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Russia warns US against ‘Syria-style’ actions in N. Korea

Mike Pence’s statement on the US running out of “strategic patience” towards Pyongyang does not contribute to resolving the crisis, Sergey Lavrov said, voicing hopes there will be no repeat of the US strike on Syria in North Korea.

“I hope that there won’t be any unilateral actions like we recently saw in Syria and that the US will follow the policies Trump repeatedly declared during his election campaign,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, regarding the statement made by US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday during his visit to South Korea.

The world has witnessed the “strength and resolve of [President Trump] in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan,” according to Pence, who threatened North Korea “not to test” this resolve or “or the strength of the armed forces of the United States.”

The Russian foreign minister warned not to take any military actions and stressed that the “risky nuclear and missile endeavors of Pyongyang” violating UNSC resolutions could not be used as an excuse for violating international law and the UN Charter “in the same fashion” as in Syria.

The period of US policy before the current escalation could be hardly described as an “era of strategic patience,” Lavrov added.

“I cannot call the Obama administration’s period an ‘era of strategic patience,’ as the US has been quite harshly limiting North Korea’s capabilities to develop economy sectors related to nuclear or energy areas,” Lavrov said, referring to past US initiatives, many of them backed by the UN Security Council.

Harsh statements do not contribute to peace and stability in the region, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said, while commenting on South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn’s promise to “implement intensive punitive measures” on Pyongyang in case of any “provocations.”

“Our position is well known and consistent. We call on all sides to avoid any actions which might be perceived as a provocation. And we stand for the continuation of coordinated international efforts in existing formats to resolve the North Korean problem,” Peskov said.

‘Era of strategic patience’ by US towards N. Korea is over – Pence

US Vice-President Mike Pence announced the “end of strategic patience” towards Pyongyang, adding that “all options are on the table.”

Pence spoke on Monday while visiting the 4km-wide heavily-mined demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas.

“President Trump has made it clear that the patience of the United States and our allies in this region has run out and we want to see change,” Pence told reporters. “We want to see North Korea abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons, and also its continual use and testing of ballistic missiles is unacceptable.”

The comments came a day after a new North Korean missile launch which, according to the South Korean and US militaries, failed. Despite the reported failure, the missile launch was perceived as a test of Trump’s resolve to press Pyongyang further into abandoning the nuclear and missile programs.

Pence praised the “historic, iron-clad alliance” between the US and South Korea, not ruling out a military solution of the Korean standoff.

“All options are on the table to achieve the objectives and ensure the stability of the people of this country,” said Pence, while adding that Trump would not discuss specific military tactics.
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毒ガス弾供給元と見られるトルコが外れてイラン・シリア・ロシアの三国同盟へ ロシアはイドリブの毒ガス事件を解明へ

Analyst Blames Turkey, Al-Nusra for Chemical Attack in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Syrian political analyst took Ankara and al-Nusra (Fatah al-Sham) Front terrorist group responsible for the recent chemical attack in Syria's Idlib province.

"Under the conditions that Turkey and the Al-Nusra terrorist group have found themselves under severe impasse in the Syrian developments, they played the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack scenario to retrieve their lost reputation," Manif Hamidoush told FNA on Monday.

Noting that the Syrian army's advances and victories had created panic and anxiety among the terrorist groups and their supporters, he said that by launching the chemical attack, they wanted to pressure Russia and Iran to change their position on President Bashar al-Assad and the war in Syria.

Syrian opposition claimed last Tuesday forces loyal to President Bashar Assad had used a chemical gas on people in the Northwestern province, killing nearly 80 and injuring 200.

トルコのトピックス2017年04月10日 | 国際
4月11日 イドリブの化学兵器攻撃とアメリカの軍事的対応の後、エルドアン大統領が、9日、ロシアに、シリア体制への支援を再考慮するよう要請しました。

Damascus: Ankara Seeks Private Tehran Talks on Syria to Keep Its Stance Secret

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Monday that Turkey has requested a closed-doors meeting in Iran next week to conceal its stance ahead of the next round of Astana negotiations.

"The Turkish government asked the organizers of the meeting not to allow the press, likely so that it did not know the position of the Turkish government," Mekdad told Sputnik.

The Tehran talks are scheduled for April 18-19, followed by the May 3-4 talks in the Kazakh capital.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Foreign Ministers of Russia, Syria and Iran are due to hold trilateral talks in Moscow at the end of the week over the Syrian crisis issue.

Russian Foreign Ministry's Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at the end of the week three-way talks are planned in Moscow between the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Syria and Iran.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had hosted his Iranian and Syrian counterparts Mohammad Javad Zarif and Walid al-Muallem in Moscow late October 2016 to confer on ways to intensify anti-terrorism efforts in the Arab country.

It seems that the meeting is in responce to the US President Donald Trump's military order against the Damascus government.

Russia, Syria & Iran demand no further US strikes on Syria – foreign ministers
The US cruise missile attack on Syria was an act of international aggression, Russia, Syria and Iran have stated after a meeting of their foreign ministers in Moscow.

“We have reiterated our position and were united in stating that the attack was an act of aggression, which blatantly violated the principles of international law and the UN Charter,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“We call on the US and its allies to respect Syria’s sovereignty and refrain from actions similar to what happened on April 7, and which have serious ramification not only for regional, but also global security,” he added.

Lavrov was referring to the Tomahawk missile barrage fired by the US Navy at a Syrian airbase in Homs province. Washington ordered the attack after accusing Damascus of launching a chemical weapons attack at a rebel-held town in Idlib province from that airbase. Russia condemned the move, saying the US hadn’t offered any proof to pin the alleged chemical weapons incident on the Syrian Army.

He added that Moscow suspects that the Idlib incident was a provocative act aimed at derailing negotiations between the Syrian government and so-called moderate rebel groups on a political transition in the country. Lavrov said the perpetrators of the deadly release of toxins must be found.

“We insist on a thorough, objective and unbiased investigation of the circumstance of the use of chemical substances in Khan Shaykhun on April 4,” he said, adding that the investigating team must include inspectors chosen from nations from different parts of the world to ensure its objectivity.

Muallem pledged full cooperation of Damascus in carrying out such a probe.

Lavrov also accused the US of reviving the Obama administration goal of toppling the Syrian government instead of seeking a political solution, citing the Tomahawk missile attack.

“Such acts of aggression are obviously meant to derail the peace process, which was endorsed in a unanimously adopted resolution of the UN Security Council and implies that the fate of Syria would be decided only by the Syrian people,” he said. “The action was obviously deviating from this basic concept and find new protects to aim for regime change.”

Lavrov said there is an increasing amount of evidence pointing to the conclusion that the chemical incident in Idlib province was staged to set up the Syrian government.

“Publications by professional experts, including some in the US and Britain, say there are too many inconsistencies and gaps in the version of events presented to justify the [US] aggression,” he said.

Zarif accused “certain countries” of hypocrisy, citing Iran’s history of suffering from chemical weapons attack by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during the 1980s war. Declassified CIA files showed that the US was well aware that Saddam was using CWs against Iranians, but didn’t oppose it and even provided intelligence for such attacks.




Election Board to count ballots without official seal

Turkey's Supreme Election Board said on Sunday that it had made an “unprecedented” decision to deem valid and count the ballots that didn’t bear the board's official seal, AP and Reuters reported. The move was explained by the fact that many voters complained that they were handed ballots without the official stamp in the referendum.

In order for the ballot to be considered invalid it has to be proven that it was cast fraudulently, the board added.


Turkish opposition calls for referendum result to be annulled over unstamped ballots

Turkish opposition figures have called for the results of Sunday’s referendum granting new presidential powers to be annulled, citing unstamped ballots given to voters. The electoral board insists the referendum result is valid, however.

Bulent Tezcan, deputy chairman of the main opposition Republican Peoples' Party (CHP), said Monday that the “only one way to end the discussions about the vote's legitimacy and to put the people at ease… is for the Supreme Electoral Board to cancel the vote.”
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米国で犯罪犠牲者への募金を呼びかけるインチキサイトが増えているようだ 日本でも出るだろう

最初に、"クラウドファンディング"、"GoFundMe" の知識がない人は、こちらのサイトを見てください。1年前の記事ですが、よく分かります。

2016-04-07 ちょっとアレな寄付型クラウドファンディング GoFundMe.com

そして次のツイート。Robert Godwin Sr.氏は、この記事の最後にあるFacebook Live killerに殺されました。そして、Robert Godwin Sr.氏の家族が自分たちはGoFundMeにアカウントを作っていないし、作るつもりもないと書いています。

Facebook murder victim’s family warns of fake GoFundMe pages

The family of the man fatally shot in a video that appeared to be a Facebook Live broadcast says several fake GoFundMe pages have been set up claiming to raise money in aid of the victim.

The daughter of Robert Godwin Sr. told FOX8 the family has not set up any accounts and that no other party has been authorized to do so. Police have been notified of more than 30 accounts on the funding site claiming to raise money for the family.

Godwin was shot and killed in Cleveland, with the murder captured in a video that at first appeared to be a Facebook Live broadcast by Steve Stephens, identified by police as the suspect.

Police are continuing a manhunt for Stephens, who claimed to have killed 14 other people and promised more murders.

A Facebook post written by members of the family explaining they weren’t connected to the various fundraising pages was spread across social media.

Facebook Live killer: Ohio man claims to have shot 15, vows to ‘keep killing until caught’

Police in Cleveland, Ohio, are continuing a manhunt for a suspect who shot and killed an elderly man during what appeared to be a Facebook Live broadcast.

Steve Stephens, identified by police as the suspect, claimed to have killed 14 other people and promised more murders, but police have so far failed to find any additional victims.
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US-Led Coalition Conducts Suspicious Heliborne Operation in ISIL-Held Regions in Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN (FNA)- Local sources disclosed that the US-led coalition aircraft have carried out another heliborne operation in regions controlled by ISIL terrorists in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near Syria's border with Iraq.

The Arabic-language desk of Sky news quoted local sources as saying that several aircraft of the US-led coalition carried out heliborne operations near T2 Station in desert regions South of the town of al-Mayadeen.


Sky news further added that the aircraft landed near the T2 station where tens of the coalition forces left them and entered the station, adding the region on which the aircraft landed is one of the military supplying-rescue bases of the ISIL and there are a number of arms depots and fighters in the region.

The coalition's operation lasted for 20 minutes and the US-led forces left the region, Sky news said, adding that the ISIL, meantime, dispatched more forces and military equipment to Koinko oilfields, Jafrah and al-Tonk regions and set up tens of checkpoints in the towns of al-Mayadeen, al-Sho'eitat, Albu Kamal and its surroundings.

Sources said in early January that 6 helicopters took part an unprecedented heliborne operation in areas West of Deir Ezzur city to relocate ISIL's foreign fighters from the region.

There were two helicopters that carried a number of soldiers and Arabic translators in a region near al-Kebr station.

The source said the US troops left the helicopters and staged a raid on the terrorists at a water pump station, killing a number of them. "Then they took several ISIL terrorists captive, in an action that more seemed like a theatrical move".

"It looked like a drill and our suspicons grew when we came to realize that they only took captive those ISIL members who were foreigners," he added.

Other sources said that "the coalition forces that could speak Arabic with the accent of the Persian Gulf states took with them some of the non-Syrian members of the ISIL".








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アフリカからの難民問題が深刻化 リビアに奴隷市場

Libya Blames EU for Making Empty Promises on Migrants

TEHRAN (FNA)- Libya accused the EU of failing to fulfill pledges to help Libya fight migrant smuggling to Europe, reports said.

Speaking during an interview with German’s Bild newspaper, UN-backed Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj said, “Unfortunately Europe did not help us but made just empty promises,” Al Waght reported.

He was referring to EU offers of aid to build up a Libyan coast guard to combat growing waves of African and West Asia migrants seeking to use the country’s coast to cross over to Europe.

“We need urgently more professional help in order to protect and control the coast,” Sarraj was quoted as saying.

“Furthermore, the international community must do more to help stabilize the country.” If Libya does not receive more aid soon, he warned, there will be more smugglers sending more migrants on the dangerous sea voyage to Europe.

The political and security situation in Libya remains unstable and the movement of migrants from Libya to the Mediterranean continues largely unhindered. The slightly rising trend in arrivals to Italy continues, with an expected seasonal spike during the summer months as smuggler activity becomes slightly more organized.

Western policies in the Middle East and North Africa have caused the current refugee crisis in the European Union.

The war in Syria has also forced nearly five million Syrians to take refuge in neighboring countries while others are moving in droves to Europe. More than 7.2 million others have been displaced internally, according to UN figures.

Syria blames western countries led by the US and their regional allies including the Israeli regime, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for being the main backers of terrorists fighting to topple the country’s legitimate government.

US-led NATO interference in Libya at the height of the country’s Islamic awakening movement which ousted the country’s long-term dictator Muamar Gaddafi has also been a major source of destabilization on the country which is now the major conduit of illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe.

UN: African Migrants Murdered, Raped after Being Sold in Libyan ‘Slave Markets’

TEHRAN (FNA)- The UN migration agency said a growing number of migrants passing through Libya are being traded in so-called slave markets before being held for ransom, Many of whom experience malnutrition and sexual abuse, while some pay the ultimate price of death.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) spoke to African migrants who recounted their experiences of being bought and sold in garages and parking lots in the southern city of Sabha, one of Libya’s main migrant smuggling hubs, RT reported.

Migrants are typically traded for as little as $200 to $500, and are held for an average of two to three months, Othman Belbeisi, the head of the IOM’s Libya mission, told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday.

“Migrants are being sold in the market as a commodity,” he said, as quoted by Reuters.

“Selling human beings is becoming a trend among smugglers as the smuggling networks in Libya are becoming stronger and stronger,” Belbeisi added.

Many of the migrants are used as day laborers in construction and agriculture. Although some are paid, others are forced to work without pay, before being sold onwards to new buyers.

Women often face extremely tragic fates.

“About women, we heard a lot about bad treatment, rape and being forced into prostitution,” Belbeisi said.

In a statement, the IOM recounted the story of a Senegalese migrant referred to as ‘SC,’ who spoke of being ‘bought’ and taken to his first ‘prison’ – a private home where more than 100 migrants were beaten and held as hostages.

SC was asked to pay 300,000 Central African Francs ($480) for his release, which he couldn’t pay. He was then sold to another Libyan, who set his release price at 600,000 CFA ($970).

The Senegalese migrant, who spoke of dire sanitary conditions and meals offered only once per day, was eventually able to get money from his family and work as an interpreter to avoid future beatings.

However, others aren’t so lucky. Those who can’t pay are often killed or left to starve to death, according to the IOM. They are buried without being identified.

“What we know is that migrants who fall into the hands of smugglers face systematic malnutrition, sexual abuse and even murder,” the IOM’s director of operations and emergencies, Mohammed Abdiker, said. “We are hearing about mass graves in the desert."

When migrants die or are released, kidnappers simply return to the market to ‘buy’ more migrants to replace them, SC told the IOM.

Libya is a major gateway for migrants hoping to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, with more than 450,000 people making the crossing over the past three years.

Fatalities are all too common for those making the treacherous journey. So far this year an estimated 26,886 migrants have crossed to Italy,more than 600 are known to have died at sea, while an unknown number perish during their journey north through the desert, according to the Reuters.

Last year marked a record for the number of migrants trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean route from North Africa, with 181,000 people registered at Italian ports.

A record number of fatalities was also recorded in 2016, with the UN’s refugee agency stating more than 5,000 people died, or were presumed dead, while making the journey.

The influx of migrants to Europe is unlikely to end any time soon, according to the president of the European Parliament, who has predicted that violence, civil wars, and poverty may force up to 30 million Africans to come to Europe within the next 10 years.

※  Bassem‏ @BBassem7 氏の2017/4/17のツイート
Thanks to @NATO and @BarackObama you can literally buy a slave for as little as €200 in Libya. @HillaryClinton
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Rai Al-Youm: US Merely Dares to Attack Arab States Not N. Korea

TEHRAN (FNA)- A leading Arab newspaper referred to the US "empty" threats against North Korea for its missile tests, and said Washington only dares to attack the weak Arab and Islamic states and would never dare to do a similar thing to North Korea because it is afraid of its reaction.

Al-Rai al-Youm newspaper pointed to the US missile strikes against Syria's al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province earlier this month and drop of a GBU-43/B MOAB - the largest non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal - on Afghanistan last Thursday, and said the North Korean officials are just joking about the "empty threatening message they receive from the US.

The Koreans never take Washington's threat seriously because they enjoy the needed missile and atomic capability to strike back and they are always ready to do so, the paper said, adding that Pyongyang knows that the US never dares to take the military option.

The Arab daily voiced regret that the US just dares to attack the weak Arab and Islamic countries because it rests assured that it would never be given a response for its aggressions.

"But North Korea is not an Arab or Muslim country and it will certainly respond the US aggression despite its high costs," it continued, and said hence, the US never attacks them.

On April 7, the United States launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian military airfield in Shayrat near the city of Homs.

Donald Trump said the attack was a response to the alleged chemical weapon use in Syria's Idlib on April 4, which Washington blames on the Syrian government.

Syrian opposition had claimed forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad had used a chemical gas on people in the Northwestern province, killing nearly 80 and injuring 200. Syrian president argued his government has no chemical weapons after agreeing to have them destroyed in 2013. He also ruled out having used chemicals against own people.

Also, Friday saw global audiences awaking to news the US military had dropped a GBU-43/B MOAB against what it called the ISIL position in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

The event marked the use of the weapon on the battlefield for the first time in history.

The bomb is nicknamed the Mother of All Bombs for its 11-tonne blast yield and it is worth $16 million.

The former president of Afghanistan called on his countrymen to "stop the USA" after what he said was Washington using Nangarhar province as a testing ground for the biggest non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal.

"I vehemently and in strongest words condemn the dropping of the latest weapon, the largest non-nuclear bomb, on Afghanistan by US military," tweeted Hamid Karzai. "This is not the war on terror but the inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country as testing ground for new and dangerous weapons."

"It is upon us, Afghans, to stop the USA," he added.
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2017/4/7 国連安保理事会緊急会合でのボリビア代表の演説


※ Nardeep Pujji‏ @AWAKEALERT 4月8日
#Bolivia UN Slams USA #SyriaStrikes #Syriahoax

この演説を太陽のイビキ @taiyonoibiki氏が全訳してくれました。これを Zowie‏ @sekilalazowie氏がトゥゲッターにまとめてくれています。



2017年4月7日未明、アメリカの巡航ミサイル59発がシリア中央部にある空軍基地に着弾。多大なインフラ被害のほか、付近の村に住む市民に多数の死傷者が出ている。これで、ついに最も恐れていたことが現実のものになったわけである。 ロシア外相ラヴロフの機転、シリア大統領アサドの決断、限られた期間しかも極めて危険な状況下で大量の化学兵器全量廃棄という偉業を成し遂げたOPCW(化学兵器禁止機関)、廃棄作業の必要条件となる治安維持に努めたシリア政府軍及び警察、…この最悪の事態を回避すべく流された汗と努力が、この一瞬にいともたやすく灰燼に帰してしまったことになる。 シリアの化学兵器により再び多数の市民に犠牲者が出たことを受けて、国連安全会議が開かれていたが、ここに紹介するのは、ミサイル攻撃直後、即日で開かれた安全会議の中でひときわ注目に値するボリビア代表サッチャ・ジョレンティさんの発言(全訳)である。拒否権を持たない非常任理事国とは言いながらも、ボリビアは2017年の安全会議メンバー入りを果たしていた。まさにこの発言をするために、メンバー入りを目指していたと思われるくらいのパンチの効いた発言になっている。












「全ての(武力)行使は、唯一、国連安全保障理事会によってのみ権限を与えられるものでなければならない。」 ここで、私に国連憲章から条項を読み上げることを許してください。そうすれば、私たちはそれを思い出すことができるでしょう。








"The Security Council has the primary responsibility for international peace and security.
That’s my appeal. Everything has to be handed within the framework of the United Nation’s Charter.
The use of force is lawful only when it’s exercise of self-defense in accordance with article 51, and all, when the Security Council approves such an action.

武力行使が合法なのは、唯一、国連憲章51条に定めた自己防衛と認められた場合に限ります。さらに、安全会議がその行為を承認した場合に限ります。)」 以上です。これが、国際紛争を防止するために事務総長が示した道です。





そして、彼の言葉で言うと、イラクが大量破壊兵器を持っているから、先制攻撃が絶対に必要だと言うものでした。(コリン・パウエルの写真を掲げて) pic.twitter.com/BebB7SAlrk




「私は信じる。私は感じる。願わくば、私は自分が思い違いをしていると思いたい。シリア政府が化学兵器を使用したという情報は、アメリカが武力行使、一方的武力行使、帝国主義的行動を行使するためにでっち上げた口実なのではないかと。 pic.twitter.com/qZPUdrTxug
アメリカは国際法など屁とも思っていない。アメリカは自分らの利益のためには平気で国際法を無視するし、武力行使を回避するための会話を封じ込めてしまう。アメリカは世界平和と安全保障の脅威だ。」 (以上、エボ・モラレス)

















安全会議のメンバー15カ国のうち、アメリカのミサイル攻撃に賛成した国は次のとおりである。 1.イギリス 2.トルコ 3.サウジアラビア 4.イタリア 5.フランス、ドイツ 6.日本 7.ポーランド 8.EU 9.オーストラリア 10.イスラエル




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Hitler’s Mein Kampf returns to Japanese schools as ‘teaching material’

Japan has okayed using Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography and Nazi manifesto, in schools for educational purposes just weeks after the similarly controversial Imperial Rescript on Education was approved as “teaching material,” according to media reports.

Although the Japanese government approved Hitler’s infamous book as “teaching material” for schools on Friday, using it to promote racial hatred will lead to a strict response from regulators, according to the Japan Times report.

The decision came weeks after the controversial Imperial Rescript on Education in schools was approved for the same purposes.

According to many historians, the Rescript, which focuses on patriotism and loyalty to the Japanese Emperor, was one of the primary sources promoting obedience and moral certitude that helped militarism to grow in Japan.

It was issued in 1890 to expound the government’s policy on teaching the Japanese Empire’s guiding principles and it was subsequently distributed to all of the country’s schools, along with a portrait of Emperor Meiji. Schoolchildren were obliged to learn and recite it from time to time.

Following Japan’s surrender and the end of the World War II, American occupation authorities banned formal reading of the Rescript.

“Use of the Imperial Rescript on Education as teaching material cannot be denied,” Japan’s cabinet said in a statement on March 31 this year.

The Imperial Rescript came into the limelight earlier this year after a video emerged showing three- to five-year-old pupils at an Osaka kindergarten reciting the long-defunct document. The video sparked heated discussion in Japanese society and angered the Chinese, who suffered the most at the hands of Japan’s imperial forces. China lost between 15 and 20 million people during the war, the majority of whom were civilians.
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Iran to Attend 12-Nation Talks on Afghanistan in Russia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian officials will attend an upcoming conference on Afghanistan to be held in Moscow in mid-April, a Pakistani official announced.

"Iran and Pakistan will take part in the new round of Afghanistan peace talks which will be held by Russia on April 14," Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said.

Zakaria reiterated that the upcoming Afghan peace talks will focus on devising ways to end the conflict in the war-torn country and follow-up the agenda of the earlier meetings hosted by Russia on Afghanistan.

The meeting will be attended by twelve countries, including the host country Russia, Pakistan, China, Iran, India and several Central Asian states.

Earlier in February 2017, Moscow hosted six-party talks attended by Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India to help restore peace and stability in Afghanistan.


She reiterated that the talks will focus on security in Afghanistan.

“In our opinion, the main goal of the consultations is to develop a single regional approach with regard to further promotion of the national reconciliation process in that country, while maintaining Kabul's leading role and complying with the earlier reviewed and approved principles on the integration of the armed opposition into peaceful life,” Zakharova added.

She also said that other countries such as Afghanistan, Central Asian states, China, India, Pakistan and the US have also been invited to attend the conference.

The second round of talks on Afghanistan was held in December 2016 with the participation of Russia, Pakistan, China, India, Iran and Afghanistan.

US snubs 11-state Afghanistan peace conference, says Russia trying to ‘assert influence’

Washington failed to attend the latest international conference hosted by Moscow, where 11 nations discussed ways of bringing peace to Afghanistan. The US branded it a “unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region.”

Friday’s meeting is the latest in a series of similar events in the Russian capital that have grown from trilateral consultations between Russia, China, and Pakistan held in December of last year into talks involving the majority of the Afghan region’s powers. The latest included Russia, China, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. An invitation was sent to Kabul’s patron, America, but was rejected.

“I think just to end it, we just felt that these talks – it was unclear to us what the purpose was,” US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Tuesday, in explaining the US’ absence.

“It seemed to be a unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region that we felt wasn’t constructive at this time,” he noted.

Moscow responded by saying it “could not comprehend” the US’ reason for snubbing the gathering.

Participants in the event reiterated their support for a peaceful transition in Afghanistan, while calling for Kabul to be supported in moving in that direction.

“A call has been sent to the Taliban movement to abandon its line for a military solution of the Afghan conflict in favor of direct talks with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the issue of national reconciliation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement after the conference.

The statement added that more consultations in this format will follow, while noting that Moscow has offered to host them again.

Moscow and China have separately been trying to persuade the Taliban to focus less on Kabul and more on the more imminent threat – the advances of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group.

Washington has criticized such initiatives, citing the Taliban’s record of waging guerilla warfare against the Afghan government, while downplaying the threat posed by IS in Afghanistan. The US military reported in February that the joint efforts of Afghan troops and US-led international forces have reduced IS’ presence in the country to less than 1,000 fighters, according to Voice of America.

According to Russia’s estimate, the jihadist group has at least 3,500 fighters in Afghanistan, which Moscow says Kabul and its allies are not doing enough to eradicate.

The conference in Moscow comes a day after the US dropped its most powerful conventional bomb on a suspected IS hideout in Afghanistan, marking the first time the weapon has been used in combat. It was not immediately clear whether this signified a shift in Washington’s view of the threat posed by IS affiliates in Afghanistan.
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N. Korea to strike US bases in Asian Pacific & S. Korean presidential palace if US attacks – KCNA

North Korea will strike US military bases in Japan and South Korea, as well as the South Korean president’s residence in Seoul, if America engages in aggression against Pyongyang, North Korea’s General Staff warned, according to state news agency KCNA.

North Korea’s military promised to “ruthlessly ravage” the US if the American aircraft carrier group that is currently on its way to the region takes aggressive action.

“Our toughest counteraction against the US and its vassal forces will be taken in such a merciless manner as not to allow the aggressors to survive,” a statement from the military said.

“The Trump administration, which made a surprise guided cruise-missile strike on Syria on April 6, has entered the path of open threat and blackmail,” the statement added.

The General Staff noted that, American military bases in the Pacific, Guam, the island of Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of US troops in Japan, as well as the US mainland, are all within reach of North Korea’s strategic missiles.

※ Jeremy Koh @JeremyKohCNA
Air China stops flights to #Pyongyang today; unclear when flights will resume #DPRK
9:26 PM - 14 Apr 2017

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Russian Media: 36 US Missiles Downed by Russia in Syria's Shayrat Airbase Attack

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Russian daily said the country's fighter jets have possibly targeted and downed 36 US' Tomahawk missiles fired by the American warships at Shayrat military airports in Southwestern Homs last week.

The Russian language Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reported that 36 Tomahawk cruise missiles that the US navy fired at the Syrian Shayrat airbase on Thursday were possibly intercepted by the Russian warplanes.

The paper wrote that this is unlikely that the US missiles were targeted by S300 or S400 air defense systems that are protecting Tartus and Humeimim bases because Tomahawk missiles.

The Russian daily wrote that the US' missiles were possibly targeted by Sukhoi-35s and Sukhoi-30 SM that are capable of intercepting and hitting Tomahawk missiles.

The Russian paper added that the US army had possibly first fired 36 missiles from Ross Striker but after they were intercepted, the Americans launched 23 more missiles to hit Shayrat airbase when the Russian warplanes were going back to their bases.

The United States carried out a missile strike on the Shayrat airfield late Thursday in response to an alleged chemical attack on a militant-held town in Idlib province the blame for which Washington immediately pinned on the Bashar al-Assad government.

Washington failed to provide any proof that the Syrian government was behind the purported gas attack, with Damascus categorically denying the US accusation.

According to reports, around 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched at Shayrat military airfield in Southeast of Homs city. US military ships in the Mediterranean launched the strike on Syrian airbase, killed and wounded several civilians.

The US military claims it racked up a perfect score in its cruise missile strike on Syrian airfield in Homs province, targeting aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage areas, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems and radars.

But, the Russian Defense Ministry assessed the efficiency of the US strike as quite poor, and disclosed that only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles had reached their target while the points of impact of the remaining 36 missiles were unknown.

The US strike has been condemned by Tehran and Moscow, two main allies of Damascus in fight against terrorism, while the Syrian Armed Forces' General Command also deplored US missile attack on Shayrat military airport, adding the move made clearer that the US is a partner of ISIL and Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) terrorists in the war-hit country.




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警告! このブログは海外で起きている戦争やテロの状況を掲載しています。残酷、ショッキングな赤裸々な画像もあります。未成年の方や女性、そして成年男性でも精神的衝撃を受ける方がおられるでしょう。このブログは閲覧されないことをお勧めします。

DISTURBING IMAGES: White Helmets BUSTED killing babies in PR stunt to start war in Syria

White Helmets have been caught faking rescues and doctoring dead children.

They won an Academy Award and George Clooney is doing a big budget Hollywood film on the group.

The White Helmets are adored by western audiences, but loathed by those who have done their due diligence to recognized that the group is nothing more than ISIS in an NGO disguise.

Now a bombshell analysis from the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) accuses the Syria Civil Defense (aka the White Helmets), of falsifying information about its “humanitarian work” in Syria.

According to Swedish human rights activists, so-called “rescue” procedures filmed in White Helmets propaganda videos, is a complete staged hoax.

The procedures in the video and photos below have been carefully analyzed to show that they were carried out on a dead child, who may have been killed by the White Helmets in order to film the footage.

Chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDH), Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, notes…

The reproduction of those al-Qaeda / White Helmets footage by CNN, camouflaged as “normal news”, is a fact that should be investigated together with the deceiving content in such footage. A clearer illustration of ‘fake news’ around the disinformation on the Syrian conflict is hard to find.

It is remarkable that no UN official, no CNN journalist, etc., ever reflected on the veracity or authenticity of the enacted ‘saving-lives’ scenes in the video. For instance, and to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that an analysis of the syringe episode is conducted in the terms I describe here below.

The result of this observation, later supported by two Swedish doctors –one GP and a pediatrician– demonstrates that the syringe’s content was never pumped into the needle injected in the infant’s chest. An alternative explanation, equally bizarre, is that the child was injected with the needle connected to an empty syringe-barrel.
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Putin: Nearly Half of 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria Hail from CIS

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian President Vladimir Putin said nearly half of the approximately 20,000 foreign militants fighting in Syria hail from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

"According to various estimates, about 20,000 foreign fighters are fighting in Syria, of which almost 10,000 are from the CIS countries," Putin told the Mir broadcaster in an interview published Wednesday, Rossiya Segodnya reported.

He further estimated that around 5,000 fighters are from Central Asian states.

"These are mainly CSTO countries, by the way," Putin stressed, underscoring the need to create a broad international anti-terrorist coalition.

EU faces ‘disaster’ if their 5,000 jihadists return home, Syrian deputy FM warns
Some 5,000 EU nationals are currently fighting in Syria among the ranks of ISIS and other jihadist groups, according to a senior Syrian official, who warns it'll be a disaster for European security if these militants are allowed to return.

2万人の外国人戦闘員のうち1万人がthe Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)出身、そのうち5千人が中央アジア出身、5千人が欧州出身、残る5千人は中東諸国、北アフリカなどの出身ということになります。
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米国同盟軍がデリゾールでテロリストの化学兵器隠し場所を空爆 市民を含む数百人が死亡か

US-Led Coalition Airstrike Blows Up ISIL Chemical Weapons' Cache in Deir Ezzur, Kills Scores of Civilians

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Armed Forces' General Command announced in a statement that the US-led coalition's airstrikes on an ISIL chemical weapons cache in Hatleh village in Eastern Deir Ezzur killed hundreds of militants and civilians after inhaling toxic gases.

The statement explained that after the attack a white cloud was formed on the ground which later turned yellow, adding that these and other signs show a large cache of toxic materials was exploded in the attack.

After the airstrike, hundreds of people, including the militants and a large number of civilians, suffocated to death after inhaling toxic gases.

The statement also said the incident showed that the terrorist groups, headed by the ISIL and the Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) are in hold of chemical weapons and can access, transfer, store and use them with the help of certain regional states.

Stressing that the Syrian army has no chemical weapons and has not used any chemical arms, the statement warned of the dangers of continued chemical attacks by the terrorist groups against the civilians.

The Russian Defense Ministry has no information that could confirm reports about a US-led coalition airstrike in the Syrian Deir ez-Zor province leading to civilian deaths, the ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said.

“The Russian Defense Ministry does not have any information confirming the reports about loss of life and material damage resulting from a bombing carried out by the US-led coalition warplanes in the area of the city of Deir ez-Zor,” Konashenkov told journalists at a press briefing.

He went on to say that the Russian military has sent surveillance drones to the area of the alleged airstrike to assess the situation and monitor developments on the ground.

Earlier on Thursday, the Syrian Army’s General Command said that the US-led coalition had carried out an airstrike on positions held by Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) terrorists in the village of Halta to the east of Deir ez-Zor on Wednesday between 5:30pm and 5:50pm local time (14:30-14:50 GMT), as reported by the Syrian SANA news agency.

The Syrian military said the airstrike allegedly triggered the release of a “white cloud that became yellow” containing hazardous substances, as the coalition aircraft apparently hit a “huge repository” of toxic materials possessed by the extremists.

The statement issued by the Syrian Army’s General Command also said that “hundreds, including a large number of civilians,” had died in the area due to suffocation caused by inhaling the toxic substances released by the coalition airstrike, SANA reports.

This incident confirms that terrorist groups, particularly Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front, “possess chemical weapons” as well as have “an ability to obtain, transport, store and use” toxic substances, the Syrian military stressed, while once again insisting that the government forces “do not possess any kind of chemical weapons.”

In the meantime, the US-led coalition has denied the incident.

“The coalition conducted no strikes in that area at that time. The Syrian claim is incorrect and likely intentional misinformation,” the coalition’s spokesman, US Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, told Reuters. He reiterated the denial on Twitter.
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北朝鮮ミサイルのサリン運搬可能説はシンゾー独自の見解か 人民日報が北朝鮮の応戦で韓国に核汚染の恐れがあると警告

North Korean missiles may be capable of delivering sarin nerve gas, says Japan’s prime minister amid concerns that the hermit state may respond to the US naval buildup in the region ahead of the 105th birthday of its late ruler Kim Il-sung.

Speaking to lawmakers, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said there is possibility that North Korea already has the capacity to equip missile warheads with sarin projectiles, according to Nikkei Asia Review.

He maintained that Pyongyang is rapidly improving its nuclear and missile technology, urging the international community “to stay united and make a drastic change in the way North Korea moves towards a dangerous road.” Abe said the Japanese Self-Defense Force has no emergency plan in that regard, but stressed “the deterrent of the US-Japan alliance.”

Later in the day, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said North Korea possesses “large stockpiles” of chemical weapons as well as industrial facilities to produce them, according to TASS.

The alarming news comes amid a massive US military build-up near the Korean Peninsula, the largest for several years. Previously, US President Donald Trump threatened to take unilateral action against Pyongyang with or without support from regional powers, ordering the aircraft carrier group ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to execute a show of force near North Korean waters.

This week, the White House issued another bellicose statement, saying US military assets in the region are not limited to the surface fleet. During a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, Trump told Xi he should inform North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that the US “doesn’t just have aircraft carriers, but also nuclear submarines,”according to Wall Street Journal.

“You cannot allow a country like that to have nuclear power, nuclear weapons,” Trump said. “That’s mass destruction. He doesn’t have the delivery systems yet, but he will.”

In turn, North Korea warned on Tuesday it would retaliate to any sign of American aggression with any means available.

“If the US dares opt for a military action, crying out for ‘pre-emptive attack’, [Pyongyang] is ready to react. We will hold the US wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,”said North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, as cited by AP.


‘Riskier than striking Syria’: Beijing warns US against attacking North Korea

China has warned the US against using military force against North Korea, after a surprise redeployment of an aircraft carrier group. Washington’s regional allies said they expect it to consult with them before any action.

Tension is mounting in the region as US President Donald Trump said he would solve the “North Korean problem” with or without China’s help. The warning came amid the diversion of the aircraft carrier group ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to the Korean Peninsula and a week after Trump ordered the US Navy to fire a barrage of 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase as punishment for an alleged chemical attack in Idlib province.

Responding to US belligerence, Beijing called against using force against Pyongyang.

“Military force cannot resolve the issue,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing. “Amid challenge there is opportunity. Amid tensions we will also find a kind of opportunity to return to talks.”

An editorial in the influential newspaper Global Times, which is published by the Chinese Communist Party’ People’s Daily, said the situation on the Korean Peninsula could not be compared to that of Syria.

“Taking military actions against North Korea is much more risky than launching a missile strike on Syria. Pyongyang is able to deal a heavy blow to South Korea. Regardless of Pyongyang's nuclear capability, a radiological dispersal device, or a ‘dirty bomb,’ if thrown on the South, will cause nuclear pollution, which will be unbearable to this US ally,” the newspaper warned.

The paper said Washington needs to accept the reality that it “has no power to put global affairs in order at the moment” and work with other leading world powers on the Korean situation through the UN Security Council, a body that the US has shun by the unilateral attack against Syria.

US allies in the region, South Korea and Japan, have both asked Washington to consult with them before taking military action against Pyongyang. Both countries station thousands of US troops on their territories.

※ ソウル・フラワー・ユニオン‏ @soulflowerunion 氏の2017/4/13のツイート

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※ Jack Posobiec ‏ @JackPosobiec氏の日本時間2017/4/12午前0時頃のツイート
Breaking: North Korea Strike Imminent
From same source that warned me about Syria strikes last Thursday morning

China rejects coal shipments from North Korea
A fleet of North Korean cargo ships laden with coal is returning to their home port of Nampo after China ordered its trading companies to refuse the shipments, Reuters reports quoting shipping data.
This appears to show China is committed to the ban on imports of North Korean coal after Pyongyang carried out globally criticized missile tests. Coal is the crucial export product of the isolated state, especially the deliveries of the type used for steel making - coking coal.

※ [北京 12日 ロイター] - 中国国営テレビによると、習近平国家主席は12日、米大統領と電話会談し、朝鮮半島の緊張について、平和的手段をもって解決されるべきとの認識を示した。







China Calls for Peaceful Resolution of North Korea Tensions
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Donald Trump to resolve ongoing tensions with North Korea peacefully.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, Xi and Trump discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula in a phone call initiated by the US president on Wednesday, presstv reported.

“China insists on realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula... and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the American side over the issue on the peninsula,” Xi told Trump during the conversation.

The White House has not released details on the phone conversation.

Last week, the Chinese and American leaders met in the United States, where Trump reportedly called on China to increase pressure on Pyongyang.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump said that if China refused to help, “we will solve the problem without them!”

The US has dispatched a strike group, including an aircraft carrier, to the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions with North Korea. The Carl Vinson strike group also comprises two destroyers and submarines.

North Korea’s rapidly developing missile and military nuclear programs have unnerved Washington. The presence of US forces in the region and repeated threats of military action by Washington have on the other hand angered the North.

Meanwhile, an article on the Chinese Global Times newspaper warned Pyongyang in an editorial to “hit the brakes for peace.” It called on the North to halt any plans for nuclear and missile activities “for its own security.”

“Pyongyang can continue its tough stance; however, for its own security, it should at least halt provocative nuclear and missile activities. Pyongyang should avoid making mistakes at this time,” the article read.

Angered by the deployment of the US strike group, North Korea has warned to attack US mainland with an atomic bomb. Trump has said Pyongyang “is looking for trouble.”
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Putin vows to prevent ‘color revolutions’ for Russia and its Eurasian allies

Russia will not allow external forces to destabilize its internal politics through protests and violence, and will protect its allies from this threat, President Vladimir Putin said in a televised interview.

“We know various theories that are being implemented in various parts of the world and lead to serious instability in these regions. Of course we must not allow anything of this sort and we will by all means take appropriate actions in Russia and support our partners in the CSTO,” Putin told the Mir TV channel.

The CSTO is a military bloc that started its work in 2002. Currently CSTO unites six ex-Soviet nations – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia.

Change of political regime through orchestrated street protests rather than lawful democratic procedures is known as ‘color revolution’ because organizers of the first such events coined catchy and visibly non-violent names for them, for example the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia and 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

Senior Russian officials have repeatedly named color revolutions as the primary threat to international security and balance of power.

Putin has previously called color revolutions the main tool used by destructive forces in the geopolitical struggle.

“In the modern world, extremism is used as a geopolitical tool for redistribution of spheres of interest. We can see the tragic consequences of the wave of the so-called color revolutions, the shock experienced by people in the countries that went through the irresponsible experiments of hidden, or sometimes brute and direct interference with their lives,” he said in late 2015.

In mid-2015, Russian Defense Ministry ordered a major research of the color revolutions stating its goal as prevention of the situations that Russia faced in 1991 and 1993.

Also in 2015, the head of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, promised to develop a detailed plan of action aimed at preventing color revolutions or any other attempts of forceful change of lawfully elected authorities through mass street protest. He said the council had prepared a list of proposed measures that could negate the possible threat, including some steps against “network protest activities” and propaganda work against the “romantic revolutionary stereotype.”
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Tillerson & Lavrov meet for talks in Moscow after ‘chemical attack’ & Tomahawk strike in Syria
As the talks began, Sergey Lavrov said it is vital to avoid more airstrikes on Syria, adding that Russia favors joint action to solve the crisis. He also said Russia has repeatedly stated that it wants constructive dialogue with the US on the Syrian crisis.

Russia believes it “ultimately important to prevent any risks of any more of such actions in the future,” Lavrov said referring to the recent US strike on a Syrian base. He also called it an “unlawful attack” against Syria.

Lavrov still said that Tillerson’s visit to Moscow is important from the perspective of creating a broad anti-terrorist front.

“It [the visit] provides an opportunity, as President [Vladimir] Putin and President [Donald] Trump agreed, to frankly and honestly try to clarify the prospects of our cooperation on all the issues, and first of all, the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front,” he said.

Tillerson said he’s looking forward to having an open, candid, and frank exchange of views to better define the relationship between Moscow and Washington. According to the US secretary of state, Wednesday’s meeting comes at a moment when it’s important for the countries to find areas of common interest.

“Our meetings today come at an important moment in our [Russian-US] relationship so that we can further clarify areas of common objectives, areas of common interests, even if our tactical approaches may be different,” Tillerson said.

According to an official statement on the secretary of state’s website, Tillerson will meet Lavrov and other Russian officials to discuss “Ukraine, counterterrorism efforts, bilateral relations and other issues, including the DPRK [North Korea] and Syria.”

“This trip is part of our effort to maintain direct lines of communication with senior Russian officials and to ensure US views are clearly conveyed, including on next steps in Minsk implementation,” the statement added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the upcoming talks between Tillerson and Lavrov are hoped to “stabilize and normalize” the relations between the two countries.

“We would like to understand whether Washington intends to resume practical cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism, including in Syria,” the statement said, adding that the recent US missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat Airbase was “an act of aggression against a sovereign state committed in violation of international law.”

The ministry hopes that Washington will agree to an “objective investigation,” with the involvement of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), into “the chemical poisoning” of Syrians at Khan Sheikhoun on April 4.

“The West has accused the Syrian Government without good reason, although it is a fact that the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, who are operating in this area, manufactured chemical bombs,” it added.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, hinted that Tillerson may meet the Russian leader.

“As for the meeting, you know that talks between the Russian foreign minister and the [US] secretary of state are underway. If, during the day, they consider reporting the results of these negotiations to the head of state [Putin], we will inform you accordingly... There is a certain likelihood,” Peskov told reporters.
On Wednesday, the UN Security Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution that would launch an international inquiry into the Idlib incident. The resolution, which has been proposed by the US, Britain, and France, condemns the attack and calls upon the Syrian government to cooperate with the investigation.

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ロシアはシリアから手を引け! さあどうするプーチン




※  annemarie bruggink‏ @annemariebruggi 氏の2017/4/11のツイート
https://youtu.be/O9vnE4JWvrU so there it is, we want to destabilize #Syria says Spokesperson Spicer





※ Fares Shehabi‏ @ShehabiFares 氏の2017/4/12のツイート
The truth:Trump recklessly ordered the Syria strike based purely on White Helmets usual fakery, then the admin sarted fabricating evidence!


US accuses Moscow of ‘sowing doubt’ over narrative of Assad’s culpability in chemical attack
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米国の空爆は目標にマトモに当たらない? とんでもないところに着弾している?

ロシア国防省のステートメントには、 the combat efficiency of the strike as “quite poor.”と書かれています。

地中海のクレタ島の近くの艦船から発射された巡航ミサイル59発のうち23発しか攻撃目標のShayrat Air Baseに着弾しなかったのです。

“According to our sources, only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase,”  








TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pentagon claims that the highly-accurate satellite guided missiles, launched from two ships in the Mediterranean sea, hit every target with pinpoint precision, but residents of Shayrat village near the targeted airfield in Homs province disclosed that the US attack killed and wounded civilians and destroyed or severely damaged their homes.

One of the residents said the US attack caused casualties among civilians in Shayrat and the nearby villages in Homs province and damaged homes.

Another resident added that the strike caused the panic of children and civilians and massive damage in this village and the other surrounding villages, broken glass and shop facades.

米国は、民間人も狙っていたんでしょうね。シャイラート空軍基地周辺の村人も毒ガス攻撃を手伝った? 相変わらず米軍とその同盟の飛行機が民間人を殺し続けています。米国はテロリスト国家です。

トマホークが攻撃目標のShayrat Air Baseの周辺の村を破壊し、犠牲者を出したことをRTが伝えています。飛行場の端から2kmも離れています。


Residents of a village located near the Shayrat airfield in Homs had stray Tomahawks raining on them as US warships were firing at the base in response to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib. The locals told RT’s Ruptly agency of the horrors they experienced.

Villagers were the majority of victims of the US strike on the Shayrat Airbase on April 6, portrayed as retaliation against the Bashar Assad government, according to the governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi. A total of 14 people including nine innocent civilians were killed in the US missile attack.


A 1000kmも飛ばないで途中で落ちたものがある。
B 攻撃目標近くまで飛んだが何キロも目標を逸れたものが少なくない。

US Tomahawk strike on Syria as effective as dropping missiles from air balloons – Russia’s MoD
Volleys of cruise missiles make good TV pictures, but according to the Defense Ministry, it makes little sense to launch all these pin-point strike tools at a relatively small target area of just one air field. Konashenkov noted that given the fact that all targets were located in close proximity to each other, the US could have been just as cost-effective dropping these expensive Tomahawk missiles from air balloons.
“Therefore, if 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were not launched from hundreds of miles away, but instead dropped on Shayrat in one pile from air balloons, the effectiveness of such a 'strike' would be equal in cost (over $100mn) and strike accuracy,” the general said.

気球から爆弾を落とした場合と効率性は変わらないと! おいおい、Konashenkovさん そこまで言っていいんかい?



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