ワイン&チョコレートがCovidを止める? 研究によると特定の食品がコロナウイルスを殺す可能性

Wine & chocolate stop Covid? Study finds certain foods can kill the coronavirus
A range of foods and beverages, including dark chocolate, green tea, and muscadine grapes could be a secret weapon in the fight against Covid-19. New research has revealed they contain compounds that can kill the virus.

Scientists studied what happened when the virus that causes Covid-19 – SARS-CoV-2 – came up against chemical compounds found in plants known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Fascinatingly, they discovered that compounds from green tea, two varieties of muscadine grapes, cacao powder, and dark chocolate were able to bind to a particular enzyme, or protease, in the virus and stop it reproducing.

The researchers, from North Carolina State University, carried out lab studies and computer simulations to examine how the so-called main protease (Mpro) in the coronavirus reacted to the plant compounds.

“Mpro in SARS-CoV-2 is required for the virus to replicate and assemble itself. If we can inhibit or deactivate this protease, the virus will die,” the study’s corresponding author, DeYu Xie, explained.

The investigations discovered that the chemical compounds found in the foods and drinks fill up a ‘pocket’ in the Mpro, rendering it useless, effectively stopping the virus from replicating.

“Green tea has five tested chemical compounds that bind to different sites in the pocket on Mpro, essentially overwhelming it to inhibit its function,” Xie said.

“Muscadine grapes contain these inhibitory chemicals in their skins and seeds. Plants use these compounds to protect themselves, so it is not surprising that plant leaves and skins contain these beneficial compounds.”

科学者たちは、Covid-19を引き起こすウイルス– SARS-CoV-2 –が、抗炎症作用と抗酸化作用で知られる植物に含まれる化合物に出会ったときに何が起こったのかを研究しました。






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今個人にできることは自分が感染しないこと 無症状感染者は周りに感染者を生む

※ 放射能内部被曝・新型コロナ感染情報@radioactive_SOS氏の2020/12/1のツイート

※ 猫医長@TigerKittyMom氏の2020/12/1のツイート









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※ Eric Feigl-Ding@DrEricDing氏の2020/12/1のツイート
NEW−The coronavirus was in the US in mid-December 2019, a few weeks before it was officially identified in China, according to CDC analysis of blood donation samples. This also matches waste water analysis that found virus earlier in Europe.
スレッド #COVID19

2) This also matches early indicator data that already found excess flu illnesses in Hubei province (where Wuhan is) in early December as well.

Eric Feigl-Ding@DrEricDing氏の2020/12/1のツイート
New−CNN reports leaked documents of 117 pages from Wuhan show China vastly underreported #COVID19 cases during early pandemic, and had huge numbers of excess flu-like illnesses in December 2019.
Key−R0 also vastly underestimated if cases underreported.

3) here is the earlier waste water study of #SARSCoV2 coronavirus in cities in Northern Italy in mid December already. This matches the reports that it’s been circulating in December before Wuhan outbreak was realized.

Eric Feigl-Ding@DrEricDing氏の2020/6/19のツイート
BREAKING: The #coronavirus was already present in two large cities in northern Italy
by December 18, over two months before the first case was detected, a national study of waste water has found in Milan & Turin. Oct & Nov 2019 water samples negative.

4) that said, some think the study might be picking up cross reactivity with other coronaviruses that are seasonally present. I think we need T cell immunity tests coming online soon like @AdaptiveBiotech to be more sure.

5) CNN also reports it. The study was peer reviewed in a medical journal−not merely a preprint. And it was by CDC scientists. It has some credibility.

6) For full transparency, here is the peer reviewed study in the journal CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES, published by Oxford University Press, with CDC authors. There is some debate about study. I will post updates. https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-ar

7) For those wondering who is the senior corresponding author of the paper, it is Dr Natalie Thornburg, of CDC’s Respiratory Viruses Branch, Team Leader for respiratory viruses immunology. https://cdc.gov/ncird/dvd.html

8) and then there was this report from April 2020 about November 2019. Any other major outlets reported this too.


Eric Feigl-Ding@DrEricDing氏のこのツイートに対してたくさんのコメントがついています。2019年末以前に悪性のインフル類似の症状を経験したとの内容が多いです。日本国内でも同じような体験が聞かれます。
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※ Taylor Nichols, MD@tnicholsmd氏の2020/11/30のツイート
He came in by ambulance short of breath. Already on CPAP by EMS. Still, he was clearly working hard to breathe. He looked sick. Uncomfortable. Scared.

As we got him over to the gurney and his shirt off to switch a a hospital gown, we all noticed the number of Nazi tattoos. 1/

He was solidly built. Older. His methamphetamine use over the years had taken its usual toll and his teeth were all but gone.

The swastika stood out boldly on his chest. SS tattoos and other insignia that had previously been covered by his shirt were now obvious to the room. 2/

“Don’t let me die, doc.” He said breathlessly as the RT switched him over from CPAP by EMS to our mask and machine.

I reassured him that we were all going to work hard to take care of him and keep him alive as best as we could. 3/

All of us being a team that included a Jewish physician, a Black nurse, and an Asian respiratory therapist.

We all saw. The symbols of hate on his body outwardly and proudly announced his views. We all knew what he thought of us. How he valued our lives. 4/

Yet here we were, working seamlessly as a team to make sure we gave him the best chance to survive that we could. All while wearing masks, gowns, face shields, gloves. The moment perfectly captured what we are going though as healthcare workers as this pandemic accelerates. 5/

We exist in cycle of fear and isolation. Fear of getting sick on the front lines. Fear of bringing a virus home and exposing our families. Fear of the developing surge of patients. Fear of losing our colleagues. Fear of not having what we need to take care of patients. 6/

And isolation because we don’t want to be responsible for spreading the virus, knowing that we are surrounded by it on a daily basis. Isolation because no one else can truly understand this feeling, these fears, the toll of this work. But we soldier on. 7/

Unfortunately, society has proven unwilling to listen to the science or to our pleas. Begging for people to take this seriously, to stay home, wear a mask, to be the break in the chain of transmission. 8/

Instead, they’ve called the pandemic a hoax, called us liars and corrupt, told us we are being too political by worrying about patients dying and trying to save lives.

They’ve stopped caring about our lives, our families, our fears, worried only about their own. 9/

He was already on high respiratory support and still working hard to breathe so I asked him about his code status and if he would want to be intubated, knowing that was all but inevitable and before the hypoxia made him more confused and unable to answer. 10/

He said that if a breathing tube was the only way he could survive, he wanted us to do everything we could. So we would. We were out of other options by this point, so we prepared. 11/

I’ve faced these situations countless times since medical school. Not the intubation - which is routine at this point for me and my team. The swastikas. The racist patients. Every single time I feel a bit shaken, but I went into this job wanting to save lives... 12/

... and every single time I’ve been able to smoothly and quickly move though those emotions to do so. “They came here needing a doctor, and dammit Taylor, you’re a doctor” is a mantra I’ve repeated to myself when I feel like my empathic core wanes. 13/

As I stepped out of the room to gear up for a high risk procedure and grab equipment, I checked my PPE. I had my N95, face shield, gown, gloves. Was I safe? Was my team safe? I pause to check and make sure I had all my equipment and backups if needed. 14/

I run through the meds and plan with the nurse and RT. I pause. I see the SS tattoo and think about what he might think about having Jewish physician taking care of him now, or how much he would have cared about my life if the roles were reversed. 16/

For the first time, I recognize that I hesitated, ambivalent.

The pandemic has worn on me, and my mantra isn’t having the same impact in the moment. All this time soldiering on against the headwinds, gladiators in the pit.

And I realize that maybe I’m not ok. End/
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液滴が〜 エアロゾルが〜 日本の専門家の不毛な議論

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米国はまだこの状態 誰もマスクをしていない


古い写真ではないはずなのに、誰もマスクをしていません。West Wing meetingはトランプに近い政治家が何人も参加していたでしょう。陽性が出たと聞かされてさすがに突然離席しています。彼らは定期的にOCR検査を受けているんですね。

※ Al Jazeera News@AJENewsの2020/11/30のツイート
Top US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci, has warned that residents should brace for a 'surge upon a surge' of infections following the Thanksgiving holiday.


※ Sula The Newfie@NewfieSula氏の2020/12/2のツイート
返信先: @DrEricDingさん
I used to worry about these people getting sick/dying. No more. We know a lot more... maybe there is something to Darwinism... not just strongest survive but the smartest
以前はこの人たちが病気になったり死ぬのを心配していました。もう心配しない。 私たちはさらに多くのことを知っている...ダーウィニズムには何かがあるのかもしれない...強いものが生き残るのではなく、賢いものが生き残るのだ...
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身の回りに急死した方はおられませんか? もし原因不明で急に亡くなった方がおられたら、それは重大な危険信号です。



例1 新潟県糸魚川市で2020/7超過死亡が発生していました。




例2 千葉県匝瑳市では2020年の旧盆過ぎて一族の集団感染が発生しました。匝瑳市の人口は約3万5千人。2020/8にピークができています。そして9月、10月もそれが尾を引いています。


例3 千葉県旭市



例4 埼玉県蓮田市

例5 茨城県石岡市





新コロナウィルス感染爆発 どう自衛するか
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新コロナウィルス感染爆発 どう自衛するか





@ 老人介護施設(入居者)
A 病院(入院者)
B 幼稚園、小中学校、高校、大学、各種学校
C 各種福祉施設、寮



D 調理食品製造工場、調理食品等ピッキング施設、冷凍魚介類などの物流施設
E 工場や建設現場での休憩室でも集団感染が発生しています。これは、食事をしたりするためです。喫煙場所も感染のリスクが大きいです。


E ジム 感染防止策を強化しているでしょうが、呼吸量も多くリスクが高いと言わざるを得ないでしょう。機械を使わないで屋外で運動することを考えてどうでしょう。

F 学習塾 学習塾は一般にスペースが狭く、特にマンツーマン形式の学習塾では会話が多いですから感染者と近接した時間が長ければ、マスクでは遮断しきれない恐れがあります。

G 一般の開業医 一般の医院は発熱した患者は受け付けない例が多くなっています。しかし、無症状の感染者もいますので待合室はリスクはあります。医院の待合室は狭い。受診者の少ない時間帯を選んでもなかなかうまくいきません。私は、半年医院をパスしています。

H ホームパーティ これは集団感染の事例がいくつもあります。飲食、カラオケでしょうから極めてリスクが高い。飲食を伴う葬儀や法事も同じです。結婚式はどうなっているのか知りません。

I 飲み会 これもハイリスクです。理由を付けて断る。二次会で接待を伴う飲食店などに行くのもハイリスク。私が聞いているところでは、40代になるとこのような行動に慎重になる人が30代以下よりも多いそうです。

J 日常的な買い物 スーパーでの買い物などはお客の少ない時間を選んで短時間で済ませます。


K 主婦も使うことの多いコーヒーショップで従業員に感染者が出たり、集団感染の事例が確認されています。

L 物販店の一つであるコンビニについては、早い時期からコンビニ店員に感染者が出て、企業からの開示が続きました。管理人は、当初、これらの感染者は多くが20代とかの若い方でしたから勤務先ではなく別の場所でたまたま感染したのだろうと見ていましたが、全般的に感染者が増え、コンビニの商品納入業者での集団感染が発生したこと、コンビニ店員の感染者発覚が引き続き多いことから勤務先で多くの客に対応する中で感染した例もありうるのだろうと考えるようになっています。



M コンビニに関連してスナック菓子類で注意を要するのは、袋の表面が汚染されている恐れがありうることです。店で袋入りの菓子、スナック類を買い、帰宅後に手を消毒してスナック類を開封して食べ始めたとしても、袋の表面が汚染されていれば袋を持った手でスナックを取り出し、口に運べば、汚染物がスナックと一緒に口に入る恐れがあることになります。袋から別の入れ物に移してから食べる。

N スーパーなどで行われる実演や展示などで人と近接するのは、リスクありです。

O 移動手段

P スタジアムなどでのスポーツ観戦

Q 家庭はどうでしょう。感染者と同居して感染防止をするのは極めて困難です。ホテルなどに収容する措置が絶対的に必要です。

R 手洗い、うがいは欠かせません。特に手洗いですが、忘れてはならないのはスマホの消毒。スマホがウィルスに汚染されていると手洗いの後に触るとウィルスが手に移ります。アルコールで消毒が必要です。

S 届けられた宅配便の表面や中の物品がウィルスに汚染されていることもあります。物の表面に付着したウィルスが活性を保つ期間については諸説ありますが、電話機の画面、紙幣、ステンレス鋼など、いくつかの表面に28日間残存する可能性があるとの説もあります。もちろん、時間の経過とともに活性の失われるウィルスもありますから、汚染度は落ちていきます。急ぐときはアルコールや漂白剤で消毒する方法もありますが、私は数日から長いときは1週間程度放置してから開封しています。

㉑ 新コロナウィルスの殺菌、消毒には太陽光に充てることが有効。洗濯ものはできるだけ太陽光に当てる。 

㉒ 目の粘膜から感染する場合もありゴーグルが勧められていますが、視野に影響が出る場合もあります。フェイスシールドは、ゴーグルと違い空気の遮断性はありませんが、他者から飛んできたつばの飛沫を顔面に付着するのを防ぐ効果はあります。

@ 何よりもマスク着用です。「死んでもマスクを離しませんでした」というくらいの決意を!
A 人のいる屋内の換気は限定的。換気良好な場所は風の吹き通るところ。つまり、屋内で換気のよい場所などまずない。「冷暖房完備」は換気が悪いということ。
B 感染者がいる場では、滞在時間が長ければ、それに応じて感染確率は確実に上がる。屋内に限らず屋外でも生じうる。
C どこに感染者がいるか、誰が感染者かわからないわけで、結局人と接する時間をとにかく短くするしかない。


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Hong Kong tightens curbs on public gatherings, closes karaoke centers as it reports 76 new Covid-19 cases
Authorities in Hong Kong will close game centers and swimming pools from Wednesday, while also ordering civil servants to stay at home after a new spike in coronavirus cases.

The city recorded 76 new Covid-19 cases for the day, including nine untraceable local cases, with Chief Executive Carrie Lam saying “the figure on Monday was slightly lower.” However, she added: “I don’t want the public to mistakenly reckon that the peak of the epidemic is over already.”

The city will roll out new restrictions on Wednesday, to be in force for at least two weeks, ordering most of the 177,700 civil servants to work from home, apart from those providing emergency and essential on-site services.

Authorities are closing game centers, theme parks, karaoke lounges and swimming pools. Government performance venues will work only for online streaming performances, while gyms, sports venues and beauty parlors will be allowed to operate with additional restrictions.

Groups utilizing sports facilities will be limited to two people, and the number of patrons permitted at each table at restaurants will be reduced from four to two. Restaurants will also be required to close at 10pm. Bars and dance clubs were already shut last week.

Tougher penalties are being imposed for the violations of anti-epidemic measures, including the limit on gatherings, mask-wearing in public places and mandatory testing. “Law enforcement must achieve a preventive effect,” Lam said. “The fixed penalty now is HK$2,000 [US$258], we need to raise this, hopefully by multiple times over.”

The latest resurgence of coronavirus cases in the city of 7.4 million was “very severe,” Lam said. The 76 new cases on Monday brought the total to more than 6,300, with 109 deaths. The nearly four-month high of 115 new infections was registered on Sunday.
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