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#Israel is attacking #Syria as we speak.
If Syria fights back..I will stay.
I will cancel my vacation.
I will drive down to the border and cheer for Syria.
I will be amongst the first to set foot in liberated #Palestine

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So I am off to catch my flight for my vacation in a couple of hours.

Can we kindly not start WW3 while I am away..I would like to come back safely to my kids please.

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PhD Candidate in Management. Journalist and former political TV show host. University Lecturer. Political Commentator/Writer for several news media outlets.

Marwa Osman氏は、レバノンの方のようです。経営学の博士号候補とありますからいずれ博士号を取る意思があるのでしょう。ライブインタビューを見ると立派なリビングです。すでに子供が複数おられるようです。

スプートニク 04:55 29.09.2016(updated 04:56 29.09.2016)
Facebook Moderators Overwhelmed Under Accusations of Bias
This was was the case for Marwa Osman, a pro-Palestinian political commentator banned from the social network following a post in which she expressed her opinion that Israel is not an actual state and that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. Speaking to Radio Sputnik's Brian Becker, Osman claimed that Israel is "afraid of the impact of social media," and that Facebook is acting on Jerusalem's behalf. Osman said that Israel resorted to "censorship" because information posted on social media could "widen [the] western world's eyes to atrocities committed [by Israel]."

Osman offered that if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, the likelihood of war in the Middle East will increase, suggesting that the alleged Facebook moderation bias is a "preliminary action being made by the Israeli zionist entity to…cover any source of information" that reveals Israel in a negative light.

Eva Bartlett
シリアの真実 エバ・バートレット

Vanessa Beeley
英国の税金2億ポンドがシリア反体制派とホワイトヘルメットに渡っていた ジャーナリスト

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva


Partisangirl認証済みアカウント@Partisangirl という方は、Geopol Analyst, Contrib @JournalNEO, @infowars http://www.patreon.com/Syriangirl
ツイート数 50,258
フォロー先 1,036
フォロワー 95,304
いいね 17,629


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Just a friendly reminder: Former President Obama, who bombed Libya back to the stone age and brought slave-selling jihadists to power, also spent billions arming Al-Qaeda terrorists masquerading as “moderate rebels” in Syria.

えっ、日本人を忘れている? おられますか? おしどりマコ氏? 確かに。

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Bloomberg 2018年5月10日 11:00 JST
Dubai Firm Rattles Mideast Dealmaking With Alleged Misused Funds
It’s troubling for any asset manager, but this dispute has the potential to damage a region.

Allegations that one of the biggest and oldest private equity firms in the Middle East misused client money -- including from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Bank -- have sent shock waves through the ranks of local dealmakers. The firm, Dubai’s Abraaj Group, has shaken up its top ranks, cut dozens of jobs and hired outside help to probe the matter and patch up relations with clients, but the fallout may just start to ripple through.

Since the allegations surfaced in February, private equity deals and fundraising in the region, which had already been slowing, have come to a halt, according to interviews with about a dozen financial industry executives. The issue has hurt the region’s reputation and threatens to bring back concerns about a lack of transparency that had kept some investors away, they said, asking for anonymity because the matter is sensitive.

“The true impact of the Abraaj situation is one of reputational capital,” said Karim A. Souaid, managing partner of Growthgate Capital, a private investment firm operating in the region. It “will impact the appetite of fund investors to commit, and the capabilities of fund managers to raise capital. "

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エルドアンがイスラエルにオットーマンスラップ イスラエル人はパレスチナ人にナチがユダヤ人にやったことをやっている


Israelis are doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews during WWII – Erdogan
Israeli actions in Gaza are similar to those perpetrated against Jewish people during Nazi persecution, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Days earlier, he called Israel a “terrorist” and “apartheid” state.

“There is no difference between the atrocity faced by the Jewish people in Europe 75 years ago and the brutality that our Gaza brothers are subjected to,” Turkish President Erdogan said on Friday, as cited by AFP.

READ MORE: Turkey vows to bring Israel to ICC over Gaza carnage, Tel Aviv says Ankara will be there first

“The children of those being subject to all sorts of torture in concentration camps during World War II are now attacking Palestinians with methods that would put Nazis to shame,” Erdogan reiterated.

The Turkish strongman was speaking in Istanbul, where presidents, prime ministers and other dignitaries from over 40 Muslim states gathered for an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The gathering showed support for Palestinians and condemned the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. The OIC has also pledged to create an “international peacekeeping force” to protect the Palestinians.

A long-time critic of Israel, Erdogan recently engaged in a war of words with Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of being “a terrorist” and leading “an apartheid state.” The Israeli premier did not mince his words either, calling Erdogan “a butcher” with reference to Turkey’s ‘Olive Branch’ operation in Syria’s Kurdish enclave of Afrin.

The lingering feud between Turkey and Israel escalated on the heels of renewed violence in Gaza, where massive protests erupted during the last week. At least 60 protesters were killed and over 2,700 were injured by Israeli bullets, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Reacting to the spike in violence, Ankara called for Israel to be held accountable, particularly by filing a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. “Israel should be taken to the International Criminal Court [over the killing of Palestinians]. Since third parties cannot do it, Palestine needs to initiate this,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told state broadcaster TRT Haber on Thursday.

He also vowed to ensure “that the Israeli authorities and Israeli soldiers who point guns at defenseless people are held accountable.” His call was joined by the OIC Secretary General Yousef al-Othaimeen, who branded the Israeli actions “a war crime and a crime against humanity.”

Responding to the Turkish proposal, Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s minister for national infrastructure, energy and water, said Turkey is “ripe” to appear in the ICC long before Israel. Recalling Turkey’s crackdown on Kurds, he said “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

timesofisrael 18 May 2018, 9:06 pm
Erdogan likens Israeli ‘brutality’ in Gaza to Nazi murder of Jews
'There is no difference between the atrocity faced by the Jewish people in Europe 75 years ago and the brutality that our Gaza brothers are subjected to,' Turkish presidents says


ISTANBUL, Turkey (AFP) − Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday compared Israel’s actions against the Palestinians in Gaza to the Nazi genocide of the Jews in World War II.

“There is no difference between the atrocity faced by the Jewish people in Europe 75 years ago and the brutality that our Gaza brothers are subjected to,” he told a summit of Islamic leaders in Istanbul.

Erdogan, who supports the Hamas terror group that rules Gaza, has long been one of the fiercest critics of Israel and has raised the level of rhetoric in recent weeks. On Friday he also organized tens of thousands to rally against Israel in Istanbul.

He added that the leadership of a people “who were subjected to all kinds of torture in the concentration camps during World War II is attacking the Palestinians with methods similar to the Nazis.”

“I will say openly and clearly that what Israel is doing is banditry, brutality and state terror,” he said.

Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II in the Holocaust, many perishing in gas chambers and death camps.

Erdogan had earlier told a mass rally in Istanbul that as the victims of the Holocaust, the Jewish people of Israel should stop their government’s actions against the Palestinians.

“We believe a people who were victims of the Holocaust will not give consent to the crime against humanity committed by their own state,” he said.

Large crowds thronged the massive Yenikapi meeting area on the shores of the sea of Marmara under the slogan “Curse the oppression, support Jerusalem,” ahead of an address later in the day by Erdogan.

Demonstrators held Palestinian and Turkish flags and brandished slogans including “Jerusalem is our red line.”

We are calling on the world and say ‘Israel, America and Zionism, you all dragged humanity into chaos’,” said protester Levent Ayaz.

“With God’s permission, Jerusalem belongs to us and is the capital of Islam as long as this ummah (Islamic community) exists,” he added.

Erdogan is hosting for the second time in half a year a summit of the world’s main pan-Islamic group seeking to show solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israel after deadly clashes at the Gaza border Monday in which some 60 Palestinians were killed by IDF fire.

Many in the international community have criticized Israel for the deaths, while the IDF and Hamas have both noted that many of the dead were members of Gazan terror groups. A Hamas official, Salah Bardawil, said Wednesday that 50 of the fatalities were Hamas members.

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「核燃半島化」進む下北半島 *良記事*

北海道新聞 2018/05/20 05:30
「核燃半島化」進む下北 空冷で保管 初の専用施設稼働へ 最大5千トン、最長50年「中間貯蔵」
















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19カ国・地域の首脳らは 本県といわき市における東日本大震災からの復興の着実な進展を歓迎

福島民友 2018/05/20 08:37 カテゴリー:主要
復興の着実な進展確認 「太平洋・島サミット」閉幕
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LINUXパソコンはこう使う これを読めばメリットが分かる "当ブログ特薦記事"




ただし、管理人の場合は、リアルタイム線量率測定表示システムの中枢となるパソコンに使うのが目的ですから、LINUX OSにWINEと呼ばれるWindows エミュレーターを載せて、そこでShareXやGC10モニターを動かすのが目的です。









ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Bay Trail
ディスク 5.1GB

ubuntu 14.04 LTS は、長期サポート版ですが、4年前にリリースされているんですね。




USBハブが使えない。何か設定が必要? WifiとBluetoothとUSB、3通りを使わないとダメ? これはいかん。関連機器でカネがかかりすぎる。本体35ドルでも売れないはずだ。

UBUNTU 精神や活動は大変立派だと思います。ですがソフトはハードが伴わなければ力を発揮できません。5年前に買って使い続け、今は予備として置いてあるWindowsパソコンは、LINUXをインストールして使うことも考えていましたが、複雑な操作、作業を行うには面倒が多いようなので見送りです。




Linuxを単独で使う方法としてはWindows PC(X86)の内臓ハードデスク、USBメモリ、USBハードディスク、SDカードにLinuxをインストールして使用する方法の他にラズベリーパイ(シングルボードコンピュータ)を別途用意しUSBメモリ、USBハードディスク、SDカード等にインストールして使用する方法があります。





windows proとLinux、macはリモートディスクトップソフトを使用することにより現在使用中のPCのモニター、キーボード、マウスで全ての操作が可能になりますのでPCごとにモニタやキーボード、マウスを購入する必要はありません。





















使用するLinuxはUbuntu mateまたはRaspbianがおすすめです。
Ubuntu mateは以下のサイトよりPCに合わせて32ビットか64ビットをダウンロードして下さい。
RaspbianはRaspberry Pi Desktopをダウンロードして下さい。

ダウンロードのファイルはUbuntu mateは.isoでRaspbianは.imgですのでフリーソフトでUSBメモリに書き込めるソフトを使用して下さい。




一方、Ubuntu mateはLinuxのdesktopとして人気があり、日本語環境も含め必要なソフトがほぼインストールされております。




また、長文になり申し訳ありませんがUbuntu mateまたはRaspbianをお試しください。



あくまでもさりげなく、「Windows10の64ビットおよび32ビットまたはLINUX Ubuntu mate で動作を確認しています」などと徘徊爺がしゃべっていたらおかしいでしょうか。

konkorartさん ありがとうございます。また挑戦しますので教えてください。



CPU Centrini Duo 32ビット
プリインストールOS Windows Vista
HDD 60Gbyte
メモリ 512Mbyte--->1024Mbyteに増強
発売年度 2007年
上記よりスペックが低いとUbuntu 1604やRapsbianでは遅く感じるかもしれません。

Linuxには超軽量のOSもありますので"linux ディストリビューション 超軽量"で検索してください。
例えば https://eng-entrance.com/linux-light です。




acrobat reader DCを必要とされているようなのでGUIベースとなると思いますのでLinux版acrobat readerをインストールしてみて下さい。ただし、OSバージョン等の制限があるかもしれません。


また、LinuxOSの選択はUbuntu 1604、Debian8または9が安定しており、WindowsやMACに近い感覚で使えると思います。これより古いと情報も少なくなりますので結構面倒になります。

以前にUbuntu 9.04を使われていたのであれば、Ubuntu、Debian、Raspbianを使われたら凄く使いやすくなっていると感じると思います。





現在ではGoogle Chromeブラウザを使えば画面に出ている外国語を瞬時に日本語にしてくれますので、かなり楽になっています。

操作は簡単でGoogle Chromeブラウザに表示されている画面で右クリックをすればポップアップが表示され真ん中より下に「日本語に翻訳」がありますのでクリックすればページ丸ごと翻訳してくれます。

他のブラウザでもgoogleのサイトで検索している場合は検索結果の表示で「このページを翻訳」をクリックすれば同様の結果が得られますが使い勝手がGoogle Chromeブラウザに比べれば劣ります。







ちなみにAndroid、ios(マルチタッチや加速度センサーなどの独自UIを持ったOS)、macOS は Linuxまたはunix(Linuxが参考にしている)を参考にて作られていますので、Linuxに慣れると他のOS利用にも応用できます。














Raspbian(Raspberry pi desktop)はインストールしないでアプリのインストールが可能で日本語化もできます。









Microsoft Remote Desktopをmac、android、iosにインストールすればwindowsをリモートで操作できます。
Windowsが残念なことはProバージョンのみで home等のその他のバージョンはリモートディスクトップは使えません。
リモートディスクトップとしてVNC(Virtual Network Computing)があり、windowsで無料で使えるものはUltraVNCが

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※ 桑ちゃん @namiekuwabara氏の2018/5/20のツイート


福島第一原発事故後 1ミリシーベルト近いプルームが近傍を次々と襲っていた



福島第一原発事故時 近傍市町の避難はこんなふうに進められた

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Syrian Analyst: US, Israel Have to Consider Consequences of Attacking Syrian Army and Its Allies

Syrian Analyst: US, Israel Have to Consider Consequences of Attacking Syrian Army and Its Allies
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian political analyst Steven Sahiounie believes Israeli strikes on Syria are aimed at weakening the Syrian army to ensure Tel Aviv would never be forced to give back occupied Syrian land in Golan Heights.

In an exclusive interview with FNA, the analyst said that Washington and Tel Aviv “have to make their own calculations about the repercussions of an attack on the allies of Syria; they would have to calculate their own losses after such action.”

Mr. Sahiounie also said that Saudi Arabia, as the main financier of terrorists in Syria, “faces a future of diminished power in the region” unless there is a change of policies in Riyadh.

Steven Sahiounie is an independent Syrian journalist and political analyst. He has been covering the Syrian crisis since it’s onset in 2011 and has published several articles in numerous media outlets, including Mint Press and Fort Russ News. He has also been interviewed by international news outlets such as Press TV.

FNA has conducted an interview with Steven Sahiounie about the ongoing crisis in Syria and the recent developments surrounding the issue namely the US’ plan for an independent Kurdish state on Syrian soil and the Turkish military intervention into the country.

Below you will find the full text of the interview.

Q: Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Saudi Arabia has been actively supporting terrorists in the country. These terrorists are now losing ground every day. What do you think would be the implications of such failure for the Saudi foreign policy?

A: Saudi Arabia has failed in their goal of overthrowing the legitimate government in Syria. I believe that the plan, structure and goals of the project were not Saudi in origin. Saudi Arabia was used by USA as the paymaster of their project to overthrow the Syrian government. Saudi Arabia played their role, because if they were to refuse to follow the direct orders of Washington, DC., their own government could be changed in 24 hours. The right to be a King in Saudi Arabia is not a natural thing: it depends entirely on the US government. Who sits on the throne in Riyadh is not up to the Saudi Royal family, and certainly not up to the Saudi citizens, who have no say, and no voice in the government. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy: you are either the King, or related to him, or you are no one. Some inside sources have said that the Saudi officials have given up hope on their cause in Syria, because they have seen the events on the ground, as the Syrian government has consistently been recovering areas in Syria that had been under the occupation of radical Islamic terrorists. Radical Islam is a political ideology, and is not a religion or a sect.

I don’t see the Syrian crisis as a Saudi foreign policy, but as a US foreign policy, in which Saudi Arabia was forced to play their role. The terrorists and their weapons and salaries were not enough to achieve the success that US had planned for. I wouldn’t lay the blame for the failed attempt at the feet of the King of Saudi Arabia, because he played his role well, and fulfilled his obligations to Washington, DC. The failure of the project will always sit with the American government: they failed to take into account the resistance and steadfastness of the Syrian people, and their allies, in the face of international attack and occupation. I don’t think this failure in Syria will affect Saudi foreign policy: they will stay a client state of the USA, and they have no intent on restoring a relationship with Syria, or some of their Persian Gulf neighbors. The King of Saudi Arabia faces a future of diminished power in the region, and subservience to American whims and schemes, unless he could take a new path by making friends with his neighbors, and sharing peace and prosperity with his subjects and neighbors.

Q: We have seen the Israeli regime and the so-called US-led coalition targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allied forces many times. What do you think is the reason for such moves?

A: The Israeli goal in Syria is to make sure there is destruction and chaos across Syria. Israel wants to ensure they never have to give back occupied land in Syria. Israel wants to keep the Syrian military weak, or their ultimate goal would be the complete destruction of the Syrian military, which is also the US goal. By destroying the Syrian military, the US and Israel could have achieved the overthrow of the legitimate government in Syria. The Syrian government has remained strong, united and effective during 7 years of war because of the unity and loyalty of the Syrian Arab Army, and the resistance of the Syrian people, who have sent their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers to serve in the military. The US and Israel may continue to attack the Syrian Arab Army and their allies on the ground in Syria, but we expect the eventual victory in Syria. The US and Israel have to make their own calculations about the repercussions of an attack on the allies of Syria: they would have to calculate their own losses after such action.

Q: The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have received tremendous amount of arms and support from the United States, initially with the stated aim to fight Daesh (ISIL or ISIS). But apparently, the US is now preparing the ground to establish an independent Kurdish state in Syria. What do you think the US is seeking to achieve by disintegrating Syria?

A: The US has a long history of dividing nations for the purpose of subjugation. For example: the US-NATO attack on the former Yugoslavia; the US-NATO attack on Libya; the US attack on Iraq. From the outset of the attack on Syria, which began in March 2011, experts knew that the end-goal of the USA was a divided Syria, and in fact the various maps of the proposed ‘states’ within a future Syria have been on the media for years. They have paraded these proposed maps in front of our eyes so many times; there are people who are probably convinced that Syria is already divided. The old military scheme of “Divide and Conquer” is still in use today. Cut things up: making them smaller and easier to control, subjugate and confiscate the valuable resources available. The American government found their perfect partner in the Syrian Kurds. There is a part of that community who are willing to be a traitor to their own country and citizenship, and willing to maim and kill their own neighbors for the promise of their own ‘homeland’ and substantial paychecks to achieve the goal. However, not all of the Syrian Kurdish community is part of the plan, or in support of it. By using this small community of traitors and criminals, the US military found a willing partner in their plans to cut up Syria, thus preventing a united Syria, with its original borders. This plan also dovetails into the Israeli position: to show the world that ancient people are deserving of their own homeland, newly established, from the existing lands of the Middle East. This new Kurdish homeland would legitimize the 1948 establishment of Israel, as a homeland for the Jews, who are also an ancient people. If the ‘international community’ will support this new Kurdish homeland, from original Syrian soil, this would reinforce the Israeli position that their homeland is also a legitimate claim. As we know, the goals of the USA and Israel are most times interwoven and sometimes indistinguishable.

Q: The US announcement of its plans to recognize a Kurdish state in Syria has seemingly provoked Turkish invasion on Kurdish areas. What are Turkey’s objectives in its military intervention and how do you think this recent development would affect the process of reaching peace in Syria?

A: The Turkish military has invaded Syria at Afrin. However, this is not the first time Turkey’s military has been used officially to kill and destroy in Syria. We must not forget the role of the Turkish military in the attack, invasion and occupation which resulted in the destruction of Kessab, Syria on the North West border in 2014. In fact, Kessab has still not recovered from that devastation. Turkey has suffered at the hands of Kurdish terrorists who have killed and maimed thousands in Turkey for decades. However, Turkey knows full well that Afrin is Syrian, and the Syrian military with their allies are capable of stabilizing Afrin and preventing any Kurdish terrorists attacking either Turkish citizens, or Syrian citizens. Thus, this Turkish invasion of Afrin is a subterfuge for the real intent: to cut up Syria, not in favor of the Kurdish homeland plan, but for the new Turkish district of Afrin, which the Turks have long argued would be a ‘safe-zone’ for Syrian refugees, who could then be relocated there. Also, this could be the “No-Fly-Zone” which Turkey has long campaigned for. Conceivably, the Kurds living in Afrin would then be displaced, and their homes and farms occupied by Syrian refugees who are loyal to Turkey. The Syrian refugees in Turkey, who are loyal to Turkey, are all directly connected to various terrorist groups, such as Free Syrian Army and other Al Qaeda aligned groups. Turkish history tells us of the genocide of Armenians and other Christians in 1916, and the survivors were displaced, with their homes and farms given to Turcoman settlers, originally from Central Asia. I hope that history will not repeat itself.
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Sources Reject Reports on Putin's Demand for Iran's Withdrawal from Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Sources in Syria's presidential office dismissed media claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded Iran to withdraw its military advisors from Syria.

Quoting the Russian officials, the sources told the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen newspaper on Sunday that Putin's remarks did not include the Russian forces and Iranian advisors who are in Syria at the demand of the legal government and they will leave the country whenever Damascus demands.

Putin and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad held a meeting in Syria in Sochi earlier this week during which Putin said that the foreign forces will leave Syria after the Syrian army's victory against the terrorist groups and the start of political process in the country.

In relevant remarks in December, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani reiterated his country's firm decision to continue its military advisory role in Syria until all terrorist groups are uprooted.

"We will continue presence and providing advisory services in Syria until annihilation of all terrorist groups in the country at the demand of the legal Syrian government," Shamkhani said, addressing a forum in the Western province of Kurdistan.

He underlined that allegations against Iran by Israel or other countries would never tilt the country's calculations and decisions in pursuit of its national interests and establishment of regional security.


The Lies They Say About Post-War Reconstruction in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- First things first: The Syrian government which liberated so many cities and towns from foreign-backed terrorist groups of ISIL and Al-Qaeda – with a helping hand from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah – has no plans whatsoever to confiscate homes and lands of those who fled the once terror-held areas. There is no ‘New Land Law' for it either.

Still, that hasn’t stopped ‘fakestream’ media outlets in the West and the Arab world to claim otherwise. They claim that a new urban development law in Syria has put the onus on citizens, millions of whom are displaced, to prove ownership of their homes − or potentially risk losing them to postwar developments - and government supporters.

This is while the full implications of Law 10 of 2018 are yet to be seen. There are provisions allowing distant relatives to register properties for absentee landlords, allowing for flexibility. However, there is no conflict between government loyalists and opponents, nor should this be a cause for anxiety - especially among those forced to abandon their homes in areas where foreign-backed terrorist groups have now been crushed. Under the law and through legal channels, people are free to return to their homes as their rights will be protected as soon the nationwide reconstruction efforts begin.

Indeed, it is silly to argue that those who can prove ownership will still lose their homes because of their political affiliations or activities. No government entity is going to steal any private property and no civilians will ever get arrested just because they want to return to their homes. Syria has already proved otherwise in thousands of cases, where thousands of militants have applied for government amnesty and have return home along with the families across the country.

Into the argument, and according to the Syrian government officials and entities, those who have left the country, or those who have been internally displaced (over 6.6. million), can ask their families and relatives to register their properties using the necessary paperwork, and keep the hope of return alive. True, it will be a complicated process, but no one is going to scuttle this process deliberately, much less put such legal claims in jeopardy. Those who possess the proper paperwork can and should secure their home as per a new presidential decree, that’s according to the Syrian Interior Ministry.

The political interpretation is that the government seeks to rebuild the country and it will need all the help it can get from the international community and its own people. Besides, no one in the government has ever said that Damascus plans to alienate its own people, much less recoup the land of the displaced and redistribute it to those close to the government so they can rebuild new neighborhoods. Such baseless allegations are there to ensure further divisions inside Syria and deeper distrust among the general public.

Irrespective of media shenanigans in the West and the Arab world, the people of Syria should help their government to rebuild post-conflict Syria. Their efforts and investment in rebuilding Syria will bolster their domestic market and economy and heighten international competition over their own future. Such unity would also prevent the de-facto partition of Syria and any return to its pre-war unevenly- developed status.

The government and the people should take steps to prevent Syria from sliding backwards economically and prevent Syria from unbalanced development. They can seek help from their allies and the international community to leverage reconstruction assistance as a tool for jumpstarting reconciliation talks between the opposition parties and the government as well, and convene multi-track dialogues on development with various stakeholders to ensure reconstruction is consistent across the country.

People are the hope for rebuilding Syria and the government cannot do this alone. That’s a fact. They should never allow any chance of renewed violence and division, nor should they ever let national reconstruction efforts and plans pave the way for an open-ended American military occupation and dominance. Their unity and resolve could tip the scale toward the Syrian people and government.

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