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Black professor declared racist over hoodie ban
The teacher’s ban on “durags,” “twerk shorts,” and “coochie cutter shorts” has reportedly been removed from the syllabus
hoodie:フードのついた外套 パーカーやアノラック
coochie cutter shorts:短いショートパンツ
twerk shorts

A slangy “dress code” included in a computer science course syllabus at historically black college North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University has reportedly been removed after social media users complained it was “anti-black,” despite its author being a black man himself, Forbes reported on Thursday.

The instructor, named by several Twitter users as NCAT professor Derrick LeFlore, warned his undergraduate students that “Bonnets, Durag [sic], Hoodies, Booty Shorts, Coochie Cutter Shorts, Twerk Shorts” were forbidden in the classroom.

“If you wear it to bed or the club, don’t wear it to [class],” the syllabus, posted to Twitter last week, warned. LeFlore appeared to request a “business casual” dress code from his students, though the full text of the dress code was cut off in the posted screenshot.

While the professor is himself black, the selection of clothing items he chose to forbid - and the language he used to describe them - led some to accuse him of anti-blackness.

The hoodie ban in particular got a hostile reaction, with several commenters drawing a qualitative distinction between the garment and mere booty shorts (or twerk shorts) in terms of both utility (classrooms get cold) and decorum (“people literally wear hoodies to jobs now,” one user pointed out).

The hoodie took on fraught political significance after the 2012 shooting of 17-year-old black teenager Trayvon Martin by amateur neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman when Fox & Friends TV host Geraldo Rivera blamed the oversized hoodie Martin was wearing for firing up Zimmerman's suspicions, urging black parents to keep their kids away from similarly sinister sweatshirts.

Other commenters argued it wasn't so much LeFlore's choice of forbidden garments that constituted an anti-black dog whistle, but his terminology. It was inappropriate for a male professor to be using terms like “coochie cutter” in an official document, even amounting to sexual harassment, some said.

While some defended the beleaguered professor, reasoning he was just trying to inculcate a sense of professionalism by using the kind of casual vocabulary he thought would connect with students, commenters were claiming by Wednesday that he had deleted the offending text.

複数のTwitterユーザーがNCATのデリック・ルフロア教授と名指ししたこの講師は、学部生に「Bonnets, Durag [sic], Hoodies, Booty Shorts, Coochie Cutter Shorts, Twerk Shorts」が教室で禁止されていると警告している。




2012年に17歳の黒人ティーンエイジャー、トレイボン・マーティンがアマチュアの自警団員ジョージ・ジマーマンによって射殺された事件後、パーカーは政治的に重大な意味を持つようになった。Fox & FriendsのTVホスト、ジェラルド・リベラ氏が、ジマーマンが疑惑を抱いたのはマーティンが着ていたオーバーサイズのパーカーのせいだとし、黒人親に、同様の不吉なスウェットから自分の子供を遠ざけておくように促したのである。

他のコメントでは、反黒人の警笛を鳴らしているのは、ルフロア氏の禁じられた衣服の選択というよりも、彼の用語の使い方であると主張した。男性教授が公式文書で "クーキーカッター "などという言葉を使うのは不適切で、セクハラにさえなると言う人もいた。

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German opposition demands defense minister quits
The call follows a scandal triggered by Christine Lambrecht's NYE greetings
The leaders of Germany’s largest opposition party – the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – and their political allies, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), have demanded Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht be fired amid a scandal over a New Year’s Eve address.

Lambrecht has landed herself in hot water over remarks in a New Year's post on Instagram that the conflict in Ukraine had brought her many “special impressions” and allowed her meet many “interesting and great people.” Her speech was immediately lambasted by opposition politicians and journalists as “embarrassing” and “inappropriate.”

“Every hour that Ms. Lambrecht remains in office weakens the authority of the federal chancellor,” Friedrich Merz, the leader of the CDU, told the German newspaper Merkur on Wednesday. “The whole of Germany is just shaking its head, not just our soldiers,” he said, adding that “defense experts around the world are speechless over how embarrassing and lacking in expertise a minister in our country can appear in public.”

That sentiment was echoed by Markus Soeder, the leader of the CSU – a longstanding ally of the CDU.

“This minister must finally resign – or be fired,” Soeder told Merkur, adding that “our soldiers did not deserve this minister.” The CSU leader also said that Chancellor Olaf Scholz must “solve this personnel problem” since it was he, who appointed Lambrecht in the first place.

Lambrecht herself has so far not commented on the scandal. The federal government has also declined to make a statement. “I don't see any reason to evaluate this now,” deputy government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann told journalists amid the outcry. Scholz previously defended Lambrecht by highlighting her as a “first-class defense minister” in December.

The opposition now accuses the chancellor of intentionally seeking to further weaken the German armed forces by appointing such a defense chief. Lambrecht was supposed to continue the policy devised by Scholz’s Social Democrats for “the unloved child – the Bundeswehr,” Merz told Merkur, claiming it was planned that the German army should stay “inconspicuous, unambitious and with an ever-decreasing budget.”

“That’s what the then Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, had intended in the financial planning for the Bundeswehr,” he added, referring to the chancellor’s position in the cabinet of his predecessor, Angela Merkel.

この要求の声は、Christine Lambrecht の NYE の挨拶によって引き起こされたスキャンダルに続くものです。
ドイツ最大の野党である保守派のキリスト教民主同盟 (CDU) とその同盟国であるバイエルンキリスト教社会同盟 (CSU) の指導者たちは、大晦日の演説をめぐるスキャンダルの中で、国防相のクリスティーヌ・ランブレヒトの解任を要求した。

ランブレヒトは、ウクライナでの紛争が彼女に多くの「特別な印象」をもたらし、多くの「興味深く偉大な人々」との出会いを可能にしたという新年の Instagram への投稿の発言をめぐって、自分自身を苦境に陥らせました。 彼女の演説は野党の政治家やジャーナリストから「恥ずかしい」「不適切」と即座に非難された。

CDUのリーダーであるフリードリッヒ・メルツ氏は、水曜日にドイツの新聞メルクールに、「ランブレヒト氏がオフィスに留まるたびに、連邦首相の権威が弱まっている」と語った。 「わが国の兵士だけでなく、ドイツ全体が首を横に振っています」と彼は言い、「世界中の防衛専門家は、わが国の大臣が公の場に現れることがいかに恥ずかしく、専門知識に欠けているかについて言葉を失っています」と付け加えた。

その感情は、CDU の長年の同盟者である CSU のリーダーである Markus Soeder によって繰り返されました。

「この大臣は最終的に辞任するか、解雇されなければなりません」とソーダーはメルクールに語り、「私たちの兵士はこの大臣にふさわしくありませんでした」と付け加えました。 CSUのリーダーはまた、そもそもランブレヒトを任命したのは彼だったので、オラフ・ショルツ首相は「この人事問題を解決しなければならない」と述べた。

ランブレヒト自身は、これまでのところスキャンダルについてコメントしていません。 連邦政府も声明を出すことを拒否した。 「今、これを評価する理由は見当たらない」と、政府副報道官のクリスチャン・ホフマンは抗議の中でジャーナリストに語った。 ショルツは以前、12月にランブレヒトを「一流の国防相」と強調して擁護していた。

野党は現在、首相がそのような国防長官を任命することでドイツ軍をさらに弱体化させようとしていると非難している。 ランブレヒトは、ショルツの社会民主党が考案した政策を継続することになっていた、とメルツはメルクールに語り、ドイツ軍は「目立たず、野心的でなく、予算を減らし続ける」ことを計画していたと主張した。


German defense minister slammed over ‘inappropriate’ message on Ukraine
Opposition MPs called for the resignation of Christine Lambrecht over “embarrassing” New Year’s Eve message
Germany’s defense minister, Christine Lambrecht, has been roundly criticized after publishing a New Year’s Eve greeting in which she touched upon the ongoing conflict in Ukraine against the backdrop of festive fireworks in Berlin. The message was broadly slammed as an “embarrassment” and prompted opposition politicians and some journalists to call for her resignation.

In a video published on her personal Instagram page on Saturday night, Lambrecht can be seen standing in the middle of a Berlin street, with loud fireworks blasting behind her.

“A war is raging in the middle of Europe,” the minister says at one point, without even mentioning Russia or Ukraine. Lambrecht then goes on to say that over the past year she has had “many encounters with interesting and great people” and has received “many special impressions” in connection to the ongoing conflict. “I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for that,” she adds. 

A member of the Bundestag’s Defense Committee, Serap Guler, branded the minister’s message an “embarrassment” that only added to a pile of her previous alleged mistakes. “Every additional minute the chancellor [Olaf Scholz] still holds on to this minister and further damages the reputation of our country would lie at his door,” said the lawmaker from the Conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – Germany's largest opposition party.

It is not just about the image of the minister herself, but the perception of Germany in Europe and around the world, Guler warned, wondering “who is supposed to take us seriously anymore?”

Her words were echoed by another CDU MP, Roderich Kiesewetter, who called Lambrecht’s message “inappropriate” in an interview with the Tagesspiegel daily. “It strengthens the distrust… towards Germany that is unfortunately taking hold in Europe and internationally,” he said. 

The CDU’s former leader, Armin Laschet, also lashed out at the German government over Lambrecht’s message. “Have they lost their minds in Berlin?” he wrote in a Twitter post, wondering if Scholz “really does not care about Germany’s image in Europe and the world.”

The government has refused to comment on the situation, with deputy government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann telling journalists “I don't see any reason to evaluate this now.”

The CDU has been calling for Lambrecht’s resignation for months. Scholz has so far supported the defense chief, and in an interview with the SZ newspaper back in December, he said Lambrecht had been a “first-class defense minister.” 
ドイツのクリスティーヌ・ランブレヒト国防相は、大晦日のあいさつ文で、ベルリンでのお祝いの花火を背景に進行中のウクライナ紛争に触れた後、厳しく批判されている。 このメッセージは広く「恥ずかしい」と非難され、野党政治家や一部のジャーナリストは彼女の辞任を求めるようになった。


「戦争はヨーロッパの真ん中で猛威を振るっている」と大臣はある時点で、ロシアやウクライナには言及することさえせずに言った。 ランブレヒトは続けて、この 1 年間、進行中の紛争に関連して「興味深く素晴らしい人々と多くの出会い」があり、「多くの特別な印象」を受けてきたと述べています。 「心から感謝したいと思います」と彼女は付け加えます。

連邦議会の防衛委員会のメンバーであるセラップ ギュラーは、大臣のメッセージを「当惑」の烙印を押した。それは、彼女の過去の疑惑の過ちの山に加わるだけだった。 ドイツ最大の野党であるキリスト教民主同盟(CDU)の国会議員は、「首相[オラフ・ショルツ]は毎分、この大臣にしがみつき、わが国の評判をさらに傷つけるだろう」と語った.


彼女の言葉は、タゲシュピーゲル日刊紙とのインタビューでランブレヒトのメッセージを「不適切」と呼んだ、別の CDU MP、ローデリヒ キーゼヴェッターによって繰り返されました。 「それは不信感を強める…残念なことにヨーロッパや国際的に定着しているドイツへの不信感」と彼は言った。

CDUの元リーダーであるアーミン・ラシェットも、ランブレヒトのメッセージをめぐってドイツ政府を激しく非難した. 「彼らはベルリンで正気を失ったのですか?」 彼はツイッターの投稿で、ショルツが「ヨーロッパと世界におけるドイツのイメージを本当に気にしていないのか」と疑問に思っている.

政府はこの状況についてコメントすることを拒否しており、政府副報道官のクリスティアーネ ホフマンはジャーナリストに対し、「今これを評価する理由は見当たらない」と述べています。

CDU は何ヶ月もの間、ランブレヒトの辞任を求めてきました。 ショルツ氏はこれまで国防長官を支持しており、12 月に SZ 紙とのインタビューで、ランブレヒト氏は「一流の国防相」だったと語った。


German defense minister to resign – media
Christine Lambrecht – who has received many “special impressions” from the Ukraine conflict – is reportedly ready to quit
German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has decided to resign and will do so next week, SZ and Bild newspapers reported on Friday. The minister has already discussed the move with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the two media outlets alleged, citing sources close to the politician.

According to Bild, Lambrecht made this decision of her own volition. Neither the government nor the defense minister has not officially commented on the reported move so far.

The reports follow a major scandal that saw opposition politicians and journalists calling for Lambrecht’s immediate dismissal. The uproar was sparked by her ill-fated New Year’s Eve address, in which she said that the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev had given her many “special impressions” and allowed her to meet many “interesting and great people.” Her speech was immediately lambasted as “embarrassing” and “inappropriate.”

The leaders of the biggest opposition bloc – the Union – then accused Scholz of making Lambrecht the defense minister to further weaken the German Armed Forces, which have been struggling with personnel shortages and equipment malfunctions for years.

Lambrecht’s tenure as a defense minister also saw another scandal involving Germany’s military equipment. In December, the nation said it would halt procuring modern domestically-produced Puma infantry fighting vehicles because of numerous malfunctions. Lambrecht then described the development as a “major setback.”

The minister also took a rather reserved stance on military aid for Kiev as she repeatedly warned that it depletes the stocks of the German Armed Forces – the Bundeswehr – and opposed supplying Ukraine with heavier weapons like Leopard 2 tanks, arguing that Berlin would never do that alone.

Scholz previously defended Lambrecht by describing her as a “first-class defense minister” in December.


今回の報道は、野党の政治家やジャーナリストがランブレヒト氏の即時解任を求めるという大きなスキャンダルに続くものである。この騒動は、大晦日の演説で、モスクワとキエフの間で続く紛争が多くの「特別な印象」を与え、多くの「興味深く素晴らしい人々」に会うことを可能にしたと述べた、彼女の不運な演説に端を発したものだ。彼女のスピーチはすぐに "恥ずかしい"、"不適切 "と非難された。




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Explosion hits Baltic gas pipeline

Explosion hits Baltic gas pipeline
A village was reportedly evacuated after the northern Lithuanian line blew up
A gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Latvia exploded on Friday, causing a fireball visible for 17 kilometers. Lithuania’s gas grid operator is investigating the blast, and foul play is not suspected.

The explosion took place along a section of pipeline in Lithuania’s Pasvalys region, grid operator Amber Grid said in a statement. The blast severed one of two parallel lines. The company said it immediately shut off the flow of gas after the incident, adding that supply to residents of Pasvalys would resume through the undamaged line.

Fire crews were dispatched to put out the blaze, but their efforts were hampered as the remaining gas in the line continued to burn off. Flames shot to a height of around 50 meters (160 feet), and were visible from 17 kilometers (11 miles) away, Lithuania’s Delfi news site reported.

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT said that the nearby village of Valakeliai was evacuated by police as a precaution, with its roughly 250 residents asked to leave their homes.

Amber Grid Director Nemunas Biknius told Delfi that an investigation will begin as soon as the fire is extinguished. He added that the company has thus far seen no evidence of a “malicious event,” but will nevertheless examine the possibility.

The pipeline transports gas to Lithuania’s northern regions and on into Latvia. No supply issues were reported on the Latvian side, Energy Minister Raimonds Cudars said.
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Kevin Spacey pleads not guilty in latest sexual assault case
A British man filed seven complaints against the ‘House of Cards’ star
Legendary actor Kevin Spacey pleaded not guilty to seven sexual offense counts in Southwark Crown Court on Friday. The actor had already made a not-guilty plea last year to charges he had assaulted three other men in the UK.

The new charges, filed in November by a single British plaintiff, included three counts each of indecent assault and sexual assault, and one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, all allegedly stemming from encounters between 2001 and 2004.

Both sets of charges date from the period in which the ‘American Beauty’ actor lived in London and served as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre. His lawyer agreed to join the two cases, and Spacey is expected to begin trial in June.

A New York jury sided with Spacey last year in a $40 million civil lawsuit filed by former stage actor Anthony Rapp, who accused the star of sexually assaulting him when he was just 14 after the two met while working on Broadway together.

Rapp’s public accusation of Spacey in 2017 torpedoed the actor’s career as the #MeToo movement was cresting in Hollywood, opening the door to a stream of other accusers. The producer of his hit show ‘House of Cards’ even opted to hurriedly kill off Spacey’s character – and by extension the show itself – rather than continue to work with the suddenly controversial star. 

The favorable verdict seems to have cleared the way for Spacey to return to film, however, as he was hired in November for his first movie role since the scandal broke, voicing the villain in a British indie film.  

Despite the charges pending against him, Spacey is set to be honored at Italy’s National Cinema Museum next week with a lifetime achievement award. He was granted unconditional bail by the UK judge and is free to travel.






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US state senator calls Ukrainian troops a threat
Trainees in Oklahoma could misfire a missile and kill somebody as Kiev’s troops did in Poland, Nathan Dahm argued
US state senator calls Ukrainian troops a threat
The self-proclaimed most conservative state senator in Oklahoma, Nathan Dahm, is seeking to derail the Pentagon’s plan to train some 100 Ukrainian troops at Fort Sill in his state. The servicemen are not from a NATO nation and may pose a threat to local residents, he argued in a draft resolution.

The proposed document that Dahm introduced on Wednesday aims to stop the planned training of Ukrainian forces in the use of Patriot air defense systems at the Oklahoma military base. The lawmaker cited the incident in November when an anti-aircraft missile fired by Ukrainians veered into Polish airspace and killed two civilians in a border village.

“The citizens of Oklahoma need not be under threat of a similar failure impacting our people,” the document, which Dahm shared on Twitter, read.

He argued that the US should not be obliged to train the Ukrainians since their country is not a NATO ally and the US never formally declared war against Russia in support of Kiev. If adopted, the resolution would urge the state government to use its authority “to keep foreign soldiers off” of Oklahoma soil.
READ MORE: Kiev clarifies timeline for Patriot delivery

However, Dahm’s stance toward the Pentagon’s plans was rejected by some of his fellow legislators. A statement responding to his proposal released by the state Senate said that Oklahoma “has had partnerships with military forces from partner countries … for decades” and claimed that cutting them would jeopardize US national security. The rebuke was signed by seven state senators, all of them fellow Republicans, including State President Pro Tempore Greg Treat.

Dahm brushed off critics of his proposal on social media. He said he was putting his country and Oklahomans first, and was not interested in the opinions of “foreigners and bots.” 



続きを読む キエフ、パトリオット納入のスケジュールを明らかに


ダーム氏は、ソーシャルメディア上で自分の提案に対する批判を一蹴した。彼は、自分の国とオクラホマ人を第一に考えており、"外国人やボット "の意見に興味はないと言った。 

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the massacre of some 500,000 Indonesians

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Snowden identifies ‘real scandal’ regarding Biden docs
The story about classified materials found in an office linked to the US president was suppressed days before the midterms, the whistleblower has claimed
US President Joe Biden has probably made off with more classified documents than many whistleblowers, but unlike them he will get away with it, former CIA and National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden suggested on Wednesday.

In a series of tweets, the whistleblower commented on a recent controversy surrounding sensitive Obama-era documents discovered at Biden's vice-presidential office by his attorneys. The White House has acknowledged the incident and the US Justice Department is currently looking into the matter.

“Worth noting that the President seems to have absconded with more classified documents than many whistleblowers,” Snowden wrote, comparing the situation with the case of Reality Winner who “was sentenced to 5 YEARS for just one document.” The former NSA translator was convicted in 2018 of leaking a report about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

“Meanwhile Biden, Trump, Clinton, Petraeus... these guys have dozens, hundreds [of documents]. No jail,” the whistleblower added.

Snowden went on to say that “the real scandal isn’t that Biden had classified documents coming out of his socks, because sadly they’ve all been doing it. The scandal is that the DOJ found out about it a week prior to the midterm elections and chose to suppress the story, conferring a partisan advantage.” 

Snowden is known for leaking classified documents exposing Washington’s surveillance efforts that targeted American civilians.

The story about Biden’s documents was first broken by CBS News on Monday, which reported that the president’s personal attorneys had found the documents at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement of the University of Pennsylvania on November 2 and reported them to the authorities.

On Wednesday, NBC News reported, citing sources, that Biden aides had discovered at least one other batch of classified documents at another location.

This bombshell infuriated Republicans, with some drawing parallels with the FBI raid at the residence of former President Donald Trump in search of classified materials. The agency reportedly seized around 300 sensitive files from the ex-president’s estate.

The White House, however, insisted that the two cases are different, claiming that, unlike Trump, Biden had not been notified that he was in possession of the documents, nor had he been asked to return them. Rather, he swiftly revealed the discovery to the National Archives and turned over the papers.


"注目すべきは、大統領は多くの内部告発者よりも多くの機密文書を持ち逃げしたようだ "とスノーデンは書き、この状況を "たった1つの文書で5年の刑を受けた "リアリティ・ウィナーのケースと比較している。元NSAの翻訳者は、2016年の米国選挙へのロシアの干渉疑惑に関する報告書をリークした罪で、2018年に有罪判決を受けた。


スノーデンはさらに、「本当のスキャンダルは、バイデンが靴下から機密文書を出していたことではない、悲しいことに彼らは皆そうしてきたのだから」と述べた。司法省が中間選挙の1週間前にそれを知り、党派的な優位性を与えるために、その話を隠すことを選んだことがスキャンダルなのだ "と。 





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米国株は大幅下落に直面 - モルガン・スタンレー

US stocks face massive drop – Morgan Stanley
The Wall Street bank’s chief strategist says equities may fall another 22% from current levels
US stocks are expected to undergo much sharper declines than most of the pessimistic projections outlined, according to Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist, as quoted by Bloomberg.

In a research note seen by the agency, the analyst said that the recession would exacerbate the biggest annual decline in the equity market since the global financial crisis. Wilson added that the S&P 500 could drop much lower than the 3,500 to 3,600 points that the market is currently estimating, in the event of a mild recession.

“The consensus could be right directionally, but wrong in terms of magnitude,” he said, adding that the benchmark could bottom around 3,000 points, or some 22% as against current levels.

The analyst warned, however, that while a peak in inflation would bolster bond markets, “it’s also very negative for profitability.” Margins will continue to disappoint through 2023, he added.

Meanwhile, analysts at Goldman Sachs reportedly expect the positive impact from China’s post-Covid economic reopening to get overshadowed by pressure on profit margins, changes to US corporate tax policies, along with looming recession.

Deutsche Bank Group strategists also say that US earnings would decline during the current year, adding that stocks could rally through the fourth-quarter reporting season due to a year-end selloff and to low investor positioning.
米国株は大幅下落に直面 - モルガン・スタンレー





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China threatens retaliation for Covid discrimination
New pandemic restrictions on travelers from China are motivated by politics over science, Beijing said
China has vowed to take countermeasures after the United States and other countries tightened their Covid-19 rules for those traveling from China. The new restrictions follow Beijing’s decision to ease its own health policies at home.

Asked about the pandemic measures during a Tuesday press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning noted that while many countries had responded “warmly” to China’s relaxed Covid rules, others reacted with “disproportionate” and “unacceptable” restrictions.

“We stand ready to step up communication with the rest of the international community and work together to prevail over Covid. Meanwhile, we do not believe the entry restriction measures some countries have taken against China are science-based,” she said. “We firmly reject using Covid measures for political purposes and will take corresponding measures in response to varying situations based on the principle of reciprocity.”

Australia became one of the latest to adopt new measures against travelers from China on Sunday, requiring negative Covid-19 tests within 48 hours prior to their departure beginning on January 5. Opposition MPs have condemned the move, citing recommendations from Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, who argued there was no convincing “public health rationale” for the new restrictions.

Other countries, such as the US, Italy, France and Britain, have imposed similar rules in recent days, while the EU’s European Commission has said an “overwhelming majority” of the bloc’s 27 members would like to follow suit. Testing and quarantine requirements have also been introduced elsewhere in Asia, including in Japan, India and Malaysia.

During her own daily press briefing in Washington on Tuesday, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre was asked to comment on Beijing’s “sharp rhetoric” regarding the restrictions. She insisted there was “no cause for retaliation” and that countries were merely taking “prudent health measures to protect their citizens,” claiming the policies are based on “public health and science.”

The Chinese government did not specify how it might retaliate to the wave of new Covid measures and has yet to announce any new travel rules of its own, but previously accused Western nations of attempting to “sabotage China’s three years of Covid-19 control efforts and attack the country’s system.” After multiple rounds of heavy lockdowns and a longerm zero-Covid policy, Beijing dropped many of its pandemic restrictions last month and is pressing ahead with a long-awaited reopening.


「我々は、国際社会とのコミュニケーションを強化し、Covidを克服するために協力する用意がある。一方、一部の国が中国に対して行った入国制限措置が科学的根拠に基づくものとは考えていない」と述べた。"我々はコビド対策を政治的に利用することを断固拒否し、相互主義の原則に基づき、様々な状況に応じて対応策を講じていく "と述べた。




中国政府は、相次ぐ新たなコビド対策にどのような報復をするかは明らかにしておらず、独自の新たな渡航規則もまだ発表していないが、以前、西側諸国が "中国の3年にわたるコビド19対策の努力を妨害し、国の体制を攻撃しようとしている "と非難していた。何度にもわたる厳重な封鎖と長期にわたるコビドゼロ政策の後、北京は先月、パンデミック規制の多くを取り下げ、待望の再開に向け邁進している。




うわー、中国からの旅行者の入国制限は一つのことですが、中国の訪問者のための色付きのタグ (のみ??) はナッツであり、歴史的に言えば本当に悪い雰囲気があります.


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米国は「中国から防御するために」沖縄に MLR を設立しています。MLR は 2,000 人の軍事部隊であり、遠く離れた島々に迅速に展開して、米国の軍艦の足場を確立します。日本もでパラシュート演習を行いました。中国領土への侵攻を準備しているように見える
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Grenfell Media Blackout

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EU と NATO がさらに関係を強化

EU and NATO to futher strengthen ties
Transatlantic security demands “further mobilization,” according to a joint statement
The European Union and NATO on Tuesday signed a declaration on cooperation, vowing to take their partnership “to the next level” and promising continued support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. 

The declaration was signed by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, President of the European Council Charles Michel, and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at a ceremony in the US-led military bloc’s headquarters in Brussels.

Asserting that “NATO and the EU play complementary, coherent and mutually reinforcing roles,” the document says they “will further mobilize the combined set of instruments at our disposal, be they political, economic or military, to pursue our common objectives to the benefit of our one billion citizens.”

The two organizations claimed that their “interests, values and democratic principles” were being challenged by “authoritarian actors,” singling out Russia and China as the biggest threats they supposedly face. The conflict in Ukraine “undermines European and global security and stability” and thus warrants increased NATO involvement on the continent, the document said.

NATO was founded in 1949 as a US-led military alliance aimed against the Soviet Union. The EU’s forerunner, the European Coal and Steel Community, was established two years later. The Warsaw Treaty Organization, a Soviet-led response to NATO, was created in 1955 and dissolved in 1991. In the 1990s, the EU became a political bloc, while NATO started expanding into Eastern Europe in what Moscow regarded as an existential threat and a violation of promises it was given when the Cold War ended.

The Russian government has said NATO’s creeping expansion into Ukraine following the 2014 coup was a key reason for the current military operation. Russian officials have also lamented the EU’s transformation from an economic and political organization into an extension of NATO.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov argued last month that NATO had returned to its original purpose of keeping “Russia out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,” as formulated by its first secretary general, Lord Ismay.

“Nothing has changed. They want to keep the Russians out of Europe, the Americans … have enslaved the entire Europe, and not only Germany, but the entire EU is kept under control,” Lavrov said in an interview.

European membership in the two blocs largely overlaps. Austria, Ireland, Finland and Sweden are in the EU but not in NATO – though the latter two have applied for membership. Meanwhile, Albania, Norway, the UK, Türkiye, and two former Yugoslav republics – Montenegro and North Macedonia – are in NATO but not in the EU.

EU と NATO がさらに関係を強化
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サハリン1 操業再開

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銃は平和への道だ  だからロシアは戦わねばならない

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なるほど 第二次大戦時からロシアの国土は狙われていた




We have examined Operation Unthinkable. As instructed, we have taken the following assumptions on which to base our examination:
The undertaking has the full support of public opinion in the British Empire and the United States and consequently, the morale of British and American troops continues high.
Great Britain and the United States have full assistance from the Polish armed forces and can count upon the use of German manpower and what remains of German industrial capacity.
No credit is taken for assistance from the forces of the other Western Powers, although any bases in their territory, or other facilities which may be required, are made available
Russia allies herself with Japan.
The date for the opening of hostilities is 1st July, 1945.
Redeployment and release schemes continue till 1st July and then stop.

Owing to the special need for secrecy, the normal staff in Service Ministries have not been consulted.


The overall or political object is to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and British Empire.

Even though ‘the will’ of these two countries may be defined as no more than a square deal for Poland, that does not necessarily limit the military commitment. A quick success might induce the Russians to submit to our will at least for the time being; but it might not. That is for the Russians to decide. If they want total war, they are in a position to have it.

The only way we can achieve our object with certainty and lasting results is by victory in a total war but in view of what we have said in paragraph 2 above, on the possibility of quick success, we have thought it right to consider the problem on two hypotheses:-
That a total war is necessary, and on this hypothesis we have examined our chances of success.
That the political appreciation is that a quick success would suffice to gain our political object and that the continuing commitment need not concern us.


Apart from the chances of revolution in the USSR and the political collapse of the present regime – on which we are not competent to express an opinion – the elimination of Russia could only be achieved as a result of:
the occupation of such areas of metropolitan Russia that the war making capacity of the country would be reduced to a point at which further resistance became impossible.
Such a decisive defeat of the Russian forces in the field as to render it impossible for the USSR to continue the war.

Occupation of Vital Areas of Russia

The situation might develop in such a way that Russians succeeded in withdrawing without suffering a decisive defeat. They would then presumably adopt the tactics which they had employed so successfully against the Germans and in previous wars of making use of the immense distances with which their territory provides them. In 1941 the Germans reached the Moscow area, the Volga and the Caucasus, but the technique of factory evacuation, combined with the development of new resources and Allied assistance, enabled the U.S.S.R. to continued fighting.
There was virtually no limit to the distance to which it would be necessary for the Allies to penetrate into Russia in order to render further resistance impossible. It is far as, or as quickly as, the Germans in 1942 and this penetration no decisive result.

Decisive Defeat of the Russian Forces

Details of the present strengths and dispositions of the Russian and Allied forces are given in Annexes II and III and illustrated maps A and B. The existing balance of strength in Central Europe, where the Russians enjoy a superiority of approximately three to one, makes it most unlikely that the Allies could achieve a complete and decisive victory in that area in present circumstances. Although Allied organisation is better, equipment slightly better and morale higher, the Russians have proved themselves formidable opponents of the Germans. They have competent commanders, adequate equipment and an organisation which though possibly inferior by our standards, has stood the test. On the other hand, only about one third of their divisions are of a high standard, the others being considerably inferior and with overall mobility well below that of the Allies.
To achieve the decisive defeat of Russia in a total war would require, in particular, the mobilisation of manpower to counteract their present enormous manpower resources. This is a very long term project and would involve:-
The deployment in Europe of a large proportion of the vast resources of the United States.
The re-equipment and re-organisation of German manpower and of all the Western Allies.



We conclude that:-
That if our political object is to be achieved with any certainty and with lasting results, the defeat of Russia in a total war will be necessary.
The result of a total war with Russia is not possible to forecast, but the one thing certain is that to win it would take us a very long time.


It might, however, be considered, as result of a political appreciation, that a quick and limited military success would result in Russia accepting out terms.
Before a decision to open hostilities were made, full account would have to taken of the following:-

If this appreciation is wrong and the attainment of whatever limited objective we may set ourselves does not cause Russia to submit to our terms, we may, in fact, be committed to a total war.
It will not be possible to limit hostilities to any particular area. While we are in progress, therefore, we must envisage a world-wide struggle.
Even if all goes according to plan, we shall not have achieved, from the military point of view, a lasting result. The military power of Russia will not be broken and it will be open to her to recommence the conflict at any time she sees fit.

Assuming, however, that it is decided to risk military action on a limited basis, accepting the dangers set out above, we have examined what action we could take in order to inflict such a blow upon the Russians as would cause them to accept our terms, even though they would not have been decisively defeated and, from the military point of view, would still be capable of continuing the struggle.








しかし,上記第 2 項で述べた,迅速な成功の可能性に鑑み,我々は,この問題を次の 2 つの仮説に基づいて検討することが正しいと考えた。




ロシア軍が決定的な敗北を喫することなく撤退に成功するような事態が発生する可能性がある。その場合、ロシア軍はドイツ軍や過去の戦争で成功したように、自国の領土がもたらす広大な距離を利用した戦術を採用すると思われる。1941 年、ドイツ軍はモスクワ周辺、ヴォルガ川、コーカサス地方に到達したが、工場疎開の技 術と新しい資源の開発、連合国の援助により、ソ連は戦闘を継続することができた。
連合国がこれ以上の抵抗を不可能にするためにロシアに侵入しなければならない距離には、事実上限界があった。それは 1942 年のドイツ軍と同じくらい遠く、あるいは同じくらい早く、この浸透は決定的な結 果をもたらさない。


ロシア軍と連合軍の現在の戦力と配置の詳細は、付属文書 II と III、および図 A と B に示されている。中央ヨーロッパにおける現在の戦力バランスは、ロシア軍が約 3 対 1 の優勢であり、連合軍がこの地域で完全かつ決定的な勝利を収めることは、現状ではほとんど不可能である。連合軍の組織の方が優れており、装備も若干良く、士気も高いが、ロシア軍はドイツ軍の手ごわい相手であることが証明されている。彼らは有能な指揮官、十分な装備、そして我々の基準からすると劣るかもしれないが、試練に耐えてきた組織を持っている。一方、高水準の師団は3分の1程度で、その他の師団はかなり劣り、全体的な機動力は連合国よりかなり劣る。






この評価が誤り、我々が設定した限定的な目標を達成しても、ロシアが我々の条件に従わな ければ、実際には全面戦争に突入してしまうかもしれない。


イギリスのウィンストン・チャーチル首相は、統合軍参謀にイギリス、ドイツ、アメリカの軍隊を使ってロシアへの侵攻計画を起草するよう指示した。 (彼はまだこのことをアメリカ人にも、彼自身の軍のスタッフのほとんどにも話していませんでした。)

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Beijing deploys troops near Taiwan
The joint combat strike drills are intended to discourage separatism, according to Chinese officials
China has announced a military exercise near Taiwan on the eve of visits by German and Lithuanian lawmakers to the self-governed island. The drill has been described as countering “separatist forces.”

The training exercise was announced on Sunday by Colonel Shi Yi, the spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). He said it would involve sea and airspace maneuvers around Taiwan, focusing on land strikes and amphibious assault action.

The exercise was “designed to test the joint combat capabilities of the troops and resolutely counteract the provocative actions of external forces and ‘Taiwan independence’ separatists,” a statement said.

Taiwan is a Chinese island that served as the last bastion of nationalist forces during the 1940s civil war. It is self-governed, but is recognized as part of China by most nations.

The island’s military reported detecting at least four PLA ships on Monday, along with scores of military aircraft in the Taiwan Strait. It said Taiwan’s naval, aerial and ground assets were monitoring the situation and were ready to respond.

The exercise comes amid a visit to Taiwan by a delegation of German MPs from the Free Democratic Party, which is part of the country’s ruling coalition. The group is being led by Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the chair of the Bundestag Defense Committee, and Johannes Vogel, a deputy chair of the party.

During their four-day trip, they will meet a number of top Taiwanese officials, including President Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Su Tseng-chang, and Wellington Koo, the chair of Taiwan’s national security council, the administration’s foreign affairs office reported. The visit is one of several by foreign MPs scheduled for this week, according to Taiwan’s diplomats.

Separately, a delegation from Lithuania headed by Laurynas Kasciunas, the chair of its parliamentary National Security and Defense Committee, arrived on the island on Monday. Another group of lawmakers came on Sunday from Paraguay, led by Carlos María Lopez, the president of the national parliament.

Beijing considers any treatment of Taiwan as a sovereign nation, including formal visits by foreign officials, as undermining the ‘One China’ policy that outlines its claim to the island. Chinese officials have accused Washington of deliberately eroding the long-standing arrangement.
中国は、ドイツとリトアニアの国会議員が台湾を訪問する前日に、台湾近辺で軍事演習を行うことを発表した。この訓練は "分離主義勢力 "に対抗するものと説明されている。









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