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ハンブルグ トランプ・プーチン会談

US President Donald Trump said that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday was “tremendous.” The first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders lasted for more than two hours on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Trump described the meeting while speaking with UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday.
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US, Russia reach agreement on truce in southwestern Syria: Lavrov

The United States and Russia have reached a deal on a truce in southwestern Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

He said President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump agreed on the truce deal during talks held in a "constructive atmosphere" on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Lavrov said the ceasefire would take effect from July 9.

Earlier, three US officials, who asked not to be named as they were not authorized to discuss the ceasefire publicly, said the truce was set to take effect Sunday at noon Damascus time. They did not elaborate on the deal and how it would be implemented.

The trio said Moscow and Washington had been discussing a potential deal for some time, but it only reached fruition in the run-up to Trump's first meeting with Putin.

Jordan's state news agency Petra reported that the kingdom was also part of the ceasefire.

The agreement is separate from "de-escalation zones" that were to be created under a deal mediated by Russia, Iran and Turkey during the fourth round of peace talks in Astana in May.

Syria has been hit by deadly foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. Russia and the United States have been supporting opposing sides in the conflict in Syria with Moscow backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Washington backing militants fighting to topple the Damascus government.
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CIA’s ‘Star Wars’ tools can steal passwords, intercept data from secure networks
The CIA can infiltrate secure Windows and Linux networks to steal passwords and spy on data sent over networks, according to the latest WikiLeaks Vault7 release. It also reveals a member of the CIA is a big Star Wars fan.

‘BothanSpy’ and ‘Gryfalcon’ projects are designed to intercept and exfiltrate SSH (Secure Shell) protocol credentials. Once the CIA has access to SSH credentials on a given network, it allows it to see what passwords and usernames are being used, as well as allowing the CIA to access data sent over the network, from personal emails to important documents.

What is SSH?

SSH is a protocol for operating network services securely, allowing for secure remote login from one computer to another. It’s often used in corporate networks or private organizations for secure access, file transfer and managing computer networks.


BothanSpy is the CIA implant that targets the SSH client program Xshell on Microsoft Windows.

According to a secret 2015 CIA document, BothanSpy is developed by the Engineering Development Group (EDG), the division responsible for creating the CIA’s hacking tools. Version 1.0 was created in March 2015.

It steals user credentials for all active SSH sessions, which could be usernames, passwords or data.

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Qatar ‘open’ to German intel in effort to clear up Arab states’ accusations
Qatar has promised to provide almost unlimited access to Germany’s secret services, which will help Doha to clear up accusations of terrorist support by its Arab neighbors, the German foreign minister said.

“Yesterday, we arranged that the Qataris would meet our secret services… open all the books and show them when we have questions about certain people or structures,” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Deutschlandfunk public radio Thursday, upon returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well as Kuwait – the mediator in the ongoing dispute between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar early in June, accusing it of supporting and financing terrorism, namely Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist groups.

Following the row with its Arab neighbors, Qatar received assurances of “unconditional support” from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Iran also called the Saudi-led economic blockade of Qatar unacceptable and called for diplomatic steps to defuse the crisis, while promising to provide air, sea and land support to its “brother” country.

On June 22, the four Arab nations presented an ultimatum containing a 13-point list of demands, which included severing ties with Iran, stopping aid for the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups, closing a military base housing Turkish troops, shutting down its Al Jazeera global TV network, and paying a “fine.”

The blockading countries gave Doha 10 days to comply with their demands.
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US Forces Refuse to Enter Al-Tabaqa Airbase for Fear of Syrian Army Attack
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US forces have thus far refused to enter al-Tabaqa military airport that is now under the control of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), fearing that they may come under attack by the Syrian Army troops, tribal sources in the SDF reported on Thursday.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted a number of tribal forces' commanders as saying that "handing over the al-Tabaqa base to the US forces is not logical for various reasons", adding that reconstruction of the airport needs a long time which is impossible for now.

"The second and more important reason is the short distance between al-Tabaqa base and the positions of the Syrian army men," the sources said, adding that the army soldiers are deployed in regions only 4km away from al-Tabaqa, "so Washington does not intend to accept the risk of deploying its soldiers and planes in the missile and artillery fire range of the Syrian army units".

A Russian-language daily reported on Saturday that the SDF were to hand over al-Tabaqa airbase in Western Raqqa to the US forces, adding that Washington intended to oust the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Izvestia quoted SDF sources as saying that they would hand over al-Tabaqa military airport, 60km West of Raqqa city, to the US forces.

The Russian Defense Ministry sources also confirmed the revelation.

Some other Kurdish sources also said that based on negotiations between the US forces and SDF, the al-Tabaqa base would be used by the US army.

Syrian Parliamentarian Saji Tomeh, meantime, said that Washington was paving its way to launch an offensive on the Syrian army, adding, "We are witnessing reinvigoration of the US military presence in Syria. The US is doing whatever it wants through the assistance of its allied Kurds and in return for separation from Syria."

Izvestia also quoted Russian sources as saying that in a recent meeting with Moscow representatives, the US officials insisted on regime change, and refused to start any kind of cooperation with Moscow to end Syria's crisis before Assad steps down.

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Permanent Representative of the Syrian Republic to UN Bashar Ja'afari blamed Turkey’s negative policy for the modest results during the fifth round of Syria peace talks in Astana.

“The stance of the Turkish delegation was negative since the beginning of the Astana track. This negativity was translated into the modest results we listened to just now,” Ja'afari underscored.

“I am saying that because the Turkish delegation objected to the adoption of any document related to the implementation of mechanisms of the agreement on the de-escalation zones,” he pointed out.

“I say ‘modest’ because we came to Astana and the agenda of the fifth round was specifically to conclude the details of the agreement over the de-escalation zones, and the mechanisms of implementing the agreement over the four de-escalation zones.”

“The Turkish side opposed this and practiced a policy of blackmail against this subject, which is the main subject of the agenda, and also against other documents that the parties intended to adopt.”

“This is why I cannot say but that the Turkish delegation, unfortunately, for the fifth time sought with all their might to hinder reaching positive results that could practically serve the interests of the Syrian people.”

“Contrary to the positive standpoint taken by all the parties except by the Turkish delegation, there has been an indication that the Turkish policy towards the Astana process has been a negative policy” noting that the Turkish delegation objected to the adoption of documents on the implementation of mechanisms for the agreement of de-escalation zones.”

The fifth round of talks between the Syrian government and opposition started in Kazakhstan’s capital on Tuesday, with Iran, Russia, and Turkey present at this round of talks as mediators. Jordan and the United States also participated as observers.

Iran, Russia and Turkey agreed to resume the next round of Syrian peace talks in Astana in late August following their decision to continue discussions on creating four de-escalation zones in Syria.

“(It has been) decided to hold the next high-level international meeting on Syria in Astana in the last week of August 2017,” the three mediators of the peace talks said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

Prior to the next round, the joint working group of the three countries will meet in Iran on August 1-2 to continue delineation of de-escalation zones, the communique added.

The statement further underlined the need for efforts to secure the stability and territorial integrity of Syria, noting that there can be no military solution to the crisis.

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on May 4 to set up four de-escalation zones in Syria.

Under a memorandum signed at the talks in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana, these four zones include the Idlib Province and some areas in the neighboring provinces of Aleppo, Lattakia and Hama, an area North of Homs, the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, and a couple of provinces in Southern Syria, Dara'a and Quneitra.

In those areas, outlawing combat operations, along with the establishment of a no-fly zone for military aircraft, were set as of May 6.

The memorandum was concluded for six months and can be extended automatically.

Iran, Russia, Turkey Agree to Set Up Committee for De-Escalation Zones in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to establish a special committee to prepare the ground for setting up de-escalation zones in Syria.

The three countries authorized a ‘Special Committee’ to determine technical indexes for the establishment of four de-escalation zones in Syria.

Kazakh Foreign Minister Khairat Abdrakhmanov announced the final document of the fifth round of Astana meeting on Wednesday, including the agreement.

Also, the joint statement issued by Iran, Russia and Turkey at the end of Astana talks indicated noticeable progress in this round.

Special envoy of Russian president in Syrian affairs Alexander Lavrentiev told reporters that the country's military police equipped with light weapons will be stationed in the de-escalation zones.

He added that the group is not from the Russian military units, but they are police force by special responsibility for non-war duties.

Lavrentiev said that representatives of Syrian armed opposition in Astana talks also agreed with the creation of de-escalation zones.

After several round of bilateral and multilateral expert meetings between Iran, Russia, Turkey and Syrian delegation as well as observer members of the conference, Astana talks held its meeting on Wednesday afternoon in capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

According to the agreement, the next expert meeting will be held on August 1-2 and the sixth round of talks at the last week of August 2017 in Astana.

The main subject of the talks would be to determine borders of the de-escalation zones.
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US ready to consider Syria ‘no-fly zones’ if Putin and Trump find common ground at G20 meeting
The US State Department has outlined its vision for resolving the conflict in Syria, which is expected to be a key point to be discussed during the first meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg.
Islamic State, Russian anti-terror op in Syria, Syria war, US missiles strike Syria

“The United States is prepared to explore the possibility of establishing with Russia joint mechanisms for ensuring stability, including no-fly zones, on the ground ceasefire observers, and coordinated delivery of humanitarian assistance,” Rex Tillerson said in a statement released by the State Department.

Ahead of the July 7 meeting between the Russian and American presidents, Tillerson insisted that Russia has a “special responsibility” to aid the peace process.

“The United States believes Russia, as a guarantor of the Assad regime and an early entrant into the Syrian conflict, has a responsibility to ensure that the needs of the Syrian people are met and that no faction in Syria illegitimately re-takes or occupies areas liberated from ISIS' or other terrorist groups' control,” Tillerson said.

The US Secretary of State stressed further that Moscow has “an obligation” to prevent any potential use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces.

Tillerson said all actors in the Syrian military theater must follow guidelines to avoid accidents in the air and on the ground.

“We call upon all parties, including the Syrian government and its allies, Syrian opposition forces, and Coalition forces carrying out the battle to defeat ISIS, to avoid conflict with one another and adhere to agreed geographical boundaries for military de-confliction and protocols for de-escalation,” Tillerson said in the statement.

The Secretary of State also referred to Russian and American progress in establishing “de-confliction zones” which have already “prevented mutual collateral damage.” Tillerson said Moscow and Washington continue to maintain a line of communication to avoid incidents.

While noting that the US and Russia have a number of “unresolved differences,” Tillerson pointed out that the “potential” exists to work together in Syria in order to “produce stability and serve our mutual security interests.”

The Syrian conflict and ways of resolving it will likely feature high on the agenda during the first meeting between the two leaders, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“I think that [the two leaders will discuss] the Syrian [conflict] resolution, the Astana process, and the issues of possible Russian-American cooperation,” Peskov said, adding, that the joint fight against terrorism will be discussed if the US is ready for it.

Russia, Turkey and Iran have signed a deal – endorsed by the UN Security Council – to establish so-called “de-escalation zones” in several parts of Syria. Damascus agreed to this approach but the exact borders and mechanisms for observing a truce inside those zones are still being negotiated.

As for the “de-confliction” zones, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said last month that this “must be some territory which the coalition unilaterally declared and where it probably believes to have a sole right to take action.”

“We cannot recognize such zones,” he said, after the Pentagon on several occasions used the term to justify attacks on the Syrian military and pro-Damascus forces.

The recent round of talks on the Syrian conflict in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, centered on seven new documents on de-escalation zones and other mechanisms aimed at bringing peace to the war-torn country.

The three guarantors – Russia, Turkey, and Iran – are now concentrating their efforts creating three more de-escalation zones, the head of Moscow’s delegation said. A fourth de-escalation zone in southern Syria has also been considered, but it needs the involvement of other countries, such as the US.

Special units of Russian military police, equipped with light arms, will be deployed to Syria’s de-escalation zones to provide safety and security there. The units will be tasked with “controlling” peace agreements and will not be on any “combat mission,” the special representative of the Russian president on Syria, and head of Moscow's delegation at the Astana talks, Aleksandr Lavrentiev, told the media Wednesday.

Washington’s participation is expected in the next round of talks in late August, where there is hope for progress, fueled by the much-anticipated Putin-Trump meeting.
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欧州の動きが激しくなっている 2017/6/22〜

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This Simple Invention Is Saving So Many Animals
Back in 2004, Maryland-based wildlife biologist Rich Mason got a concerned call from a friend who had just had a pool installed in his yard.
“Because I’m a wildlife biologist, I’m the one who gets called when friends have snakes in their garage, that kind of thing,” Mason told The Dodo. “This friend was pulling out dead frogs every day from their pool … I was kind of shocked."
...It was pretty altruistic, just about helping animals.

仏 Le Monde
Twenty million in camps around the world
Migrant nation
Most places that house people on the move, for whatever reason, were set up in a hurry and meant to be temporary. The reality was quite different.
The world’s media are filled with jargon(隠語) for the places where millions of migrants now live: refugee camps, displaced persons camps, migrant camps, zones for persons awaiting processing, transit camps, immigration detention centres, administrative detention centres, centres for identification and expulsion, border crossing points, asylum seeker reception centres, ghettos, jungles, hotspots.

The minority government of British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a vote of confidence today, three weeks after the Conservative leader’s election gamble backfired.
British MPs will vote on Thursday on the prime minister's legislative plans -- the Queen's Speech – after a week of debate.
With the backing of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), May is likely to win the votes, but in case somehow she fails her authority will be further challenged.
Voting on the Queen's Speech determines whether a government commands the confidence of the House of Commons or not. If the Conservatives failed to gain the vote of confidence, it could trigger another general election.
May had called for a snap election in April in hopes of getting an increased parliamentary majority that could have strengthened her position before going into two years of intense negotiations with the European Union about Britain’s departure from the bloc.
However, British voters dealt her a devastating blow, wiping out her parliamentary majority and throwing the country into political turmoil.
Conservatives won 318 seats in the 650-member House of Commons followed by the main opposition Labour Party which clinched 262 seats. May’s party eight seats short of the 326 it needed for an outright majority and fairly down from the 330 seats it had before the election.
May saved herself by forming a coalition government with the DUP, which won 10 seats. The DUP's all 10 MPs backed the Conservatives in Wednesday's pay vote.
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Wednesday May's Brexit plans are "in tatters" after her party lost their House of Commons majority. “The Conservative program is in tatters following the public verdict at the general election.

Erdogan public appearances outside G20 ‘inappropriate’ – German FM German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has advised Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan not to hold public events during his trip to G20 summit.
Gabriel called any public appearances made by Erdogan outside the G20 summit “inappropriate” due to the toughening tensions between the two NATO members, Reuters reported on Tuesday.
On Wednesday Ankara has officially requested permission for Erdogan to address Germany-based Turkish citizens during his visit, Gabriel told accompanying him journalists during his trip to Russia.

Killer robot armies
The UN will hold its first formal talks on banning combat robots this summer. Most are remote- controlled, but some can operate with no human input.

Since 2010, the SGR-A1, a robot sentry developed by South Korean group Samsung, has guarded the border between North and South Korea round the clock, using high-performance cameras and sensors that can detect a moving target at 4km. It can recognise voices and passwords, tell human beings from animals, and order them to surrender if they cross the military demarcation line.

Thousands of protestors have formed a 90-kilometer human chain around the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to demand the closure of the two reactors at Belgium’s Tihange and Doel nuclear power stations.

Ukraine ‘almost reached’ arms supplies agreement with US – Poroshenko
Kiev has almost reached an agreement with the US about the supplies of “defensive weapons” that could be delivered as early as this year, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told Ukrainian media.

Violent protests against police brutality have erupted in east London over the death of a 25-year-old black man who died from wounds allegedly sustained during his arrest by police. Two police officers were injured in the clashes with rioters.
After holding a minute of silence Sunday evening, a large crowd of activists holding Black Lives Matter signs went on a rampage in the vicinity of Forest Gate police station near the spot where Edir Frederico Da Costa was detained by police on Thursday, June 15. His family alleges that the 25-year-old black man had died after being mistreated by the Metropolitan Police.

German Intelligence Also Snooped on White House
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is famous for the terse remark she made after learning her mobile phone had been tapped by the NSA. "Spying among friends, that isn't done." As it turns out, Germany was spying on America too, even targeting the White House.

EU leaders agree to extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine

France’s Macron sees no ‘legitimate successor’ to Assad, declares terrorism a common enemy in Syria

UK Protesters Target Queen’s Speech to ‘Bring down Government’

UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn Refuses to Bow to Queen

Merkel concerned about US bans on Russia, too

German MPs vote for troop withdrawal from Turkish Incirlik base after visitation row with Ankara

Pro-Palestinian Muslim rally was suspected Finsbury Park terrorist’s real target
The suspect behind the Finsbury Park terrorist attack may have intended to target a pro-Palestinian march, but got drunk, missed it, and went for the North London worshipers instead.




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Qatar boycott to remain until Arab states’ demands met – Saudi FM
The four Arab nations embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with Qatar have dismissed Doha’s response to their demands as “not serious,” and have pledged to continue to keep the Gulf state under political and economic sanctions until it changes its policies.
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Philippine Troops Arrest Marawi Militants' Main Financier
TEHRAN (FNA)- Philippine security forces arrested on Wednesday the main financier and logistics supporter of the pro-ISIL militants who have for weeks been battling government troops for control of a Southern town.

The militants from a faction known as the Maute group, seized the town or Marawi on May 23 and are resisting daily assaults by government forces using aircraft and artillery, and with help from allies the United States and Australia, Reuters reported.

The fighting in the largely Muslim town in South of the predominantly Christian Philippines has alarmed neighbors, fearful that ISIL is bent on gaining a foothold in the region as it loses ground in the Middle East.

An army spokesman, Brigadier-General Gilbert Gapay, said security forces raided a village not far from Marawi and detained three suspects found with ammunition and material for making bombs.

One of those detained was an important supporter of the Maute group who Gapay identified as Monaliza Romato, alias Monay.

The military announced that the woman is a niece of the matriarch of the Maute clan, whose men-folk lead the Marawi attack. Two of seven Maute brothers, Omar and Abdullah, were educated in the Middle East, and were the main planners of the assault on Marawi.

"Monay has replaced her aunt as the main financier and logistic supporter of the militant group," Gapay said in a statement.

"The arrest will adversely affect the logistics support network of the group," he added.

The raid, seizure of weapons and the arrests would also prevent the militants from mounting diversionary attacks, he stressed.

On Wednesday, military aircraft dropped bombs on the town while ground forces tried to advance from house to house.

More than 400 people have been killed in the fighting in Marawi. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and about 20 percent of the center of the town has been destroyed.

President Rodrigo Duterte imposed martial law on Mindanao island, where Marawi is located, for 60 days when the fighting erupted and Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana announced that there was pressure on the military to defeat the militants before it expires on July 23.
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Russia has announced that it may deploy troops to de-escalation zones in Syria after agreement from Turkey and Iran.

Russian negotiator Alexander Lavrentyev made the announcement during talks being held in the Kazakh capital Astana on Tuesday.

"Overall, (the agreement) provides for the presence of Russian military police in the buffer zones, but once again this matter has not been agreed yet…Depending on when the documents on safe zones are signed, I think one should expect concrete measures on the deployment of forces within 2-3 weeks," he said.

"So far it is hard to talk about presence of the Russian observers and representatives of the Russian defense ministry. But nevertheless overall there are plans for the Russian military police presence in the buffer zones. But still this matter has not been fully agreed yet. It will be related to the question about the status of de-escalation monitoring forces," he added.

The final document pertaining to the de-escalation zones are expected to be signed on Wednesday, he added, noting that the principles of the zones have already been agreed upon in the former rounds of the talks.

In May, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to establish four "de-escalation zones" in Syria.

Lavrentyev added that Russia and its partners are still engaged in negotiations concerning detailed maps and other conditions related to the Idlib province and southern regions while the borders of two other zones, in Homs province and near Damascus, had been agreed upon.

"One thing is to work with maps and another one is to apply it to reality on the ground which is rather complicated. And this process of course takes a long time. But nevertheless I would like to say that we have practically determined the contact lines and borders of the second and third de-escalation zones. We still have questions on Idlib and the southern zone," he added.

The fifth round of Astana talks kicked off earlier on Tuesday.

More than 2.5 million people are believed to be living in the general area of the four zones.

The Syrian army unilaterally announced a halt to fighting until midnight July 6 in one of the zones that spans the southern provinces of Dara’a, Quneitra, and Sweida.
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Witch-hunt in 2017: People suspicious of evil powers burn widow's house in Russia's Far East
A 26-year-old woman with a child has been left homeless in the Sakhalin region after fellow villagers, accusing the widow of witchcraft, allegedly burnt her house, Russian media report.

Varvara Genatulina, whose husband committed suicide at the age of 38, has been accused of being responsible for the man's death by neighbors in the Pobedino village.

Somehow, the suspicious villagers have also connected two other suicides in their community to the woman. They say, in 2004 a boy who went to school with Genatulina, killed himself. Recently, another local, whom the woman is said to have known, also committed suicide.

After the funeral of the latter, the widow was proclaimed a witch, and her house was burned to the ground. The fire wasn't an accident, but arson, one of the locals, Oleg Vnukov said.

Vnukov decided to protect the now homeless woman and her child and addressed the issue with the Russian association of lawyers. Having written a letter to the organization to make the case public, the man blamed local authorities for not providing enough job opportunities in the region, making people desperate.

The lawyers said such cases of witch-hunts and inquisitions are not unusual for remote rural areas with low levels of employment and poor living conditions, Mir 24 reported.
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Casket containing child organs found on Philadelphia street
An evening stroll turned gruesome in Philadelphia Monday, when a casket, discovered across the street from a cemetery, was found to contain a bag of organs belonging to either an infant or a child.

“What was in the bag was sick,” Chris James, one of the first to discover the casket shortly after 9pm, told RT. “We were curious to see what was inside but it dangerous in many way to touch something so random,” he said.

James, who streamed the incident live on his Facebook page, said another witness called police who opened the casket to find layers of cloth which once removed, revealed the bag containing the organs.

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May to Bury Report on Saudi Terror Links in UK
TEHRAN (FNA)- A report said UK Prime Minister Theresa May is not likely to release the findings of an investigation into Saudi Arabia’s funding of militant groups across Britain, out of fear that the move would hurt relations with the Middle Eastern ally.

Commissioned by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in December 2015, when May was Home Secretary, the report was due to be completed by mid-April and has been in May’s possession for at least six months, the Independent reported.

The investigation was aimed at exploring the origins and the scale of funding of terror groups within the UK. It also sought to expose the international money streams that were used to fund such groups.

The probe was ordered under an agreement between the ruling Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in return for supporting the extension of UK’s participation in the US-led military campaign against purported terrorist positions inside Syria.

When asked by Green MP Caroline Lucas about the report, she said it had “improved the Government’s understanding of the nature, scale and sources of funding for Islamist extremism in the UK.”

“Ministers are considering advice on what is able to be published and will report to Parliament with an update in due course,” she added.

The Home Office confirmed to The Guardian last month that the report had yet to be completed and might never be released to the public because of its “very sensitive” content.

Since becoming prime minister, May has courted the oil-rich kingdom, which is also London’s biggest weapons buyer.

She approved a £3.5 billion weapons export license to Saudi Arabia earlier this year, despite an ongoing legal case that accuses her government of complicity in the kingdom’s war crimes in Yemen.

The UK also views Saudi Arabia as one of its main trading partners after leaving the European Union (EU). This while Saudis, under their new Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman are trying to diversify the country’s economy by reducing dependence on oil.

In an interview with The Guardian, Lucas said May’s delay in publishing the report was “astonishing,” specially in the wake of the recent wave of terror attacks that hit London and Manchester.

“To defeat terror it’s vital that politicians have full view of the facts, even if they are inconvenient for the government,” she said.

The behavior has also drawn criticism from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, who says to fight extremism in the UK May needs to start with "Saudi Arabia and the (Persian) Gulf sates."

“It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups. We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including Isis, here and in the Middle East,” he said during the campaign for the June 8 general election.

Saudi Arabia ‘top of the list’ of foreign funding for British terrorists – think tank
Britain’s major trade and security partner in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, is the main source of funding for Islamist extremism in the UK, a damning new report by the neo-conservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS) claims.

According to the HJS, money donated to terrorist organizations operating in Britain can be traced back to the Gulf states.

It says the Saudis’ 60-year commitment to the diffusion of Wahhabism, a hardline version of Islam, has led to the funding of British mosques and institutions linked to the wave of attacks in Europe over the last few years.

“There is a clear and growing link between foreign funding of Islamist extremism and the violent terrorism we have witnessed across the UK and Europe,” said the report’s author, Tom Wilson.

“The key now is to get ahead of the issue and find out the full extent of what has been going on. A public inquiry would go some way to informing the debate.”

The report follows news that Prime Minister Theresa May has been “sitting” on an independent inquiry into foreign backing of British extremism.

The report is thought to contain incriminating evidence of Saudi funding. Publishing its findings could prove seriously damaging for UK-Saudi relations and the British government’s credibility at a time when the country urgently needs to court post-Brexit trading partners.

May in particular has been keen on strengthening Britain’s trade and diplomatic relationship with the Gulf kingdom.

“While entities from across the Gulf and Iran have been guilty of advancing extremism, those in Saudi Arabia are undoubtedly at the top of the list,” Wilson said.

“Research indicates that some Saudi individuals and foundations have been apparently heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology.”

The HJS claims it found “numerous” cases of Britons who were radicalized through what are believed to be foreign-funded groups and preachers. Many of these later joined jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“This report from the Henry Jackson Society sheds light on what are extremely worrying links between Saudi Arabia and the funding of extremism here in the UK,” said Labour MP Dan Jarvis, according to the BBC.

“In the wake of the terrible and tragic terrorist attacks we’ve seen this year, it is vital that we use every tool at our disposal to protect our communities. This includes identifying the networks that promote and support extremism and shutting down the financial networks that fund it.

“I’m calling on the government to release its foreign funding report, and guarantee that the new counter-extremism commission will make tackling the funding of extremism a priority.”

A Whitehall spokesman said the government is “determined to cut off the funding which fuels the evils of extremism and terrorism, and will work closely with international partners to tackle this shared global threat, including at the upcoming G20 summit.”
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Indian Muslims Protest Against Terror Funding by Saudi Arabia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Indian Muslims registered their protest in New Delhi against Saudi Arabia for its alleged connivance with terrorist outfits including ISIL. The protesters said the Saudi Arabia should stop funding Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and others or it will boomerang.

Protesters also demanded the restoration of Islamic heritage popularly known as Jannat-Ul-Baqi and Jannat-Ul-Maula at the site in Saudi Arabia. Jannat-Ul-Baqi is shrine of Fatima Zahra, the daughter and grandson of the Prophet of Islam, Sputnik reported.

​"We have gathered here in Jantar-Mantar in thousands for two days to send a message to Saudi government that the way the Saudi Arabia government are behaving is totally against Islam. ISIL is being funded by Saudi government which is creating havoc in Syria, Iran, Iraq and India. We have submitted a memorandum to the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi and asked to stop unlawful support to terrorists," Z Ahmed Chamman, the general secretary of All India Shiite Sunni Front, said.

"People from all caste, community, and creed along with well-known scholars, poets, human rights activists joined the protest to mark the brutal crime of desecration of holy shrines at Madina Munawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," the front said.

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Iran remembers victims of passenger plane downed by US






記事を用意して待っていたら来ました。ど真ん中のストライクが! 民間航空機を撃ち落したり、モスクを爆撃して何百人も殺したり、しかし、核兵器の事故となれば犠牲者も環境に対する害も桁違いです。

Pentagon classifies nuke ops over possible safety failures – AP
The Pentagon is now hiding the safety records of its nuclear weapons, AP has reported, with experts quoting potential failures as the reason for such secrecy. The reports were previously publicly available.

The reason for the change as cited by the authorities is to avoid disclosing too much about US nuclear capabilities.

“We are comfortable with the secrecy… As long as nuclear weapons exist, the US will maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear stockpile,” Navy Capt Greg Hicks, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, as cited by AP.

Many experts, however, don’t see this as a viable reason for keeping the nuclearprogram under wraps.

Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert with the Federation of American Scientists, told AP the situation “smells bad” and the authorities are “acting like they have something to hide, and it’s not national security secrets.”

“I think the new policy fails to distinguish between protecting valid secrets and shielding incompetence. Clearly, nuclear weapons technology secrets should be protected. But negligence or misconduct in handling nuclear weapons should not be insulated from public accountability,” Aftergood added.

AP reported on US nuclear shortcomings twice before, in 2013 and 2014, when the data was still open to the public. Those reports detailed problems such as security lapses, leadership and training failures, and low morale.

This, in turn, led US top brass to look into the matter.

Following the review that appeared in 2014, then-US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel began an independent inquiry into the issues. However, the findings remain classified, according to AP.

The secrecy only became obvious when an Air Force personnel office published a June 14 notice on its website stating that the ‘grade,’ or final result, of a nuclear review couldn’t be mentioned in any unclassified personnel document.

The regulation came into effect in March, and is valid for the US Navy and Air Force, which both operate nuclear weapons.

The Pentagon took the step after a change in “an instruction,” which spokesman Hicks described as a document for “limited” circulation and not subject to release. AP’s request for a copy was denied.
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Grenades, rocket launchers & plastic explosive charges stolen from Portuguese arsenal - report
The Portuguese military is investigating the theft of a massive arms cache at one of its bases. A Spanish news outlet revealed the extent of the heist, reporting that the thieves got their hands on grenade launchers and a vast quantity of explosives.

Grenades, grenade launchers, 9mm ammo, explosives, and other military equipment disappeared from a Portuguese military base in Tancos, some 100 kilometers northeast of Lisbon, last Wednesday.

The Portuguese Army disclosed that the robbery had taken place the next day, but did not share the details with the public. On Monday, Spanish news outlet, El Espanol released an alleged list of the military equipment stolen.
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‘Chemical show’: Moscow slams latest claim of toxic gas use in Syria
Western media are putting on a ‘chemical show’ fueled by carefully crafted messages that pin the blame on Damascus for the alleged use of chemical weapons, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said in response to the rebels’ latest claims of toxic gas attacks by Syria’s government.

On Saturday, the Failaq Al-Rahman group, an Islamist Syrian rebel cell affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused Damascus of discharging chlorine gas in two neighborhoods of the Eastern Ghouta region, where the rebels are engaging Syrian government forces.

The statement produced on behalf of the FSA is nothing more than a "testament" of the official disinformation campaign which has already been launched against the government of Syria, Maria Zakharova said in her Facebook post Monday night.

While the rebel group claimed that more than 30 people suffered suffocation, the Syrian military immediately denied the accusations, calling them “false and baseless.”

“The General Command refuted these claims part and parcel, affirming that it never used chemical weapons before and will never use them as it doesn’t even possess them,” Sana reported.

“The chemical show is gaining momentum. The report on ‘Toxic gas attacks in Eastern Ghouta’ is another testament that the media campaign against Damascus has been launched," Zakharova wrote.

Incorporating an English copy of the FSA press release on the chemical attack, the vigilant spokeswoman pointed out the meticulously crafted wording of the document.

"I want to emphasize the impeccable English language[in the release], which could be seen in such international documents as the UN Security Council’s resolutions and others,” Zakharova wrote.

The Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman emphasized that the language in the document follows “all canons of the Western press-services,” and was apparently drafted intentionally with a purpose of fueling the anti-Assad campaign.

“This is not conversational English… It is the language used in international legal communications. These are the phrases that will then be offered by our Western colleagues... for example, in a draft Security Council statement condemning ‘chemical attacks by the regime against civilians,’” Zakharova said.

Calling the rebels’ press release “only a prelude,” Zakharova warned of further provocations and a continuation of a disinformation campaign.

Over the weekend, Zakharova warned that “many fakes” may soon hit news outlets alleging chemical weapons use by Damascus. In her post Sunday, Zakharova questioned the validity of videos of the chlorine gas attack.

Moscow’s warnings of chemical attack news fabrications follows the White House announcement last week which claimed that “potential preparations” for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad government were underway.

“If Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price,” the White House said.

In addition to Washington, the newly elected French President, Emanuel Macron, said France too could unilaterally strike Syria if chemical weapons are used there.

“If it is proven that chemical weapons are used on the ground and we can trace their provenance,” France may conduct unilateral strikes “to destroy the stocks of identified chemical weapons,” Macron said last month.

On Monday, Syrian deputy foreign minister Fayssal Mikdad told reporters that Washington should think twice before launching another strike.

“We will not be surprised if the US would commit new attacks on Syria, but the US must accurately account the reactions of Syria and its allies,” the official said, according to Sana.

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米ロの核戦争になれば誰も生き残れない プーチン


‘Nobody would survive’: Putin to Oliver Stone on ‘hot war’ between Russia & US
No country on earth would survive should the world’s most powerful nuclear states unleash their atomic weapons, Vladimir Putin has said. His remarks form part of a series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone.

The question of whether the human race would survive a potential global nuclear war has tormented the minds of generations, and indeed Stone, who wondered if the Russian president believes the US might emerge victorious if such a conflict were to break out.

“In a hot war is the US dominant?” the American director asked the Russian president.

“I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict,” Putin replied in a short Showtime teaser, a precursor to a documentary titled 'The Putin Interviews' that will be aired next week.










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(意訳:Japanese fugitive)

(初出 2017/6/8 追記 7/4)
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Iraqi FM Warns Kurds against Provoking Neighbors

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari warned the Kurdish authorities and people against any unwise action that might enrage the neighboring states.

“Iraq is no longer as it was before. Kurds today enjoy their full rights," Jaafari was quoted by Asharq al-Awsat as saying.

He added that Kurds are found in the three authorities, sovereign ministries and the parliament – not only Kurds but all groups.

Al-Jaafari stressed that when dealing with the Kurdish issue, it should be taken into consideration that Iraq is host to the Kurdish community while neighboring countries also host similar populations and any unwise action would provoke Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia.

His remarks came as the Iranian officials and politicians have always underlined the necessity for respecting Iraq's unity and territorial integrity.

Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran's State Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati stressed in May that his country has focused all its efforts on foiling plots to weaken and disintegrate the regional states.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to prevent the regional countries' weakening and disintegration and it can play an important role in line with international peace and stability," Velayati said in a meeting with German Deputy Foreign Minister Markus Ederer in Tehran.

He underlined that Iran has always stood against enemy plots in the region and fought against terrorism to strengthen global peace and stability.

Velayati, meantime, voiced regret that certain countries aren’t interested in resolving regional problems and rather seek to further complicate them.
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