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※ Syrian Girlリマインダーリボンシリア国旗@Partisangirl氏の2020/11/25のツイート
The Kurds (PKK/YPG) are the Antifa of the Middle East. With Biden being the most pro-Kurdish president, Antifa is going to take over everywhere, including the US. Buckle up.
※ Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai氏の2020/11/22のツイート
Buckle-up Middle East, the partition is on its way
#Israel' 'Foundation for Defense of Dictatorship': Joe Biden Will Be America’s Most Pro-Kurdish President

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/11/25のツイート
クリントン政権時代に、国防省の4か年レビューで「国益が枢要であれば、米国は国際法に縛られず軍事力行使すべき」と主張したフロノイ。2002年には「敵の武器庫を先制攻撃し叩き潰せ」とイラク戦争を支持。狂気のアームチェア戦略家に世界が警戒しているのに肩書だけ並べ「民主中道派」? 中身ゼロ!

Syrian Girlリマインダーリボンシリア国旗@Partisangirl氏の2020/11/15のツイート
#Biden says, were he a Muslim he’d be ISIS.
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※ NWO Watcher@NWO_Watcher氏の2020/11/22のツイート
Scotland is issuing Subpoenas to Trump, if he doesn't answer, they are going to seize his Scottish assets.

※ NWO Watcher@NWO_Watcher氏の2020/11/22のツイート
To Clarify I said Subpoenas for the benefit of Americans, in Scotland they don't use that word, but Official investigation and demand for more information.

※ Greg Busterレインボーフラッグ波@GregoryBuster1
The self-described "King of Debt" Trump's building projects typically use other people's money.
His 2 golf courses were funded solely by him, though-- and have bled money; over $6 million a yr.
Scottish parliament demands to know where the money is from!

motherjones November 13, 2020
Scottish MPs Once More Call for Investigations Into Trump’s Businesses
“This is not someone who inspires confidence in sound finances and sound business.”

A group of members of the Scottish Parliament led by the Green Party have renewed their demand that the Scottish government invoke an anti-money laundering law to investigate President Donald Trump’s Scottish golf resorts. The request was first made last spring, but on Thursday, Patrick Harvie, a co-leader of the Scottish Green Party renewed his case in questions he directed to Scotland’s First Minister Nicolea Sturgeon.

“Now that Trump is set to lose immunity from prosecution in the U.S., he may be held to account there, isn’t it time he’s also held to account here?” Harvie asked Sturgeon. “Isn’t it time for answers from the Trump Organization?”

Sturgeon, a member of the Scottish National Party, who has previously been critical of Trump−she once stated that “we laugh” at Trump’s claims about COVID-19−tried to brush off Harvie’s request. “Everybody is probably well aware of my views of the soon-to-be-former president of the United States, and my views are probably no different to Patrick Harvies’ and to many peoples’ across Scotland,” Sturgeon said, “So the idea that I would somehow try to protect him from some type of accountability in Scotland, I don’t think holds much water.”
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www.DeepL.com ではそれがないようです。

Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against Washington’s ‘old-fashioned cold war mentality’の記事に全文の日本語訳を載せましたので、比較してみてください。翻訳が表示されるまで何秒かかかりますが、これはやむを得ない。



Amy Cooper, the white woman charged with filing a false police report for calling 911 during a dispute with a Black man in New York’s Central Park in May, made a second, previously unreported call in which she falsely claimed the man had “tried to assault her”, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon described the second call as Cooper was being arraigned by video in a case that had garnered worldwide attention but was put on hold for months because of the coronavirus pandemic. Cooper did not enter a plea to the misdemeanor charge.

エイミー クーパー、5 月にニューヨークのセントラルパークで黒人男性との論争中に 911 を呼び出すための虚偽の警察の報告書を提出して起訴された白人女性は、彼女は虚偽の男が「彼女を暴行しようとした」と主張した 2 番目の、以前に報告されていない呼び出しを行った、検察官は水曜日に言った。

副地方検事ジョーン Illuzzi-Orbon クーパーは、世界的な注目を集めていたが、コロナウイルスのパンデミックのために数ヶ月間保留になっていた場合のビデオで起訴されていたように 2 番目の呼び出しを説明しました。クーパーは、軽犯罪の料金に嘆願を入力しませんでした。

5月にニューヨークのセントラルパークで黒人男性との紛争中に911に電話したとして、警察に虚偽の報告を提出したとして起訴された白人女性のエイミークーパーは、以前は報告されていなかった2回目の電話をかけ、男性が「暴行を試みた」と誤って主張しました。 彼女」、検察官は水曜日に言った。

地方検事補のジョアン・イルシ・オーボンは、クーパーが世界中の注目を集めたが、コロナウイルスのパンデミックのために数ヶ月間保留された事件で、ビデオによって罪状認否されていたとして、2回目の電話について説明した。 クーパーは軽罪の容疑で嘆願を入力しませんでした。

二つ目の節についてはどちらもわかりにくいですし、deeplは段落が入ったために Illuzzi-Orbonが主語としてとらえられていません。元の英文がそもそもわかりにくいという面がありそうです。


※ Hiroki Kurashige@hir_kurashige氏の2020/11/14のツイート







The number of people listed in the condolence information was 59, 26 short of 85.
The average age of the 59 people was 84.6 years old.

The bar graph on the right shows a 7-day moving average to see the trend of occurrences during the month, as the condolence information may be posted for several days at a time.

This graph shows an increase in deaths as we approach the end of the month. The first case in Itoigawa City was diagnosed on July 5 and confirmed on July 11.

Our observations so far have shown cases of excess deaths occurring before an infected person emerges, but it seems to be important to understand that excess deaths can occur after an infected person has emerged.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The number of people listed in the condolence information was 59, which is less than 26 out of 85.
The average age of 59 people was 84.6 years.

The bar graph on the right shows a 7-day moving average to see monthly trends, as condolence information may be posted together for several days.

In this graph, the number of deaths has increased since the end of the month. The first infected person in Itoigawa City developed on 7/5 and was confirmed on 7/11.

In the observations so far, there have been cases where excess death occurs before the infected person appears, but it is better to understand that excess death may occur after the infected person appears.



英文への翻訳ではdeeplで英訳し、 Langsmithで流暢にし、Grammaryで文法チェックという手法が取られているようです。


英語の文字おこしでは Otter Voice Meeting Notes というサイトがあるそうです。


ファイルのダウンロード | iLovePDF



※ ネコハリネズミ鴻巣友季子(アトウッド『誓願』『獄中シェイクスピア劇団』)@yukikonosu氏の2020/11/19のツイート

オバマ氏は鳩山氏を「感じ良いが厄介な同僚」と思ってた? 回顧録報道の和訳に疑問




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Pentagon reveals data on ‘confirmed’ civilian casualties

‘Testament to transparency’? Pentagon reveals data on ‘confirmed’ civilian casualties of intervention against IS in Syria & Iraq

The Pentagon has released “the most comprehensive” data on civilian casualties of the US-led coalition operations against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Airwars has said. Only officially conceded deaths are in it, though.

The UK-based conflict monitoring group Airwars said “more than three years of extensive engagement” with the US military allowed it to obtain the “most accurate and comprehensive data ever publicly revealed” by the Pentagon about civilian casualties inflicted by the US-led coalition operations in Syria and Iraq over the last five years.

New: Following several years of patient engagement with the US-led Coalition @CJTFOIR in Iraq and Syria, Airwars has obtained the close locations of 99% of all officially confirmed or 'Credible' civilian harm events. It's a major transparency breakthrough.

The information, which included location data, allowed Airwars to create an interactive map featuring the exact locations and dates of operations, as well as the number – and sometimes even names – of civilian victims who perished in the coalition strikes against terrorist group Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL).


For years, Iraqis and Syrians have struggled to learn which Coalition events their loved ones were - or were not - harmed in, due to poor official reporting. Thanks to the Coalition, almost every confirmed event is now mapped to a minimum accuracy of 100 metres or less.

The NGO praised the Pentagon decision as an example of “new better practice standards” for US conflicts, and said it is a benchmark America’s allies and military partners should “aspire to.” The US-led coalition chief spokesman, Colonel Myles Caggins, also promptly declared the move “a testament to transparency” and a manifestation of the Pentagon’s commitment to working with the conflict-monitoring groups likes Airwars to assess the civilian death toll of its operations.

While still indeed unprecedented when it comes to the level of detail involved, this new batch of information concerns incidents previously acknowledged by the Pentagon. Further, the database compiled by Airwars on the basis of the US military disclosures only covers the incidents that resulted in a total of 1,410 officially-confirmed civilian deaths over the entire period of five years. According to Airwars itself, the number of civilian casualties from the strikes in question could actually amount to at least 2,024.

Just last year, Airwars – together with Amnesty International – issued another report, in which it said that the civilian death toll resulting just from the US-led assault on the Syrian city of Raqqa in 2017 could be as high as 1,600 – some 10 times more than the official estimate at that time. This figure alone is higher than the total number of civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq conceded by the Pentagon over more than five years.

The exact number of people who perished in the US-led coalition’s operations in cities such as Syria’s Raqqa and Iraq’s Mosul might not even be known. Scores of corpses remained buried under the rubble years after the US “liberation” which involved massive bombardments and indiscriminate artillery shelling.

Airwars says that its new database paves the way for “affected Iraqis and Syrians to seek restitution and closure.” However, a glaring question remains about the closure that’s possible for relatives of the victims left unaccounted for - or residents of the cities that the coalition virtually reduced to ruins only to abandon them right after their “liberation.”
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MSM rush to report on Trump ‘CONCEDING’ election... after his tweet claiming Biden ‘won’ because Left ‘rigged’ the vote
President Donald Trump has not conceded the election to Joe Biden as of Sunday morning – but his tweet claiming Biden has “won” the contest by fraud was immediately taken by the mainstream media as an admission of defeat.
“He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump said of Biden on Sunday morning, in his latest tweet pointing to allegations of voter fraud. The president then blamed Biden’s apparent win on “NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company,” as well as “the Fake & Silent Media, & more!”

※ Carl Zha@CarlZha氏の2020/11/16のツイート
The longer term consequences is that China is guaranteed to pursue tech independence frm US dominance because US has proven to be untrustworthy. Regardless what Biden admin may do w China, US could easily elect another crazy President in 4 years.
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※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/11/15のツイート

New Defense chief signals potential troop drawdown: 'All wars must end'








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US is living in a sea of debt, but the storm is coming

US is living in a sea of debt, but the storm is coming – Max Keiser

RT’s Keiser Report looks at the student loan debtors waiting for Joe Biden to forgive their loans, and government audits finding an ‘open door policy’ on the no-repay ‘loans’ from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

“You got Steve Mnuchin, you got Kamala Harris, you got the PPP scandal. These are all the last gasps in risings of a failed state,” says Max Keiser.

“We are all Argentina now,” he adds, pointing out that Argentina doesn’t pay back its debts because it knows another bailout is coming.

We are living on a sea of debt… but the storm is coming,” he says, while America is printing, “trying to save themselves from this sinking.”

According to Max, the sequel to the 2008 financial crisis is on its way.
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RT 2020/11/8
Joe Biden is no blank page, may well return to warmongering policies waged by US before 2016, former OSCE vice-president tells RT

There's a ‘good chance’ that the US will return to a policy of foreign wars under Joe Biden, which will make its reconciliation with the EU impossible, Willy Wimmer, former vice-president of the OSCE, has warned.

The main reason why Americans voted for Donald Trump four years ago was that they were tired of constant wars waged by their country, as well as a collapsing economy and infrastructure in the US, Wimmer told RT.

Trump kept his promise and didn’t start any new foreign conflicts, but that may well change if a member of the Democratic Party is in the White House, the former vice president of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly said.

Joe Biden isn’t an empty white sheet – he represents the Democratic Party, who in the 1990s destroyed the Charter of the UN.

The German political veteran recalled the US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia under Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1999. He also pointed out that “in the presidency of [Barack] Obama, Biden was vice president and he was in absolute accordance with Obama’s drone wars and the wars in the Middle East, therefore there’s a good chance that Joe Biden continues in the same way as the Democratic Party did it in the 1990s and under Obama” before 2016.

“And going back to before 2016 means going back to war” for the US, Wimmer argued.
"そして2016年以前に戻るということは、アメリカにとって戦争に戻ることを意味する "とウィマー氏は主張した。

Relations between Washington and Brussels have deteriorated under Trump over his demands for EU nations to make larger financial contributions to NATO, as well as applying political and economic pressure on the bloc to stop dealing with Russia and China.

Hopes that things would improve under Biden will be dashed, “as long as the US and NATO don’t return to the Charter of the UN,” said the 77-year-old, who also served as state secretary to Germany’s defense minister.

However, he pointed out that a question remains as to whether the current US economy, which was heavily hit by the coronavirus, would even allow Biden to return to the aggressive policy which the Democrats used to pursue.

Unlike German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has already congratulated Biden for beating incumbent Donald Trump in the US presidential election, Wimmer believes that others “should be very, very careful with congratulations.”
すでにバイデン氏が米大統領選で現職のドナルド・トランプ氏を破ったことで祝辞を述べているドイツのアンゲラ・メルケル首相とは異なり、ウィマー氏は他の者は "祝辞には非常に、非常に慎重になるべきだ "と考えている。

The Democratic candidate declared himself the winner on Saturday after several major television networks projected that he was on a path to take more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency after four days of tense vote counts in several battleground states.

“It’s quite unusual… that the result of an election is announced by a news agency or a news channel. We’re used… in all our countries which belong to the OSCE, that we have election committees who announce results. And this hasn’t been done yet in the US,” he pointed out, describing the events surrounding the American election as “unbelievable.”

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/11/10のツイート
バイデンが国防長官に任命するミシェル・フロノイは、クリントン政権時ペンタゴンで「アメリカはその権益が枢要であれば、今後軍事攻撃を禁じる国連憲章に縛られない!」と宣言。イラク・リビア・シリア戦争の戦略を提示したフロノイ! リベラルは、ガラスの天井を破り、女性初の国防長官と大拍手か
20% of recovering #COVID19 patients develop mental illness

共同2020/11/12 09:03 (JST)11/12 09:21 (JST)updated
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Bellingcat やはりハチャメチャの団体だ スクリパル事件でもよく出ていた


※ Peter Hitchens@ClarkeMicah氏の2020/11/8のツイート
Bellingcat apologises for falsely accusing me of dishonesty.
※ Bellingcat@bellingcatの2020/11/8のツイート
Two weeks ago in a Tweet, we accused Mr Hitchens of reporting dishonestly on events regarding the leaking of information from the OPCW.
Our accusation of dishonesty on his part was untrue. We unreservedly apologise to Mr Hitchens for this accusation and happily withdraw it.

※ Syrian Girlリマインダーリボンシリア国旗@Partisangirl氏の2020/11/8のツイート
You should still sue. They accused me of making Sarin at my university lab. No apologies.

Bellingcat DID take UK Foreign Office money, open logs show, directly contradicting Eliot Higgins’ claims
By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions. Follow Kit on Twitter @KitKlarenberg
Controversial ‘open source investigations’ website Bellingcat was paid directly by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at least once, official data shows, debunking its founder and chief’s claims to the contrary.

Suggestions that Bellingcat is a tool of Western governments, and funded by them directly, have long-abounded – and consistently been denied by founder and chief Eliot Higgins.

Such allegations reached fever pitch in late 2018, when files related to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) military intelligence operation Integrity Initiative were leaked by hacktivist collective Anonymous. The papers revealed the secret endeavour, among other things, worked to discredit left-leaning, anti-war figures at home and abroad, and maintained clandestine global networks of journalists, academics, and military and intelligence operatives to spread pro-Western propaganda and encourage more aggressive policies toward Moscow.

Several documents openly referred to Bellingcat, at least one suggesting the organizations were collaborating on certain projects – if true, this would in turn imply Bellingcat was in receipt of FCO cash. Higgins was repeatedly probed on the question via Twitter, but he strenuously denied Bellingcat had conducted any work for or with the Initiative, or received FCO funding.

However, publicly-available documents prove the latter contention, at least, to be an outright lie. As Declassified UK chief Matt Kennard revealed on Twitter on October 26, official FCO procurement figures make clear the department paid Bellingcat £1,800 on December 20 2018 for “consulting, management and public relations” services – mere days prior to several of Higgins’ spirited denials.

The precise nature of the “consulting, management and public relations” services rendered by the organization is unclear, although it may be related to shadowy FCO program Open Information Partnership (OIP).

Officially, under its auspices Bellingcat collaborates with the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab, Zinc Network and Media Diversity Institute to “work together through peer-to-peer learning, training and working groups to pioneer methods to expose disinformation,” in collaboration with a sizable network of NGOs across Europe.

However, leaked documents suggest the endeavor is in actuality an avowed “disinformation factory” itself, seeking to covertly further Whitehall’s global policy objectives, seeking to influence “elections taking place in countries of particular interest to the FCO,” and other malign objectives – and strongly suggest Integrity Initiative is involved in the endeavour, or at least was at some stage.

The Initiative’s parent ‘charity’ Institute for Statecraft was named as one of OIP’s partners alongside Bellingcat et al, a number of Initiative staff were to be seconded to OIP, and the Initiative’s “pre-existing pool of contacts” was intended to serve “as a springboard for the identification of new potential network members.”

Significantly, the documents also detail numerous examples of OIP partners collaborating prior to the program’s April 2019 launch – yet further indications Eliot Higgins was also lying when he denied Bellingcat had ever joined forces with the Integrity Initiative.

For instance, in Ukraine OIP collaborated with a dozen online ‘influencers’ “to counter Kremlin-backed messaging through innovative editorial strategies, audience segmentation, and production models that reflected the complex and sensitive political environment,” in the process allowing them to “reach wider audiences with compelling content that received over four million views.”

In Russia and Central Asia, OIP worked with a network of ‘YouTubers’ in Russia and Central Asia to create videos “promoting media integrity and democratic values.” Somewhat sinisterly, participants were also taught how to “make and receive international payments without being registered as external sources of funding” and “develop editorial strategies to deliver key messages,” while the organization minimized their “risk of prosecution” and managed “project communications” to ensure the existence of the network, and indeed OIP’s role, were kept “confidential.”

Bellingcat’s website notes the organization is an OIP partner, although the fact that the program is funded entirely by the FCO – a fact openly stated on OIP’s homepage – isn’t mentioned. Upon the endeavour’s launch, Higgins was keen to claim Bellingcat was “subcontracted” for the project by OIP partner Zinc Network, which in turn received FCO funds. A cynic might suggest this semantic fudge allowed him to maintain the fiction Bellingcat wasn’t funded directly by the FCO, thus preserving the myth the organization is an independent citizen journalist collective, while nonetheless being heavily bankrolled by the UK government.

Alternatively, it may be the case that Whitehall itself wishes to distance itself from Higgins. After all, a leaked FCO-commissioned appraisal of Bellingcat concluded the organization was “somewhat discredited, both by spreading disinformation itself, and by being willing to produce reports for anyone willing to pay.”

Whatever the truth of the matter, there are indications Bellingcat’s relationship with the FCO may extend far further than what can be pieced together from publicly-available information. A Freedom of Information request submitted to the FCO in January 2019 asked the department for all internal documents related to research on the Syrian crisis mentioning Bellingcat, particularly those relating to the use of chemical weapons in the country, and “any documents that refer to the reliability of Bellingcat as a source when drafting research assessments.”

In response, the FCO stated it could “neither confirm nor deny it holds information relevant to your request,” on the grounds of “safeguarding national security.”
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He is the traitor that gave the intel to the Americans !?

※ ZAIDイラク国旗@ZAIDIIQ氏の2020/11/8のツイート
Biden served as vice president from 2008 to 2016,& during his time, Iraq witnessed the presence of Al Qaeda & then ISIS. Obama & Biden refused to help Iraq when Maliki was PM, but rather caused numerous crises until Al-Abadi assumed power. Waiting for the next season’s surprises
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※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/11/4のツイート
トルコがシリアから送ったテロリスト傭兵を報告する、アルメニア首相パシニャン。そんなこと今更報告してもらわなくとも、1カ月も前から、みんな知ってる! いったい、カラバフに住むアルメニア人のことを何と思っているんだ?

Israel should send its humanitarian aid to mercenaries instead of Armenia: Pashinyan
BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:40 P.M.) – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a zoom interview with the Jerusalem Post on Monday to discuss the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region.

Pashiniyan called on Israel to reconsider sending its humanitarian aid to Yerevan and instead send it to “mercenaries in Karabakh”, who, he said are being armed by Tel Aviv.

“Humanitarian aid by a country that is selling weapons to mercenaries, which they are using to strike a civilian peaceful population? I propose that Israel send that aid to the mercenaries and to the terrorists as the logical continuation of its activities.”

Pashinyan asked if Israel really wants to be on the same side as Turkey and Azerbaijan, as they both use foreign mercenaries and terrorists to fight Armenia.

“I think that Israel should think about the following,” the prime minister said. “Mercenaries, Islamic terrorists and Israel are now on the same side basically. So Israel should think, is this really a convenient position for it to be?”

The Armenian premier further warned of the consequences Israel faces by aligning with these mercenaries in Karabakh:

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/11/1のツイート

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/10/26のツイート

ロシアがナゴルノカラバフでようやく動く 10時間の交渉で停戦合意
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※ Going Underground on RT@Underground_RTの2020/11/6のツイート
Russia state-affiliated media
The United States of America's own President tells states to stop counting all the votes in a Presidential election.
This is the same United States that bombs other countries to 'introduce democracy'

※ Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump氏の2020/11/5のツイート
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※ mko@trappedsoldier11/3氏の2020/11/4のツイート

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci resigns to face war crimes charges at The Hague
Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci, has resigned and is set to face the International Criminal Court in The Hague, after an indictment charging him with crimes against humanity and war crimes was confirmed in court.
“As I promised I will not go before the court as President of Kosovo,” Thaci said during a Thursday press conference in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina. The leader explained his pre-trial resignation, saying he wishes to avoid harming “the integrity of the Kosovo presidency, the state of Kosovo and the people of Kosovo.”

The indictment was filed in June by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. It included not only the president, but several other former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members turned-politicians, including Kadri Veseli, leader of the Democratic Party.

KLA was an ethnically Albanian guerrilla group, which fought Serbian control and sought to separate Kosovo from Yugoslavia and Serbia in the 1990s. It was active through the 90s and the 2000s, until Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

At that time, Thaci’s nom de guerre was ‘the Snake’, for his ability to evade authorities. While a KLA commander, the future president was allegedly involved in assassinating Kosovar politicians and military officers, for which Pristina’s District court sentenced him in absentia to 10 years in prison in 1997.

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イドリブ地方に国境を挟んで隣接するハタヤ地域で防空訓練が行われています。シリアが戦闘機で攻めてくる? それともテロリストがなだれ込んでくる?


Is escalation in Idlib on the horizon?

※ Conflict News@Conflictsの2020/11/4のツイート
BREAKING: ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Vienna, Austria yesterday.

Natives of Balkan countries, North Caucasus detained in Austria − Russian ambassador
On Monday night, shootings took place at six locations in Vienna, leaving four dead and 15 injured
MOSCOW, November 3. /TASS/. Natives of some Balkan countries and the North Caucasus have reportedly been detained in Austria following Monday’s terrorist attack in the country’s capital of Vienna, Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky told Rossiya-1’s 60 Minutes TV show on Tuesday.
Read also
Two individuals detained over Vienna attack, media report
"There have been reports of numerous detentions not only in the capital but also in a number of other Austrian cities," he pointed out. "According to some reports, there are a number of natives of Balkan countries, Muslim countries and the North Caucasus among those detained. No details are available at the moment," the envoy added.

※ Fares Shehabi@ShehabiFares氏の2020/11/4のツイート
Alert the authorities in your country whenever you see someone carrying the Syrian "rebel" three star flag! They are all al-Qaeda sympathisers and follow Erdogan's radical agenda!

Kevork Almassian@KevorkAlmassian氏の2020/11/4のツイート
According to opposition pages, pro-Erdogan mercenary commander Adel al-Shahir has died in #Artsakh. The mercenary belonged to Hamza Division and recently transferred to #Azerbaijan to fight the Armenians. #ArtsakhStrong

※ Nikol Pashinyan@NikolPashinyan氏の2020/11/4のツイート
Here is the testimony of the second mercenary that was captured. Like many others, he was recruited in Syria and transported from Turkey to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenians of #Artsakh

Al-Masdar News
#Russia reveals up to 2,000 foreign mercenaries fighting in #Karabakh https://aml.ink/d97ty #Armenia #Azerbaijan
BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed that the number of fighters from the Middle East in the Karabakh region is close to 2,000, stressing that his country will continue cooperation with Turkey to resolve the conflict peacefully.

Lavrov said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper: “We are of course concerned about the internationalization of the Karabakh conflict and the involvement of militants from the Middle East in it.”

He continued: “We have repeatedly called on external parties to exploit their capabilities in order to cut off the transfer of mercenaries, whose number in the conflict zone, according to available information, is approaching 2,000 people.”

He pointed out that this issue was touched upon during the telephone conversations that Russian President Vladimir Putin held with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on October 27, and periodic contacts with the Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev, and the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan.

The Russian Foreign Minister added that his country continues to “persistently pass its position” on this issue through various channels.

In a related context, Lavrov stressed that Russia will continue to work with Turkey to stop the military conflict in Karabakh.

He said, “We have never hidden, nor are we hiding now that we refuse to settle the crisis through the use of force, and we seek to end hostilities as soon as possible. It is very important for the two parties and their external partners to respect the agreements on a strict ceasefire and to form a mechanism to monitor it and resume the negotiation process.”

He added, “Although no strict armistice was reached immediately, we will continue to exploit all the influence we have in the region and we will work with Turkish partners to stop the subsequent passage of the military scenario, arrange dialogue between the two parties and convince Baku and Yerevan to sit around the negotiating table.”



※ ali ornek@ornekali氏の2020/10/22のツイート
Turkey is preparing for a possible war due to AKP government’s ambition to protect jihadist in Idlib at all cost. According to the report, Turkish defense company Aselsan has set up an alarm system against aerial attacks in Hatay, Antep and Kilis. https://m.haberturk.com/hatay-haberler



Hatay'da valiliğin duyurduğu 'uyarı tatbikatı' siren ve anons ile yapıldı
22.10.2020 - 14:00 DHA
İzzet NAZLI/HATAY, (DHA) HATAY'da, valilik tarafından dün açıklanan, siren sistemi kurulumuyla ilgili çalışmalar kapsamında bugün ilk tatbikat gerçekleştirildi. Kent genelinde siren sesi duyulurken, megafonlarla anons da yapıldı.
Hatay Valiliği'nin resmi internet sitesi üzerinden dün yapılan yazılı açıklamada, "Hatay İl Afet ve Acil Durum Müdürlüğü'nden verilen bilgiye göre; Başkanlığımız ile ASELSAN A.Ş. arasında 19.02.2019 tarihinde imzalanan "Gaziantep, Hatay ve Kilis İllerinde İkaz ve Alarm (Siren) Sistemi Kurulumu İşleri Sözleşmesi" kapsamında ilimizde kurulumu tamamlanan siren sistemlerinin geçici muayene kabul işlemleri 20-30 Ekim 2020 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilecektir. Söz konusu işlemler sahada siren seslerinin çaldırılması ve sesli anons şeklinde olacaktır" denildi.
Hatay merkez ve ilçelerinde, bugün saat 11.00 sıralarında, megafonlardan siren sesi duyuldu. Yapılan anonsta, 'Dikkat dikkat, ilimiz ve ilçemiz için hava sahamızın tehlikesini bildiren kırmızı alarm verilmiştir. Acil ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılayacak malzemelerle derhal sığınaklara veya sığınma yerlerine gidin. Yetkililerden tehlike geçti haberi alıncaya kadar bulunduğunuz yeri terk etmeyin' denildi. DHA-Genel Türkiye-Hatay / Merkez İzzet NAZLI
2020-10-22 12:05:26

The 'warning exercise' announced by the governorship in Hatay was held with a siren and announcement.
22.10.2020 - 14:00 DHA

İzzet NAZLI / HATAY, (DHA) In HATAY, the first exercise was held today within the scope of the works regarding the installation of the siren system, which was announced by the governorship yesterday. While the siren sound was heard throughout the city, the announcement was made with megaphones.
In the written statement made yesterday on the official website of the Governorship of Hatay, "According to the information given by the Hatay Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency," Signed between our Presidency and ASELSAN A.Ş. on 19.02.2019 "Warning and Alarm in Gaziantep, Hatay and Kilis Provinces Within the scope of the (Siren) System Installation Works Agreement, the temporary inspection and acceptance procedures of the siren systems installed in our province will be carried out between 20-30 October 2020. The said procedures will be in the form of sounding siren sounds and voice announcements on the site.
In the center and districts of Hatay, around 11:00 today, a siren sounded from the megaphones. In the announcement, 'Attention, attention, a red alert has been given to inform our city and the danger of our airspace. Immediately go to shelters or shelters with materials to meet your immediate needs. Do not leave your place until you get the news that the danger has passed from the authorities. DHA-General of Turkey-Hatay / Central Izzet NAZLI
2020-10-22 12:05:26

22.10.2020-14:00 DHA
İzzetNAZLI/ HATAY、(DHA)HATAYでは、昨日知事が発表したサイレンシステムの設置に関する作業の範囲内で、本日最初の演習が行われました。街中でサイレンの音が聞こえる中、メガフォンでアナウンスされました。
昨日、ハタイ知事の公式ウェブサイトで行われた声明の中で、「ハタイ州災害緊急局から提供された情報によると」、私たちの大統領とASELSANA.Şの間で署名されました。 (サイレン)システム設置工事協定の範囲内で、本州に設置されたサイレンシステムの一時的な検査および受理手続きは、2020年10月20日から30日まで実施されます。
ハタイの中心部と地区では、今日の11:00頃、メガフォンからサイレンが鳴りました。発表では、「注意、注意、私たちの街と私たちの空域の危険性を知らせるために赤い警告が出されました。あなたの差し迫ったニーズを満たすために、すぐに避難所または物資のある避難所に行きます。当局から危険が過ぎ去ったというニュースを受け取るまで、あなたの場所を離れないでください。 DHA-トルコ将軍-Hatay / Central Izzet NAZLI
2020-10-22 12:05:26
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2020年10月30日 20時51分ごろ地中海(ギリシャ、ドデカネス諸島)でマグニチュード7.0の地震がありました。ギリシャの領土ですがトルコに近くトルコで大きな被害になっています。IZMIRなどでビルが丸ごと倒壊。









خالد اسكيف@khalediskef
المخابرات التركية تقترح حل "حركة أحرار الشام" وتمهل قياداتها يومين للرد .
#سورية #تركيا
午後9:37 ・ 2020年10月29日・Twitter for Android

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爆弾が破裂するとこうなります シリア北部のトルコ軍の空爆と車両爆弾

近くにミサイルが落ちたら 物陰に身を隠すこれが鉄則です

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US-led Coalition strikes Syrian regime targets in Deir ez-Zour


US-led Coalition strikes Syrian regime targets in Deir ez-Zour: monitor
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region − A war monitor is reporting that International Coalition jets struck Syrian regime positions in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zour, after a military post of the Kurdish-led forces was targeted by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces earlier on Sunday.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) sources, several mortars fired by regime forces across the Euphrates river landed near Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions in the village of al-Dahla.

The attack was followed by the SDF-allied Coalition hitting regime targets in the town of al-Quriyyah.

Rudaw English has reached out to the Coalition for comment on the reported exchange.

※ Fares Shehabi@ShehabiFares氏の2020/10/27のツイート
Erdogan transferred tens of wounded jihadi terrorists to Antakya's government hospital after the Russian strike today that killed more than 90 of them so far..




Steele Maiko facebook 2020/10/27
Dozens of militants were killed in a large Russian strike on a terrorist training camp in the “Mount Dawila” region of the #Idlib countryside.
The training facility was used by the “Damascus corps.” terrorist group and the Russian strikes took place during the graduation ceremony for a new group of about 100 fighters.
The base hit was a former SyAAF air defence base but has been used by various terrorists groups for about 8 years.
#Syria #Turkey #Russia #Syrianarmyplease feel free to follow for daily Syrian Arab Army updates

Qasioun - monitor facebook 2020/10/27
The air strikes launched by the Russian occupation planes on the Jabal Al-Duwailah area of ​​Harem, northwest of Idlib, today, has killed more than 48 people, and injured about 120 others, according to some sources.
And local sources there indicated that the number of deaths is expected to rise due to the presence of a large number of wounded, some of them in serious cases, in addition to the presence of missing and stranded, amid information about other dead.
For his part, the Qasiyoun correspondent said this morning, that the air strikes on the "de-escalation" area, where Russian warplanes launched raids on places in the Jabal Al-Duwailah area of ​​the Harem area northwest of Idlib, about 9 km from the Turkish border, where there are camps in the area. For the displaced.

Syria war: 'Russian air strikes kill dozens' in Idlib
Russian air strikes in northern Syria have killed more than 50 Turkish-backed militia fighters in the mainly rebel-held province of Idlib, reports say.
Many others were wounded in the attack, which marks an escalation of violence in the region.
A training base for an Islamist group called Faylaq al-Sham was hit.
The assault puts at risk a ceasefire in Idlib, brokered and monitored by Russia and Turkey, which back opposite sides in the war.
UK-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the number of dead at 78.
Some of the wounded were in a serious condition, and the death toll was likely to rise, the Observatory added.
It described the attack - in the Harem region north-west of Idlib city - as the deadliest since the ceasefire came into force in March.
The truce brought to a halt a Syrian government offensive on the region which had displaced almost a million people, and has largely held since then.
When the ceasefire was announced, Turkey said it reserved the right to "retaliate with all its strength" against any attack by forces allied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Idlib is the last province held by rebels and jihadists, who have been beaten back in a nine-year-long civil war.

共同2020/10/28 21:41 (JST)10/28 22:47 (JST)updated

Erdogan warns of military action in Syria, decries Russian strike
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his country has ‘legitimate reason’ to intervene in northern Syria with Kurdish fighters in the border area.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened on Wednesday to launch a new military operation in northern Syria if Kurdish armed groups are not cleared from areas along its border with Syria.
In an address to his ruling party’s legislators in parliament, the Turkish leader also said a Russian air strike that targeted Turkey-backed Syrian rebels in northwest Idlib province earlier this week was an indication that Moscow was not looking for lasting peace in the region.
“If all of the terrorists aren’t removed … as it has been promised to us, I repeat once again that we have a legitimate reason to intervene at any moment. We feel the need to,” Erdogan said.
His comments came days after a suspected Kurdish fighter – who officials said infiltrated Turkey from Syria – blew himself up in a town in the border province of Hatay, following a police chase. Security officials killed a second fighter.
In his first remarks on Monday’s air strike that killed dozens of fighters, Erdogan said: “Russia’s attack targeting the Syrian National Army forces training centre is a sign that a lasting peace and calm is not wanted in the region.”
The attack in the Jabal al-Dweila area, which targeted a military training camp for Failaq al-Sham, one of the largest Turkey-backed armed groups in the area, killed at least 35 people.
It was the deadliest in Idlib, the last rebel-held enclave in Syria, since a Turkish-Russian-brokered truce there came into effect in March.
It occurred as relations between Russia and Turkey show increasing signs of strain over Ankara’s military involvement in Syria, the Caucasus and Libya, where Moscow also has interests.

In Syria, Russia is a main supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, while Turkey backs a handful of opposition factions.
The Turkish-backed National Liberation Front alliance includes 11 Free Syrian Army factions all supported by Ankara. But it excludes Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham, a former al-Qaeda affiliate that currently controls large swaths of the northwestern Syrian province.
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