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#BBC lies & #propaganda
-How could you target *specifically* hospitals if they're *hidden*?
-Who granted visas to BBC crew?
You illegally crossed the border of #Syria
BBC admits that #Idlib is controlled by HTS terrorists
So they did a deal with terrorists

※ BBC News (World)@BBCWorldの2019/9/12のツイート
Medics have been forced underground in Idlib in Syria to protect their patients from air strikes
[tap to expand] http://bbc.in/2UR2oLA
Syria war: Idlib's secret hospitals hiding from air strikes
Air strikes have been targeting hospitals in the rebel-held province of Idlib, Syria, despite the fact that it is a war crime. Medics have been forced underground in order to survive.
The UN accuses the Syrian government and allied Russian warplanes of conducting a deadly campaign that appears to target medical facilities.
BBC's Middle East correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, visits one hospital in a secret location.
Camera: Mughira Alsharif
12 Sep 2019

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Thread on the @BBC's latest (12.09.19) edition of propaganda designed to mask the UK's role in arming and financing Al Qaeda in Syria. A BBC broadcast was imposed on me, but I recorded this segment anticipating that a pack of lies was coming. Here is part 1/3 of the skit:
Here is part 2/3:
And here is part 3/3. Watch all parts and only then proceed.

※ Ollie Richardson@O_Rich_氏の2019/9/143のツイート
1. So, first things first - this report is nothing unusual for the BBC. It is riddled with the most vulgar mistruths and is catered towards the average Western consumerist vegetable. They pretend to care so much for humanity and flicker their eyelashes like a cheap hooker.

2. Its very easy to smash this report to pieces after less than a minute has passed in the segment. At 00:45 we see a familiar logo (@sams_usa
). In this older thread (https://twitter.com/O_Rich_/status/1166272519915155456) we see this logo present in Al-Qaeda held (at the time) Khan Sheikhoun.

3. So I ask the @BBC
: why is it that these US NGOs disguised as “hospitals” and “doctors” - who by the way spew the same anti-Assad rhetoric as Al Qaeda & friends - are always present in areas held by AQ? Doesn’t that “coincidence” deserve to be investigated?

4. The presenter, @sophieraworth
, who by the way should hang her head in shame, uses clever Orwellian language at the beginning of the segment - she depicts Idlib as a mish-mash of civilians and Islamist militants. This is a sneaky trick to cover both her and her boss’ ass.

5. It is evident now that using the @SyriaCivilDef
(White Helmets) for propaganda is too risky, since over time more and more proof emerged of their links to Al Qaeda. So instead @sams_usa
is being used. Strangely, this NGO is not even mentioned by name in the report.

6. The milita… sorry... “doctor” is presented as a staff member of “Atma Charity Hospital”. Here (http://en.etilaf.org/press/attacks-on-charity-hospital-in-atma.html) we see a report from the notorious Saudi-funded “Syrian Opposition Coalition”, written from Istanbul, defending this “hospital”. Very “legit”...

7. But no mention of @sams_usa
in the report. Why? "Syrian American Medical Society” doesn’t sound as organic as “_____ Charity Hospital”? People might start to wonder what the US is doing in Syria? Yes, it’s better to hide any footprints by presenting NGO stooges as “civilians”.

8. Back to the “disclaimer” at the beginning: “…opposition fighters, Islamist extremists, and civilians…”

We are really supposed to believe that "opposition fighters” and "Islamist extremists” are separate entities? Why are FSA flags in AQ-held areas?

9. Why does the map used at the beginning only have “Rebel”-held areas and “Govt”-held areas? Where do "Islamist extremists” factor in? Logically speaking, this is an admission that “rebel” actually means Al Qaeda. After all, since 2011 “moderate rebels” = good guys in MSM.

10. @sommervilletv
- whether consciously or not - helps whitewash terrorism every time he utters neoliberal catchphrases like “hospital”, “regime”, “this is the last refuge for those who oppose the government, which has brought the country to ruin”, etc.

11. Mr @sommervilletv
, why don’t you go to Khan Sheikhoun right now and interview the residents? What’s the problem? They will denounce the Nusra terrorists that occupied and pillaged their land? They will compliment President Assad? How would you spin it into pro-AQ propaganda?

12. @sommervilletv
, after exploiting the image of a child standing inside a demolished building, then shamelessly claims that the “regime” passes over coordinates to Russia, which then intentionally bombs “civilians" and “hospitals”.

13. The BBC was silent about Nusra (aka “rebels”) firing “hell cannons” at Western Aleppo, indiscriminately targeting residential areas - actual schools and hospitals. No, this doesn’t suit the BBC’s agenda, which is to unconditionally protect Al Qaeda.

14. @sommervilletv
also likes to share the propaganda of his accomplices. In the example below, we see how these “innocent” tunnels look an awful lot like the ones in Khan Sheikhoun. Today - “hospital”, tomorrow - terrorist weapons cache.

15. The @BBC
, like other presstitute agencies, are seemingly able to access Al Qaeda areas very easily. It’s as if…. they are in bed with terrorists?! There are signboards in Idlib against “democracy” and anything not Islam, yet the BBC seems to get a free pass. What gives?

16. I consider that the @BBC is a terrorist organisation, and should be recognised worldwide as such. What’s worse is that UK taxes are being used to fuel terrorism in Syria and massacre innocent civilians who refuse to bow down to Al Qaeda and its Western masters.

17. By the way, we are still waiting to know why the West allowed ISIS terrorists to leave Raqqa (towards the SAA in Deir Ezzor) untouched, something that the BBC itself reported. Russia bombing Al Qaeda = “war crimes”. The West aiding ISIS = “democracy".

18. The image below is a bit cliche now, but it is very accurate nevertheless. Whether it be Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Ukraine/Donbass, Palestine, Yemen, etc, the @bbc
shows time & time again that it is anti-human. Never believe the crocodile's tears; pull the plug on this cancer.

19. By the way, the same report is now available on the BBC website, but I don’t think non-UK IP addresses can view it. Anyway, hopefully this thread has spared the reader the pain of having a full dosage of this junk.

返信先: @Malinka1102さん
What I find rather odd are the locations of these 'Hospitals'; I know hospitals in developing nations to be situated near large civilian populations. This particular one is isolated & near a small farm. Very odd.
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'It's a tip of an iceberg': Bulgarian journo reveals how US-purchased arms end up with ISIS in Yemen


※ Dilyana Gaytandzhieva@dgaytandzhieva氏の2019/9/2のツイート
I start publishing explosive leaked documents about weapons supplies to terrorists in Yemen and Syria. Islamic State weapons in Yemen traced back to US Government: Serbia files (part 1) http://armswatch.com/islamic-state-weapons-in-yemen-traced-back-to-us-government-serbia-files-part-1/ via @ArmsWatch_

Islamic State weapons in Yemen traced back to US Government: Serbia files (part 1)

'It's a tip of an iceberg': Bulgarian journo reveals how US-purchased arms end up with ISIS in Yemen
Mortar shells shown in an Islamic State propaganda video have put a Bulgarian journalist on the scent of an alleged US-run arms shipping network supplying militants in the Middle East, she told RT in an exclusive interview.

This story began back in June, when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in Yemen demonstrated several Serbian-made 82mm mortar shells in their propaganda video. Independent investigative journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, believes that the deadly munitions ended up with the jihadists after going through US hands.
Tracing origins

Clearly visible on one of the shells is a mark that reads '82 mm M74HE mortar shells KV lot 04/18.' The letters KV stand for the Serbian state arms manufacturer Krusik, located in the town of Valjevo, while the digits 04/18 refer to lot 04 produced in 2018. One should not jump to any conclusions, however, as it is not the Serbs who were responsible for the shells suddenly appearing in the hands of terrorists, according to Gaytandzhieva.

A trove of "explosive" leaked documents she said she received from an "anonymous source" shows that the lot in question was part of a deal between the Serbian arms factory and a Pentagon contractor, Alliant Techsystems LLC. It was part of a purchase of more than 100,000 such shells "for the needs of the US government."

"In the shipping documentation and on the labels on the mortar shells' containers, there is a name of… the importer… that purchases the weapons on behalf of the US government," the journalist told RT, citing the documents.

"There are indications and information about a US federal contract, under which these weapons were purchased, and this is absolutely verifiable in the case of Alliant Techsystems LLC, the company, which purchased the mortar shells and this particular lot of weapons pictured in the ISIS video in Yemen."

Some leaked documents published by Gaytandzhieva do indeed mention a contract between Alliant Techsystems LLC and the Pentagon, which was allegedly aimed at supplying the Afghan National Army. "This lot was purchased under a $50 million contract between Alliant Techsystems and the US DoD for the delivery of non-standard US weapons to Afghanistan," the journalist said.

Gaytandzhieva believes, however, that this case is just the tip of the iceberg. It could be a part of a far-reaching arms supply scheme involving up to "three million pieces of weapons – rockets and mortar shells – that have been diverted either to Syria or to Yemen."
'Corporate international weapons shipment network'

The leaked documents, which include emails, internal memos, photos and correspondence between the American arms dealers and the Serbian arms factory Krusik, have helped Gaytandzhieva to "expose the existence of a secret US special command unit code-named "Task Force Smoking Gun." That unit has allegedly operated an arms depo since at least 2017, which is used in shady arms shipping operations by the US and its allies.

"I found that four private American companies were US government contractors and they were commissioned by the Pentagon to deliver non-US standard weapons to different destinations. According to the other leaked documents, I found that one of these destinations was Syria.

"This is a whole international weapons shipment network," the journalist explained to RT, adding that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also using it for its operations alongside the US. "The scheme is using different routes and diplomatic flights diverting weapons via a third party to their final destination, which appears to be Syria or Yemen."

Gaytandzhieva said that she investigated at least "350 diplomatic flights carrying weapons for the last three years" by the same Azeri state-run company that delivered the mortar shells to Afghanistan in 2018. "They made technical landings with stays varying from a few hours to up to a day in intermediary locations without any logical reasons such as needing to refuel the planes," she wrote in a separate report investigating this particular issue.

"That means that this international weapons shipment network has never [ceased to exist] and continues [it operations] to this date."

RT has managed to independently verify parts of Gaytandzhieva's report by finding the contracts between Alliant Techsystems LLC and the Pentagon that she mentions in the US Federal Procurement Data System. It has also been established that the company has regularly worked for the US Department of Defense since at least 2016.

US Terror Syndicate
A recent investigation has uncovered explosive evidence that the US is supplying weapons to terror groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The finding blows the lid sky-high on Washington’s much-vaunted claims of “fighting terrorism”.

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and her Arms Watch website have uncovered perhaps some of the most incriminating evidence yet linking the Pentagon to al-Qaeda*-affiliated jihadi groups across the Middle East.

In a feat of investigative reporting carried out over the past two years, Arms Watch has pieced together an entire network of covert arms dealing orchestrated by the Pentagon. The devastating implication is that such a global syndicate involving US arms contractors, American government officials acting as buyers, and the use of hundreds of civilian airliners given "diplomatic clearance" – all of these logistics must have had top-level authorization in Washington.

So when President Trump crows about "defeating terror" in Syria or fighting against "Iran-backed proxies" in Yemen, he is either a liar or he has not a clue about what his military and intel chiefs are really up to. Up to their necks in supporting terrorism on an industrial scale.

The giant gun-running scheme operates to purchase non-standard US weaponry from arms companies in the Balkans – Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. The cargos comprising millions of weapon pieces, including assault rifles, mortars and rockets, are usually flown to the US airbase, Al Udeid, in Qatar. From there, the arms are transported to various terrorist outfits in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

How are the weapons tracked back from the terrorists to US government buyers?

As Arms Watch explains, the serial numbers on individual weapons recovered in hauls by the Syrian Arab Army from former militant bases show an exact match with order and lot numbers on documents that Arms Watch received from anonymous leaks. Other leaked documents (emails, passport scans) reveal US government officials purchasing inventories of weapons bearing the same serial numbers from arms companies in Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

Another method of identification is a close examination of propaganda videos released by so-called Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh)* and other Al Qaeda affiliates such as Nusra Front (rebranded as Tahrir Hayat al-Sham). From the weapons displayed in the videos being handled by militants, the serial numbers can be identified and tracked back to the Balkans and the US buyers.

We are talking here about millions of weapons and tens of millions of dollars. This could not be carried out by rogue American intel agencies acting without authorization. It must have top-level clearance, perhaps even from President Trump’s national security council headed up by John Bolton.

As journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva comments: "The documents expose the biggest lie in the US foreign policy – officially fighting terrorism while secretly supporting it."

This is by no means the first time that Washington has been accused of covertly sponsoring terror groups for regime-change machinations.

In Syria, US and other NATO weaponry has been recovered over and over again in former terrorist dens. There have also been several reports of American military helicopters making secretive arms drops or transporting militants to safe havens.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai made damning claims in a media interview in 2017 in which he said that he was convinced US special forces were aiding and abetting the ISIS network in Afghanistan.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has also reported suspicious movement by US helicopters and arms drops to militants in Syria and Afghanistan.

However, the latest investigative findings by Arms Watch expose an international weapons supply chain to internationally proscribed terror groups – all under the direction of Washington.

The evidence cannot be clearer: the US government is arming, sponsoring and directing terror networks as a proxy force in several countries. Remember these proxies have committed unspeakable barbarities against hundreds of thousands of civilians, including decapitating women and children, across the Middle East.

That means that when the US air force is bombing countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen (vicariously with regional allies' warplanes), Washington is really serving as the air command for terrorist ground forces.

Since the 9/11 terror attacks on the US in 2001, the world has been utterly changed by constant American warmongering. Whole countries have been demolished, civilizations desecrated, millions of civilians have been killed or maimed, millions of children orphaned, millions of refugees on the move. This astounding record of de facto criminality and state terrorism by Washington has been repeatedly justified or concealed by its claims of conducting a war on terror.

If the US is not fighting terrorism but rather actually mobilizing it and weaponizing it, as the above investigation demonstrates, then the conclusion is truly awesome.

The world is being held hostage by the biggest terror syndicate ever – which masquerades as a democratic government in Washington.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.
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Thousands of Terrorists Flee Idlib for Turkey

Thousands of Terrorists Flee Idlib for Turkey
TEHRAN (FNA)- A large number of terrorists have fled to Turkey in cooperation with Turkish officials in recent months as gaps have been widening among terrorist groups and Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) command structure has collapsed.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted local sources in Kharbeh al-Joz Northwest of Jisr al-Shoghour in Western Idlib as saying that over 2,000 militants have fled to Turkey after being helped by Turkish border guards since the Syrian Army kicked off its military operation on May 6.

The local sources also pointed to Turkey’s threats on increasing corridors from Turkey to Europe, and said that most of the Ankara-backed terrorists who have defected their terrorist groups have fled to the European countries via Greece.

Al-Watan also quoted sources close to Tahrir al-Sham as saying that a wave of internal differences and defection can be seen among Tahrir al-Sham commanders as they accuse each other of treason.
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War in Syria has come to end, long-lasting settlement of crisis needed: Russian FM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says he believes the foreign-sponsored terrorism in Syria has come to an end, and that the need to promote the long-lasting settlement of crisis both in the war-ravaged Arab country and the entire Middle East region is highly required.

“The war in Syria has really come to an end. The country is gradually returning to a normal, peaceful life. Some hotspots of tensions remain in the territories that are not controlled by the Syrian government, such as Idlib and the eastern bank of the Euphrates,” Russia’s Sputnik news agency cited Lavrov as saying in an exclusive interview with Russian newspaper the Trud on Thursday.

The top Russian then pointed to the provision of humanitarian aid for affected civilians and “promotion of political process on settling the crisis to achieve stable and long-lasting stabilization of the situation in the country and the whole Middle East region” as the most important issues regarding Syria.

Lavrov added, “We believe the formation and launch of a committee designed to develop the constitutional reform will be an important step in advancing the political process led and carried out by Syrians themselves with the UN assistance.”

“In fact, its convention will enable the Syrian sides – the government and the foreign-sponsored armed opposition – to begin for the first time a direct dialogue on their country's future,” he commented.

Lavrov went on to say that Russia has taken some steps to “support the efforts of the Syrian government in its fight against terrorists, who still remain in the Idlib zone, and promote issues concerning humanitarian assistance and facilitation of the political process in the context of formation of the constitutional committee.”

The Russian foreign minister later criticized sanctions that the United States and European countries have slapped on the Syrian government, describing the measures as fully counterproductive.

Russia has been helping Syrian forces in ongoing battles across the conflict-plagued Arab country. Syrians continue to recapture key areas from Daesh and other foreign-backed terrorist groups across the country.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says the Israeli regime and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri terrorist groups that had been wreaking havoc in the country.

Militants open fire on civilians at Rukban camp

Separately, US-sponsored militants have opened fire at displaced Syrians stranded in a camp near the Jordanian border after the latter demanded that delivered humanitarian food be distributed among them.

Head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic, Major General Alexey Bakin, said members of the so-called Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo militant group have seized a significant amount of cargo delivered by the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to the Rukban camp, and moved the consignment to their base north of the camp.

“On September 11, militants opened fire with small arms at a market in Rukban to disperse civilians demanding food,” Bakin said.

The United Nations says about 45,000 people, mostly women and children, are trapped inside Rukban, where conditions are desperate. This is while Geneva-based international aid agency Doctors Without Borders has put the number at some 60,000.

On March 6, Lavrov said the United States needed the Rukban refugee camp in order to justify its illegitimate military presence in Syria.

"The fact that people are not allowed to leave [the camp] and are held hostage makes one suggest that the US needs this camp to continue justifying its illegitimate presence there,” Lavrov said.

“This is in line with the US policy aimed at creating something like a quasi-state on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. It does not want these territories to get back under the control of Syria’s legitimate authorities.”
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人口動態速報 2019/1から2019/8 茨城県が大変なことになっている

人口動態速報 2019/8 
日立市 出生死亡比率前年同月比大幅悪化
郡山市 大幅悪化
筑西市 大幅悪化
仙台市 大幅悪化

守谷市 大幅悪化
柏市 変わらず
常陸太田市 大幅悪化
いわき市 大幅悪化
高萩市 大幅悪化
流山市 大幅悪化
市川市 大幅悪化
横浜市 大幅悪化 前年8月の0.93が0.82に低下

常総市 改善
松戸市 大幅改善
神栖市 大幅悪化 死亡者急増
川崎市 わずかに改善
横須賀市 小幅悪化
船橋市 大幅悪化
厚木市 大幅悪化





U.S. Navy: Low-level radiation detected at some Tokyo-area bases
A level of 0.5 millirems of radiation was detected at Atsugi with similar levels at Yokosuka, said Atsugi public affairs officer Tim McGough. The radiation was detected coming from winds blowing from the northeast, he said.


我孫子市 変わらず
福島市 大幅悪化

大和市 改善
神奈川県6都市計 悪化
水戸市 大幅悪化

人口動態速報 2019/7 
日立市 出生死亡比率前年同月比大幅悪化
郡山市 大幅悪化
筑西市 大幅悪化
守谷市 改善
柏市 大幅悪化
常陸太田市 改善
大和市 大幅悪化 出生数がこれまでの最高水準まで上がりましたが死亡数が厳冬期並みになっています。
流山市 大幅悪化 死亡数が増加
市川市 悪化
仙台市 大幅悪化
いわき市 悪化
横浜市 小幅改善
厚木市 大幅悪化
横須賀市 出生数増で大幅改善
船橋市 大幅悪化
松戸市 大幅悪化
常総市 大幅悪化 前年出生数48人が20人に。
川崎市 わずかに改善
高萩市 大幅悪化
水戸市 大幅悪化

ひたちなか市 大幅悪化

千葉市 変わらず
市原市 変わらず
鎌ヶ谷市 死亡数減で大幅改善
我孫子市 大幅悪化
千葉県主要都市計 大幅悪化
福島市 変わらず
福島県主要3市計 大幅悪化
小田原市 わずかに改善
神奈川県主要都市計 わずかに改善
神栖市 大幅悪化
茨城県主要8市計 大幅悪化 特に出生数の減が大きい

千葉県主要10都市計 大幅悪化

人口動態速報 2019/6 
日立市 出生死亡比率前年同月比変わらず
郡山市 大幅悪化 出生死亡比率0.84が0.61に低下。出生数2010/1以降で最低を記録。

常陸太田市 大幅悪化
守谷市 大幅悪化
柏市 大幅悪化
常総市 大幅悪化
大和市 大幅悪化
市川市 変わらず
筑西市 わずかに改善
流山市 大幅悪化
仙台市 悪化
いわき市 小幅悪化
高萩市 小幅改善
横浜市 大幅悪化


浦安市 大幅改善
ひたちなか市 大幅改善
水戸市 改善
厚木市 悪化
船橋市 大幅悪化
横須賀市 大幅悪化
松戸市 悪化
川崎市 大幅悪化
我孫子市 小幅改善
神奈川県主要都市計 大幅悪化見込み
鎌ヶ谷市 大幅悪化
市原市 大幅悪化
千葉市 小幅悪化
千葉県主要都市計 大幅悪化
神栖市 大幅悪化
茨城県8都市計 ほぼ変わらず

人口動態速報 2019/5 死亡数急増はなぜ?
大和市 出生死亡比率前年同月比 悪化
日立市 悪化、死亡数2019/1に次ぐ高水準
郡山市 大幅悪化
守谷市 大幅悪化
常陸太田市 変わらず
筑西市 大幅悪化
高萩市 大幅悪化 死亡数2019/1を上回る
仙台市 大幅悪化、死亡数2019/1に次ぐ高水準
いわき市 大幅改善 死亡数減
柏市 大幅悪化
市川市 大幅悪化
水戸市 大幅悪化
神栖市 大幅改善

横須賀市 わずかに改善
川崎市 わずかに改善
厚木市 大幅悪化

常総市 改善
茨城主要都市計 大幅悪化
福島市 大幅悪化
福島県主要都市計 悪化
市原市 大幅悪化
ひたちなか市 大幅改善
船橋市 大幅悪化
千葉市 大幅悪化 死亡数前年の747人が843人に増加

鎌ヶ谷市 悪化
横浜市 大幅悪化 前年の0.91から0.79へ大幅低下 出生数大幅減
松戸市 大幅悪化
浦安市 大幅悪化 死亡数2010/1以降で最高を記録

流山市 大幅改善 死亡数減
小田原市 変わらず(出生数増、死亡数増)
神奈川県主要都市計 大幅悪化 0.92から0.84へ低下





米国は放射性物質を撒き散らしている 劣化ウラン弾 **注目記事**の記事をお読みください。




人口動態速報 2019/4 横浜市・千葉市死亡数急増 これはひどい
常陸太田市 出生死亡比率前年同月比大幅悪化
守谷市 大幅悪化
大和市 変わらず
日立市 大幅悪化
仙台市 悪化
いわき市 大幅悪化

筑西市 変わらず
柏市 大幅悪化

郡山市 大幅改善
横浜市 大幅悪化 出生数前年同月と変わらず、死亡数200人増の2,702人

厚木市 悪化
高萩市 大幅改善
横須賀市 ほぼ変わらず
我孫子市 大幅改善
市川市 大幅悪化
川崎市 大幅悪化
福島市 小幅改善
常総市 大幅悪化
流山市 改善
船橋市 大幅悪化
市原市 改善
水戸市 大幅悪化 出生数150人を割り込み2010/1以降で最低を記録
千葉市 大幅悪化 出生数が23人増、死亡数109人増
松戸市 大幅悪化 死亡数が1月から高水準で推移
神栖市 大幅悪化
茨城県8市計 大幅悪化
鎌ヶ谷市 大幅悪化 出生数5人減、死亡数32人増 0.81から0.52へ低下
小田原市 悪化
神奈川県主要都市計 悪化確定
千葉県主要都市計 大幅悪化確定



2019/3人口動態速報 17年後東葛4市の赤ん坊は2013年の半分になる
常陸太田市 出生死亡比率前年同月比大幅改善
神奈川県大和市 大幅悪化

出生数の減よりも死亡数の増の勢いが勝ります。ここまで指標が悪化すると、何らかの体調不良を感じたらとにかく病院へ と申し上げるしかありません。近隣地域も同様な状況とみられます。


茨城県守谷市 大幅悪化  出生数2009/11以降で最低 出生死亡比率前年1.56が本年1.13へ低下
郡山市 大幅改善
茨城県筑西市 大幅悪化
茨城県高萩市 大幅悪化
茨城県日立市 大幅悪化
柏市 大幅改善
仙台市 大幅悪化
いわき市 改善
市原市 悪化
市川市 わずかに改善

横須賀市 大幅悪化
川崎市 小幅悪化
ひたちなか市 悪化

横浜市 小幅改善


松戸市 大幅悪化
福島市 小幅改善
福島3市計 改善

船橋市 悪化 出生数2011/1以降で最低を記録

浦安市 悪化
水戸市 小幅悪化
常総市 変わらず
厚木市 改善

千葉市 わずかに改善
神栖市 悪化
茨城県8市計 大幅悪化
流山市 大幅悪化
鎌ヶ谷市 大幅悪化
我孫子市 大幅悪化

千葉県10市計 前年よりわずかに悪化。千葉県下は出生数が減少ですが死亡数も低位で柏、市川、千葉が改善したために指数の大幅悪化は免れました。

小田原市 大幅改善
鎌倉市 変わらず
神奈川県主要7市計 変わらず










※ うにやん @takecoma氏の9:41 - 2019年4月11日のツイート


2019/2人口動態速報 仙台市悪化加速 厚木市悪化継続
常陸太田市 出生死亡比率前年同月比大幅悪化
日立市 大幅改善
浦安市 大幅悪化
大和市 大幅悪化
筑西市 変わらず
高萩市 大幅悪化
柏市 変わらず
いわき市 小幅改善
神栖市 大幅改善
守谷市 変わらず
仙台市 大幅悪化

おやじに爺! よく見ろ! あんたの種は全滅だな
横浜市 大幅悪化

市川市 大幅悪化 単月出生死亡比率2010年以降で最低
常総市 大幅悪化
横須賀市 大幅悪化
松戸市 悪化
我孫子市 大幅悪化
郡山市 大幅悪化 単月出生死亡比率2011/1以降で最低
市原市 小幅改善
川崎市 悪化
船橋市 改善

神奈川県7都市計 前年同月比 悪化見込み

福島市 わずかに改善
福島県主要3市計 変わらず

水戸市 大幅改善
茨城県主要8市計 改善

厚木市 悪化 この10年で単月出生死亡比率が最低を記録。

ひたちなか市 出生死亡比率大幅悪化 出生数2010/1以降で最低
鎌ヶ谷市 大幅改善
千葉市 悪化
小田原市 改善
流山市 変わらず
千葉県10都市計 前年同月比 小幅悪化悪化



守谷市 2009/11以降で出生死亡比率最低 0.655。
柏市 2008/1以降で死亡数最大、400人突破。
大和市 死亡数2010/2以降で最大
筑西市 出生死亡比率前年同月比変わらず
常陸太田市 出生死亡比率大幅悪化
水戸市 改善
高萩市 改善
市川市 小幅悪化
郡山市 小幅悪化
いわき市 大幅悪化
神栖市 大幅悪化、死亡数2011/1以降で最多
日立市 大幅悪化
仙台市 大幅悪化
横浜市 悪化
浦安市 変わらず
鎌ヶ谷市 改善
我孫子市 大幅改善
市原市 悪化、出生死亡比率0.5を割り込む
常総市 改善、死亡数2010/1以降で最大、100人を突破。外国人の出生者数4人、死亡者数3人。
横須賀市 大幅悪化 2010/2以降で死亡数最大。550人超。
厚木市 大幅悪化 2010/2以降で死亡数最大。210人超。
川崎市 大幅悪化
神奈川県7都市計 暫定値

福島市 大幅悪化、出生死亡比率0.385、死亡数400人に到達。
松戸市 小幅悪化
流山市 大幅悪化、死亡数2010/1以降で最大
小田原市 大幅悪化
船橋市 大幅悪化
千葉市 大幅悪化、2019/1死亡数999人
千葉県10都市計出生死亡比率 0.7割れ。

船橋市人口 64万人 2019/1死亡数583人
千葉市人口 99万人 999人
川崎市人口 152万人 1,259人
横浜市人口 374万人 3,590人
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Nurmagomedov told Putin that his father had helped him throughout the entire fight, giving him instructions on which tactics to use against Poirier.

Lightweight king Nurmagomedov defeated interim champ Poirier via third-round submission in the UAE on Saturday night, extending his unbeaten record to 28-0.

試合後またオクタゴンを飛び出したハビブが、UFC boss Dana Whiteに抱きついています。このとき、ハビブは、試合を見ていた3人の叔父に抱きつこうとしたが、その前にDana Whiteがいたからだと言っています。一族でハビブを支えているんですね。

‘In Dagestan, you have to fight for respect’ – meet Nurmagomedov Jr.

ハビブの#BottleCapChallenge roundhouse punchという技だそうです。造作もなくやっていますね。

2019年ウィンブルドン女子シングルスでルーマニアのSimona Halepがセレナ・ウィリアムスを破り優勝。27歳、きれいなほっそりした女性ですが、腕や太ももの筋肉は確かなものがあります。


A star is born! 15-year-old Cori Gauff stuns Venus Williams in Wimbledon first round
15歳のテニスプレーヤー Cori Gauff コリ・ガウフがウィンブルドンで Venus Williams ビーナス・ウィリアムズを下す。

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Trump Says 'Intensified' US Assault on Taliban to Go on as Secret Peace Talks Cancelled
TEHRAN (FNA)- Speaking at the 9/11 commemoration event, US President Donald Trump said that over "the last four days" US forces have "hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue".

In his speech, Trump referred to the Taliban movement, several days after he called off secret Camp David meetings with the group and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Sputnik reported.

"We had peace talks scheduled a few days ago, I called them off when I learned that they [Taliban] had killed a great American soldier from Puerto Rico and 11 other innocent people," Trump said.

"They thought they would use this attack to show strength, but actually what they showed is unrelenting weakness. The last four days we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue,” he added.

Trump warned that any other terrorist organisation that carries out an attack on US soil will be met with power that the United States has never used before. However, Trump clarified that he was not talking about using nuclear weapons.

The day before, the Taliban vowed jihad against American soldiers in Afghanistan amid Trump's cancellation of peace talks with the group.

The move was prompted by several terrorist attacks conducted in early September and claimed by the Taliban. In early September, a huge explosion hit Kabul's PD9 district, where foreign troops and agencies are located, just hours after US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad‏ shared with the nation's leadership the details of a peace deal drafted during the ninth round of talks in the Qatari capital of Doha. Three days later, three explosions rocked Kabul, killing dozens of people, including a US soldier.

Taliban Vows Jihad After Trump Walks Away From Talks Dubbed 'Dead' by Him - Reports
On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced that the US peace talks with the Taliban were "dead" after the group claimed responsibility for a Kabul attack that killed a US serviceman.

The Taliban vowed on Tuesday to continue fighting against American forces in Afghanistan after the US president withdrew from peace talks with the group, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said as quoted by AFP.

"We had two ways to end the occupation in Afghanistan, one was jihad and fighting, the other was talks and negotiations", Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.

The spokesman added that as there's no further way of resolving the Afghan issue through negotiations, the Taliban will take the path of jihad - one the US will regret.

Trump said Monday, after calling off secret Camp David meetings with the Taliban and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, adding that the talks with the movement were "dead".

On 2 September, a huge explosion hit Kabul's PD9 district, where foreign troops and agencies are located, just hours after US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad‏ shared with the nation's leadership the details of a peace deal drafted during the ninth round of talks in the Qatari capital of Doha.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack that left 16 dead and 119 wounded.

Three days later, three explosions rocked Kabul, killing dozens of people, including a US soldier. The Taliban again claimed the responsibility for the attacks.


タリバンのポリティカルチーフ 政治局長ですね。

タリバンのスポークスマンの一人 Zabihullah Mujahid かと見られますが、確認できません。


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Controversy over Blue Girl's Death
TEHRAN (FNA)- Sahar Khodayari, famous as Blue Girl, a reference to the color of her favorite team, Esteghlal, set herself on fire at Tehran’s main courthouse on September 3 after she rejected medication for her bipolar disorder for about a year, her family members said, while opposition continues attempt to link her death to the stadium ban on women in Iran.

Media reports first quoted one of her friends as saying that Sahar, 29, set fire on herself after learning she could face six months in prison for sneaking into a men’s match in March. But the claim was immediately rejected by the judiciary, saying that no decree had been issued for Sahar yet and her case was still being studied. Later her family said her arrest was not even for her failed attempt to sneak into the stadium, but for violating the country's law on Hijab - Islamic code of dressing - and for struggling and insulting the policemen at the gates of Tehran's iconic Azadi Stadium.

Sahar's sister confirmed to the Persian-language Hamshahri newspaper that she had been detained for improper hijab, disguising herself as men to enter the stadium and after struggling with the police and insulting officers.

She added that when Sahar entered the stadium last March to watch a football match between Esteghlal and al-Ain teams in Tehran, the police officers stopped her for physical inspection but she told them not to touch her because she was a girl and then she was detained.

Sahar's sister noted that the family was immediately informed of her detention and went to the police office to release their daughter but the interrogator said that they had to provide a bail for her freedom.

"We did not have the money to provide the bond at that moment" and when the family provided the bond the day after Sahar's arrest but since it was Thursday (the weekend) they had to wait until Saturday for Sahar to be freed, she said.

"Sahar went to the prosecutor's office a few weeks later to collect her cell phone. It seems that she heard from someone (who is not known if he was an official or not) there that she would receive a 6-month jail term," Sahar's sister said.

"Of course, my sister had a record of illness and bipolar disorder. Several years ago, she committed suicide when she was a university student and was hospitalized for a while. All related medical documents also exist," she said.

Also, Heidar Ali Khodayari, Sahar's father, confirmed that his daughter had mental disorder and was on medication, but meantime, said that Sahar did not believe that she was sick and resisted and refused to take her pills, but her mother poured the medicine in drinks so that she does not understand.

"Yet, her mother had stopped force-giving Sahar her medicine since a year ago. Doctors had warned of the grave impacts of any pause in her treatment and said that she might do dangerous things. Her doctor had also cautioned about the side effects of the drugs, including blindness, and her mother, hence, had stopped giving her medicine anymore," he said.

After setting fire on herself, Sahar was transferred to Tehran’s Motahhari Hospital with third-degree burns on 90 percent of her body and severe damage to her lungs. She died on September 9, at 4am.

Sahar was a fan of the football club, Esteghlal, and since her self-immolation, the western-based media have rushed take the opportunity to blame Iranian policies and the establishment for her death, rather than her mental problems.

Disrespecting Sahar's death and her bereaved family's need to privacy for mourning, the Persian and English-language media outlets based in the West have used deviations and fabrication in the story to ignore Sahar's earlier suicide attempts to claim that she is dead in protest at the Iran's stadium ban on women.

While, Persian-language media outlets like BBC Persian completely ignored Sahar's mental health record completely for days, the English versions came to only touch the issue on the surface to later convince the audience that her bipolar disorder deteriorated after two days of detention at the police station, never bothering to explain that Sahar had stopped taking her pills for about a year, and that her self-immolation happened several weeks after she was released from detention on bail.

They also claim that she set herself on fire after she was given a 6-month prison term (some like Al-Jazeera claimed that she was to be given a two-year jail term), while her sister and father have in several interviews with different Iranian media stressed that her case was under study and no court session had even been set.

Sahar's story is full of controversy as the opposition of the Islamic Republic from the US State Department's admittedly paid agent Massih Alinejad to the widow of the dethroned Pahlavy king, Farah Diba, have rushed to take the opportunity to change the completely sad story of the end of a 29-year-old girl to a means for their political ends, sparing her bereaved family no time to mourn on the death of their beloved one and forcing her father to appear on Iranian TV to reject such opposition reports and reiterate the truth of her death.

In an interview with the state-run TV channel two last night, Mr. Khodayari begged those misusing her daughter's death to stop fabrications in a show of respect for the family.

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これが丸腰の抗議者だって!! 冗談もほどほどにしてくれ



黄色の円内はmolotov cocktail、火炎瓶です。


Pro-Hong Kong rally in DC against ‘CHINAZI regime’ being sponsored with US govt-linked money
A planned Washington DC protest in support of Hong Kong activists and promoting the ‘Chinazi’ flag is being sponsored by at least six organizations backed by the notoriously shady, US-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Posters for the event circulated online contain an image of the so-called ‘Chinazi’ flag – an altered version of the Chinese national flag with the yellow stars arranged to form a swastika and with a hammer and sickle placed in the center.

Protesters plan to form a human chain encircling the Chinese Embassy in Washington to protest the “Chinazi regime” and call for an independent Hong Kong. The #Chinazi hashtag has also become popular with activists on Twitter.

‘Force is one of our methods’ masked Hong Kong protesters reveal on VIDEO
A number of masked, black-clad protesters in Hong Kong are very organized and do not hesitate to use force against police or property, video footage from the autonomous Chinese city shows.

Video filmed by the news agency Ruptly on Sunday shows black-clad protesters preparing for confrontation with police, dismantling sidewalks to collect rubble as projectiles. They also smashed windows and barricaded the entrance of one MTR subway station.

“Using force is one of our methods, one of our methods to protect ourselves and to protest, since the fire is our war,” one of the masked protesters told Ruptly.

Violence is what the police do, he added, while “protesters are not using violence. They just use force to protect themselves and protect those peaceful protesters."

Video from the Sunday protests showed demonstrators throwing objects at police, who responded with tear gas.

The group of about 100 or so militant protesters wore dark clothing, gas masks and face masks, and appeared well organized, moving in groups.

After protesters started smashing up the MTR station, the black-clad group moved away and marched off.

Protests in the autonomous city began in late March over a proposed law allowing extradition to the Chinese mainland. Although the authorities have withdrawn the bill since, the demonstrators have made additional demands for democracy, while brandishing US and UK flags and clashing with police.

A former British colony for over a century, Hong Kong was restored to Chinese rule in 1997.

‘Force is one of our methods’: Hong Kong protesters don’t hide vandalism & violence in new VIDEO

Western media portrays Hong Kong hooligans as heroes. But are they?
Andre Vltchek

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