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Trump’s Golan Heights recognition is a ‘move towards further isolation’ for the US

Trump’s Golan Heights recognition is a ‘move towards further isolation’ for the US
The US move to recognize the Israeli claim to the occupied Golan Heights will unlikely result in legal repercussions for Washington, but will further set it apart from the rest of the international community, analysts told RT.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory of the Golan Heights, seized by Israel from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967 and formally annexed by the Jewish state in 1981, has drawn condemnation from the UN, the Arab League, Russia and Turkey.

The backlash is likely to be limited to verbal censure, since the US is a member of the UN Security Council and would quash any attempt to rein in it, experts have told RT. However, the move, in violation of UN resolutions, is bound to alienate the US further from the international community, said Huwaida Arraf, a Civil and Human Rights Attorney with the Palestinian-led International Solidarity Movement.

For Washington to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights is “just further isolating the US as Trump has been doing since he took power,” Arraf said. She added that the international community needs to stand up to the formal recognition and show that it “leaves the United States with its extremist policy, that stands in violation of international law and international order.”

Kamal Hawwash of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign noted the long record of the US abusing its veto powers to shield Israel, calling it a “rogue state.”

“The international community’s tools for dealing with rogue states, as Israel is one, has been paralyzed by the United States,” he said.
‘Timing was best, as no one dares openly side with Assad’

The US decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory has been decried by Damascus as a “flagrant violation” of sovereignty. While the US move might be illegal under international law, the fact that it’s the Syrian government that is the victim may stop many nations from voicing their protest, Middle East analyst Ceng Sagnic told RT.

“Any action that would be opposing the US decision will be strategically selected not to mean support for the Syrian government,” Sagnic said. “Therefore, it was the best time for the US and Israel to move to legalize the Israeli presence on the Golan Heights,” he said.

Sagnic argues that Israel’s land grab is “the legitimization of the de-facto status” which has, in fact, benefited the region.

“Since 1981 Israel has been investing in those areas and turned the Golan Heights into a touristic region, not only the military bastion for potential attacks from Syria or Lebanon.”
‘Making the place less secure’

Contrary to Israeli assertions, the US decision will only inflame the tense security situation in the region, Hawwash said. He argued that the move will trigger the Syrian government and its people, who will now be thinking about ways to reclaim the territory.

“It’ll make the place less secure, because the people of Syria, who say the Golan Heights are part of their country, are now entitled to say: ‘We don’t recognize this decision by America and, in time, we’ll take our land back.’”

“And they have every right to do that because it’s Syrian land,” he said.

Arraf also dismissed the Israeli notion that American recognition would make the disputed area more secure. She argued that Israel’s goal is not to protect its people but to snatch the territory’s vast natural resources.

“It is not for security, as Israel has been saying, because Syria has not launched an attack on Israel since 1973, but Israel has been launching attacks on its neighbors. But Israel wants this territory because of its resources, and in line with its expansionist policy of taking over territory by force,” she explained.
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UK opposition demands end to support for Saudis after special forces casualties in Yemen

UK opposition demands end to support for Saudis after special forces casualties in Yemen
A UK opposition coalition has demanded an end to arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition waging war in Yemen after five British special forces men were reportedly wounded in combat in which they weren’t officially participating.

“It is morally reprehensible that the UK government is not only not considering changing its policy, but is actively lobbying other foreign governments, as it did with Germany, to resume arms sales to Saudi,” read the letter to foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, signed by representatives of the Labour, Scottish National, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru and Green parties on the fourth anniversary of the grinding war.

The elite Special Boat Service troops’ combat role in Yemen had been a well-kept secret until reports emerged Saturday that five soldiers had sustained injuries while fighting Houthis in Sa’dah in the north. The 30-strong marine unit was ostensibly deployed to “advise” the Saudis, “mainly training and mentoring,” according to an unnamed SBS source quoted in the Daily Mail, but “on occasions they have found themselves in firefights and some British troops have been shot.”

While the UK’s official line on the conflict is to seek a “sustainable political solution,” the increasingly dire humanitarian situation among Yemeni civilians – millions of whom are reportedly on the brink of starvation – as well as reports that British soldiers have found themselves fighting alongside child mercenaries hired by the Saudis to do the hard work of waging war, have provoked outrage, both at home and internationally.

“The UK government is on the wrong side of history,” Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford told the Guardian.

The opposition’s letter calls on Hunt to suspend all arms sales to the Saudis until an independent investigation into the “reckless and barbaric” conduct of the coalition can be conducted. The Saudis and their Emirati allies stand accused of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure and committing myriad war crimes – atrocities enabled by military and logistical support from the UK and the US.

Earlier this month, Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster admitted that in addition to arms sales, Royal Air Force personnel provided engineering and “generic training” to the Saudi Air Force. However, he insisted RAF troops were not involved in the loading of weapons for operational sorties in Yemen.
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Mueller’s report, finding no Russia collusion or conspiracy, is a major indictment of US media

Mueller’s report, finding no Russia collusion or conspiracy, is a major indictment of US media
The Mueller investigation has finally come to an end and, while Donald Trump was not indicted and no evidence of collusion with Russia was found, the report is a massive and damning indictment of American journalism.

For two years, mainstream US media has point blank refused to entertain the idea that there was no collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. They breathlessly spun elaborate conspiracies about how Trump was a puppet of the Kremlin, with Vladimir Putin secretly pulling the strings, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Logic went out the window in favor of a narrative that the media and the Democratic Party became delusionally convinced was their ticket to boot Trump, whom they both loathe, out of the White House. Major networks like MSNBC and CNN pursued this fantasy relentlessly because it was good for ratings – and Democrats pursued it because it was politically convenient (or so they thought) to blame Hillary Clinton’s election loss on Russia and Facebook memes, instead of the fact that she ran a terrible campaign.

In reality, both the Democrats and the media were, ironically, contributing substantially to Trump’s 2020 reelection efforts by ensuring that he can be cast as the victim of a “fake news” witch hunt, which no doubt will stir even more passion among his devout supporters as the next election rolls around.

The results of Mueller’s investigation have vindicated the few journalists and commentators who bravely stuck their necks out to be the Russiagate skeptics, even in the face of contempt and ridicule from their colleagues. People like Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Maté, Max Blumenthal, Kyle Kulinski and Michael Tracey reported accurately and carefully on the story, without spiralling into conspiracy speculation. They artfully dissected the “bombshell” reports that the major networks and newspapers deceitfully churned out, based on nothing more than conjecture and anonymous sourcing. For their real journalism, they were essentially blacklisted from those networks, which repeatedly chose to invite on partisans like the irredeemable Rep. Adam Schiff (chief collusion theory pusher of the Democratic Party) and former CIA spooks, as “analysts” and cheerleaders for the treason narrative.

While those were lying through their teeth, Greenwald was smeared in a particularly gross fashion by mainstream journalists and pundits as a Putin apologist and Kremlin stooge – because they could not accept that it was possible to severely dislike Trump and maintain one’s critical thinking skills and sanity at the same time. Now, as the skeptics are engaged in some well-deserved gloating, the media is, of course, ignoring their existence.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was, hands down, the worst offender across all networks when it came to baseless and bizarre speculation regarding Trump and Russia. Remember the time she claimed to be in possession of Trump's damning tax returns an hour before her show (come on, ratings!) and when called out later, threw her viewers under the bus, saying they had simply “leapt” to conclusions? Or the time she told her loyal audience that Trump’s buddies in the Kremlin might turn off the power in Fargo simply to watch Americans freeze to death for no discernible reason? Maddow and her ilk exploited their viewers’ trust time and time again, while getting richer and richer off the proceeds.

Russiagate speculation was no less insane in Britain, where the Guardian’s Luke Harding, known by genuine experts for his fantasy-based journalism with regard to Russia, wrote an entire book entitled “COLLUSION” and published it more than a year before the Mueller investigation had concluded. See for yourself how convincing Harding’s case was, by watching Aaron Maté masterfully dissect and destroy his evidence-free tome in this interview. If you’re short on time, skip to the end to see Harding call Maté a “collusion rejectionist” before abruptly disappearing in shame.

The worst offenders, like Harding and Maddow, should feel humiliated and, quite frankly, never be taken seriously again. Sadly, however, we know that won’t be the case. Maddow’s ratings are too good for MSNBC to ditch her; and, let’s face it, she’ll probably get at least another year out of post-Mueller investigation guesswork. Not to mention, as we learned from the Iraq War, being consistently wrong on questions of major significance is actually a boon for one’s career in journalism these days. Matt Taibbi, another collusion skeptic, accurately wrote yesterday that Russiagate was “this generations’s WMD” – a failure of epic proportions and another “death-blow for the reputation of the American news media.”

If you think that is an exaggeration, let’s not forget that this scandal spiralled so out of control that there were actually analysts and reporters who pushed the theory that Trump has been controlled by Russia not since 2016, but since the 1980s.

It should be noted, however, that while “resistance” Democrats and so-called left-leaning media like MSNBC, CNN and BuzzFeed lost their minds over the nothingburger that was Russiagate, the best and most accurate reporting on the story came from the real left. While the Trump sycophants at Fox News, who would defend him to the death regardless, might feel vindicated by the Mueller report, they certainly shouldn’t. They played no serious role in exposing the flaws and holes in the story.

Incredibly, while one might assume that, as the Mueller investigation wraps up without producing evidence of collusion, Russiagate true believers might finally close up shop and admit defeat – but that would require some kind of mass self-reflection that is surely not forthcoming. Instead, many are still out there trying to suggest that Attorney General William Barr, who penned the summary letter of Mueller’s report, is hiding something or mischaracterizing its findings – while Mueller himself stands idly by. It is pathetic, to say the very least, but as their narrative crumbles down around them, they have nothing else to hold onto.

Public trust in media is at rock bottom for a good reason – and Mueller’s report proves that beyond doubt.
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憲法第9条は 海外に出た日本人を守ってきました

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こういう馬鹿な書き込みをしてくる人がいるが、憲法9条があって日本が危険な国とは判断されないから敵国になり得ないと思っている人達は多い(多かった)。 だいたい、北朝鮮もロシアも中国も今の日本に米軍基地さえなければ、ミサイルを向けていたり軍用機で偵察して来たりなどする理由もない。



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‘Stop the evil empire’: Roger Waters says ‘the coup’ in Venezuela has failed (VIDEO)

‘Stop the evil empire’: Roger Waters says ‘the coup’ in Venezuela has failed (VIDEO)
The attempt by foreign powers to impose regime change in Venezuela has failed, ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has said, adding that final victory over the “evil empire” was on the horizon.

In a short video posted to Twitter, the famed English rock star and activist expressed disgust with those who supported Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido and his attempt to push President Nicolas Maduro out of office. “We were right about #RUSSIAGATE we’re right about VENEZUELA,” he wrote in a message accompanying the video clip, likely in reference to Robert Mueller’s special investigation finding no “collusion” between US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin.

He mocked the Western assertion that Maduro was a coldhearted dictator, noting that in a real totalitarian state, Guaido would have been detained and executed. Instead, he’s allowed to travel freely between Venezuela and Colombia.

“Maybe Maduro needs to take lessons in evil dictatorship from some of the people supported by the United States of America,” the rock star joked.

He ended his video with a short message to his fans.
We are strong, and we are many, and we will win this battle in the end. Stop the evil empire.
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Russian Military Officials Arrive in Venezuela for Defense Talks
TEHRAN (FNA)- A group of Russian military personnel have arrived in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to take part in consultations with country's officials on defense industry cooperation, according to a diplomatic source.

"[The Russian military personnel] has arrived to take part in bilateral consultations," the source told Sputnik when asked about the possible arrival of two aircraft with the Russian military.

The source noted that there was "nothing mysterious" about that because the visit was directly related to contracts that had been signed by the two countries years ago.

"Russia [and Venezuela] have a number of contracts, which are being implemented, including contracts on military and technical cooperation," the source added.

The planes arrived in the Venezuelan capital on Saturday. Media earlier reported that an estimated 99 Russian military staff arrived in Caracas on board two planes, which also delivered 35 tonnes of cargo.

Meanwhile, Venezuela has been suffering from a severe political crisis for around two months, after the leader of the country's opposition, Juan Guaido, illegally proclaimed himself interim president, contesting the re-election of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro last year.

The self-proclaimed interim president immediately received support on the part of the United States, which has also denounced Maduro's re-election, along with a number of other countries. Both Caracas and Moscow have been expressing concerns that Washington may resort to military means to oust Maduro from power.

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トランプに対する警告! ベネズエラのマイケティア空港に、2機のロシア軍用機が到着! 120人の軍人と武器を積んで!

※ Sotiri Dimpinoudis ❁‏ @sotiridi
#Breaking: Just in - Video footage captured, One of two Russian planes that arrived yesterday at the presidential ramp in Maiquetía, in #Venezuela with 99 military personnel And the Russian Defence minister arrived, and the other aircraft with military "equipment".






Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests











ロシア下院の国防委員会議長 米国の核演習に参加した国は非核国でも報復攻撃の対象となると軍人外交団にブリーフ




Sergey Ryabkovがラブロフの後任としては有力になってきました。
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‘NATO bombing of Yugoslavia paved way for 1 million civilian casualties worldwide’

‘NATO bombing of Yugoslavia paved way for 1 million civilian casualties worldwide’
Carried out under a false pretext and in disregard of the UN, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 paved the way for similar US-led operations in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere and over a million were killed, an analyst has told RT.

NATO’s attack 20 years ago, which was launched “without declaring war and without any permission from the UN Security Council, was a transformative act which has changed the world ever since,” Marko Gasic, commenter on international affairs, said.

"This formula… that you don’t need UN Security Council authorization was then implemented at the expense of Iraq and Libya and elsewhere. So far, the decision to bomb Yugoslavia has led to over a million casualties worldwide; and rising."

Back in 1999, the US and its allies launched airstrikes in what was then Yugoslavia, after blaming Belgrade for “excessive and disproportionate use of force” in a conflict with an ethnic Albanian insurgency in Kosovo.

NATO warplanes carried out 900 sorties during the brutal 78-day bombing campaign, which officially claimed at least 758 civilian lives. But Serbian sources insist the actual death toll was twice as high.

NATO had used depleted uranium in its air strikes on Yugoslavia. Despite the studies showing that children born there after the bombing are prone to cancer, “very little” has been or is being done to hold the bloc accountable, Gasic said.

The Yugoslav authorities tried suing NATO, but its “response was to create a ‘Color Revolution’ (in 2000) there and bring its own puppets to power… who abandoned the lawsuit.”

“The world community really needs to take NATO to task. And If Serbia is too weak to do it, we need other countries to take an interest. If they don’t defend Serbia – it’ll be their borders next that NATO will be coming for,” the analyst warned.
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How NATO bombed Serbs into submission and left toxic legacy behind (DOCUMENTARY)

Two decades ago, NATO started its 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich revisits the Balkans to recall how the intervention happened and see the harm the people in the Balkans still suffer from.

The 1999 NATO operation was the culmination of Yugoslavia’s decade of bloody dissolution, which split the entire region along ethnic and religious lines. Mihailovich was there when the cruise missiles started hitting Novi Sad and other major cities. Touted as a surgical humanitarian intervention to stop the violence in Kosovo, in reality, Operation Allied Force killed more civilians than troops and devastated civilian infrastructure of the nation.

It had plenty of unintended consequences too, from hitting a civilian train, a marketplace and the Chinese Embassy, to polluting the land with depleted uranium. The toxic substance is used for armor-piercing munitions and is believed to be the cause of a spike of cancer cases today.

The political legacy is arguably as toxic as the medical. Kosovo, the area split with the help of NATO battering, remains unrecognized by plenty of nations and turned out to be a bountiful recruiting ground for jihadist groups like Islamic State. And ethnic divisions in the Balkans don’t seem any less severe.

Watch RT documentary ‘Hellbent: 78 Days of Bombing Yugoslavia’ to learn more.
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米国中西部で水害 もっと降るらしい

+200mln People in US at Risk for Some Kind of Flooding in Coming Weeks
TEHRAN (FNA)- More than 200 million people in the United States are at risk of some kind of flooding, with 13 million of them at risk of major inundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in its spring weather outlook. About 41 million people are at risk of moderate flooding.
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China war drills: US commandos capture Japanese island to show Beijing they’re ‘not kidding around’

China war drills: US commandos capture Japanese island to show Beijing they’re ‘not kidding around’
US special forces, aided by F-35 stealth fighters and rocket artillery units, have practiced capturing a small Japanese island as part of a new operational concept to counter China in the Indo-Pacific theater.

Members of the US Marines, Army and Air Force invaded and secured Japan’s Ie Jima Island as they polished-up their Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) skills, which haven’t been put into practice since the end of America’s fight against the Japanese in World War II.

US airmen conducted reconnaissance of the island off the coast of Okinawa before ground troops and Marines were deployed in “a 600-mile long-range raid” to seize an airfield, according to a Marine Corps statement.

After capturing the airstrip, the US forces proceeded to set up the required infrastructure for Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters and C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to land. Finally, rocket artillery units were brought in just as the stealth fighters practiced their precision-guided strikes in an exercise that extended from March 11–14.

The new US island-capturing, power-projection strategy is “critical” to counter China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee this month.

“We are ready to rapidly seize ground and project lethal combat power,” Col. Robert Brodie, 31st MEU commanding officer said. “You just want to make the Chinese think twice about asserting their claims...that’s a clear signal to the Chinese that they’re not kidding around.”

Though EABO still remains in the experimentation stage, pending approval by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, the concept is being designed to allow the US military to operate in close proximity to the enemy to “distribute lethality” after securing sea platforms from the adversary.

While Beijing has yet to issue a statement on the drills, in the past China has vowed to protect its borders by all means necessary. Fearing a potential outbreak of conflict amid an ongoing trade dispute with the US, Chinese president Xi Jinping has repeatedly told his troops to be better “prepared for war”.
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日本が金を出して呼んだんでしょう そして言わせた

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…ハイ、選挙、選挙 ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

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Boeing 737 MAX の欠陥をめぐる調査にFBIが参加しても真実は明らかにならないだろう

Boeing 737 MAXの耐空証明をめぐる当局とBoeingの癒着疑惑で米国上院がパネルを設置し、この調査にFBIが参加することになったと伝えられています。さて、どこまで明らかになるか。


子供が今月に国際便を利用していたらしい。何年か前に一緒に旅行し成田に無事着陸して私が拍手していたら、息子が今は飛行機はそうそう落ちないんだよ! と抜かした。最近、心配しないでいいからと何度も言われるが、事実心配してもどうなるものではないことはわかっている。

Boeing Scrambles to Test 737 MAX as Indonesian Flag Carrier Dumps $4.9 Bln Order
Test pilots including a pilot from the major US carrier American Airlines expect to test out Boeing's fix for its 737 MAX software this weekend, a pilots' union official has told Reuters.
"This airplane can be a safe airplane, and there have been great strides on getting a fix in the works, but I'll have a better feel after we can test it out, Allied Pilots Association safety committee chairman Mike Michaelis told the agency on Thursday.
According to Michaelis, one American Airlines pilot and one Allied Pilots Association test pilot would be involved in testing out the new software using flight simulators in Renton, Washington, where 737 MAX aircraft are assembled.
The company was left scrambling to fix a bug in its software and provide pilots with related training to "address concerns" the company said it discovered after the accident earlier this month involving an Ethiopian Airlines flight soon after takeoff. The accident was the second crash involving the Boeing plane; last October, a 737 MAX operated by the Indonesian airline Lion Air plunged into the Java Sea shortly after takeoff. Both crashes killed all passengers and crew on board.

'Lost Confidence'
In related news, Indonesian flag carrier Garuda cancelled its $4.9 billion order of 49 737 MAX 8 aircraft on Friday, with a company spokesperson saying its passengers have "lost confidence" in the plane.
"We have sent a letter to Boeing requesting that the order be cancelled. The reason is that Garuda passengers in Indonesia have lost trust and no longer have the confidence" in the plane, Garuda spokesman Ikhsan Rosan told reporters.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that China could drop its order for 737 MAX planes over safety concerns despite earlier plans to include them in a future trade deal with the US.
On Thursday, US media reported that both of the doomed 737s lacked two vital safety features which Boeing had listed as optional. Boeing has promised to rectify the oversight, to upgrade its so-called Manoeuvring Characteristic Augmentation System (MCAS) software and to make previously-optional sensor equipment standard.

Doomed Boeing 737 Max missing 2 key safety features that were sold as ‘optional extras’
An alarming new report says that the two fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes which killed almost 350 people were missing safety features which were sold as optional extras by the manufacturer, and not included as standard.

As entire fleets of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft remain grounded across the globe amid investigations into safety practices at the airline giant, details have emerged about missing safety features, including additional sensors that would have operated as fail safes for the existing ones on board the aircraft and alerted the pilots to any potential issues.

The “angle of attack (AOA) disagree” light warns the pilot when the plane is about to stall based on factors such as the airflow and nose direction, but this does not come as standard when airlines purchase the aircraft.

Another missing feature was the AOA indicator which gives pilots a visual representation of the airflow relative to the aircraft’s nose.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is designed to detect an imminent stall and adjust the plane’s stabilizers to pitch the nose forward to increase airspeed, thus preventing a stall. However, when this is improperly timed, it can be fatal.

To make matters worse, another anti-stall system that does come as standard on the Boeing 737 Max planes reportedly only used one sensor at a time despite having two. Had the additional sensors been fitted and in use, the pilots could potentially have overridden the MCAS and prevented the tragic loss of life.

In response to the tragedies involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10 and Lion Air Flight 610 five months earlier, Boeing will add the AOA disagree light as an update by the end of April, a source told the New York Times, and both sensors will operate by default. The AOA indicator will still be considered an optional extra, however.

Boeing charges extra for things ranging from superficial things like leather seats to back-up fire extinguishers. Brazilian carrier Gol Airlines reportedly paid $6,700 extra for crew oxygen masks, and $11,900 for a weather radar system control panel.

Former Boeing engineers have reported that the company may have misled the Federal Aviation Authority about the efficacy of and risk associated with the MCAS, adding that Boeing didn’t have any external oversight for the aircraft’s safety certification.

Boeing 737 MAX pilots frantically searched manual as craft flew into water – report

中国の国際航空 評価急上昇 EUの航空当局独自性発揮へ

FAA allowed Boeing to carry out its own flawed safety analysis of the 737 MAX - report


ボーイングはソフトウェアの欠陥を知っていた だが運航停止は避けた

Boeing 737 MAX 8 がまた墜落 搭乗は避ける 中国が運航停止を命令

新鋭機 Boeing 737 MAX 8 は大丈夫か

FBI joins criminal probe as US Senate panel set to grill FAA & Boeing over 737 MAX certification
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined a multi-agency criminal probe into the certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8, following reports that regulators had delegated much of the troubled plane’s testing to Boeing itself.

The FBI will assist in the inquiry launched by the Department of Transportation’s Inspector General in conjunction with the Justice Department, an investigation that reportedly began before Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed last week, killing all 157 people on board - the second of the hot-selling Boeing passenger jet to crash in under six months. The scope of the investigation has since widened, with at least one subpoena issued to someone involved in the plane’s development. The FBI would not confirm or deny their involvement in the probe.

A Senate Commerce subcommittee on aviation and space has called a hearing on federal oversight of commercial aviation for March 27 and plans to question acting FAA head Dan Elwell, National Transportation Safety Board chair Robert Sumwalt, and Transportation Department Inspector General Calvin Scovel. The committee, chaired by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), plans to summon industry stakeholders to a second hearing on aviation safety “in the near future.”

Most of the 737 Max 8s in circulation have been grounded following last week’s crash. A preliminary investigation cited similarities with the October crash of Lion Air Flight 610 and has fingered the Boeing’s onboard autopilot system as the culprit, raising questions regarding how the aircraft passed the Federal Aviation Administration’s safety certification tests and why pilots weren’t made aware of the glitchy software.

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アフガン戦争の真実をアメリカ人に見せるために、米海兵隊員がこれまで見たこともない動画を公表した。「なぜあなたは感謝する? 私は感謝されるようなことを何もしていない。ただ意味のない暴力を続けるために戦っていただけ。マイルズ・ラゴーズの動画には、店を攻撃した直後の様子が映されている。

※ NowThis認証済みアカウント @nowthisnewsの8:43 - 2019年3月19日のツイート
‘Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t help anyone. I just perpetuated a system of senseless violence.’ − This Marine vet is releasing real war footage to show Americans the reality of war in Afghanistan

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EU to Reportedly Reject UK May's Request for Brexit Delay

EU to Reportedly Reject UK May's Request for Brexit Delay

UK prime minister Theresa May's plan to delay Brexit by three months and a new withdrawal date has been set for no later than 22 May, the Guardian reported on Thursday.

Mrs. May is currently seeking an extension of Article 50 to 30 June with EU officials in Brussels so that she can urge MPs to pass the required legislation, but only if MPs back her Brexit plan next week.

But according to sources at an EU ambassadors meeting on late Wednesday, the EU has come to a consensus that the UK should leave the bloc no later than 23 May, just before European elections.

Some member states favoured a "longer period and some a shorter", but agreed that 22 May would be the maximum amount of time permitted.
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Tehran, Moscow, Ankara Discuss Status of Syrian Crisis’ Prisoners

Tehran, Moscow, Ankara Discuss Status of Syrian Crisis’ Prisoners
TEHRAN (FNA)- Representatives from 3 guarantor states of the Astana peace process - Iran, Russia and Turkey - plus envoys from the United Nations (UN) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) exchanged views on the process for prisoners swap in Syria.

Representatives from Iran, Russia, Turkey, the ICRC, and the UN held a working-level meeting in Moscow on Tuesday on exchange of detainees and kidnapped individuals during the last eight years of Syrian conflict.

Iranian Director General for the Middle East and North African Affairs Hamid Reza Dehqani represented Iran in the seventh round of the working-level negotiations.

The parties agreed to hold the eighth round of the committees’ talks on the sidelines of the next Astana summit that is set to take place by the next two months in the Kazakh capital.

The Astana talks, started in 2017, are an initiative of Iran, Russia and Turkey meant to sort out the eight years of war in Syria through trilateral negotiations. The trio have held 11 rounds of such negotiations so far that have led to important decisions about a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

Back in mid-February, The Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey stressed, in a final statement issued at the end of the high-profile Sochi summit on Syria, that the United States' possible retreat from Syria would help strengthen stability and security in the war-torn country.

The three chief executives voiced their strong opposition to the start of any new war in Syria under anti-terrorism claims, and stressed that they would show resolve in preserving and protecting Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

To this end, they added, the US military pullout, if it happens, would be a positive move in line with reinvigorating security and stability in Syria.

Meantime, the trio reiterated in their statement that they would also stand tough against "separatist" moves.

Hassan Rouhani, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan gathered in Sochi on February 14, 2019 for a Tripartite Summit on Syria.

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Boeing 737 MAX pilots frantically searched manual as craft flew into water – report

Boeing 737 MAX pilots frantically searched manual as craft flew into water – report
The pilots of the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX were searching in manuals for a solution to an apparent malfunction of a flight assistance system right until the aircraft plunged into water killing 189 people on board, Reuters reports.

The news agency provided additional details about the October 2018 crash based on three sources who are familiar with what was found on the airliner’s flight recorders.

A preliminary report into the incident was released in November, but the recorders were recovered only in January, and their transcripts were not made public.

According to the story, the first officer and later the captain of the jet were going through a handbook for a solution to the abnormal aircraft behavior they were experiencing.

They continued doing it right until the Boeing plane plunged into the Java Sea. The first officer, who was manning the control column right before the crash, seemed to become desperate, as indicated by weaker inputs than those made by the captain.

“It is like a test where there are 100 questions and when the time is up you have only answered 75,” once source said. “So you panic. It is a time-out condition.”

The crew was also oblivious to the fact that the plane’s anti-stall system, which was misled by a faulty sensor into detecting a stall, was using the plane’s trim system to push its nose down. The system is usually used to keep the aircraft level and the system is supposed to prevent the crew from lifting the nose too much.

“They didn’t seem to know the trim was moving down,” the same source said. “They thought only about airspeed and altitude. That was the only thing they talked about.”

The cause of the Lion Air flight crash is yet to be officially confirmed, but the prime suspect is the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, which was developed for the 737 MAX. The US-based producer has since pushed a software upgrade which was supposed to change how much authority is given to the system in controlling the aircraft.

The suspected problem came under scrutiny again after yet another 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia, which, according to French air accident investigation agency BEA, showed “clear similarities” to the Lion Air disaster.

In a separate report this week, Bloomberg revealed that the aircraft which crashed in October was saved by an off-duty pilot in a similar emergency on the previous day.

The incident was mentioned in a preliminary report by the Indian flight authority last November. However, this did not reveal the presence of a third pilot or details of how the disaster was averted.

Off-duty pilot reportedly saved Boeing 737 MAX from crashing day before disaster
An extra pilot, who hitched a ride on a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX a day before its crash in October, saved it during an emergency strikingly similar to the one that proved fatal, Bloomberg reports.

The new airliner plunged into the Java Sea killing all 189 people on board apparently due to a malfunction in an anti-stall system which pushed the nose of the aircraft down.

A day before the crash the same aircraft experienced a similar problem but was saved by an off-duty pilot who realized what was happening and instructed the crew on how to stop the system from affecting the flight, the agency said.

Indonesian air authorities earlier reported the incident itself and said a checklist of procedures were followed to handle the situation. But the presence of a third pilot in the cockpit or how the disaster was averted was not mentioned in the preliminary report into the crash, which was released in November. Bloomberg cites two people familiar with Indonesia’s investigation as sources for its story.

The Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, is designed to prevent the crew from accidentally lifting the nose of the jet too high which may result in stalling.

Before the crash a faulty sensor apparently indicated this was happening while in reality the plane was safe. The system pushed the nose of the 737 MAX down, plunging it into the sea.
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Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests

Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests
Russia is opposed to any efforts by the US to use ‘humanitarian aid’ as a pretext to intervene in Venezuela, Deputy FM Sergey Ryabkov told US special envoy Elliott Abrams, adding that Moscow will protect its interests there.

The diplomats met in Rome on Tuesday to discuss the increasing tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Donald Trump administration’s continued push for regime change in Venezuela.

“We strongly urged the US side… against any temptation to resort to military power. It includes our warning against, so to speak, hardcore massive military intervention, which can’t be excluded given the type of behavior we’ve seen on the US side in recent years,” Ryabkov told RT, where he appeared live after the talks.

The same goes for “low intensity conflicts – the penetration into the sovereign territory of Venezuela from abroad by elements that could be described as paramilitaries to stage provocations and in other ways interfere in the affairs of this state,” he added.

Russia’s representative told Abrams that Moscow’s interests in Venezuela must be protected and said he assumes that Washington has heard that demand. The deputy FM also pointed out that Moscow is increasingly worried about Washington’s sanctions against Caracas.

“How can one blame the [Venezuelan] government for mismanagement, while at the same time depriving this very government of huge assets?” he said, adding that “the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela shouldn’t be abused for political reasons,” and that sanctions must be lifted to improve the life of the people.

The US has been tightening and increasing sanctions on Caracas in recent months in an effort to squeeze President Nicolas Maduro’s government out of power. Washington has called for regime change in favor of right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaido, who Trump threw his support behind in January.

Ryabkov said that during the talks, the US and Russian sides didn’t manage to find consensus on the Venezuela crisis, but acknowledged that he has a better understanding of the US side after the talks which, he said, were “an example on how things can be done professionally.”

“The differences are huge. They’re fundamental in some aspects, including on the aspect of Russia not recognizing Juan Guaido as interim president. Likewise, the US wasn’t able to understand why Russia insists that the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, should be respected as such.”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has reaffirmed that it is considering “all options” for Venezuela. Trump has said multiple times in recent months that he is not prepared to rule out US military action in the country.

Ryabkov said Moscow was willing to offer its services as an intermediary in Venezuela talks and that Guaido should take the situation and offer seriously.

“I’m sure with a considerable, sufficient degree of political will and reason this situation could be overcome and resolved. What’s needed most is intra-Venezuelan government based on the Venezuelan Constitution,” the deputy FM concluded.
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中国の国際航空 評価急上昇 EUの航空当局独自性発揮へ









時事通信社 2019年3月18日(月)6時37分

Profit v passenger safety: Why the US was the last to ground troubled Boeing jets
Despite two deadly crashes in five months the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing insisted on the airworthiness of the 737 Max. It wasn't until the rest of the world grounded the plane that the US finally conceded.

Airplane manufacturers and airlines commonly base their decisions on passenger safety versus the companies' economic interests. RT talked to analysts to look deeper into the issue and understand why it took the US so long to make the right decision.

Boeing is America's most important exporter by value, so the company's current problems are set to hit the US really hard, according to Alessandro Bruno, independent international affairs and aerospace industry analyst.

"Moreover, China, which is the second biggest market for Boeing outside the US, may use the current situation as leverage in trade talks with the White House," the expert told RT.

The FAA was practically forced to ground the troubled jet after US President Donald Trump "surprisingly turned out to be the only adult in the room," when he insisted on halting the use of the 737 Max 8 jet, according to Bruno.

"Boeing should have acted responsibly and pulled those planes out. Now they have to pay a lot more to fix the problem. They have to pay for the design and technical changes, which means several billions of dollars," he said.

The decision was made under international pressure, as most of the world's regulators had chosen to ground the jet, according to Pyotr Pushkarev, chief analyst at online broker with TeleTrade Group.

"If a similar crash happened in the US, or to the jets operated by the country's airlines, the US citizens could identify the absence of any actions from the government as criminal connivance," he wrote in an email to RT.

So far, the world's biggest aerospace group has suffered big losses due to the shrunk market cap after its shares plummeted amid the latest crash and series of bans globally.

"Boeing's shares rallied from $300 around Christmas time to nearly $440. The crash of 737 Max 8 has washed nearly 15 percent out of its stock with more losses expected to come," Pushkarev added.

According to Bruno, the company should be ready to face legal costs, as the US is the most litigious society on Earth. The affected airlines reportedly have every right not only to sue Boeing, but to cancel their orders for the troubled airplanes, with the producer not having much power to stop them.

"Apart from legal complaints from affected airlines, Boeing may face lawsuits from families of those killed in the crashes, which could reach up to $2 million per passenger. Moreover, investors, especially in the US, may file suits against the company, as Boeing is seen as the top stock of the market," the expert said.

The series of bans of Boeing's best-selling jet may lead to a further plunge in the company's market value, an unavoidable lag in competition with its European rival Airbus, Vladimir Rojankovski, an expert at the International Financial Center in Moscow, told RT.

When it comes to responsibilities taken by air carriers, they decided not to take any steps until they were forced to do so, because the losses of the airlines could be immense, according to Katia Frenkel, head of the analytics department at FinIst investment company.

"Air carriers buy airplanes to fly them, to get profit from those purchases. A plane that is kept in a parking shelter does not bring money. Moreover, the company has to pay airports to park its jets. They have to decide which planes to replace the grounded ones with," the expert said.

Both the FAA and Boeing should also be ready for lawsuits from passengers and air carriers, as the agency had been refusing to ground the 737 Max, insisting on its airworthiness until Trump's decision to do so, according to Bruno.

"Many airlines will lose business, as they had lost traffic. Now, companies will have to make alternative decisions on how to compensate financial losses for not using one of the world's most popular jets," Bruno said, stressing that more than 300 planes have been grounded, while a few thousands are currently on order.

However, to demand compensation and to receive compensation are two different issues, according to Frenkel.

"That will lead a great number of litigations that could be simmering for years, if Boeing doesn't declare bankruptcy." The analyst said that in the worst-case scenario, the company may lose tens of billions of dollars if airlines cancel their orders. "Boeing could lose much less if the producer recommended its customers to temporarily stop using the jet."

Global airlines face huge losses due to grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8

Travel agents add aircraft search filter to address tourists’ safety fears of flying Boeing 737 MAX

‘Boeing in big trouble’ for not immediately grounding jets – aviation law expert tells RT

Airlines lining up for Boeing compensation over grounded jets
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Security Expert: US Embassy in Iraq Hosting Washington-Tel Aviv Operations Room against Region

Security Expert: US Embassy in Iraq Hosting Washington-Tel Aviv Operations Room against Region
TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Iraqi security expert revealed intensifying US pressures on Baghdad to avoid approving a bill that envisages expulsion of foreign forces, saying that the American embassy in Iraq is acting as the US-Israeli operations room against the region.

Abbas al-Ardawi was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma'alomeh news website as saying on Monday that the US administration is exerting pressures on Baghdad and killing time to prolong its deployment in Iraq.

He added that relocation of terrorists from the town of Baqouz in Eastern Syria to the US bases in Iraq is aimed at security tensions in the country and finding a pretext for continued deployment of American forces, noting that the Iraqi parliamentarians certainly want expulsion of all US forces from the country as soon as possible given the fact that the Iraqi army is fully prepared to fight against the terrorist groups.

Al-Ardawi said that the US embassy in Baghdad is carrying out suspicious measures, adding that it has turned into a large operations room for implementation of plots and operations in Iraq and the region under the supervision of Israeli forces.

Another senior Iraqi expert had in January warned of Washington's attempts to increase its influence in Iraq, saying that Israeli spies and ISIL terrorists were present at the US bases in Iraq.

Hafez Al-e Basharah told al-Ma'aloumeh news website that the USwas attempting to boost its presence in Iraq and the American forces have been stationed in the Southern parts of Baghdad, specially al-Suwaireh and al-Aziziyeh regions.

He added that the Iraqi government's assessments that the foreign military advisors are stationed in the country are outdated, noting that the information obtained by the resistance forces indicate that combat forces are deployed in the US bases and their numbers is on rise each day.

Basharah said that the US forces do not allow any Iraqis to enter the occupied bases in the country to conceal the realities from the public opinion, adding that the Israeli intelligence forces are active in these bases and the ISIL terrorists are sheltered and trained in them.
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