ハサカでISISが米軍を攻撃? 米軍兵士が死亡

US Army Suffers Casualties in ISIL's Offensive in Northeastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of US soldiers were killed and wounded after ISIL targeted their column in Hasaka city on Sunday, a Lebanese media outlet reported.

The Arabic-language al-Manar News Network reported that a number of US army soldiers were killed or wounded in an ISIL attack on their convoy in Hasaka city in Northeastern Syria.

It further said that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has put its gunmen on alert after the ISIL attack, adding that an increasing number of SDF militants are defecting the Washington-backed group.

Elsewhere, the news network said that people in the village of al-Tayaneh in Zebyan region in Hasaka demonstrated against the SDF's brutal measures in the region.

On Saturday, a number of SDF were killed after a bomb went off at their base in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Syria.

A bomb went off at a base of the SDF-affiliated Military Police in Moshfa al-Amal Square, inflicting a number of casualties on the militia group and civilians.

In the meantime, a number of civilians, including a child, were killed in a blast in al-Hakamah Street in Manbij two days ago.

No one has thus far claimed responsibility for the blasts.

The report came as the SDF continues arresting young people under a forced recruiting plan in Manbij.
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Syrian Army Dispatches More Military Convoys to Idlib Battlefield
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army sent more troops and equipment to the Northwestern parts of the country to reinvigorate its combat capabilities for an imminent major operation in Idlib province. [VIDEO]

Zero hour approaches northern Latakia as Syrian Army prepares to kickoff long-awaited offensive
BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is set to launch their long-awaited offensive in northern Latakia in the next few days, a military source told Al-Masdar News this evening.

According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division and Republican Guard have been given the green light to begin this offensive in Latakia’s Jabal Al-Akrad and Jabal Turkmen regions.

The source said the offensive will be launched from at least three axes, with the primary focus being the key town of Kabbani, which overlooks the northern part of the Al-Ghaab Plain.

Also participating in this upcoming offensive will be the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), and the Local Defense Forces (LDF).

The Syrian Army and their allies will be facing off against a large number of jihadist rebels from groups like Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP).

In addition to these groups, the Syrian Army may come across the Turkish military, as they currently have a non-agreed upon observation post along the northern slope of Jabal Al-Akrad.
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US Forces, Affiliated Militants to Leave Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow and Washington have held talks to end the presence of US forces and affiliated militants in al-Tanf base at the borders with Iraq, sources said, adding that their withdrawal is imminent.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency quoted informed sources as saying on Monday that the Russian and American officials are negotiating the withdrawal of the US forces from al-Tanf region in the bordering triangle of Iraq-Syria-Jordan.

They added that the US and Russian officials are in talks over the final stages of the agreement, noting that plan is to come into effect in the next few days.

The sources underlined that closure of al-Rakban camp which hosts over 80,000 civilians and their return to their villages and towns in different parts of Syria is also included in the agreement.

They said that based on the agreement, thousands of terrorists, trained and supported by the US, will also leave al-Tanf for Idlib, adding that most of their commanders have earlier left the region.

According to the report, members of Jeish Maghawir al-Thawra, Ahmed Abdou and Asoud al-Sharqiyeh terrorist groups are stationed in al-Tanf region in addition to the US, British and Norwegian forces.

An Arab media outlet had reported last Tuesday that the US Army troops, including a hundred marines that have just arrived in the region, are training terrorists in the US-run al-Tanf base in Southern Homs.

The Arabic-language Qatar 21 news website quoted commander of Maqawir al-Thowrah terrorist group, affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), as disclosing that the US marines are training his forces in al-Tanf base at border with Iraq.

The website further said that a large volume of the US's military equipment has also arrived in al-Tanf.

US-backed group agrees to leave Tanf region for northern Aleppo
BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – A US-backed rebel group has reached an agreement with the Russian Reconciliation Center to leave the Tanf region for northern Syria.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Quraytayn Martyrs Brigade has reached an agreement with the Russian Reconciliation Center to leave the Tanf region for the northern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate.

The SOHR report said that the rebel group will be evacuated from the Tanf region alongside their family members that are present in the Rukban Refugee Camp.

The rebel group will also be allowed to keep their military vehicles and weapons, which is different from most factions that are evacuated.

The Quraytayn Martyrs Brigade and their family members will be evacuated through the Syrian government’s territories until they reach the areas of the Aleppo Governorate that are controlled by the Turkish-backed rebels.

With the departure of the Quraytayn Martyrs Brigade from the Tanf region, only one rebel group remains in this large desert area controlled by the US forces.

US Starts Training Terrorists in Al-Tanf Base in Southern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Army troops, including a hundred marines that have just arrived in the region, have started training terrorists in the US-run al-Tanf base in Southern Homs, an Arab media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language Qatar 21 news website quoted commander of Maqawir al-Thowrah terrorist group, affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), as disclosing that the US marines have launched training his forces in al-Tanf base at border with Iraq.

The website further said that a large volume of the US's military equipment has also arrived in al-Tanf.

News sources had announced last week that over a hundred US marines were dispatched to Syria to implement a drill using real ammo.

On Sunday, over 100 US Marines were sent as reinforcements to the military base in al-Tanf in Syria after Russia allegedly revealed intentions of launching precision strikes on an area under the US-led coalition’s control.

While the official statement by the Pentagon did not mention that the reinforcements had been sent as a precautionary measure to the alleged threats, chief Central Command spokesman, Captain William Urban, said that the troops flown to the area would conduct multiday drills using live ammunition, Task & Purpose reported.

“Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces and conduct rapid exfiltration,” Task & Purpose cited him as saying.

According to the report, US officials tackling the Syria issue have recently claimed that “the administration is now resolved to stay in Syria longer than President Donald Trump previously indicated”, purportedly referring to POTUS’s March speech, when he suggested that the United States would leave the war-torn country “very soon”.

The news came on the heels of a CNN report about Moscow’ s alleged warnings of an impending attack on militants in the area protected by US troops.

The media outlet’s report also claimed that US Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford were aware of the latest intelligence, adding that US troops in Syria “have the right of self-defense if they are attacked and would not need to ask permission from higher levels of the government before acting”.

“The United States does not seek to fight the Russians, the government of Syria or any groups that may be providing support to Syria in the Syrian civil war. However, the United States will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend US, coalition or partner forces,” CNN quoted an anonymous insider.

The Russian Ministry of Defense hasn’t commented on the claims so far.

Slightly over a week ago, Syrian government forces captured two militants near Palmyra, claiming that they were members of the Lions of the East group, the Russian Defense Ministry announced. They also confessed that they had been trained and armed by American instructors in a camp near the al-Tanf military base.

Following the statement, Sputnik reached out to a spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve who dismissed the aforementioned allegations as “malign propaganda”, adding that “there is no terrorist camp within the al-Tanf de-confliction zone, which runs in a 55k diameter around the Coalition’s al-Tanf Garrison”.

The US-led coalition has been carrying out airstrikes against what it referred to as Daesh targets in Syria without either a UN mandate or Damascus’ authorization. Currently, some 2,000 US troops are said to be deployed in the war-ravaged country. The Syrian government considers their presence illegal. Syrian authorities, meanwhile, officially asked Russia to assist the country’s forces in fighting terrorist groups operating on the territory of the Mideast country.

Pentagon sends marines for snap live-fire drill in Syria as ‘strong message’ to Russia – reports
More than 100 US marines flew to southeast Syria for a snap live-fire exercise, sending a “strong message” to Russia not to conduct operations near the US base, two Pentagon officials told Fox News.

The marines were deployed via assault helicopter to Al-Tanf military base, located in Syria’s Homs Province, which borders Iraq. The drill includes air assaults, supported by artillery barrages.

“Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces and conduct rapid exfiltration,” said spokesman for the US Central Command, Captain William Urban.

Urban stressed that the US “does not seek to fight the Russians, the government of Syria or any groups that may be providing support to Syria.”

The drill was launched after the US Army reported that Moscow had issued two warnings that it is planning to conduct operations against militants in the area. The use of the wording “precision strikes” in one of the notes had “sparked alarm with US commanders,” CNN reported on Friday, citing its own sources in the Pentagon.

Russia had repeatedly stated that it considers the US military outposts in Syria to be illegal, since they were not authorized by the Syrian government. Moscow has suggested that the US is using the Al-Tanf base to get a foothold in the country. “During the existence of the base, we don’t know of a single US operation against IS [Islamic State, formerly ISIS] in the area,” the Russian Center for Reconciliation reported last week.

CNN Updated 2037 GMT (0437 HKT) September 7, 2018
US begins military exercise in Syria in response to Russian military threats
(CNN)More than 100 US troops began an unexpected exercise in southern Syria on Friday in direct response to a series of Russian military threats, according to a US defense official.
The exercise was detailed in a statement from the US Central Command but did not mention that the command ordered the exercise specifically after a September 1 warning from Russia that it was going to enter a restricted area of southern Syria where US troops are located, the official said.
The exercise, which may last for several days, involves US troops flying into the coalition's At Tanf garrison by assault helicopter and conducting live fire drills.

"Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces and conduct rapid exfiltration," said Capt. William Urban, the chief Central Command spokesman. The exercise is specifically designed for Russian and regime units in the area to see the activity and understand US capabilities, defense officials say.

Russia on Thursday, via a note, had warned the US for the second time it was going to attack the At Tanf area to go after militants there. But the second warning specified Moscow would use "precision strikes," according to Cmdr. Sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesman. The use of the wording "precision strikes" in a written note to the US sparked alarm with US commanders that the Russians are signaling their intent to strike with aircraft firing precision weapons, or missiles launched from Russian ships in the Mediterranean, US defense officials tell CNN.
Attacking with those types of weapons in a specific campaign against the US protected area at At Tanf would be a significant escalation in the sporadic violence in the area. The Pentagon has been unusually public in disclosing the potential Russian threat, in hopes that its statements will warn the Russians off the area.
The first Russian warning came via the US Russian deconfliction line that has been used for the last several years to ensure both sides have visibility on what is happening in the area. In turn, the US used the deconfliction line to tell the Russians the ongoing US military activity is an exercise.
"The United States does not seek to fight the Russians, the government of Syria or any groups that may be providing support to Syria in the Syrian civil war. However, the United States will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend US, coalition or partner forces, as we have clearly demonstrated in past instances," Robertson said.
The exercises come as the Trump administration continues to deliver increasingly strident warnings over an assault on Idlib.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned Friday that if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russia, and Iran carry out an assault on Idlib, "the consequences will be dire."
"The United States has been very clear," she said at a UN Security Council meeting, "with Russia and with the broader international community: we consider any assault on Idlib to be a dangerous escalation of the conflict in Syria."

CNN's Zach Cohen and Richard Roth contributed to this report
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Qatari Paper: UAE Still Supporting ISIL

Qatari Paper: UAE Still Supporting ISIL
TEHRAN (FNA)- The UAE is still supporting the ISIL terrorists in Iraq under the cover of funding reconstruction of al-Nuri great mosque in Basra, a Qatari paper reported.

The Arabic-language al-Raya newspaper reported on Sunday that the UAE continues its multi-million-dollar financial and arms support to the terrorist groups in Iraq despite claims that it has allocated the same amount of money to a project to rebuild al-Nuri mosque.

The Qatari daily added that the UAE and Saudi Arabia both pursue destructive policies in Iraq.

The UAE announced that it will fund the rebuilding of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, which was last year destroyed by the ISIL in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Abu Dhabi is known as one of the countries which has supplied the ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria with weapons and money along with Saudi Arabia.

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※ 平川典俊 @soudearunara氏の2018/9/14のツイート

※ 平川典俊 @soudearunara氏の2018/9/15のツイート

骨髄異形成症候群(こつずいいけいせいしょうこうぐん) (抄)
骨髄異形成症候群(MDS:myelodysplastic syndromes)は、3種類の血液細胞(赤血球、血小板、白血球)の大もとになる造血幹細胞に異常が起こった病気です。赤血球、血小板、白血球がそれぞれ成熟する3系統の過程に同時に異常が発生する場合だけでなく、まずそれぞれの過程に異常が生じて、次第に3系統へと進行していく場合もあります。1つの病気ではなく、複数の似たような病気の集まりと捉えられているため、症候群(syndromes)と呼ばれます。




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Syrian Military Expert: US Attempts to Help Terrorists Survive Idlib Operations
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US is attempting to foil the Syrian army's efforts to launch massive operations against the terrorists in Idlib, a prominent Syrian military analyst said, adding that the militants are preparing to launch false-flag chemical attacks in the province.

Colonel Mar'ei Hamdan said that the terrorists have transferred mustard gas to Idlib, adding that they are to use the gas in a false-flag operation in a bid to accuse the Damascus government of a chemical attack.

He added that the terrorists in Idlib coordinate these operations with their main supporter, the US, in a bid to frame the Syrian army and push the army plan for Idlib into failure.

Hamdan said that given the fact that the Idlib operations will be the last major anti-terrorism battle in Syria, the US who attempts to maintain the status quo for a foreseeable future, is trying to block the Syrian army's military operations or lead it into failure after the start.

On Saturday, the Russian defense ministry announced that militants in Syria’s Idlib have transported several canisters containing chlorine to the village of Bsanqul, apparently preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack.

The chlorine-filled canisters were delivered by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants of Tahrir al Sham, formerly known as Al-Nusra Front, a spokesman of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, said in a statement.

He added that the latest developments showed that the militants are preparing for a false flag attack that would be used to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its people.

This is the latest warning from the Russian military on what it says is a chemical “provocation” in the making. On Wednesday, it noted that the White Helmets group has shot videos intended to be used in framing the Syrian government. Earlier, the MoD stated that toxic chemicals had been delivered Idlib and accused the White Helmets of carrying out the delivery.

In Idlib it’s different? For US, ‘humanitarian’ concerns supersede rooting out Al-Qaeda
With Al-Qaeda’s last major foothold in Syria now under threat, the US has suddenly become deeply concerned about civilians that could be caught in the crossfire – even as the US military loosens its own rules of engagement.

Citing humanitarian concerns, Washington has now signaled that even a conventional attack on Idlib, branded by Moscow "a terrorist nest," could result in military action from the US and its allies. The Syrian military is reportedly preparing to launch an offense to liberate the northwestern province from the jihadists.

Idlib, it seems, is different: The US military has always found a way to justify its anti-terrorism operations – even in urban areas. In fact, as Nicolas J. S. Davies, author of 'Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq', told RT, the US military continues to loosen its rules of engagement so that its bombing campaigns don’t run into any red tape.

“The Obama administration had already loosened rules of engagement in the war against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to permit more killing of civilians in the bombing campaign the US conducted,” Davies said.

“They expended over 100,000 bombs and missiles to destroy cities like Raqqa and Mosul. President Trump has reportedly loosened rules of engagement further.”

RT’s Igor Zhdanov looks into how the US approach in fighting terrorists differs depending on the region – or the motive.

US sends powerful message to Iran, Russia in latest military drills with Syrian rebels
BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:40 A.M.) – The U.S. and their rebel allies recently conducted an eight-day long military exercise in the Tanf region of southern Syria this week.

Speaking to Reuters this week, the commander of the US-backed Maghawir Al-Thawra group, Muhannad Al-Talaa, said that the military exercise included live-fire air and ground assaults that included hundreds of U.S. and rebel rebel personnel.

“These exercises have a big importance and have beefed up the defenses of the area and raised the combat capabilities and morale and that of civilians in the area,” Talaa told Reuters by phone from Tanf.

Furthermore, the U.S. military drills sent a powerful message to the Russian and Iranian forces that have surrounded this large desert area near the Iraqi border.

A U.S. military spokesman said the exercises were a show of force and that the Pentagon had notified Moscow through “deconfliction” channels to prevent “miscommunication or escalate tension”.

“The exercise was conducted to reinforce our capabilities and ensure we are ready to respond to any threat to our forces within our area of operations’” Colonel Sean Ryan told Reuters in an email response.

US destroyer arrives in Mediterranean as Syria tensions rise
With the arrival of another guided missile destroyer to the Mediterranean, the US may have 200 ‘Tomahawks’ ready for a strike on Syria, as Russia warns that jihadist groups in Idlib are planning a fake chemical attack.

The USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, entered the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar on Wednesday, the Russian news agency Interfax reported citing international maritime monitoring data. A Gibraltar-watcher confirmed the destroyer’s transit on September 12.

With the arrival of the Bulkeley, the US forces in the region have up to 200 ‘Tomahawk’ cruise missiles available to strike targets in Syria if ordered to do so, Interfax reported. Last week, the attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN-750) arrived in the Mediterranean as well.

Last week, Russia conducted massive naval maneuvers off the Syrian coast, culminating in marine landing drills and missile launches. The presence of Russian ships in the area was seen as a possible deterrent to further US military action against Syria.

Washington has repeatedly claimed that the government in Damascus is preparing chemical attacks against civilians in the Idlib province, the last remaining bastion of jihadist rebel groups. The most powerful of these groups is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra; it is an affiliate of Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization the US holds responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The White Helmets, a self-proclaimed civil defense group that operates solely in rebel-held areas, also have a presence in Idlib.

Russia has accused the White Helmets of staging a chemical attack in Idlib in order to provoke a Western military intervention in Syria. The group has already filmed at least nine videos intended to serve as evidence of claims that Damascus has used chlorine against civilians in Idlib, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said on Wednesday.
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Police cordon off Salisbury restaurant & street after 2 people fall ill
Salisbury police have placed a Prezzo restaurant on lockdown and cordoned off the surrounding roads after two people fell ill there.

Police were called to the area on Sunday evening following the incident involving a man and a woman at the Italian cuisine chain, Wiltshire Police wrote on Twitter.

“As a precautionary measure, the restaurant and surrounding roads have been cordoned off while officers attend the scene and establish the circumstances surrounding what has led them to fall ill,” the statement said.

Both patients were treated at the scene and were conscious, the BBC reported citing the South Western Ambulance Service.

The scare comes in wake of media reports surrounding the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury this March. The UK immediately pinned the blame on Russia for the incident. In September, UK police named the suspects behind the poisoning as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov and released their photos. The men then gave an interview to RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, where they said they had been wrongly accused by the UK. Although they claimed they went to Salisbury as tourists and suggested that more CCTV footage would prove that, London was quick to denounce the interview as a blow to the “public’s intelligence.”

Russia has repeatedly denied any claims of involvement in the Skripal case. On Saturday, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Petrov and Boshirov are not linked to the Kremlin or the Russian President Vladimir Putin in any way.

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1 なぜ電子メールがよいか





2 電子メールは2種あります。
(1)ショートメールSMSと(2)電子メール MMSの2種があります。
(1)ショートメールは、SMSとも呼ばれ、ガラケーでも使えます。 Short Message Serviceの略です。電話番号を宛先にしてメッセージをやり取りします。世界共通の規格のようです。相手の電話番号を知っていれば文章を送れます。


(2)電子メール MMSは、インターネットのプロバイダーなどが割り当てるメールアドレスを使用するもので、一般に電子メールといえばこちらを指します。
***@*****.sakura.ne.jp のような形で表示されます。途中に@マーク(アットマーク)が入ります。

ツイッターでも@マークが使われます。zukkiini@zukkuari これはツイッターアカウントの例です。電子メールは、最後に「 .ne.jp 」とか 「.co.jp」 とかの文字が入りますので識別できます。

3 ガラケーをお持ちの方は、特別の契約がなくてもショートメールができます。スマホでも音声通話ができれば、ショートメールができます。家族あて、知人あてにぜひやってみてください。


4 ガラケー、スマホは文字入力が大変


5 パソコンで電子メールがやはり楽







6 パソコンで電子メールを読み書きするのは面倒か


7 電子メールをパソコンで扱う方法は二通りある




※ ブラウザーメールの画面で、受信メールを削除してごみ箱に入れ、そしてごみ箱を空にするとメールアドレスを管理する会社のメールサーバーからメールが削除されます。このため削除は慎重にしなければなりませんが、メールサーバーの容量に限度があり容量いっぱいになると、メールが受信できなくなりますから、時々掃除が必要です。その際にはこちらを使います。










メールアドレスの入力で平仮名や漢字を使うのは止めましょう。上の画像で名前は全角文字でも良い、つまり漢字でも良いと書いてありますが、海外の人に送った場合漢字はまず正しくは表示されません。すべてアルファベットを使いましょう。山田太郎ならT.YamadaまたはTaro.Yamada とします。


8 パソコンに向かったらメーラーを立ち上げてみる


電子メールを使い始めたら、どこかのメール送信サービスを使ってみましょう。ホワイトフードの週1回では少なすぎ、RT NEWSLETTERは毎日1回です。メディア企業はこのようなサービスが多いのですが、シカゴトリビューンとか東洋経済とか、断っても送り付けてくるところもありますから、注意が必要です。このような定期配信のメールサービスを使うことにより、インターネット、パソコンなどの健全性(故障しておらずちゃんと動いていること)を確認することができます。

9 届いたメールに返信する




a メールを送っても何日も知らんぷり。(メールを確認していないか意図的に返事を怠っているかを問いません)
b 返信を求められているのに返信しない。
c 頼みごとの場合だけメールを送り付けてくる。
d メールの内容が愚痴や悪口ばかり。
e 自慢や虚飾だけのメール
f 教養の豊かさを抑えきれず読解に苦労するメール


10 電子メールを書いて送る





「いやみなずくなし」とキーを叩いて F9ボタンを押すと
「e7nur@hud」 続いてF8ボタンを押すと
「e7nur@hud」 となります。

「.sakura.ne.jp」となりますからこれでメールアドレスe7nur@hud.sakura.ne.jp が入力できました。この例は架空です。


ここで件名が入っていないことに気づいたら件名を入れましょう。なくても送信できますが、一般にはどんな用件であるかがわかるように、短い題名を付けます。「訃報 神奈川のおじさん」などとすれば急ぎの案件であることが一目でわかります。




11 キーボード入力に慣れる




終わったら保存しないで終了します。保存するときは、適宜名前を付けます。renshuu20180916とでもしておけばすぐに見つかります。renshuu2018/09/16 という表記は使えません。/の記号は別に重要な意味を持ちます。

12 年配者は安いパソコンで充分




13 インターネット回線をどう確保するか




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Russian tanks breach river during Vostok 2018 exercises



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US, French special forces take part in SDF’s east Deir Ezzor offensive

French army in Deir ez-Zor? Photo shown by media raises questions about France’s role in Syrian war
A French army vehicle spotted in a photo taken in Deir ez-Zor province has led to questions about the extent of Paris’s involvement in the Syrian conflict. The image was reportedly shared by the US military on social media.

The vehicle in question is a wheeled armored personnel carrier equipped with a turret, which resembles the French army’s Aravis infantry mobility vehicle. It can be seen in the background of the photo, which purportedly shows US troops lending support to Syrian armed groups fighting Islamic State in the eastern province.

France 24 journalist Wassim Nasr was the first to draw attention to the picture. He said it was released by the US Special Ops Joint Task Force in Iraq and Syria on Wednesday, before being promptly removed – possibly at the request of French authorities.

France is part of the US-led coalition in Syria, and has been actively participating in the aerial campaign in the region. Notably, it was involved in a joint airstrike with the US and the UK in April following an alleged chemical attack on Douma, a then rebel-held suburb of Damascus.

The French government, however, has never said that it has troops on the ground in Deir ez-Zor.

But, the military vehicle in the photo has to be French, according to Nasr. “We know for sure that it is a French vehicle because of its mark – it is an Aravis,” he said, adding that “only the French Army and the Saudi Army” have such vehicles, and that the Saudis are not known to be present in Deir ez-Zor.

He also said that similar vehicles have been seen in Syria on “numerous occasions”, in the territories controlled by US-backed militants, such as Manbij. The journalist said that the picture was taken in August of this year.

While France 24 reported on the issue, neither the French Army nor the US military have commented so far.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis, however, told Congress in late April that France had sent special forces to Syria, and “reinforced’ Washington in its fight against Islamic State, but didn’t go into further details. Deir ez-Zor province is one of the few remaining areas of the country where ISIL still maintains a presence.

RT could not independently verify the authenticity of the photo reported to have been shared by the U.S. military.

US, French special forces take part in SDF’s east Deir Ezzor offensive (photos)
BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The U.S. and French special forces were recently photographed taking part in the Syrian Democratic Forces’ ongoing offensive in east Deir Ezzor.

The Coalition forces are reportedly providing the SDF with logistical and artillery support, as the latter attempts to capture the last areas occupied by the Islamic State (ISIS) in
Below are a number of photos that were taken by the AFP News Agency recently:

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