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Reconciliation Terms after Suffering Heavy Defeats in Dara'a

Israel Worries about Collapse of Terrorist Front in Southern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian legislators say Israel that has formed and backed up terrorist groups in Southern Syria to undermine Damascus is now jolted by the advances of the government troops in Dara'a province.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted Amar al-Assad, a Syrian MP, as saying that Israel is seeking to preserve terrorist groups in Southern Syria after creating them, deploying them at border and providing financial and military supports to them.

The report said implementation of the peace agreement in Southern Syria and disarming of the militants have worried Tel Aviv, specially now that most of the country's lands have been captured by the Damascus forces.

Jamal al-Za'abi, another MP, told Sputnik that Israel is trying to preserve terrorists in Southern Syria and Tel Aviv forces' attacks on Syria's territory are aimed at supporting terrorists and sabotaging the peace process.

Another Arabic-language media outlet reported earlier today that the Israeli troops targeted a position of the Syrian Army troops in the Southwestern province of Quneitra to assist Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists that have suffered a heavy defeat in battle with the government forces.

Al-Mayadeen news network reported that the Israeli troops opened heavy fire at one of the positons of Tahrir al-Sham in Khan Arnaba region in Northern Quneitra after the government forces repelled a heavy offensive of Tahrir al-Sham in the region.

Al-Mayadeen further said that the Israeli attack did not leave any human casualties.

It went on to say that the terrorist groups in Quneitra had attacked the army stronghold in al-Ba'ath, Jaba and Tal Koroum regions before the Israeli troops launched their attack.

Al-Mayadeen further said that over 30 terrorists were killed or wounded in the militants' failed attack on the army positions in three flanks near al-Ba'ath.

Meanwhile, field sources reported that Israeli troops launched artillery attack on Syrian army in Quneitra, adding that the Tel Aviv army forces transferred the wounded members of the terrorist groups from the Quneitra battlefield to occupied territories in Bariqa border region in Israel to treat them in their hospitals.

The sources went on to say that Israel has increased its backup for terrorists in recent weeks when Tahrir al-Sham intensified attacks on the safe villages and townships in Quneitra province.

Reconciliation Terms after Suffering Heavy Defeats in Dara'a
TEHRAN (FNA)- The terrorist groups were forced to agree with the Syrian Army's reconciliation terms to hand over the remaining regions under their control in the Eastern countryside of Dara'a city after the fall of Nasib border-crossing to the government forces on Saturday.

Representatives of the Damascus government and the Russian delegation and militant groups in Busra al-Sham region East of Dara'a city agreed to hand over control of the entire towns, townships and villages in the Eastern countryside of Dara'a city to the Damascus forces.

Based on the agreement, the terrorists must hand over all their heavy weapons to the army, and then state bodies and institutions will revive operation in the newly-freed regions after the implementation of ceasefire in the region.

The terrorists that lay down arms are allowed to apply for amnesty and the rest should leave the region for Idlib along with their family members.

According to the newly-endorsed agreement, the terrorists must deliver all checkpoints along the border with Jordan to the army and the ground must be paved for displaced people to return home.

The terrorists felt trapped and forced to accept the army's terms after government troops freed the Nasib border-crossing and militants in several regions ended battle with the army.

The Arabic-language Elam al-Harbi reported on Friday that the army managed to drive terrorists out of checkpoints 71 to 79 along a 2km-long chunk of the borderline.

It added that the army further liberated the villages of Samad, Samaj, Arz al-Atrash, Taysiya, Khirbet Qolo, Abu Qatouneh, al-Mashafi, Abu Ra'as, al-Samaqiyat, al-Aman, Nada and Maqtala.

Elam al-Harbi went on to say that army men advanced further towards the village of al-Mata'iyeh and Nasib border-crossing.

In the meantime, the Arabic-language website of Sky News reported that the army has deployed 6 km away from Nasib border-crossing.

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※ Moon of Alabama @MoonofA
Moon of AlabamaさんがBBC Newsnightをリツイートしました
Isn't this a fine "coincidence"?
@BBCNewsnight pushing the Skripal fairytale just when a new #Novichok drama is rolled out ...

※ BBC Newsnight認証済みアカウント @BBCNewsnightの2018/7/4のツイート
TONIGHT: ‘My meetings with Sergei Skripal’
Our diplomatic editor Mark Urban reveals he met with poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal on a number of occasions last year. Tune in 22:30 @BBCTwo to hear more

※ BBC Newsnight認証済みアカウント @BBCNewsnightの2018/7/4のツイート
Also tonight, we reveal Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were being monitored by the Russian authorities in the months leading up to their poisoning.
Mark Urban has the details 22:30 @BBCTwo.

UK Police Say Couple in Wiltshire Contaminated with Same Substance as Skripals
TEHRAN (FNA)- British authorities announced that the couple that is currently in critical condition in Salisbury hospital was exposed to the same substance as Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March.

UK counter-terrorism chief Neil Basu said that the substance was 'Novichok', the same one that the UK claims the Skripals were poisoned with, adding that police did not know how it was transmitted, RT reported.

The affected people are both British and in their mid-40s, and Basu stated that there was nothing in the pair's background to suggest they would be a target, yet their connection to the Skripal case is being investigated.

Earlier, Wiltshire Police declared a “major incident” in the town of Amesbury, around 12 kilometers from Salisbury, over a man and woman, both British in their 40s, being hospitalized after “suspected exposure to an unknown substance”.

The pair was discovered unconscious in a property in Muggleton Road on Saturday, but Wiltshire Police did not report the incident until Wednesday.

The UK's chief medical officer said during the press conference on Wednesday that the risk to the general public from the Wiltshire case was low.

"This evening I’ve received test result from Porton Down [laboratory] that show that the two people have been exposed to the nerve agent ‘Novichok,'” Basu said, adding that it has been identified as “the same nerve agent that contaminated Yulia and Sergey Skripal”.

The police's initial assumption that drugs could have caused the pair’s collapse was due to the male victim, Charlie Rowley, being a registered heroin addict, British media reported. It is not known if his girlfriend, Dawn Sturgess, had any connection to drugs.

Sam Hobson, a friend of the couple allegedly exposed to Novichok, described the symptoms Rowley had suffered before he was taken to hospital.

“He’s started feeling really hot and sweaty, so he went and had a shower and then was using his bedroom for a while,” Hobson told RT.

The man’s condition was deteriorating rapidly as the day progressed. As Rowley came out of the house, his eyes were red and he started “rocking against the walls, sweating and dribbling”, at which point, Hobson said he called an ambulance.

Hobson added that the man started experiencing the symptoms a day after he returned from Salisbury.

Basu, who was recently appointed as Head of Counter Terrorism, Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations (ACSO), has said that some 100 detectives of the counter-terrorism force have been scrambled for a joint investigation with local police.

Police have yet to determine if there is any connection between the March poisoning and the incident in Amesbury, Basu added, noting that “the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is clearly a line of enquiry for us”.

It is not known if the substance that the British pair was exposed to “was from the same batch” that the Skripals were allegedly poisoned with, Basu stressed.

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced he will preside over a meeting of the government's emergency committee on Thursday.

He praised the "tireless professionalism" of Salisbury Hospital staff and said the new incident "follows the reckless and barbaric attack which took place in Salisbury".

Javid asked that the police be "given space" to establish the circumstances of the new incident.

While Basu noted that the investigation into the Skripals saga is still ongoing four months after their mysterious poisoning on March 4, the British government had determined a culprit right off the bat, blaming Russia mere days after the former double agent and his daughter were discovered slumped on a bench in Salisbury.

Russia’s refusal to give in to the British ultimatum and admit its responsibility without seeing some kind of proof first has led to a major diplomatic crisis, with the UK and its allies expelling over a hundred Russian diplomats. Moscow, which responded in a tit-for-tat manner, demands that London provide access to the materials of the investigation or at least present compelling evidence of Russia’s role in the case. However, the British side has repeatedly refused to cooperate with Moscow, demanding it first admit its guilt.

In the meantime, the list of unanswered questions is growing. It is still unclear how the Skripals managed to survive after being exposed to a supposed “military-grade” nerve agent. The UK’s refusal to give Russian diplomats access to Yulia Skripal, who is a Russian citizen, has also raised suspicions, with some Russian officials speculating that London fears the truth might come out if she were to speak freely.
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Dan Kovalik is a human rights, labor rights lawyer and peace activist. He has contributed to articles CounterPunch, Huffington Post and TeleSUR. He currently teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.


※ Daniel Kovalik: Independent Kurdish State, an Excuse for US to Appropriate Oil-Rich Eastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- University professor and author, Daniel Kovalik, says that forming an independent Kurdish state is just a pretext for the US to annex one-third of Syria which is rich in oil and other resources.
In an exclusive interview with FNA, professor Kovalik said he believes that Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is accurate in his statement about US intentions to stay in Syria indefinitely.
The American professor also added that the idea of an independent Kurdish state is just a pretext to be used by the US to annex for itself the oil-rich parts of Syria.
Daniel Kovalik is a human rights lawyer, peace activist and a professor of international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He has also authored two books about American foreign policy, the most recent of which is titled “The Plot to Attack Iran: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Iran”, where he talks about the current state of affairs between the United States and Iran. Professor Kovalik has also shared his expert comments on many international news outlets such as RT, Press TV and TeleSUR English.

FNA has conducted an interview with Daniel Kovalik about the Syrian crisis and the most recent developments surrounding the issue.

Below you will find the full text of the interview.

Q: Multiple places in Syria came under attack by the United States and its allies, namely Britain and France, based on a video footage of an alleged gas attack in Syria’s Douma released by the White Helmets. Who are the White Helmets? How can their unverified video be presented as justification for a large scale attack on Syria?

A: The White Helmets is a very controversial group which is lauded as a life-saving organization in much of the West, but seen by others as a supporter of terrorist groups in Syria. It is clear that the White Helmets receive huge amounts of funding from the US State Department as well as from the UK, and some believe that this group was actually created by the British MI6 as a means to promote anti-government and pro-rebel propaganda. Given all of this, it is of course inappropriate to simply accept their unverified video as a justification for a large scale attack on Syria. And, a number of people, including respected British journalist Robert Fisk, have indeed questioned whether there was any chemical attack in Douma at all. Moreover, CBS News has reported that the US State Department itself has suspended funding to the White Helmets in light of the fact that it has serious questions as to whether the White Helmets’ account of events in Douma was in fact true. This may be the beginning of the end for any credibility the White Helmets have ever had.

Q: We have seen the Israeli regime and the so-called US-led coalition targeting Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allied forces many times. What do you think is the reason for such moves?

A: The US and Israel have been bent on regime change in Syria for some time now as both countries wish to rid the region of one of its last independent and secular states. Meanwhile, it is clear that the US and Israel, if they cannot topple the Syrian government, and it now appears that they most likely cannot, are content to keep the war in Syria going by supporting the terrorist groups while at the same time pretending to fight them. And that is best explained in the words of Obama when he said the goal is to merely “contain” these terrorist forces; not destroy them altogether. In this way, the war continues at a slow boil. As we saw in the NATO attack on Libya and its aftermath, the Western powers are promoting chaos in Northern Africa and the Middle East to prevent any independent state from being able to exert influence there. This is a quite cynical policy which is leading to the death and suffering of millions. It appears that Syria is a country now targeted for the West’s project of sowing chaos.

Q: Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Saudi Arabia has been actively supporting terrorists in the country. These terrorists are now losing ground every day. What do you think would be the implications of such failure for the Saudi foreign policy?

A: Unfortunately, I do not see Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy changing, even in the face of defeat, as long as the Western powers, and especially the US, continue to support the Saudi regime politically and militarily. Inexplicably, the US has decided that Saudi Arabia is an indispensable ally in the Middle East, despite its being a retrograde monarchy and despite its support for terrorism throughout the world, including its support for the 9/11 attacks on the US. As long as the US continues to partner with Saudi Arabia, I fear that Saudi Arabia will be able to act with complete impunity throughout the world.

Q: The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have received tremendous amount of arms and support from the United States, initially with the stated aim to fight Daesh (ISIL or ISIS). But apparently, the US is now preparing the ground to establish an independent Kurdish state in Syria. What do you think the US is seeking to achieve by disintegrating Syria?

A: It is clear that the US has now decided to take advantage of the disintegration of Syria – disintegration which it helped bring about – to take over a large portion of that country. The US now controls one-third of Syrian territory, and it happens to be the richest part of Syria in terms of oil and other resources. Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was quite candid that the US plans to stay in Syria indefinitely, and I believe that is true. In short, the US plans to effectively annex one-third of Syria for itself, and it is going to use the pretext of an independent Kurdish state to do so. Moreover, the US is planning to use Kurdish troops to help secure the borders of the area it is annexing. All of this is already well in progress.

Q: The US announcement on its plans to recognize a Kurdish state in Syria has seemingly provoked Turkish invasion on the Kurdish areas. What are Turkey’s objectives in its military intervention and how do you think this recent development would affect the process of reaching peace in Syria?

A: It is clear that the Turkish government’s goal in Syria, as journalist Patrick Cockburn has recently pointed out, is to try to wipe out the Kurdish population which it has always viewed as a threat to its hold over Turkey. In short, this is a genocidal project which Turkey has been carrying out for years, often times with the US support. Meanwhile, Turkey’s aggression on Syria is a huge impediment to peace in Syria and indeed threatens a wider conflict involving numerous states, including the US, Russia, Iran and Israel. This is truly a very dangerous situation. As commentator Stephen Gowans has noted, what is occurring in Syria now can indeed be characterized as a World War. While that war is contained in a small area, it involves so many states that it is nonetheless a World War, and one that may not be contained for much longer.
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※ Son of ISIL Chief Killed in Central Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hodhayfa al-Badri, son of ISIL ring-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in a suicide attack in Syria's Homs province, militant-affiliated websites disclosed on Wednesday.

Hodhayfa al-Badri, the 15-year-old son of al-Baghdadi, was killed in a suicide operation near a joint position of the Russian and Syrian forces in a thermal power plant in Homs province, the news websites disclosed.

News about the death of Hodhayfa came amid contradictory reports about the fate of the ISIL leader.

One of the commanders of ISIL that had been captured by the Iraqi forces revealed that al-Baghdadi was alive and he had visited him several time.

A report said in May that ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - still the world's most wanted man, with a $25 million bounty on his head - was believed to be very much at large, quite possibly in a desert area of Syria.

Multiple officials said Baghdadi was likely sheltering in a remaining ISIL bastion in the Euphrates River Valley on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq, Fox News reported.

“The last information we have is he is in Al-Hajin in Syria, 18 miles from the border in Deir Ezzur province,” Abu Ali al-Basri, director-general of the intelligence and counter-terrorism office at the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, told Fox News.

Al-Basri added that fresh information about Baghdadi's whereabouts came as recently as the last couple of days, and was being used conduct a “multi-force raid” with Russian, Syrian and Iranian troops.

Iraqi Defense Ministry Spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool confirmed to Fox that al-Baghdadi was thought to be alive, and that he might be located in the border area East of the Euphrates River, possibly in the town of al-Shadaddah in al-Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria.

"It's not difficult for him to hide in the Syrian desert," the officer added.

Experts also stressed that Baghdadi might not have any contact with other ISIL members, and never remains in areas when the fighting or strikes become too intense.

The Iraqi air force stepped up its attacks against ISIL targets in Syria.
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海外ニュース 2018/7/5

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
Report: US President Asked Aides About Invading Venezuela Last Year
TEHRAN (FNA)- During an Oval Office meeting in August of 2017, US President Donald Trump reportedly asked his senior advisers about invading Venezuela to intervene in ongoing issues in the country, according to a senior administration official.

The official told The Associated Press that the discussion did not amount to any formal plan to invade the country, but was merely a discussion on the option.

According to the official, the question stunned those in attendance, including former national security adviser H.R. McMaster and former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Trump's top aides reportedly took turns explaining to him how invading the country could significantly damage US relations with Latin American countries, among other possible issues. To invade the country would be a drastic escalation from the United State's current diplomatic response to the Venezuelan government.

The official, who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said Trump countered his advisers' arguments with examples of invasions he considers successful, such as the invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s.

The exchange reportedly lasted about five minutes.

In a subsequent report by CNN, a senior official who attended the meeting stated that Trump was just thinking out loud.

"The President says and thinks a lot of different things," the official said, adding that "he just thinks out loud".

A day after the meeting, Trump told reporters he wasn't ruling out a military option in the country.

“Venezuela is not very far away, and the people are suffering and they’re dying,” he said, adding that “we have many options for Venezuela, including a possibile military option if necessary”.

Venezuela has been at the center of the Trump administration's policy in Latin America. The US President has issued a number of sanctions as well as strong statements in order to add pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

After the Associated Press published their report on the meeting on Wednesday, Maduro cited the article as an example of the United States' military plans aimed at obtaining Venezuela's oil reserves.

According to the Associated Press, Maduro told his troops to be alert and criticized the “supremacist and criminal vision of those who govern the US”.

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
US-French Military Convoy Enters Raqqa Airbase to Confront Popular Uprising
TEHRAN (FNA)- A joint military convoy of the US and French forces was sent to al-Tabaqah airbase in al-Tabaqah in Western Raqqa as tensions are rising between civilians and the US-backed forces in Raqqa.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported on Thursday that a military convoy of the US and French forces have been dispatched from the town of al-Tabaqah to its airbase.

They added that the convoy consists of 7 trucks, carrying military equipment, noting that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have declared curfew in al-Tabaqah.

Also, reports from Eastern Raqqa said that residents of the town of al-Karameh have engaged in heavy clashes with the SDF.

The clashes erupted after the SDF detained people in the region to find defected members.

In a relevant development late in June, a large number of civilians held protest rallies against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in Raqqa after the SDF increased their security measures and detention of civilians.

Local sources in Raqqa reported that tens of civilians in the village of al-Salhabiyeh in Western Raqqa have revolted against the SDF.

They added that residents of the village are angry with the SDF moves, including extensive detentions, curfew and establishment of several checkpoints in Raqqa, noting that people are holding protest rallies to show their opposition to the SDF and its deployment in their town.

Tensions have heightened in Raqqa in the past month after infighting started between the SDF and other US-backed militants, namely Liwa al-Thowar Raqqa brigade.

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
Victims of US Airstrikes Found in Mass Grave in Raqqa
TEHRAN (FNA)- A mass grave containing the bodies of hundreds of civilians who had been killed in the US-led coalition airstrikes was found in Raqqa province.

Local sources in Raqqa were quoted by the Arabic-language al-Manar news channel as saying on Thursday that a mass-grave was discovered near al-Forat sport club which contained a large number of bodies of the civilians killed in the US airstrikes when Raqqa was under ISIL control.

They added that 40 corpses have so far been taken out of the mass grave, saying that over 300 civilians have been buried in the grave.

In a relevant development in June, a mass grave of the victims of the ISIL terrorist group was found in the Center of Raqqa city.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news channel reported on Wednesday that the mass grave was discovered in the White Garden in Central Raqqa.

The big mass grave included a large number of civilians who have been killed by the ISIL terrorists.

The operations to evacuate 553 corpses from a mass grave in al-Rashid stadium ended recently in Central Raqqa after two months.

Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists Preparing to Launch Massive Attacks on Syrian Army in Lattakia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) is preparing its members to launch a massive offensive against the Syrian army positions in Northern Lattakia to support their comrades in Dara'a province.

Military sources reported on Thursday that the Syrian army has put on alert a large number of its forces in Northern Lattakia and strengthened its positions in the region.

They added that the moves made by Jeish al-Nokhbah terrorists, the special forces of Tahrir al-Sham, in Jabal al-Akrad and Jabal al-Turkmen in Lattakia are monitored by the army, noting that the militants seek to start a heavy attack on army positions in Northern Lattakia.

According to the sources, the terrorists intend to launch the offensive to help remove the concentration of the Syrian army operation against their comrades in Dara'a in Southern Syria.

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Chinese HNA Group chairman falls to his death after posing for photo in France
The chairman of the embattled Chinese HNA Group, that owns big stakes in Hilton hotels and Deutsche Bank has died in France. Wang Jian suffered 15 meters fall, while posing for a photograph, the police said.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday in the popular tourist village of Bonnieux, near Avignon in the French south-east. Wang’s death appeared to be accidental lieutenant-colonel Hubert Meriaux at the Vaucluse gendarmerie told Reuters.

“He stood on the edge of a sharp drop to get his family to take a picture of him and fell,” Meriaux said. The businessman suffered a 15-meter fall and crashed into the rocks below, dying of his injuries, he added. Another officer told South China Morning Post that an autopsy of Wang’s body has been carried out and revealed “nothing suspicious.”

Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool'
The owner of the Canadian pharmaceutical giant Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife were found dead at their home under suspicious circumstances. Reports say their bodies were “hanging side by side” next to their pool.

The bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found around Friday noon in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police, who arrived in answer to a 911 call.

Police did not say who made the call, while the National Post reported that the bodies were initially discovered by a real estate agent, who came to the couple’s luxury mansion, which is currently up for sale.

The paper also said that the bodies were “found hanging side by side next to their indoor pool,” something that other Canadian outlets later repeated, citing police sources. Local media also said police were looking into whether it was a murder-suicide.

Meanwhile, none of these facts have been confirmed by police, who have remained tight-lipped about the case. A police detective, Brandon Price, described the deaths only as “suspicious.”
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なるようになった 海外で日本人は侮蔑される


※ 昭和おやじ 【安倍政権を打倒せよ】 @syouwaoyaji氏の2018/6/30のツイート
Japan's Secret Shame Youtube

「日本の秘められた恥」  伊藤詩織氏のドキュメンタリーをBBCが放送


日本語字幕入り 二分割

伊藤詩織ドキュメンタリー「レイプ、日本の隠された恥」Part 1 of 2
伊藤詩織ドキュメンタリー「レイプ、日本の隠された恥」Part 2 of 2

※ こんな政治を知ってるかい? @chocoho19312氏の2018/7/3のツイート

※ プリーン プリンくれー @Pogback55_5氏の2018/6/30のツイート

※ 山口二郎‏ @260yamaguchi氏の2018/7/1のツイート

※ 杉田 水脈認証済みアカウント @miosugita氏の2018/7/1のツイート

※ 諦観さんの投稿2018/7/1







※ M16A HAYABUSA @M16A_hayabusa氏の2018/7/1のツイート

レイプ被害者がバッシングされるような国 ほかにもあったな


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マレーシアの前首相 逮捕される


Malaysia has 'almost perfect case' against ex-PM Najib Razak

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been arrested in Kuala Lumpur, as part of the probe into the 1MDB state investment fund.

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レイプ被害者がバッシングされるような国 ほかにもあったな

※ Thoton Akimoto @Thoton氏の2018/6/30のツイート

※ Thoton Akimoto @Thoton氏の2018/6/29のツイート

※ 暴行されたら婚外セックの罪で牢屋に アラブ首長国連邦
UK woman arrested & charged for ‘extramarital sex’ in Dubai after reporting gang rape
A UK tourist has been arrested and charged in Dubai for having “extramarital sex” after she reported being gang raped by two British men.

The 25-year-old woman was on holiday in the United Arab Emirates when the alleged attack took place last month, according to “Detained in Dubai,” a UK-based organization that “assists people who have become victims of injustice” in the UAE.

Upon reporting the rape to local police, the woman was allegedly arrested for breaking Emirati law against extramarital sex, and faces years in prison or severe physical punishment, including flogging and stoning to death, if convicted.


ドバイへ移住 なかなか大変なところらしいですよ



※ asuka @asuka_SGP氏の2018/6/30のツイート
asukaさんが杉田 水脈をリツイートしました
貴女は英会話ができますか? 番組あてのコメントなどを見ましたか?

※ 杉田 水脈認証済みアカウント @miosugita氏の2018/6/30のツイート
杉田 水脈さんが杉田 水脈をリツイートしました

※ Thoton Akimoto @Thoton氏の2018/6/30のツイート

※ sue6.6sue‏ @6sueSue6氏の22:44 - 2018年7月3日のツイート
詩織さんはどういうことなのか、ストップをかけた中村格氏に何度も尋ねていますが音沙汰無し、記者が質問しようと中村氏を追いかけると、中村氏は猛スピードで逃げ去る… 正しい判断なら逃げる必要はないのでは?

※ Noelle Harrison @NoelleHarrison氏の2018/6/29のツイート
Japan's Secret Shame is an important documentary. Shiori Ito is a very brave woman, and deserves our attention. The attitude of Japanese media (men and women) towards her is shocking & made me furious! #MeToo

asuka @asuka_SGP氏が海外の反応を集めています。すごい数。
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Report: Kurds Show Willingness in Talks to Go Back under Damascus Rule

Report: Kurds Show Willingness in Talks to Go Back under Damascus Rule
TEHRAN (FNA)- Kurdish militia groups are showing strong signs in their talks with Damascus authorities of their desire to give up their quest for autonomy and surrender the Kurdish-ruled territories to the Central government in return for insignificant demands, an Arab media outlet reported on Monday.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily reported that several meetings have been held between senior officials of Damascus government and the Kurdish militias in the town of Qamishli in Northern Syria and also in Damascus.

"Under an agreement held by the two sides, the Kurdish groups have agreed to take a number of actions that also include collecting the entire images of Abdullah Ocalan, one of the founding members of the militant Kurdistan Workers' Party, as well as the Kurdish militias' official signs and flags from all their terroritories," the report continued.

It went on to say that retreat of all Kurdish militias to Hasaka province and erecting joint checkpoints to be run by the Kurds and the government forces across Hasaka province are also among other terms of the agreement.

Other sources said that the agreement endorsed by the Kurds and the army entails several more paragraphs that include the presence of the Kurdish militias among the ranks of the Syrian army, surrender of Tal Kojar and Simalka border-crossing with Iraq and al-Darbasiyeh and Ra'as al-Ein border-crossing with Turkey to the Damascus army and delivering control over oil and gas fields to the Syrian Oil Ministry.

The sources further said that, in return, the Kurds have asked for the start of Kurdish-language courses in the educational program in Kurdish regions and appointment of a Kurdish official to a high post in the Syrian oil ministry.

Al-Watan went on to say that the Kurdish units have already embarked on collecting PYD flags and the photos of its leader from streets in Qamishli and Hasaka city.

In the meantime, other Syrian media outlets said that the Syrian Democratic forces' decision to hand over Raqqa city to the army will be the first confidence-building measure between the two sides.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad had earlier warned that the Kurdish militias would face the tough option if they prove to be unwilling to resolve their differences with Damascus through talks.

In a relevant development but in Aleppo province in March, the Kurdish combatants were to hand over the villages of Kimar, al-Ziyarah, Borj al-Qas, Bashmara, Basoufan, Deir al-Jamal, Tal Raf'at, Kafr Naya, Ming airport and the village of Ming in Northern Aleppo to the Syrian Army troops after an agreement with Damascus government.

Other sources said that the Kurdish-held villages were handed over to the army.
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Yemeni Army Captures US Commander

Yemeni Army Captures US Commander
TEHRAN (FNA)- A commander of the infamous US security firm, formerly known as Blackwater, in Yemen was held captive by the Yemeni army and popular committees.

"The Yemeni army and Ansarullah group could hold captive one of the commanders of the US Blackwater firm who was fighting for the UAE in Yemen," a UAE security officer wrote on his twitter page on Monday.

He added that Ansarullah will soon release footages of the Blackwater commander who was held captive.

Meantime, the Yemeni media wrote on Monday that the country's army has hunted a big fish on the Western coasts, adding that strategic developments will be witnessed in the next few days to the benefit of the Yemeni army.

Another Blackwater commander had also been killed earlier when the Yemeni military backed by fighters of Ansarullah movement launched a Tochka ballistic missile on the al-Anad military base in the Southern Yemeni province of Lahij.

Colonel Nicholas Petros was killed along with a group of mercenaries fighting for the Saudi regime in its war on Yemen.

Lebanon's al-Ahed news website reported at the time that Apache helicopters, Typhoon fighter jets and armories belonging to the mercenaries were destroyed in the missile strike.
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Source: Drones Attacking Humeimim Airbase Made in West

Source: Drones Attacking Humeimim Airbase Made in West
TEHRAN (FNA)- The drones that have been attacking the Russia-run Humeimim airbase in Western Syria have been made in the western states, including the US, a military source revealed on Tuesday, adding that drone attacks on the military airport have been underway for three days now.

A mid-ranking military source from the coastal province of Lattakia reported that the Russian air defense units continue to intercept unidentified combat and reconnaissance drones flying near Humeimim military airport.

The sources further said that the air defense has repelled several drone attacks on Humeimim in the last three day.

In the meantime, the English-language website of Sputnik quoted a source in the Syrian Army as reporting that the targeted drones near Humeimim airbase have gone under test sand study, confirming that the drones' parts were made in the western states.

The report further said that five of the downed drones were more likely used for spying operation over Humeimim.

“The drones were invisible to conventional radars, because they were made of wood, plastic and modern innovative materials. Despite the deliberate use of these innovation technologies, the UAVs were detected by the Russian military,” the source stressed.

It explained that first and foremost, the drones were tracked by the Russian-made photodetectors and secondly, adding to the UAV’s destruction were the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) who are specifically tasked with protecting the territory around the Humeimim base.

“After NDF fighters found out that the drones were flowing at low altitude, they shot down two UAVs with the help of Kalashnikov assault rifles,” the source added.

Well-informed sources disclosed on Sunday that the Russian Air Defense Units fended off one of the largest drone attacks on the Russia-run Humeimim military airport in Lattakia province.

The sources said that the air defense units fired over 10 missiles at several attack drones that raided Humeimim airbase in the coastal province of Lattakia in Western Syria.

The sources went on to say that the air defense intercepted most of the drones, adding that it was the largest drone attack on Humeimim since December 31st last year.

The Humeimim airbase has come under several drone attacks in the last month.

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Iran Denies Hunting License to US Nationals

Iran Denies Hunting License to US Nationals
TEHRAN (FNA)- Director of the Hunting and Fisheries Office of Iran’s Department of Environment Ali Teymouri announced the country's decision to stop issuance of hunting license to the US nationals in reaction to Washington's hostile stance and sanctions against Tehran.

"2,016 hunting licenses have been issued for the Iranian nationals and 575 others for the foreign nationals from different countries, including the US, but at present, given the US hostile approach and cruel sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, no more hunting license will be issued for the US nationals until further notice," Teymouri told FNA on Tuesday.

He also dismissed reports that his organization has issued hunting license for Americans in Kashmar region.

In early 2018, Iran had reopened to American hunters after seven years of denying visas and hunting permits to visitors from the US. But Washington's decision to re-impose the cancelled sanctions against Iran reversed the decision.

US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that the US would no longer remain part of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and promised to re-impose the highest level of economic sanctions against Iran in response to Tehran's development of its nuclear program.

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Iranian Leader's Top Aide: Victory in Dara'a Preludes Expulsion of US Forces from Syria

Iranian Leader's Top Aide: Victory in Dara'a Preludes Expulsion of US Forces from Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati lauded the Syrian army and its allies' recent advances in Dara'a province, saying that it will pave the ground for the expulsion of the US forces from Eastern Syria.

"Undoubtedly, the victory in Dara'a is a prelude to other victories in Eastern Euphrates to the benefit of the Syrian government and its allies and the Americans will be forced to withdraw from Eastern Euphrates sooner or later and the Syrian people will get rid of them," Velayati said in a meeting with Syrian Higher Education Minister Atef Naddaf in Tehran on Tuesday.

He referred to the recent US strikes against the Iraqi and Syrian people in Southeastern Syria and killing of the two countries' people, and said, "Certainly, they will receive its response from the Syrian and Iraqi people."

"Your and our main enemy is the US, Israel and the reactionary regional states and they still continue attempts against the Syrian government and nation," Velayati said.

In relevant remarks late last month, outgoing Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Fathali underlined the Syrian army's successful operations against the terrorist groups in the South, saying that Washington is likely to withdraw its forces from Southern Syria.

"At present, the operations in Southern Syria are progressing in the best manner possible thanks to the Syrian army, people and their allies' efforts and God willing, we will soon witness annihilation of terrorist groups in the South," Fathali told the Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper last Saturday before the end of his mission in Lebanon.

He said that the US does not intend to spend more money in Syria and wants the Persian Gulf Arab states to pay the costs, adding, "They will likely withdraw (from Southern Syria)."

Asked about Iran and Russia's joint efforts against the terrorist groups in Syria, Fathali said that both countries are helping Syria to get rid of terrorists.

"We are in consensus with the Russians to target all terrorist groups in the entire region," he said.

His remarks came as the Syrian army is rapidly advancing in operations against terrorists in Southern Syria.

Dara'a: Syrian Army Receives More Military Hardware from Humeimim
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army troops, deployed in Dara'a province, received a long convoy of military hardware on Tuesday that had left Russia-run Humeimim Airbase in Lattakia province for Southern battlefields.

The Russian forces dispatched a large convoy of military equipment from Humeimim airbase to the Syrian Army's positions in Dara'a province via the international highway along the coast towards Damascus and the Southern part of the country.

The convoy included tens of military vehicles and a large volume of arms and ammunition.

The convoy was dispatched to the Southern battlefields to provide logistical support for the army in Dara'a.

A military source reported earlier today that the army men continued to storm terrorists' positions in Western Dara'a and arrived at the entrance of Tafas township.

Also, the army's artillery and missile units opened heavy fire at terrorists' movements in Seida and al-Tayibah townships, inflicting major losses on the militants, the source added.

In the meantime, other units of the army restored security to al-Moseirefeh township in Eastern Dara'a, the source further said.

The source went on to say that the army has tightened noose on the terrorists West of Dara'a, adding that the army has gained control over 58 percent of territory in Dara'a province.

Commander of Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) in Dara'a Abu Jaber al-Shami announced that his fighters will never quit battle with the army in the Southern province.

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詩織さん 国際ジャーナリストを目指してください

詩織さん 国際ジャーナリストを目指してください。



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US Likely to Terminate Deployment in Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria

sputnik13:22 28.06.2018
Putin: Russia Withdraws Nearly 30 Aircraft, 1,140 Troops From Syria in Past Days
Russia’s experience in Syria will be put to full-scale use while preparing military servicemen, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Over the past few days, 13 aircraft, 14 helicopters and 1140 personnel have been withdrawn. All of them are people who have experience and have passed the test by fighting. Both you and your colleagues will make full use of this experience for the combat training of personnel here on Russian territory, to work out the most difficult non-standard tasks," Putin said at an assembly of graduates of military universities in the Kremlin, emphasizing that the process is ongoing.

The Russian president has promised to increase monetary allowances for servicemen, as well as to solve some social problems.

"The state will develop a system of social guarantees for servicemen, officers and their families," he said, adding that indexation of monetary allowances has been made since January 1, 2018.

Avangard Missile System

The Russian Armed Forces will receive the Avangard strategic missile systems in the near future, while the new intercontinental missile Sarmat will enter service in a year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"A number of Russian-made armaments are years, maybe, even decades ahead of their foreign analogs. As you know, the newest Kinzhal aviation complex has been deployed in the Southern Military District during the pilot phase. The Russian army will receive Avangard intercontinental missile systems in the near future and Sarmat in a year. This is only part of modern armaments which will exponentially increase the capabilities of the Russian army," Putin stressed.

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Is neocon war cheerleader John Bolton a Kremlin double-agent? Some say 'why not?'



Is neocon war cheerleader John Bolton a Kremlin double-agent? Some say 'why not?'
John Bolton, who has dedicated his life to getting Iran – a Russian ally – bombed, has revealed himself as a Kremlin agent after shaking Putin’s hand in Moscow, according to Russiagate’s most levelheaded disciples.

The US National Security Advisor met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for a meeting between Putin and Trump.

The arch-hawk has accused Russia of aligning with Iran, “the world’s most important financier of terrorism,” and throwing its weight behind an “axis of evil.” But Bolton’s decision to meet with Putin can mean only one thing, according to celebrated connoisseurs of baseless Russiagate conspiracies: John Bolton has been compromised.

Neocon stenographer Michael Weiss has led the charge, hinting that Bolton’s presence in Moscow suggests that the Russians probably have a video of him getting urinated on by a prostitute.

Not to be outdone, Russian fairy tale author and Atlantic Council poster boy, Anders Aslund, declared that Bolton had been “captured by the Kremlin.” Aslund provided mountains of damning evidence to support this incendiary claim – in accordance with the strict ethical standards of the Atlantic Council.

“Bolton made every sign of having been captured by the Kremlin, even doing his press conference at Russian Interfax rather than at the US Embassy. Sad & telling,” Aslund wrote.

To their credit, the sleuths at the BBC took a more nuanced approach to Bolton’s visit, noting that the war hawk had flown halfway around the world for a face-to-face meeting with Putin, only to squander a ripe opportunity for escalation with diplomatic pleasantries. Shocking and sinister.

Echoing the profound cognitive abilities of Weiss and Aslund, a righteous group of #Resisters took to Twitter to express their outrage over two nuclear powers attempting to resolve disputes that could spiral into global extermination.
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‘Right back at ya’: Iran’s Zarif trolls Pompeo by rewriting his statement to reflect US failings


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Court Charges French Multinational with Crimes in Syria

Court Charges French Multinational with Crimes in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The French cement giant Lafarge has been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity and funding terrorists in war-torn Syria.

A panel of three judges in a Paris court ordered Lafarge on Thursday to pay 30 million euros ($35 million) as security deposit before a trial can open on the company’s alleged crimes in Syria, presstv reported.

Right campaigners welcome the very fact that courts are beginning to recognize the role of the French company in spreading chaos.

Lafarge faces an array of charges for its conduct in Syria, including crimes against humanity, financing terrorist groups, including Daesh (ISIS or ISIL), and endangering the lives of former employees to keep its factory open in Syria’s Jalabiya region.

The cement company is accused of paying nearly 13 million euros to Daesh and other terrorist groups to keep the Jalabiya plant running, long after other French companies and multinationals had pulled out of Syria due to the spread of militancy.

Eight Lafarge executives, including former CEO Bruno Laffont, have already been charged.

Investigators suspect that Lafarge had viewed the payments by its Syria subsidiary as a “tax” in exchange for which militants allowed free movement of the company’s staff and goods inside the warzone. A source close to the probe said that there was also a suspicion that Lafarge paid cash to buy fuel and other raw materials, including fuel from suppliers close to Daesh.

Right group welcomed the court decision to charge the French giant. Sherpa, a French right advocacy and a plaintiff in the case, described the allegations against Lafarge as one of the most serious against a French company in years, saying that it was the first time that a parent company anywhere in the world had been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity.

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) also hailed the decision as a historic milestone in recognizing the scope and seriousness of allegation against multinationals.

“The activities of Lafarge in Syria, in a context where extremely violent crimes had been committed – even right outside the factory – are a perfect illustration of how multinationals can feed conflicts,” Miriam Saage-Maass who serves as ECCHR legal director stated.

Lafarge says it will appeal against some of the charges. The company, which was merged with Swiss rival Holcim in 2015, said it was not responsible as a whole.

“We deeply regret what happened in our Syrian subsidiary and as soon as we were informed, we immediately took firm measures,” Beat Hess, the board President of LafargeHolcim said, adding that “none of the people charged are part of the company today”.

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US Opens Biggest Overseas Base in South Korea Amid North Korea Talks

US Opens Biggest Overseas Base in South Korea Amid North Korea Talks
TEHRAN (FNA)- US forces in South Korea opened their "biggest overseas base", just weeks after President Donald Trump said he wanted to bring the troops home.

Camp Humphreys straddles an area of over 14.5 million square meters. It’s in Pyeongtaek around 70 kilometers South of Seoul, presstv reported.

The two allies agreed as long ago as 1990 to relocate the previous headquarters to Camp Humphreys, but the project was delayed for years by resident protests.

The relocation project was revived following an agreement back in May 2003.

The commander of US Forces Korea, Vincent K. Brooks, said South Korea had shouldered nearly all the cost of building the military base

“This was a project that cost nearly $10.8 billion to build over 10 years and the Republic of Korea investment was over 90 percent of the cost,” Brooks said in a ceremony at the new base on Friday, adding that “for that 90 percent, the United States remains with you 100 percent".

Trump has long called on Washington allies, since before assuming office, that they should pay more of the expenses needed for the US military expenses in the host county.

The opening of the new US South Korea headquarters comes just weeks after Trump said he wanted to pull out American forces from South Korea.

The US has 28,500 troops stationed in the South and the two countries are currently in talks over how to share the costs of keeping the US troops in South Korea starting 2019.

Camp Humphreys incorporates a total of 513 buildings and will accommodate 43,000 people including soldiers and their family members by the end of 2022.

The headquarters building represented "a significant investment in the long-term presence of the US forces in Korea," Brooks said, adding that it "will remain the living proof of the American commitment to the alliance".

South Korea's Defense Minister Song Young-moo said the base would embrace a new role as circumstances shifted "from Cold War confrontation to peaceful co-existence".

The move comes only weeks after Trump and Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-un had an unprecedented summit in Singapore. The US President said afterwards that he would suspend joint military exercises with the South.

Pentagon chief James Mattis, however, said Friday that the United States and its regional allies will maintain a "strong collaborative defensive stance" on North Korea.

Mattis made the remarks during a meeting with Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera in Tokyo which as taken aback by Trump's decision to halt "expensive" military exercises in the region.

The Pentagon Chief reaffirmed the US goal of dismantling North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. He said the US-Japan alliance "stands firm" and undiminished by US-North
Korea talks.

"We're in the midst of very unprecedented negotiations right now with North Korea. But in this dynamic time, the longstanding alliance between Japan and the United States stands firm," Mattis stressed.

The North has not made any public pledge to give up its weapons, despite US claims about Pyongyang's denuclearization.

Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Taro Kono said Friday the the US and Japan needed to "keep our relations tight", noting that sanctions on North Korea remain in place until all of its weapons of mass destruction are eliminated along with its ballistic missiles.

Japan hosts some 50,000 US military personnel, including the biggest overseas concentration of US Marines and a US Navy carrier strike group.

Mattis was on the last stop of a week-long trip to Asia, during which he assured the South Korean government of an “ironclad” commitment to its security, including keeping US troop levels
there of around 28,500 soldiers.
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