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Video Shows Torturing of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar Police Force

TEHRAN (FNA)- Graphic footage has emerged on social media showing several Myanmar policemen kicking and beating two Rohingya Muslim villagers in Rakhine State who were among dozens of people who were instructed to line up for questioning. [VIDEO]


Iranian FM Asks UN to Focus on Rohingya Crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif deplored the crimes committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and asked the UN to focus on the issue as a priority.

Zarif made the remarks in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, addressing an Extraordinary Session of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers on the Situation of the Rohingya Muslim Minority in Myanmar.

Zarif called on the World of Islam to be united in supporting the Rohingya Muslims who have been deprived of the right of citizenship and are suffering from systematic discrimination and violence while there is a widespread hatred against them in country.

Zarif said that supporting the Rohingya Muslim minority is a collective responsibility of all Muslim nations.
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Raging Fire Destroys Old Building in Central Tehran



TEHRAN (FNA)- A 17-storey building collapsed in Central Tehran on Thursday after a fire incident set it ablaze for less than 4 hours.
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ユーラシア大陸の鉄道網 復活か

[ロンドン 18日 ロイター] - 中国を出発した貨物列車が18日、約1万2000キロを走破して初めて英ロンドンに到着した。欧州との通商関係を強化したい中国にとって大きな前進となった。







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US has increased efforts to recruit Russian diplomats in recent years – Lavrov

US intelligence agencies have been actively trying to recruit senior Russian diplomats over the past several years, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who also said that US diplomats in Russia have engaged in espionage.

“If we talk about recruitment techniques, we did not publicize the full statistics on that. But most recently, in the past few years, especially during the second term of Obama's administration, that unfriendly activity towards our diplomats has been growing in scale,” Lavrov said at a news conference on Tuesday.

According to the minister, US diplomats in Russia have also engaged in espionage and actively participated in the rallies held by the Russian opposition forces.
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コービン クリスマスソングは盛り上がりに欠けたが

※ 太陽のイビキ ‏@taiyonoibiki 氏の2017/1/17のツイート
Jeremy Corbyn accused of being Russian "collaborator" for questioning NATO troop build-up on border https://interc.pt/2jWFr9Z by @ggreenwald

Jeremy Corbyn Accused of Being Russian “Collaborator” for Questioning NATO Troop Build-Up on Border
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Kurdish Media: ISIL's 2014 Attack against Erbil Warned by General Soleimani 10 Days Earlier

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Qassem Soleimani had traveled to Erbil 10 days before the ISIL attack on the region in August 2014 and warned the Kurdish officials of the aggression.

Kurdish media quoted a number of military sources as saying that General Soleimani visited Erbil 10 days before the ISIL terrorist group attacked the three little towns of Guwair, Khazar and Makhmour between Mosul and Erbil and warned President of Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government Masoud Barzani of ISIL's likely offensive after traveling to the region.

According to the military sources, Soleimani warned Barzani that the situation of the fronts he had visited displayed that the ISIL would likely attack Erbil and prevent its advance would be much difficult.

General Soleimeni, meantime, told Barzani that the Pishmerga forces were not ready and familiar with the ISIL tactics to resist against them, said the sources.

According to the report, upon his return to Tehran, General Soleimani also warned representatives of the Kurdish groups in Iran about the possibility of the attack but they ignored the warnings like Barzani.

Between 1 and 15 August 2014, the ISIL expanded Northern Iraqi territories under their control. In the region North and West from Mosul, ISIL occupied Zumar, Sinjar, Wana, Mosul Dam, Tel Keppe and Kocho, in the regions south and east of Mosul the towns Bakhdida (or Queragosh or Qaraqosh), Karamlish, Bartella and Makhmour.

The offensive resulted in 100,000 Iraqi Christians driven from their homes, 200,000 Yazidi civilians driven from their homes in the city of Sinjar, 5,000 Yazidi men massacred, 5-7,000 Yazidi women enslaved, and a war of several countries against ISIL.
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2mn people freed from ISIS rule in last year, Fallon claims

Two million people have been liberated from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) rule in the last 12 months, according to UK Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

In a Ministry of Defense (MoD) statement, Fallon said the US-led coalition has made substantial progress in Syria and Iraq.

“In the last year, over two million people have been freed from Daesh [IS] rule by Iraqi and moderate Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by coalition air power,” Fallon claimed.

“Britain is stepping up in the fight against Daesh: the Army has helped train over 32,000 Iraqi forces − and, in a controlled and precise manner, the RAF is taking out Daesh and working hard to minimize casualties in a very difficult, dense urban environment.

“Working with allies we will keep momentum, push Daesh out of Mosul, encircle Raqqa and eventually end Daesh’s reign of terror,” he said.

The UK officially began bombing Syria in December 2015 after a controversial parliamentary vote on extending airstrikes from Iraq, where the Royal Air Force (RAF) had already been operating at the request of the Baghdad government.

Key to the pro-war argument was Britain’s supposedly “unique” capacity to use Brimstone missiles.

However, as of July 2016, and despite one recorded use, it did not appear that Brimstone had killed any terrorists, according to Freedom of Information requests by the Huffington Post.

“This information contrasts dramatically with the case made by the Prime Minister [then David Cameron] for bombing when he said that the much-lauded Brimstone missile system would be crucial in cutting off the ‘head of the snake’ in Raqqa [the nominal IS capital],” Scottish National Party (SNP) foreign affairs spokesman Alex Salmond MP told the Huffington Post at the time.

The UK also has troops stationed in the region providing infantry training to local militias and is involved in conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

A number of British citizens, some of them former soldiers, have also become involved in fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army and Kurdish militias.

Last week, former British soldier Robert Clark, who was recently sentenced under the Terrorism Act for failing to give police the security pin to his smartphone at Heathrow Airport while attempting to fly to Iraq, told RT how he was prevented from joining the fight against Islamic State.

The 23-year-old from Carmarthenshire, Wales, who served four years in the British Army, said it was wrong to arrest him because he does not pose a security threat to the UK. The real danger, he says, is home-grown Islamist extremism.

“If you just look in the media… you see people going out to fight with ISIS. If they’re not stopping them but they’re stopping me then there’s something a bit wrong.

“They knew exactly what I was doing… but there’s people going out there which they don’t know about going to ISIS camps, and they’re wasting time arresting me, doing all this court case, just wasting police time, when they could be following up on people who they need to be following up on,” Clark said.

Britons who have managed to reach the frontlines in Iraq and Syria risk being killed in the fighting. Earlier in January, it was reported that the body of British chef Ryan Lock, who last year travelled to Syria to join the Kurdish militias, was recovered and may soon be repatriated to Britain.

Lock, from Chichester, was reportedly killed during fighting on December 21, and was the third Briton to die in battle alongside the Kurds.
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うわーっ 頭が混乱する! シリア関連ツイート

トルコはどう動く 二幕目

ツイッターのホント 信頼に足る情報の見分けに知識と手間がかかる


ツイッターのウソ その2 シリアのアンネフランク




シリア政府軍 アレツポを事実上解放
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中東に大きな変化の兆し サウジがイランに会談提案 イエメンがロシアとエジプトに軍事面の協力を要請


the Yemeni army commanders have also urged the Russian army to enhance its cooperation with Sana'a and send a number of military advisors to the war-hit country, saying that they have also called on Moscow to deploy its fighter jets in Yemen to be used in the war against terrorism.









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The Last Refuge
Absolutely Stunning – Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS…



There are moments within investigative research when your jaw can stand agape as you recognize the scope of what you are reading or hearing. A brutally down-played audio of Secretary John Kerry is just such an occasion.

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Superbug resistant to every antibiotic available in US kills Nevada woman

A woman in Nevada died when a superbug she picked up in India proved resistant to every antibiotic available in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A woman in Nevada died when a superbug she picked up in India proved resistant to all 26 antibiotics available in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The account of the unnamed woman’s death was made public on Friday in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Public health officials said a 70-year-old resident of Washoe County arrived in the US in August last year after an extensive visit to India. She was admitted to an acute care hospital on August 18 and isolated with a resistant bacterial infection from a wound that had spread throughout her system.

“It was tested against everything that’s available in the United States… and was not effective,” Dr Alexander Kallen, a medical officer with the CDC who first reported the discovery of the superbug, told health news site Stat.
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東欧寒波で死者続出 ホームレスと移民に大きなリスク


TEHRAN (FNA)- Authorities dug out stranded residents as heavy snow blanketed Eastern Europe and people struggled with travel delays, power outages and subzero temperatures amid warnings that homeless people and migrants were among those most at risk.

The recent cold snap has now been blamed for at least 73 deaths, and seen the lowest temperatures for decades in some parts, National Herald reported.

Poland, the country hit hardest by the deep freeze, reported two more deaths as havoc spread to many countries across the region.

Greece’s navy sent a ship to the island of Lesbos to house some 500 refugees and migrants.

A medical association on the island said conditions at the main camp there were “inhuman,” with migrants in tents exposed to freezing temperatures.

Rights group Amnesty International urged the European Union and the Greek government to move migrants from the Greek islands to the mainland and launched an online petition.

Swaths of Northern and eastern Bulgaria were paralyzed by snowdrifts that blocked roads and left 117 towns and villages without electricity. The main highway linking the capital Sofia with the Black Sea port of Burgas was closed.

Bulgarian soldiers used heavy machinery to clear major roads, rescue stranded people and supply remote villages with food and water.

The energy ministry said that it had turned down emergency requests for power from neighbors Greece and Turkey to avoid the possibility of having to ration electricity for domestic customers.

In Kosovo, police said a homeless man was found dead, apparently from hypothermia, the second cold-related fatality reported in that country.

As temperatures plummeted to minus 25 Celsius (minus 13 Fahrenheit), there were power outages in many areas. Meteorologists said it was the coldest weather since 1963.

Snow continued to cut off communities in Southern Albania where the death toll since the cold snap began stood at nine, most of them homeless people.

Army helicopters and emergency authorities were distributing aid to remote mountain areas, while military and civil heavy vehicles helped clear snowbound roads.

In Romania, blizzards closed more than 130 roads and caused huge delays and cancellations on the railways.

Thousands of commuters rode the Bucharest subway, while others walked on the streets as snow piled high on the sidewalks. Several people were seen skiing.

In Serbia, where six deaths were blamed on the recent cold, authorities evacuated 130 snowbound residents.

Dozens of vehicles rescued people stuck in snowdrifts. In Bosnia, authorities said four elderly people had died of hypothermia since Jan. 2

Moldova border police temporarily closed seven border crossing points with Ukraine because of heavy snowfall.

Schools were closed in the worst-affected areas of Serbia and Romania and also on the Greek island of Lesbos.
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私のような老人は、トランプがモスクワで娼婦とゴールデンシャワーで遊んでも、あっ、そう、そんな遊びもおもしろいかも と思うだけだが、米国人はずいぶん強い関心を持つらしい。大きなメデイアが本気で伝えたりしている。








Clinton backer Soros lost $1bn in stock market surge post-Trump win – report
Billionaire hedge fund manager and avid Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros lost $1 billion dollars in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory after the stock market surged in reaction to the shock result, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.
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トルコ国境に近いこの街は、テロリスト側が物資等の集散拠点として使っているでしょう。右上のバルーンあるDarat Izzaは、2016/11/11にロシア空軍が夜間爆撃を行った場所です。





US B-52 bombed Idlib, Syria, killing over 20 civilians – Russian MoD
More than 20 civilians were killed in a B-52 strike carried out by the US on the Idlib province in Syria on January 3, according to Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

“As we remember, in September last year, the US aviation carried out an attack in the Deir-ez-Zor targeting government forces. After this attack, Islamic State started its advance,” Gerasimov said during a Defense Ministry meeting, as cited by RIA Novosti news agency.

“The latest example of this is the January 3 airstrike, when a B-52 bomber – without warning the Russian side – hit a target in the town of Sarmada, Idlib Province, which is covered by the cessation of hostilities agreement. Over 20 civilians died as a result of the airstrike.”

The September airstrikes by the US-led coalition killed 62 and injured 100 Syrian soldiers near the Deir ez-Zor airport, a vital supply conduit for the enclave besieged by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces.

In November the US Central Command described the incident as “unintentional, regrettable error,” which was "primarily based on human factors."

READ MORE: Pentagon chief claims US fighting ISIS alone, Russia doing ‘virtually zero’ in Syria

Russia was notified of the planned strike via the “de-confliction” hotline, but was given the wrong location, said Brigadier General Richard 'Tex' Coe, who headed the CENTCOM investigation.

When Russian officers called the hotline to report the strikes were targeting Syrian positions, they were kept on hold for 27 minutes because the US officer who was the designated point of contact was not available. The bombing continued in that interval, according to Coe, and stopped once the Russian message went through.

During the Tuesday briefing, Gerasimov slammed the Western coalition in Syria for failing to achieve “any meaningful results" adding that "at the same time, significant numbers of victims among the civilian population and government forces were reported."

At the same time, the operation carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces since September 30, 2015, "has turned the ride of the Syrian war", Gerasimov said.

アレッポ西部 Darat Izza ロシア機の夜間攻撃
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Washington Post disproves claim Russia hacked US power grid in new article
Russia is not behind the malware activity at the Vermont power utility in the US, the Washington Post reports quoting unnamed officials. The article follows a correction of another report by the newspaper, alleging Moscow hacked the US power grid via Vermont.
On 30 December last year, Burlington Electric a Vermont-based power company, raised the alarm over a potential malware on one of its computers and reported the case to the authorities.

※ 太陽のイビキ@taiyonoibiki氏の2017/1/1のツイート
British newspaper the Guardian has been heavily criticized for publishing a summary of an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, which selectively edited his quotes. The interview was originally given to Italian outlet La Republica, and the misleading publication went viral on social media.

※ 衣笠書林@猫の生活が第一@syuugoro2氏の2017/1/2のツイート
【虚報ファイル:朝日新聞・久世和彦・ハフポスト−昨年10月28日】シリアの学校を標的にした空爆で児童22人死亡 国連「意図的なものであれば戦争犯罪だ」http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/2016/10/27/syria_n_12679920.html

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2017/1/2のツイート

CNN mocked for using screengrabs from Fallout 4 in Russian hacking story
※ McFeels @jazzhandmcfeels氏の2017/1/3のツイート
.@CNN used a photo from a website that replicates the terminal hacking from Fallout. Neat trick! #FakeNews #russianhacking
9:49 AM - 3 Jan 2017

※ Hutch @LawlessPirate氏の2017/1/3のツイート
In another case of #FakeNews being #FakeNews, @CNN took a screenshot from the video game @Fallout 4 to depict #RussianHacking in a segment. pic.twitter.com/XfCeq36jC9

WikiLeaks ‘suing CNN’ over ex-CIA official’s on-air Assange smear
WikiLeaks says it intends to sue CNN after a counter-terrorism analyst for the US cable news channel labeled Julian Assange a ‘pedophile’ on air.
In a tweet on Wednesday, the whistleblowing organization signalled its intention to bring legal action against CNN over the matter, tweeting: “We have issued instructions to sue CNN for defamation.”

※ 衣笠書林@猫の生活が第一@syuugoro2氏の2017/1/5のツイート【一方的、選択的、偏裁的−陣営主義丸出しの−時事通信】イランなど16カ国が武器供給=戦争犯罪容疑のイラク民兵向け http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2017010500490&g=int
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米国共和党下院議員Dana Rohrabacher氏

Rohrabacher plans first congressional delegation trip to Russia after Trump inaugural
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トルコはどう動く 二幕目




















2016/12/29、エルドアンが何かの授賞式で演説し、再度米国がテロ組織を支援していると非難した上で "Erdogan went on to warn that such terrorist organizations will also “eventually attack the nations that support them.”と述べています。

エルドアンが意味しているテロリストとは、"the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG)"のことですが、彼は米国が支援したテロリスト、ISISから攻撃を受けるぞと脅しています。トルコ自身、やはりテロリストの脅威を感じ始めているということではないでしょうか。





トルコは、ISISから al-Bab を支配後に引渡しを受けるつもりのようでしたが、ISISの抵抗が強いとされ目論見どおりには行っていないようです。トルコは米国が空爆でサポートしないことに不満を表し、ロシア空軍はal-Bab を空爆しました。状況は複雑に見えます。

ここまでが2016/12/30昼時点の状況でした。そして2016/12/31、イスタンブールのナイトクラブで銃乱射事件が発生、39人が死亡、69人が負傷しました。犠牲者は多くが中東諸国の者でサウジ、ヨルダン、リビア、レバノン、チュニジア、米国、ベルギー、 モロッコ、クエート、インドの各国人、ロシア人の女性、フランス人女性、イスラエルの女性などが含まれていたとのこと。

このナイトクラブ Reina night clubは、地元のセレブと金持ちの外国人が集まる高級クラブと言われています。"the attackers "wanted to scare the international people who come here for fun." イスタンブールはそういう面でも世界に知られていたようです。

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South Korean military plane accidentally drops anti-ship missiles into sea

A South Korean military plane has accidentally dropped anti-ship missiles into the Sea of Japan (or the East Sea), according to the country’s military, which added that the crew triggered the release by pushing the wrong button.

The P-3CK four-engine anti-submarine and maritime surveillance plane dropped three Harpoon missiles, a torpedo, and depth charges into the sea, Yonhap news agency reported, citing the South Korean military.

“One of the plane’s crew mistakenly touched the emergency weapons release switch at around 6:10am,” an official source was cited as saying.
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日本発のニュースがMSMのネット版に大きく載る 死ぬまで働けの日本に海外から強い関心

the Wall Street Journal 2016/12/28
Japan Ad Agency CEO to Resign Over ‘Death by Overwork’ Case

The Japan Times ST 2016/12/28
Dentsu chief Ishii resigns amid mounting pressure over employee’s suicide

‘Death by overwork’: Head of Japan’s largest ad agency to step down after employee’s suicide

The New York Times2016/12/28
Japanese Ad Executive to Resign Over Employee’s Suicide Stemming From Overwork

Dentsu chief resigns after overworked employee commits suicide

International Business Times2016/12/29
Who Is Tadashi Ishii? Japan’s Dentsu CEO Resigns After Employee’s Suicide Due To Overwork

Head of Japan's largest ad agency resigns over 'death by overwork'

Dentsu chief falls on the sword that he wielded
Head of Japanese advertising agency as much a creation of its culture as its guardian

REUTERS 2016/12/28
Head of Japan's largest ad agency resigns over 'death by overwork'

mUmBRELLA 2016/12/29
Dentsu CEO Tadashi Ishii quits one year after overworked employee jumped to her death

NHK WORLD 2016/12/28
Labor authorities to refer Dentsu to prosecutors

Dentsu suicide triggers major crackdown
Investigation into 24-year-old's death highlights widespread problem of 'karoshi'

JAPAN TODAY 2016/12/30
Dentsu subjected to on-site probe 10 times before overwork suicide

Bloomberg 2016/12/29
Dentsu CEO Quits Over Employee Suicide Blamed on Overwork

FORTUNE International 2016/12/29
Head of Japan’s Biggest Ad Agency Resigns After Suicide of Overworked Employee

INDEPENDENT 2016/12/29
President of ad giant Dentsu to resign over case of employee who died 'from overwork'

QUARTZ 2016/12/28
In Japan, death-by-overwork is so common it has its own word 

電通への立ち入り調査10回 違法残業、5回是正勧告

news.com.au 2016/12/30
Boss of Japan’s biggest ad company resigns after an overworked employee kills herself

MailOnline 2016/12/30
Head of Japan's biggest advertising agency resigns after an employee killed herself on Christmas Day and blamed him for overworking her

asiaone 2016/12/31
Resignation of Dentsu president over staff suicide a stark warning for business leaders

campaign 2016/12/12
Dentsu to abandon its 1951 ‘devil’ rules The agency is to remove controversial commandments designed to promote hard work from its staff handbooks.

EXAME.com 2016/12/29
CEO da Dentsu se demite após suicídio de funcionária

ALJAZEERA 2016/12/29
Will Japan's overwork culture change?
It is known in Japan as "karoshi" - death linked to exhaustion - and thousands die in this way every year.
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