on NATO Disclosed Their Location
TEHRAN (FNA)- In a report detailing NATO’s deterrence policy, a Canadian senator for the Defense and Security Committee of the alliance’s Parliamentary Assembly accidentally revealed several sites the US uses to store its weapons of mass destruction in Europe. The list includes bases in Turkey, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Belgium’s green and socialist parties, Groen and the sp.a, have urged the country’s authorities to discuss the removal of the US nuclear warheads, disclosed as being stored at the Kleine-Brogel Air Base just 90 kilometres from Brussels.

The parties’ representatives pledged to raise the issue during a defence parliamentary committee in mid-July although a defense ministry spokesperson has stated that “we cannot and should not speak about” the warheads, stored in Belgium, The Brussels Times reported.

Green MP Samuel Cogolati noted that the accidental revelations only confirmed the "open secret" that the EU’s ally from across the pond stations its weapons of mass destruction in Belgium and insisted on meaningful debates.

"We demand a fully transparent debate - we must stop this lying and put an end to this hypocrisy”, he stated.

In an interview with the local broadcaster, Radio 1, fellow party member Wouter De Vriendt suggested that the risks are even higher under the current administration.

“Do we really want weapons of mass destruction in our territory with someone like Donald Trump at the buttons?” he claimed as cited by The Brussels Times.

The leader of the Flemish socialist party John Crombez also backed the call to discuss the matter and finally proceed with nuclear disarmament.

“Most of the world is ready for nuclear disarmament. Belgium is not, and that was one of the reasons why the F-35 jets were purchased. It’s time for transparent debates about that. sp.a wants Belgium to finally take the side of disarmament”, he posted on Twitter.

At the same time, the Belgian outlet De Morgen cited an anonymous military source, claiming that the country benefitted from the situation, noting that removing the nukes would be costlier than keeping them and result in the necessity of allocating additional funds for defence.

“Nuclear weapons in our country do not cost our country anything − and we sit at the table with the big boys”, the insider suggested.

The debates were prompted by a report authored by a Canadian senator for the Defence and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which allegedly unintentionally disclosed some sites in Europe where US nuclear weapons are stored. Although a copy of the initial report, published in April, and its fresher version had no such information, the original version was published by the media.

According to it, 150 nuclear warheads, B-61 gravity bombs in particular, are said to be stored in several European countries, namely Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

“These bombs are stored at six US and European bases − Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in The Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey”, the report read, cited by The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, police officers in the Turkish province of Bolu only recently found 18 grams of the radioactive substance, californium, used in the production of nuclear warheads, which is valued at $72 million and requires special authorisation to be imported.

Report: NATO Committee Report Accidentally Disclosed US Nuke Locations in Europe
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Canadian senator for the Defence and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly allegedly presented a report detailing NATO’s deterrence policy, and unintentionally disclosed some of the sites used by the US to store nuclear weapons.

The document entitled “A new era for nuclear deterrence? Modernisation, arms control and allied nuclear forces” was initially published in April, to little fanfare, The Washington Post reported.

However, it appeared that the report allegedly featured around 150 sites where the US stores nukes. Among the countries mentioned in the document were Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

A copy of the initial report that was consequently deleted was published on Tuesday by Belgian newspaper De Morgan.

“These bombs are stored at six US and European bases − Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in The Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey,” the report read, cited by The Washington Post.

A final edition of the report was issued last week. The locations of US nuclear weapons had been deleted.

Sen. Joseph Day, the author of the initial report, stated that he used “open source material” to prepare his assessment, noting that it was only a draft and that changes were expected, according to The Washington Post.

While commenting on the 'draft' report, an unnamed NATO official told The Washington Post that “this is not an official NATO document”.

He highlighted that it was written by members of the NATO-affiliated body, noting that “we do not comment on the details of NATO’s nuclear posture".

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私は元自衛官で、防空ミサイル部隊に所属していました  *転載記事*

すごい説得力ー強烈な安倍首相批判=元自衛官(防空ミサイル部隊)の泥 憲和さん。から転載。転載開始。


突然飛び入りでマイクを貸してもらいました。 集団的自衛権に反対なので、その話をします。 私は元自衛官で、防空ミサイル部隊に所属していました。 日本に攻めて来る戦闘機を叩き落とすのが任務でした。

 いま、尖閣の問題とか、北朝鮮のミサイル問題とか、不安じゃないですか。 でも、そういったものには、自衛隊がしっかりと対処します。 自衛官は命をかけて国民をしっかり守ります。 そこは、安心してください。

 いま私が反対している集団的自衛権とは、そういうものではありません。 日本を守る話ではないんです。 売られた喧嘩に正当防衛で対抗するというものではないんです。 売られてもいない他人の喧嘩に、こっちから飛び込んでいこうというんです。 それが集団的自衛権なんです。

 なんでそんなことに自衛隊が使われなければならないんですか。 縁もゆかりもない国に行って、恨みもない人たちを殺してこい、 安倍さんはこのように自衛官に言うわけです。 君たち自衛官も殺されて来いというのです。 冗談ではありません。 自分は戦争に行かないくせに、安倍さんになんでそんなこと言われなあかんのですか。 なんでそんな汚れ仕事を自衛隊が引き受けなければならないんですか。 自衛隊の仕事は日本を守ることですよ。 見も知らぬ国に行って殺し殺されるのが仕事なわけないじゃないですか。

 みなさん、集団的自衛権は他人の喧嘩を買いに行くことです。 他人の喧嘩を買いに行ったら、逆恨みされますよね。 当然ですよ。 だから、アメリカと一緒に戦争した国は、かたっぱしからテロに遭ってるじゃないですか。 イギリスも、スペインも、ドイツも、フランスも、みんなテロ事件が起きて市民が何人も殺害されてるじゃないですか。

 みなさん、軍隊はテロを防げないんです。 世界最強の米軍が、テロを防げないんですよ。 自衛隊が海外の戦争に参加して、日本がテロに狙われたらどうしますか。 みゆき通りで爆弾テロがおきたらどうします。 自衛隊はテロから市民を守れないんです。 テロの被害を受けて、その時になって、自衛隊が戦争に行ってるからだと逆恨みされたんではたまりませんよ。 だから私は集団的自衛権には絶対に反対なんです。

 安部総理はね、外国で戦争が起きて、避難してくる日本人を乗せたアメリカ軍の船を自衛隊が守らなければならないのに、いまはそれができないからおかしいといいました。 みなさん、これ、まったくのデタラメですからね。 日本人を米軍が守って避難させるなんてことは、絶対にありません。 そのことは、アメリカ国防省のホームページにちゃんと書いてあります。 アメリカ市民でさえ、軍隊に余力があるときだけ救助すると書いてますよ。

 ベトナム戦争の時、米軍は自分だけさっさと逃げ出しました。 米軍も、どこの国の軍隊も、いざとなったら友軍でさえ見捨てますよ。 自分の命の方が大事、当たり前じゃないですか。 そのとき、逃げられなかった外国の軍隊がありました。 どうしたと思いますか。 軍隊が、赤十字に守られて脱出したんです。 そういうものなんですよ、戦争というのは。

 安倍さんは実際の戦争のことなんかまったくわかってません。 絵空事を唱えて、自衛官に戦争に行って来いというんです。 自衛隊はたまりませんよ、こんなの。

 みなさん、自衛隊はね、強力な武器を持ってて、それを使う訓練を毎日やっています。 一発撃ったら人がこなごなになって吹き飛んでしまう、そういうものすごい武器を持った組織なんです。 だから、自衛隊は慎重に慎重を期して使って欲しいんです。 私は自衛隊で、「兵は凶器である」と習いました。 使い方を間違ったら、取り返しがつきません。 ろくすっぽ議論もしないで、しても嘘とごまかしで、国会を乗り切ることはできるでしょう。 でもね、戦場は国会とは違うんです。 命のやり取りをする場所なんです。 そのことを、どうか真剣に、真剣に考えてください。

 みなさん、閣議決定で集団的自衛権を認めてもですよ、 この国の主人公は内閣と違いますよ。 国民ですよ。 みなさんですよ。 憲法をねじ曲げる権限が、たかが内閣にあるはずないじゃないですか。 安倍さんは第一回目の時、病気で辞めましたよね。 体調不良や病気という個人のアクシデントでつぶれるのが内閣ですよ。 そんなところで勝手に決めたら日本の国がガラリと変わる、そんなことできません。

 これからが正念場です。 だから一緒に考えてください。 一緒に反対してください。 選挙の時は、集団的自衛権に反対している政党に投票してください。 まだまだ勝負はこれからです。 戦後69年も続いた平和を、崩されてたまるもんですか。 しっかりと考えてくださいね。 ありがとうございました。



上の転載記事は、2014-07-05 のものです。「日本人を米軍が守って避難させるなんてことは、絶対にありません。」私と同じ見解です。管理人は知りませんでしたが、5年前にこのように訴える方がおられたんですね。











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住みたい街 住みたくない街 出生率が下がっている街





政府は放置プレイ。いや未必の故意? 皆さん、よく耐えていますね。
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※ きむらとも @kimuratomo氏の2019/7/15のツイート




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茨城県守谷市の市民は9割の人が選挙に行かない  あの町は希望のない町?

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質問 あなたは選挙に行きますか?


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18歳の方、女性でしょうか。そんなことにショックを受けているようでは。そんなことに打ちひしがれているよりもっと急いでやるべきことがあるのでは? という気がしますが。


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これが自民党の言う「福島の復興」の姿です そういうウソツキに票を入れますか?


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天気回復か 2019/7/4〜7/16 各地でベータ線量が増加


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若きチャンピオンの登場 #BottleCapChallenge

ハビブの#BottleCapChallenge roundhouse punchという技だそうです。造作もなくやっていますね。

2019年ウィンブルドン女子シングルスでルーマニアのSimona Halepがセレナ・ウィリアムスを破り優勝。27歳、きれいなほっそりした女性ですが、腕や太ももの筋肉は確かなものがあります。


A star is born! 15-year-old Cori Gauff stuns Venus Williams in Wimbledon first round
15歳のテニスプレーヤー Cori Gauff コリ・ガウフがウィンブルドンで Venus Williams ビーナス・ウィリアムズを下す。

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‘If you’re not happy, you can leave’: Trump stands by his tweets slamming Dem Squad
US President Donald Trump ramped up his Twitter feud with four Democratic congresswomen who he says ‘hate America,’ accusing one of them of supporting Al-Qaeda and saying they are welcome to leave the country if they so wish.

“If you’re not happy here, then you can leave. As far as I’m concerned, if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave,” Trump declared on Monday afternoon, speaking to reporters after a Made In America showcase outside the White House.

He rejected the insinuations that his tweets were racist, saying that it was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who made a “very racist statement” by claiming he wants to “Make America white again.”

The president’s tweets were widely understood as a reference to the “Squad” of Progressive Caucus freshman representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts). Of the four, only Omar is foreign-born.

They’re very unhappy, I’m watching them, all they do is complain.

Though he did not name names in the original tweetstorm, Trump did single out two of the congresswomen on Monday. He took issue with Ocasio-Cortez for the “terrible thing she did” by scuttling the deal between New York City and Amazon – the company of his outspoken critic, Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos – and cost the city tens of thousands of jobs.

He saved the heavy guns for Omar, however, accusing the Somali-American congresswoman of anti-Semitism and support for Al-Qaeda terrorists.

“When I hear people speaking about how wonderful Al Qaeda is, when I hear people talking about ‘some people’ with the World Trade Center,” Trump said, referring to Omar. “She left Somalia, and now she’s a congresswoman who’s never happy. Says horrible things about Israel, hates Jews.”

The president brushed off questions about whether he’s concerned his words could be interpreted as racist, and rebuked one of the reporters who tried to shout a question while he spoke.

“Politicians can’t be afraid to take them on,” he said when asked about whether his tweets were appropriate. “If weak politicians want to gear their wagons around those four people, I think they’ll have a very tough election.”

These are people who hate our country. They hate it, I think, with a passion.

His remarks were met with repeated applause by the representatives of manufacturers from all 50 US states, set against a backdrop of their products ranging from hot sauce to a THAAD missile defense system. Trump also needled the press for not asking any questions about domestic manufacturing, having praised the economy under his administration as one of the best ever.
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Arab Paper Reveals Syrian Kurds' Oil Privilege to Israeli Businessman

Arab Paper Reveals Syrian Kurds' Oil Privilege to Israeli Businessman
TEHRAN (FNA)- A leaked letter signed by the US-backed Kurds shows that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have given a privilege to an Israeli businessman to sell the oil extracted from Northern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Israeli journalists are freely active in the SDF-controlled areas in Northeastern Syria and Israeli officers make regular visits to the region.

It added that the letter signed by Ilham Ahmed, the head of the so-called Syria's Democratic Council, gives Moti Kahana, an Israeli businessmen, the privilege to sell the oil exploited from the Kurds-controlled areas in Northeastern Syria.

The newspaper wrote that the letter, if real, means that Syria's Democratic Council is acting as an independent side from the Syrian government and permits the enemies of Syria to take control of the country's oil.

It added that the SDF is now controlling lands in Northern Syria which host 80% of the country's oil fields.

Relevant reports said in April that the Washington-backed SDF stationed in Deir Ezzur had exchanged Eastern Syria's oil in lieu of receiving American and Israeli arms and military equipment, sources said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that a military convoy comprising 70 trucks carrying military and logistic equipment (made in the US and Israel) has been dispatched by the US-led coalition from Iraq to Syria.

Meantime, the Arabic-language Rai al-Youm quoted local sources in Eastern Syria as saying that the SDF has swapped Syria's oil and gas with US and Israeli weapons.

The sources told the Kuwaiti paper that the SDF is currently engaged in implementing the US occupation plots after the US declared the end of the ISIL in Eastern Syria. The US-backed Kurdish fighters have adopted hostile policies against people in the region.

Meantime, people in the towns of al-Sovar, Moileh, al-Shahil and al-Hasan in Eastern and Southeastern Deir Ezzur continued protests against the SDF and their measures such as stealing oil in cooperation with some foreign energy firms, and blocked Deir Ezzur-Haska Road to keep SDF militias outside their town.

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