米軍特殊作戦長 CIAが反アサド勢力に対する支援を止めることを確認

US special operations chief confirms end of CIA support for anti-Assad forces in Syria
A US army general has confirmed that Washington has decided to put an end to a CIA scheme to equip and train certain rebel groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. He insisted the policy shift had nothing to do with improving relations with Russia.

US Army General Raymond Thomas, head of the Special Operations Command, said the decision was "based on assessment of the program."

"At least from what I know about that program and the decision to end it, (it was) absolutely not a sop to the Russians," Thomas said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Friday, Reuters reported.

Unnamed government sources told various media outlets last week that the decision to end the program had been partly due to the Trump administration wanting a better relationship with Russia.

Trump reportedly ordered the end of the program weeks after meeting with CIA director Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor HR McMaster.

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海外ニュースから 2017/7/10〜

この記事は、 N K M さんに協力をいただいています。

Hong Kong Herald紙より
MH370 search reveals previously unknown undersea world
Although no trace of the Malaysia Airlines plane was found during the search in the southern Indian Ocean -- the most expensive ever of its kind -- large volumes of data showing a detailed picture of the sea floor had to be collected to guide the probe.

Hyperloop or hyperbole? Musk promises NY-DC run in 29 mins http://www.nst.com.my/lifestyle/bots/2017/07/259337/hyperloop-or-hyperbole-musk-promises-ny-dc-run-29-mins
NEW YORK: US entrepreneur Elon Musk said Thursday he’d received tentative approval from the government to build a conceptual “hyperloop” system that would blast passenger pods down vacuum-sealed tubes from New York to Washington at near supersonic speeds.

Facing a barrage of skepticism, Musk, who has been known to over-promise in his announcements, clarified: “Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly,” urging people to lobby their representatives.
「over-promise 」って、イニシャルS.A.さんのことかと。

The right-wing media's outrage at BBC salaries has nothing to do with gender equality http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/bbc-salaries-figures-paid-chris-evans-alan-shearer-laura-keunssberg-privatisation-right-wing-agenda-a7848841.html
If people trust the BBC, they are likely to trust the country that created it. It is a diplomatic force of immense significance.

The government aims to force all porn sites to have age-verification checks by April 2018,

Icelanders named in Panama papers buy ISK at a 20% discount
RÚV reports that 21 Icelanders who’s names came up in the notorious Panama papers, purchased large amounts of ISK (Icelandic króna) at a 20% discount through the Central bank’s investment program.
The article states that the individuals are not necessarily being investigated by the tax authorities, but their identities remain anonymous
The Central bank’s investment program aims at bringing foreign currency into the country by allowing investors to purchase ISK at a 20% discount. So far, 206 billion ISK have been sold, 72 of them bought by Icelanders or companies owned by Icelanders. According to RÚV, the Governor of the Central bank of Iceland, Már Guðmundsson, says all laws have been upheld regarding the investment program.

Poverty among Italy’s young has tripled over last 11 years
According to official figures, 4.7 million Italians live in absolute poverty. The number is 144,000 up on 2015
Poverty remains high in Italy, and is slightly up on 2015, with larger families the worst hit. According to figures published by Italian statistics institute ISTAT, 1.619m Italian families were living in absolute poverty in 2016, for a total of 4.742m people, 144,000 more than in 2015. In relation to the number of households (25.7m) and resident population (60m), 6.3% of households were living in conditions of absolute poverty (compared to 6.1% in 2015). This amounted to 7.9% of the population (7.6% in 2015). For ISTAT, absolute poverty means being unable to buy a basket of goods and services “essential to a minimum acceptable standard of living”, which varies according to size of family, age and geographical location

'Defend Europe' Identitarians charter a ship to return migrants to Africa
European right-wing extremists have chartered a boat and set sail for the Mediterranean to help obstruct the flow of refugees. The so-called Identitarians are just the latest player in a complex flotilla of groups.
Earlier the group had said on its website it would try and force NGO ships to change course and to sap the financial and organizational resources of the charities.

‘Nuclear Nine’ and the NPT - The Manila Times Online
THEY who hold the gold make the rules.
True, especially in the case of the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel, which are the nine countries in the world that possess nuclear weapons.

At best, the NPT is and can only be a deterrent against the leader of any of the nine countries who might get stupid or crazy enough to press the button that would send the rest of the world to kingdom come.

The NPT is a joke partly because it only prohibits developing and stockpiling of nuclear weapons; it does not carry a provision for recall or destruction of such weapons that at present may be in the nuclear depots of the Nuclear Nine.

Autistic teenager dies after being left by carers in hot minibus for six hours http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/autistic-teenager-dies-hot-minibus-japan-carers-forget-ageo-a7841841.html
It is thought he had been forgotten by staff at the facility, who only noticed he was missing hours later.

Japan’s mental health services have previously been criticised for institutionalising too many patients and breaching their human rights.
A 2013 study found Japanese people with mental health conditions faced greater stigmatisation than in many other areas of the world.
The majority of the public keep a greater social distance from people with mental illness, it said, while two-thirds of people with mental health disorders never seek treatment because of the stigma.

From buses to glasses: Silicon Valley’s love of non-tech start-ups

Truck carrying eels overturns, dumping slime over cars and highway
An Oregon highway has been “slimed” after a truck carrying 3,400kg (7,500lb) of eels overturned, spilling the animals and their excretions all over the road and nearby vehicles.
Hagfish are caught along the west coast of the US, including Oregon, and exported to Korea where they are a delicacy. Oregon state police tweeted that the eels were being shipped to Korea for consumption.

London firefighters battle blaze at Camden Lock Market (WATCH LIVE)

Mass brawl breaks out amongst crowd at UK boxing match (VIDEO)
Bloody seats and bruised egos; the ring failed to contain the carnage at a boxing match in east London Saturday night where a mass brawl erupted amongst the rowdy crowd.
The chaos at the Copper Box Arena in east London was reportedly sparked by the shock defeat of fan favorite Sam McNess who was brutally beaten by Asinia Byfield.
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プルームが最も広く広がったのは 2011/3/20のようだ

























2011/3/20、8時20分 - 9時38分頃、陸海空自衛隊と東京電力が消防車11台で4号機に81トン放水。4号機への放水は初めて


日本経済新聞 2011/3/21 0:32報道









これと関係しそうな事象は、「21時30分 - 翌日4時、東京消防庁のハイパーレスキュー隊が3号機の使用済み核燃料プールへ6時間半放水した。推定放水量は1170トン」。「SPMの分析 長野県」を見ると福島第一原発で放水を含めたなんらかの事象があると、スパイクが立っている。








2011/3/20(日)の午後 北関東の屋外におられた方はご注意を
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@ ガス状の放射性物質は濃度を測定できない。







A ガス状の放射性物質も時間の経過とともに粒子状に変化するためプルームが風で吹き払われない間は、SPM濃度が高水準を保つことがある。















B SPM分析の利点は、ガンマ線源以外の線源の濃度をも反映することです。ガンマ線源がなくてアルファ線源とベータ線源だけが飛んでくるようなことは考えにくいのですが、2011/3/20に関東平野を襲ったプルームは、ガンマ線の線量率を大きくは押し上げなかったのにSPM濃度は高水準でした。








SPMの分析 北海道
SPMの分析 鹿児島県
SPMの分析 島根県
SPMの分析 長野県
SPMの分析 兵庫県
SPMの分析 愛知県
SPMの分析 岐阜県
SPMの分析 富山県
SPMの分析 新潟県
SPMの分析 山形県
SPM分析 栃木県
千葉県北部在住者は東海第二のベントでも被曝している SPMの分析 千葉県
原発苛酷事故なら避難も篭城も難しくなる SPMの分析で分かること 福島県
東海第二原発から粒子状放射性物質が大量に放出されていた 燃料棒の損傷はかなり大きいだろう
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ISIS command helped Philippine militants seize Marawi through funding & recruits – report
A new report has revealed that the Islamic State central command in Syria has been steadily funding militants in the Philippines, helping them seize the city of Marawi, arranging funding and carrying out recruitment.

The report was published by the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, and listed examples of how Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) provided assistance for terrorist groups in Southeast Asia.

As one example, it detailed how a top IS figure from Malaysia, Dr. Mahmud Ahmad, collaborated with the terrorist group’s command in Syria to receive funding and secure international recruits to ensure Maute militants took control of territory in the Philippines.

Back in June, AFP cited a Philippine armed forces commander as saying that IS had channeled $600,000 through the doctor. The report added that he was also a peacemaker for two key Indonesian terrorist groups, helping them to “temporarily unite despite bitter rivalries.”

The latest document comes after Marawi, in the southern Philippines, fell into the hands of militants from the Maute group for several weeks, after they seized the city in May.

The militants raised the IS flag and announced they had set up a new province of their "caliphate."

The report, however, suggests that “direct funding” from IS wasn’t the group’s main source of support for the Philippine militants. While IS transferred tens of thousands of dollars via Western Union, it mainly assisted with local recruiters and fundraising in the country, it says.

In the early days of operations, soldiers discovered nearly $1.5 million in cash and checks in a Marawi house, but the home belonged to a well-known lender and it wasn’t clear if the funds were for the militants’ operations.

President Rodrigo Duterte accused the Maute militants of drug dealing to raise money, but did not provide evidence to back up the claim.

As for local recruitment, this reportedly took place during 2016 across university campuses in Mindanao in the Philippines, via Muslim student associations and their alumni at Catholic institutions and at state universities and polytechnic institutes.

“New recruits would take the oath of loyalty [to the terrorist group] and then be asked to open a bank account, the ATM card for which would be given to treasurer of the local cell, who often had several at once in his or her possession,” the report detailed.

The recruits were often from well-off families, and were able “to contribute substantially to the cause.”

Recruitment in the name of IS also allegedly took place at Muslim charities and ‘dakwah’ religious centers, but the institutions were not necessarily aware of it, according to the report.

The 30-page report is based on research from a field trip to Mindanao, the island where the embattled Marawi is located, where interviews were carried out with people close to Indonesian terrorists in the Philippines, as well as intercepted messages from militants on Telegram.

The report noted that the Filipino jihadists have created an international network through Telegram groups, with “their reports from the field translated instantly into English, Tagalog, Arabic, Turkish, German and Indonesian.”

This assistance may increase the terrorist threat to neighboring Indonesia, which has seen numerous IS-inspired attacks in recent years, the research warned. The Indonesian government’s concern is that about 20 Indonesian militants who have reportedly joined IS forces in Mindanao will acquire the equipment and skills to carry out attacks back at home.

The report urges key Southeast Asian countries to step up security and intel sharing, impeded by “the deep-seated political distrust between the Philippines and Malaysia.”

An “up-to-date, integrated watch-list of extremists across the region” is needed, because “as of July 2017, for example, neither the Maute brothers, Dr. Mahmud nor [high-ranking Indonesian militant] Bahrumsyah were on Interpol’s ‘Red Alert’ list of wanted terrorists.”

The document said, however, that the first step should still be liberating Marawi, as the seizure of territory there has lifted the morale of IS-inspired terrorists across the region.

“The initial photographs from Marawi released over social media as the ISIS assault began – smiling fighters hold guns aloft on trucks – seemed to have the same impact as the iconic ISIS victory photos from Mosul in 2014.

“They generated a shared sense of triumph and strengthened the desire of ISIS supporters in the region to join the battle,” the report said.
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Iran's Deputy Top Commander: Agreements with US over Iraq Unacceptable
TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri blasted the US for supporting terrorist groups in the region, stressing that agreements with Washington on Iraq are "unacceptable".

"The US behavior in Iraq and Syria is a clear instance of contradictions and blatant deceits because it supports the terrorists on one hand, and launches anti-terrorism coalitions on the other hand," Jazzayeri said on Wednesday.

"Any agreement with the deceitful US administration is unacceptable and one shouldn’t play in the White House court of double-cross games to meet the Americans' illegitimate interests," he added.

Stressing that Iraq and Syria have been through hard days and can continue their present path and defend their independence and territorial integrity without the support of others, General Jazzayeri underlined that no one is entitled to decide for the legal governments and people of the two Arab states and the countries which have united against the American terrorism should increase cooperation with each other.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, General Jazzayeri blasted US Secretary of Defense James Mattis' claims about "regime change" in Iran, and said Tehran is determined to expel all foreign military forces from the region.

Iran is determined to push out all foreign forces from the Middle-East region, General Jazzayeri said.

"They frequently repeat their childish wishes about Iran, while the Islamic Republic of Iran within the framework of its principled and defined policies is determined to push out foreigners from the Middle East region continually with no doubt or hesitation," he said.

"The US ridiculous dreams for toppling Iran’s government are nothing but illusions and Iran holds no worries in this regard," General Jazzayeri stressed.

A country which is totally dependent on its people and its revolutionary society would never yield to propaganda or enemies’ artilleries or tanks, he said.

Iranian FM: Regional Nations Deprived of Natural Wealth by Foreign Occupation, War
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed regret that war and occupation imposed by foreign states have deprived the regional nations of their own natural wealth and resources, saying that the rise of terrorist groups have also added fuel to this fire.

Zarif made the remarks in New York on Tuesday, addressing the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) 2017.

"At the outset, I would like to thank the President of the ECOSOC and his team for organizing this high-level meeting. We have come a long way in combating poverty. Nonetheless, poverty continues to be the greatest challenge of our time, a real threat to humanity and a major obstacle towards sustainable development," he said.

"Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, a strong legal and legislative framework has been created, providing a solid platform for planning, implementation and follow-up of national development strategies and policies, particularly for poverty eradication. Significant achievements have been made despite external challenges ranging from Saddam’s aggression to US sanctions," Zarif added.

Noting that Voluntary National Reports provide an opportunity to share our best practices, experiences and achievements in the fields of building a resilient economy, as well as poverty eradication, social justice, food security, expansion of basic services including healthcare, education and sanitation for all, empowerment of women and girls, technology and innovation, and protection of the environment, natural resources and biological diversity, he said, "One noteworthy example is Iran’s attempts to successfully restore Urumie Lake in northwest of the country."

"Our experience, similar to others, signifies the importance of an external conducive environment. Provision of means of implementation is a vital factor, and developed countries are expected to fulfill their commitments on provision of financial resources, transfer of technology, and capacity building, without politicizing this process. The United Nations has a pivotal role in enhancing cooperation and partnership at the international and regional levels," Zarif underlined.

Expressing regret that West Asia continues to be affected by major wars and domestic conflicts, dragging millions of people into abject poverty, he said, "Addressing poverty, as one of the consequences as well as causes of insecurity, is thus a vital requirement for regional stability and prosperity."

"Foreign occupation, wars, conflicts and interventionist policies of external powers have stripped the citizens of the region of not only their wealth and natural resources but also their dignity and freedom. Exploiting the existing despair, extremist terrorists with their Takfiri ideology, and supported by outside and regional players, have infested our region and the world with unspeakable atrocities. Situations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen are the worst examples of unfolding humanitarian catastrophes. How are we going to leave no one behind under such miserable conditions," Zarif asked.

"In conclusion, I would like to underscore that common development challenges also present us with opportunities for cooperation. We are eager to engage with partners who are willing to cooperate in addressing our common and immediate challenges, including poverty eradication and the protection of the environment. President Rouhani's policy of constructive engagement has already led to the defusing of an unnecessary global crisis through the conclusion of the historic nuclear deal. Such an outstanding success for diplomacy and multilateralism promises new horizons for dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation in other fields including at the regional level," he underscored.

Zarif left Tehran for New York on Thursday to participate in the HLPF 2017.

“On the sidelines of the meeting, Foreign Minister Zarif will meet with thinkers, officials and world figures from different countries,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Thursday.

Zarif also addressed the Council on Foreign Relations (CRF) on July 17 in the presence of CRF’s President Richard Haas.

Iran Preparing to Stand against US Terrorism in Region
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian legislators plan to require the Judiciary to seize the properties of those US military and intelligence officials who support the terrorist groups in the region and the government to take reciprocal actions against Washington's hostile moves and sanctions.

In a single-urgency bill approved by the Parliament, the lawmakers blasted the US administration and military and intelligence authorities' support for the terrorist groups in the region, warning that they would call on the Judiciary to confiscate their properties. The parliament warned to put the bill into motion if the US approves new sanctions against Iran.

The legislature would call on the government to take reciprocal measures in proportion to the US hostile acts in cooperation with the Supreme National Security Council and report the results to the parliament. It would also increase the budget for the General Staff of the Armed Forces to develop missile activities and the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps to expand anti-terrorism campaign in the region.

It is wrong to see this just as a reciprocal move in response to the new sanctions against Iran:

Incredibly, after nearly six years of war, the US government continues to fund terrorist groups that, far from being moderate, often subscribe to a Wahhabi ideology long funded and propagated by the Persian Gulf State tyranny Saudi Arabia. The US role in not only turning a blind eye to ISIL’s takeover of vast swaths of northern Syria but also exacerbating the refugee crisis by its callous treatment of refugees in the Mediterranean is often under-reported or perhaps given the severe media crackdown the White House regime initiated after the failed regime change attempt - intentionally overlooked by Western reporters who cover the Syrian conflict from the Persian Gulf.

By now, it should hardly need saying that this is a wakeup call for the international civil society. It should encourage other nations and international human rights groups and agencies to get on board, to come up with similar measures that could help force the US government to put an end to the counterproductive, unaccountable, and immoral CIA “train and equip” program in Syria - for the all-inclusive club of Al-Qaeda, Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board also known as the Al-Nusra Front or Fateh al-Sham Front), ISIL, affiliates, associates, and adherents, and in the form of salaries, light arms and ammunition, and large quantities of anti-tank missiles.

Even top US officials agree that the United States needs to do more than wag its finger at “moderate rebel groups” for comingling with Al-Qaeda-aligned Salafist terrorists. For instance, State Department spokesperson John Kirby has already expressed concerns that US-backed Syrian opposition factions such as Ahrar al-Sham have been cohabitating with the Nusra Front. However, Washington has doggedly resisted calls to add the Al-Qaeda collaborators to the UN terrorist list - claiming it would damage the ceasefire. It’s an unwitting US admission about who is really leading the so-called Syrian rebellion and who is really arming various terrorist groups.

The European Union deserves some share of the blame for the current mess as well, triggered by a savage war during which war crimes were routinely committed by Washington, its client states and terrorist associates. Instead of acting to alleviate the suffering through a combination of diplomacy, aid, and generous offers of resettlement, some European Union member states like France and Britain merely have settled on a strategy of antagonizing Tehran and Moscow, which they know full well that are at the forefront of the War on Terror in Iraq and Syria.

These are just some of the unfortunate measures taken by the United States and its cronies in Syria and beyond. The regime changers have also doubled down on their gambit and military adventure in Yemen, where even senior commanders at Central Command, speaking on condition of anonymity, have admitted that the US-backed, Saudi-led invasion “was a bad idea.”

Military sources say a number of regional special forces officers and officers at US Special Operations Command have similarly argued strenuously against supporting the Saudi-led war on the poorest country in the Arab world. They say the target of the invasion, the Ansarullah resistance movement - which has taken over much of Yemen and which Riyadh accuses of being a proxy for Tehran - has been an effective counter to Al-Qaeda and ISIL in the Arabian Peninsula.

Long story short, Iran has picked up on this debate - just like the rest of the international civil society. Iran notes that it is in favor of the Ansarullah resistance movement and the Syrian government, as they have been successful in rolling back ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and their affiliates in Yemen and the Levant - something that thousands of US airstrikes, missile attacks, large numbers of ground troops, and a dozen dodgy allies had failed to accomplish.

Iran further notes that despite the American-Zionist-Wahhabi shenanigans, it has gained international credibility, particularly in Europe, from supporting Iraq’s successful fight against ISIL in Mosul amid US sanctions and restrictions. The West now accepts and perceives favorably Iran’s role in fighting terrorism in Iraq and Syria, with no intension whatsoever to endorse Washington’s counterproductive sanctions and false allegations. This yet confirms the final argument: It is because of Iran’s active role in fighting terrorism that ISIL and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria are nearing the end of their lives.

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東北のSPM濃度の上昇は 3号機への放水強化の時期と重なる


実施(3月19日14時05分から3月20日3時40分:当初予定7時間のところ実績14 時間、放水実績約2,430t)


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AFP2017年07月21日 06:50 
サウジ王子の「虐待動画」流出 国王が逮捕命令
【7月21日 AFP】サウジアラビアの一般市民らを虐待している様子を捉えたとみられる動画が流出し、ソーシャルメディア上で非難の声が高まっていたサウド王子(Prince Saud)が20日、サルマン・ビン・アブドルアジズ(Salman bin Abdul-Aziz)国王の命令により逮捕された。同国の国営放送が報じた。
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Kuwait has ordered the Iranian ambassador to leave the country within 48 days, according to Iran's ISNA news agency. It comes amid a diplomatic row between the two nations.

"Under the pressure of Saudi interventionist policies, and the baseless accusation of Iranian interference...Kuwait has announced that...Alireza Enayati, the Iranian ambassador to Kuwait, must leave within 48 days," ISNA reported.

Earlier on Thursday, Kuwait ordered Iran to reduce its embassy staff and shut down technical offices, Reuters reported, citing state news agency KUNA.

Iranian state television said Kuwait's Foreign Ministry summoned the Iranian ambassador and ordered the number of diplomats to be cut from 19 to four, and for cultural and military missions to be closed.

Kuwait also decided to freeze any activities involving joint committees of the two countries, a unnamed Foreign Ministry source told KUNA.

Tensions between the two countries come after Kuwait convicted 23 men – one Iranian and the rest Kuwaiti – of spying for Iran and Hezbollah last year, after a cache of guns and explosives was found in a so-called 'Abdali cell' in 2015.
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