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African leaders urge Ukraine to accept peace talks with Russia
Six presidents from the continent plan to visit Moscow and Kiev to urge both sides to come to the negotiating table
South Africa has called on Russia and Ukraine to work towards negotiating a peace deal. That comes after president Cyril Ramaphosa announced last week that the leaders of six African nations plan to make their way to both Moscow and Kiev next month to promote bilateral talks.

"First is the cessation of hostilities. Second is a framework for lasting peace," South African Presidency Spokesman Vincent Magwenya was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The presidents of Egypt, Zambia, Congo, Uganda, South Africa and Senegal have also urged Ukraine to accept opening peace talks with Russia and drop its precondition of a complete withdrawal of Moscow's forces from territories Kiev claims as its own.

Moscow, meanwhile, has demanded that Kiev recognize Russian sovereignty over Crimea, which joined the Russian Federation back in 2014, as well as the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which joined Russia in 2022.

Responding to President Ramaphosa, Ukraine’s ambassador to South Africa Lyubov Abravitova stated that "my President made it very clear... no talks between Ukraine and Russia unless Russians leave our territory within its internationally recognised borders."

She confirmed, however, that Kiev would nevertheless welcome the African leaders and speak to them.

Responding to the African plan, a US State Department spokesperson also said that Washington would "welcome any successful effort to convince [Russian President] Vladimir Putin to end his war of territorial aggression".

Moscow has also said that it would welcome the six presidents and is ready to listen “with great attention to any proposals that will contribute to resolving the situation in Ukraine.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated last week that Moscow was prepared to consider proposals put forth by African and Latin American nations. He added, however, that Western nations do not appear as open-minded and only seem to acknowledge President Zelensky’s ten-step peace plan, which involves the “capitulation of Russia,” a tribunal against the Russian leadership, and reparations for Ukraine.

“The West claims that this is the only plan that is currently on the table and which it supports,” Lavrov said, noting that Zelensky has repeatedly declined to hold any talks with Moscow and has officially outlawed negotiations with Russia so long as Vladimir Putin remains president.




ラマフォサ大統領に対応して、南アフリカのウクライナ大使Lyubov Abravitovaは、"私の大統領は非常に明確にした...ロシア人が国際的に認められた国境内の我々の領土から出ない限り、ウクライナとロシアの間の協議はない "と述べました。



モスクワも、6人の大統領を歓迎し、"ウクライナ情勢の解決に寄与するあらゆる提案に大きな関心をもって耳を傾ける用意がある "と述べている。


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US Air Force chief comments on impact of F-16s in Ukraine
Frank Kendall has acknowledged that American-made fighter jets won’t be a “game-changer” for Kiev
US Air Force chief Frank Kendall has poured cold water on claims that F-16s will have a significant impact in helping Ukraine defeat Russian forces, conceding that the American-made fighter jets won’t be a “game-changer” for Kiev because airpower isn’t playing a decisive role in the conflict.

The F-16s “will give the Ukrainians an increment of capability that they don’t have right now,” Kendall said on Monday at an event in Washington. “But it’s not going to be a dramatic game-changer, as far as I’m concerned, for their total military capabilities.”

After months of saying the US won’t be providing F-16s to Kiev, President Joe Biden’s administration indicated last week that it would help Ukraine procure the jets. No decision has been made on whether Washington will send the F-16s directly or merely let European allies provide them, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CNN on Sunday. Either way, the US will support a joint international training program to prepare Ukrainian pilots to fly the jets.

Ukrainian officials have tried for months to persuade their Western benefactors to provide F-16s, arguing that they will have a major impact in the conflict with Russia. In fact, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yury Ignat claimed on Saturday that when Kiev adds F-16s to its weaponry, “we will win this war.”

However, Kendall said the US-made jets wouldn’t alter the balance of power in the Russia-Ukraine conflict because effective air-defense systems would block them from playing a major role in deciding the outcome. He acknowledged that providing F-16s would be “seen by some as an escalatory act on our part.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko warned on Saturday that Western powers were taking on “colossal risks” for themselves by continuing to escalate their involvement in the conflict. Biden claimed on Sunday that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had pledged not to use the F-16s in Russian territory.

Kendall said it would take at least several months to get the jets into Ukrainian hands, but, in any case, the decision to provide them would help enable a shift away from the country’s reliance on Soviet-type aircraft.

“Ukraine is going to remain an independent nation,” he predicted. “It’s going to need a full suite of military capabilities, and so it’s time to start thinking longer-term about what that military might look like, and what it might include.”

The F-16 isn’t among the most advanced US fighter jets. The first version of the aircraft entered service in 1979.



ウクライナ当局は、F-16がロシアとの紛争に大きな影響を与えると主張し、欧米の支援者を説得するために数ヶ月間努力してきた。実際、ウクライナ空軍のユーリー・イグナット報道官は土曜日に、キエフがF-16を兵器に加えるとき、"我々はこの戦争に勝つだろう "と主張した。

しかしケンダル氏は、効果的な防空システムがF-16が結果を決める重要な役割を果たすことを妨げるため、米国製ジェット機がロシア・ウクライナ紛争の力の均衡を変えることはないと述べた。 同氏は、F-16の提供が「一部の人には我々のエスカレーション行為とみなされる」だろうと認めた。



「ウクライナは独立国家であり続けるだろう」と彼は予測した。 「完全な軍事能力が必要となるため、その軍事がどのようなものであり、その中に何が含まれるのかについて長期的に考え始める時期が来ている。」


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Choose us or Russia, EU tells Serbia
Belgrade has been told it must sanction Moscow and recognize Pristina if it wants to join the bloc
Maintaining close ties with Russia harms Serbia’s chances of joining the EU, the bloc’s foreign policy commissioner, Josep Borrell, said on Monday in Brussels. He also urged Belgrade to “align” with sanctions against Moscow.

Borrell hosted the foreign ministers of Albania and four former Yugoslav republics – Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and North Macedonia – and Serbia’s breakaway province of Kosovo, calling on them to follow Ukraine’s example in making “swift progress” in joining the EU.

“We discussed Russia’s influence [in the region], which is trying to derail the European path of the Western Balkans candidates,” Borrell said. “We welcomed the strategic and courageous choices of some of them, who aligned fully with our foreign policy and sanctions.”

Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia have joined the bloc’s embargo. Though some officials in Brussels have said otherwise, Bosnia-Herzegovina has not. Neither has Serbia.

Singling out Serbia, Borrell revealed he told FM Ivica Dacic that “maintaining close ties with Russia is not compatible with its European Union accession process. It is also damaging to its own national interests, but certainly it is not compatible with the accession process towards the EU.”

Borrell also said that Serbia’s eventual membership depended not just on sanctioning Russia, but on “normalizing relations” with Kosovo, even though his own country, Spain, is among the five EU member states which do not recognize the breakaway province.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has pointed to the discrepancy between the EU’s insistence on Ukrainian territorial integrity and its apparent disregard for same in Serbia, in justifying his policy of not joining sanctions against Moscow. Earlier this month, he noted that sanctions were the only thing any visiting Western politician wanted to talk about.

Speaking after the meeting with Borrell, Dacic said his country didn’t face any “explicit pressure” on Monday, while everyone in Brussels could witness the “extremist” and “surreal” claims coming from Kosovo.

The European Parliament recently adopted a report on Serbia which blamed the drastic fall in popular support for joining the EU on the presence of Russian media outlets. If Vucic’s government continued to support “anti-democratic politics,” the EP said, the EU should “reconsider the extent of its financial assistance” to Serbia.








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Ukraine lying about taking down hypersonic missile – Izvestia
Kiev’s radar surveillance systems have failed to detect most Kinzhal launches, military sources have told the Russian newspaper
Kiev’s claims that it intercepted a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile with a US-made Patriot air defense system are not true, several sources within the Russian military and defense industry told the newspaper Izvestia on Saturday. Ukrainian forces have failed to hit a single such missile to date, the sources added.

Most Kinzhal launches are not even detected by either Ukrainian or NATO radar surveillance systems, the Russian media outlet claimed, citing the same anonymous sources.

Izvestia also reported that the remnants of what was claimed to be a Kinzhal displayed by Kiev on May 10 might have belonged to another Russian missile – the 9M723 – launched by the ground-based short-range ballistic missile system Iskander-M. Some elements of the two missiles’ construction are similar, although the Iskander-M has been used much more frequently by Russian forces during the ongoing campaign in Ukraine, a military expert told reporters.

Kiev showed on May 10 the remnants of what it said were several missiles, one of which it claimed was a Kinzhal. However, Izvestia’s sources said that, judging by the looks of what was displayed, all of the missiles had fulfilled their aims rather than being intercepted.

On Thursday, another source within the Russian military also called the reports about an interception of the Russian Kinzhal missile by the Patriot system “an attempt to substitute a wish for reality.” The hypersonic missile has a speed exceeding the maximum interception capabilities of any air-defense systems used by Ukraine, including the Patriot, the source told TASS. The Kinzhal also executes a special maneuver to avoid interception and makes an almost vertical approach to the target, the source added.

Kiev reportedly inflates the number of Russian missiles its forces intercept to justify such heavy use of ammunition for the air-defense systems supplied by the West. “The number of interceptions is two-three times higher than the number [of missiles] we really launch,” the source said, adding that sometimes Kiev reports intercepting missiles that Russia did not even launch.

Last week, Ukraine’s Air Force commander, Lieutenant General Nikolay Oleshuk, claimed on his Telegram channel that Kiev's forces had intercepted a hypersonic Kinzhal missile. On May 9, the Pentagon press secretary, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, told journalists that the US Defense Department “can confirm that the Ukrainians took down this Russian missile with a Patriot missile defense system.” He said, though, that he would not “get into the specifics” or try to “characterize” the missile supposedly intercepted by Kiev.
ウクライナ、極超音速ミサイルの撃墜は嘘 - イズベスチヤ紙




木曜日、ロシア軍の別の情報筋も、パトリオットシステムによるロシアのキンジャールミサイルの迎撃に関する報道を、"願望を現実に置き換える試み "と呼んでいます。この極超音速ミサイルは、パトリオットを含むウクライナが使用するあらゆる防空システムの最大迎撃能力を超える速度を持っている、と情報筋はタス通信に語った。また、キンジャールは迎撃を避けるために特殊な操縦を行い、目標にほぼ垂直に接近する、と情報筋は付け加えた。


️ これは今夜のキエフからの非常に興味深いビデオクリップです。低品質ですが、何が起こっているかを理解するには十分です。


まず、約 10 発の SAM が順番に、一見整然とした方法で発砲しているのがわかります。


次に、SAM が発射された場所に対応する少なくとも 2 つの場所で、大型ミサイルのようなものが地上に攻撃されたのが見えます。

その直後、SAM が全方向に素早く連続して発砲を開始します。まったく秩序がありません。 1機は明らかに発射直後に爆発した。





ここでパトリオット PAC-3 MSE の打ち上げ数を 30 回数えました。
2024 年度のこれらのミサイル 1 基あたりのコストは約 5,275,000 ドルです


US-made Patriot missiles destroyed in hypersonic strike – Moscow
The air defense system was hit by a Kinzhal projectile in Kiev, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said
A precision strike by a hypersonic Kinzhal missile has destroyed a MIM-104 Patriot air defense system in Kiev, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday. The Ukrainian government previously claimed that Kinzhal missiles had been intercepted by the US-made weapons platform.
米国製パトリオットミサイル、極超音速攻撃で破壊される - モスクワ

UA の情報源によると、それは噂として受け取ってください。

UAは住宅部門での爆発と大規模な破壊を防ぐために、32発のパトリオットミサイルの一斉射撃を余儀なくされた。極超音速ミサイルの到着により砲台全体が破壊された。 SBU はビデオ流出源を探しています。キエフへの大量攻撃に関するすべての情報は、空での単一の爆発ではなく、ミサイルの大量発射を説明するために特別に発表されました。







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F16 飛行場を使えなくするか ウクライナ外で戦闘か

「ウクライナ国外の飛行場からウクライナのF-16が離陸するまでエスカレートすれば、ロシアとのNATO戦争に突入することになる。 F-16を収容できるウクライナ西部の飛行場の滑走路はすべて破壊されるだろう。」 − ジョン・ヘルマー

「次に何が起こるか考えるのは危険だ。意図されているのは、NATOによるロシア航空機の待ち伏せ攻撃だ。バルトップスは、ドイツ、スウェーデン、デンマーク、ポーランド、米国、英国、ウクライナによるノードストリームパイプラインへの攻撃の準備と実行のためのカモフラージュでした。」 − ジョン・ヘルマー

2023年5月22日, 17:27

「しかし、ウクライナにはF-16を使うためのインフラがなく、必要な数のパイロットや整備員もいないことは、専門家なら誰でも知っている。外国の 『義勇兵』が運用するNATOの飛行場から、米国の戦闘機が飛び立ったらどうなるのだろうか?」

2023年5月21日, 11:35 (更新: 2023年5月21日, 11:38)
Ukraine claims it will ‘win the war’ with F-16s
Air defense systems supplied by the West are not enough to counter Russian drones and cruise missiles, according to Kiev
F-16 fighter jets would be a game changer in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yury Ignat, claimed in remarks to Ukraine’s Espreso TV on Saturday.

“When [we] have F-16, we will win this war,” Ignat said, adding that Kiev has repeatedly told its Western backers that the air defense systems it has already obtained from the West are insufficient to protect all of Ukraine against Russian air strikes.

“The territory of the country and the length of the state border are big and the frontline… is over 2,500 kilometers long,” the Air Force spokesman said, counting Ukraine’s border with Belarus, its Black Sea shores, and the border with Moldova’s breakaway region of Transnistria as parts of the frontline.

It would be impossible to cover such an expanse with air defense systems, Ignat said, adding that the US-made F-16 fighter jets would become “a part of the air defenses” and would be used in areas not covered by the ground-based systems. ウクライナはF-16で「戦争に勝つ」と主張する。
ウクライナ空軍司令部のユーリー・イグナート報道官は、土曜日のウクライナのEspreso TVでの発言で、F-16戦闘機がモスクワとキエフの対立を一変させるだろうと主張しました。



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Orion reconnaissance-strike UAVs

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Lula explains why he didn’t meet with Zelensky
The Brazilian president said that the Ukrainian leader “was late” to a planned event during the G7 summit in Japan
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said that his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, had failed to show up for a scheduled bilateral meeting during the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

“I had an interview, a bilateral one with [Zelensky] here in this room at 3:15 pm. We waited and received the information that he was late,” the president, who is commonly referred to as just Lula, said on Monday, as cited by Reuters.

He added that Zelensky “did not show up” because “clearly he had appointments and he couldn’t come.”

AFP cited Lula as saying that he was “upset” that the meeting fell through.

A face-to-face meeting with the Ukrainian leader was absent from the itinerary published by Lula’s office ahead of his trip to Japan. However, Bloomberg cited unnamed Brazilian officials as saying on Saturday that the Brazilian delegation felt pressured to arrange a meeting between Lula and Zelensky, whose travel plans were not publicly announced.

Zelensky later told reporters that “everyone has their schedules, so we couldn’t meet with the Brazilian president.” The two leaders previously spoke over the phone in March.

Lula has condemned Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, but refused to join Western sanctions imposed Moscow and declined to provide weapons to Kiev. He has stressed that the Russia-Ukraine conflict should be resolved through negotiations. “No solution will last if it is not based on dialogue. We need to work to create the space for negotiations,” Lula said on Sunday.


彼は、ゼレンスキーが "現れなかった "のは、"明らかに約束があって来られなかったからだ "と付け加えた。



ゼレンスキー氏はその後、記者団に対し、"誰にでも予定があるので、ブラジル大統領と会うことはできなかった "と述べた。両首脳は3月に電話で会談したことがある。


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Moscow warns of fallout from F-16 deliveries to Kiev
Western countries “are sticking to the escalation scenario,” which comes with enormous risks, the deputy FM has said
If Western countries decide to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, it could backfire on them, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko warned on Saturday.

Speaking to TASS news agency, Grushko noted the West’s continual “movement up the escalation ladder,” following reports by several US media outlets that Washington would not stop its allies from sending modern fighter jets to Kiev, which remains locked in conflict with Moscow.

“We see that Western countries are sticking to the escalation scenario. It is fraught with colossal risks for themselves,” he said.

Grushko noted that despite the assistance of Western countries, Russia “has all the necessary means to achieve its goals” with regard to the military operation in Ukraine.

On Friday, NBC reported that the US and its allies plan to provide Ukraine with F-16s, though this does not mean that the aircraft would be supplied directly by Washington. Several other outlets also claimed that the administration of US President Joe Biden would not block its allies from transferring the jets to Kiev.

A day later, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that Washington would support a joint program to train Ukrainian pilots on modern jets such as F-16s, adding that “we will work with our allies to determine when planes will be delivered, who will be delivering them, and how many.”

He also said that the jets would only be used for defensive purposes and would not venture into Russian territory. “The Ukrainians have consistently indicated that they are prepared to follow through on that,” he claimed.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed his remarks, describing them as “an imitation of law-based behavior.” She added that Washington lacks any legal or moral grounds to make these assertions, which are “false and misleading from the very beginning.”

Zakharova said the US is doing this “under the guise of some kind of pseudo-humanitarian principle” in order to achieve its own goals.

“Everyone understands perfectly well that the United States is waging a hybrid war against the entire region… We are talking not only about a stand-off with our country, but also about using the Ukrainian people’s territory to achieve their objectives,” she added.





その1日後、ジェイク・サリバン米国家安全保障顧問は、F-16などの最新ジェット機でウクライナのパイロットを訓練する共同プログラムをワシントンが支援すると述べ、"飛行機をいつ、誰が、いくつ届けるかを決めるために同盟国と協力するだろう "と付け加えた。


ロシア外務省のマリア・ザハロワ報道官は、彼の発言を「法に基づいた行動の模倣」と非難した。彼女は、ワシントンがこのような主張をする法的、道徳的根拠を欠いており、"最初から虚偽で誤解を招くものだ "と付け加えた。


"米国が地域全体に対してハイブリッド戦争を仕掛けていることは、誰もがよく理解している...私たちは、わが国とのにらみ合いだけでなく、目的を達成するためにウクライナ国民の領土を利用することについて話している "と彼女は付け加えた。
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African delegation to visit Moscow for Ukraine talks
Russia is ready to listen to any proposals that will contribute to resolving the conflict, the Kremlin has said
A delegation from six African countries will visit Moscow to present an initiative to end the conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin announced on Thursday. The exact dates of the trip have yet to be agreed upon.

Moscow is “ready to listen with great attention to any proposals that will contribute to resolving the situation in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday.

Earlier this week, the South African Foreign Ministry said that six African presidents would be “shuttling between the two capitals [Moscow and Kiev] to engage in the facilitating of peace talks, to at least get toward a ceasefire.”


今週初め、南アフリカ外務省は、アフリカの6人の大統領が "少なくとも停戦に向かうための和平交渉の促進に携わるため、2つの首都(モスクワとキエフ)を行き来する "と発表した。

Hungary ready to host Russia-Ukraine talks – FM
Discussions between Moscow and Kiev are the only way to peace, Peter Szijjarto has insisted
Budapest is prepared to facilitate peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has announced.

“At the very beginning of this conflict, I suggested to both sides... that Hungary is ready to provide a venue for peace talks at any time. This offer still stands,” Szijjarto told RIA Novosti on Friday, on the sidelines of the EU-Central Asia Economic Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Whenever Russia and Ukraine express their readiness [to negotiate], we’re prepared to create all the necessary conditions for this,” he added.

The foreign minister stated that, as a neighbor of Ukraine, Hungary is also “paying a high price” for the conflict. Ukraine has a large Hungarian population and its members are “being sent to the front, where many of them, regrettably, die,” he claimed.

“We call for peace because peace is the only way to preserve lives,” Szijjarto insisted.

However, the diplomat asserted that the “current European and Transatlantic context isn’t favorable to peace.”

He also reiterated support for China’s 12-point roadmap to settle the conflict, which includes calls for the beginning of talks without preconditions.

“We support it for two reasons: firstly, because it exists, and secondly, because it’s about peace. It can be a good basis for negotiations,” the Hungarian minister said, adding that the initial plan should not be viewed as a final agreement.

“The thing is that some kind of discussions must begin [between Moscow and Kiev] eventually, because this is the path that leads to peace,” Szijjarto said.

Hungary has adopted a neutral stance since the start of the conflict in February 2022. It has condemned Russia’s military operation, but unlike many fellow EU members it has refrained from supplying weapons to Ukraine, and has consistently criticized the bloc’s sanctions against Moscow.

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow remains open to peace proposals “based on a genuine wish to contribute to the stabilization of the world order,” including those recently made by Brazil and African nations.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has promoted his own ten-point peace plan. Among other things, it calls for Russia to withdraw from all territories within Ukraine’s 1991 borders, to pay reparations, and to submit to war-crime tribunals. Moscow has rejected the plan as “unacceptable” and ignoring the reality on the ground.
ハンガリー、ロシア・ウクライナ会談を開催する用意がある - 外務省













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2023/5/20 バフムート陥落

Key Donbass city captured – Wagner chief
The battle against Ukrainian forces for Artyomovsk has gone on since last year
The key Donbass city of Artyomovsk, known as Bakhmut in Ukraine, has been fully liberated by the Russian forces, Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner private military company has announced.

“Today at noon, Bakhmut was fully captured,” Prigozhin said in a video address published on Saturday.

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White House explains thinking behind its Ukraine weapons deliveries
President Joe Biden will reportedly announce more military aid for Kiev after meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart at the G7 summit in Japan
The US is providing weapons to Ukraine in a manner designed to avoid a major direct military escalation with Russia, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan claimed on Saturday.

President Joe Biden’s “core precept… is that we are going to do everything we can to support Ukraine in its defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Sullivan said during a press-conference on the sidelines of the G7 summit in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

While providing this aid, Washington is “going to proceed in a way that avoids World War Three − that precept has remained intact,” he stated.

The press conference saw a number of questions about the possible supply of F-16 fighters to Kiev. On Friday, Biden told the G7 leaders that Washington would support an effort by the UK, the Netherlands and other European countries to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the US-made jets.

“As the training unfolds in the coming months, we will work with our allies to determine when planes will be delivered, who will be delivering them, and how many,” Sullivan explained.

For months, the US had rejected Ukraine’s push for F-16s, and the senior official was asked to explain the change in the Biden administration’s stance on the issue.

Washington is providing the Ukrainian military with the equipment that “is required at a given point in time,” he said.

According to Sullivan, the warplanes were not essential while Kiev was planning for spring and summer offensive operations. But now “we’ve reached a moment where it is time to look down the road and to say, ‘What is Ukraine going to need as part of a future force to be able to deter and defend against Russian aggression as we go forward?’,” he added.

Sullivan said the F-16 fighter jets were “part of that mix.” Any future delivery of the planes to Ukraine would not conflate “with the basic proposition that the US is not enabling or supporting attacks on Russian territory,” he maintained.

Politico reported on Friday that Biden was expected to announce another $375 million military aid package for Kiev after a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky in Hiroshima over the weekend. It will include more artillery shells, armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons, according to US and Ukrainian officials.

Moscow has repeatedly condemned the delivery of weapons to Ukraine by the US and its allies, arguing that they only prolong the fighting and raise the risk of what it terms a proxy war waged by the West. The Kremlin has also said the supplies increase the chance of a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.











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ゼレンスキー大統領 仏政府航空機で日本へ 午後広島到着見通し
2023年5月20日 6時02分




G7広島サミット出席 米バイデン大統領と会談へ




ゼレンスキー大統領 G7サミット対面で出席と報道 欧米メディア
NHK 2023年5月19日 14時06分

・・・当初は、リモート参加の予定が、急遽米軍機を利用しての本人参加になったようです。参加の目的は、支援要請です。でも、米軍機を使って日本からすぐにウクライナに帰る? なぜ米軍がそこまでするのかという印象です。





Zelensky to travel to Japan for G7 summit
The Ukrainian leader is expected to ask the group to increase pressure on Russia and provide additional military and financial aid
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is expected to make a personal appearance at the upcoming Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima, Japan, a top official confirmed on Friday following several media reports.

Previously, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida had stated that Zelensky would only be making a virtual appearance at the summit, addressing leaders via video link on Sunday. However, two officials involved in arranging the event revealed to Reuters that the Ukrainian leader would attend the gathering in person.

Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council Aleksey Danilov confirmed the reports to state media, explaining that “very important things will be decided there and it is therefore the presence of our president that is absolutely essential in order to defend our interests.”

The unexpected trip is being widely interpreted as an attempt by Kiev to convince the G7 group to amplify pressure on Russia amid Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine, as well as an opportunity to demand more military and financial aid.

An EU official also told the Financial Times that Zelensky is expected to ask the G7 group to consider holding a summit this summer on the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict without the participation of Russia. Kiev wants the potential summit to focus on Zelensky’s ten-point plan, which includes the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine, reparation payments, and a war-crimes tribunal.

Moscow has rejected the plan as “unacceptable,” claiming that it ignores the reality on the ground and is actually a sign of Kiev’s unwillingness to resolve the crisis through talks.

The G7, which consists of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK, had already been expected to announce additional sanctions on Russia, as well as holding discussions on measures to counter the challenge being posed by China.

On Thursday, Britain had already declared a ban on imports of Russian diamonds and metals such as copper, aluminum and nickel, and also placed sanctions on some 86 individuals and companies allegedly linked to Russia’s military industrial complex, energy, and shipping industries.

In his announcement of the additional measures, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the sanctions showed that “the G7 remains unified in the face of the threat from Russia and steadfast in our support for Ukraine.”

The US, meanwhile, is expected to add 70 entities to its export blacklist and expand sanctions to 300 entities in various sectors of the Russian economy, according to a US administration official cited by Reuters.








英国のリシ・スナック首相は追加措置の発表の中で、今回の制裁は "G7はロシアの脅威に直面しても結束し、ウクライナへの支援は揺るぎない "ということを示したと述べた。





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Zelensky shames Arab leaders
The Ukrainian president claimed some of them were “turning a blind eye” to Moscow’s actions
Some Arab leaders are ignoring Russia’s “illegal” conduct in Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky said during the Arab League summit on Friday. He made the statement while attending the gathering in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in person.

Without mentioning anyone by name, Zelensky acknowledged that some attendees “have a different view on the war on our land.”

“Unfortunately, there are some in the world and here, among you, who turn a blind eye to [prisoner of war] cages and illegal annexations,” the president said. “I am here so that everyone can take an honest look. No matter how hard the Russians try to influence [others], there must still be independence.”

Unlike many Western countries, the Arab states have refused to impose sanctions on Moscow over the military operation it launched in the neighboring state in February 2022. Oil-rich nations of the Persian Gulf worked with Moscow through OPEC+ to enact coordinated production cuts, prompting criticism from Washington that is seeking to curtail Russia’s oil exports.

Speaking on Friday, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that Riyadh sees itself as a potential broker for peace. “We reaffirm the kingdom’s readiness to continue mediating efforts between Russia and Ukraine, and to support all international efforts aimed at resolving the crisis politically in a way that contributes to achieving security,” the crown price said, as cited by Al Jazeera.

Last year, Saudi Arabia and the UAE helped to negotiate a high-profile prisoner exchange between Kiev and Moscow.

Bin Salman spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone last month. During a “friendly and constructive” conversation, the leaders agreed to bolster relations between the two countries, the Kremlin said.

ゼレンスキーは、誰の名前も挙げずに、一部の出席者が "我々の土地での戦争について異なる見解を持っている "ことを認めました。



金曜日に、サウジアラビアのムハンマド・ビン・サルマン皇太子は、リヤドは自らを平和の仲介者となり得ると考えていると述べた。「ロシアとウクライナの間の仲介努力を継続し、安全保障の達成に寄与する方法で危機を政治的に解決することを目的としたすべての国際的努力を支援する王国の用意があることを再確認する」と、Al Jazeeraの引用で皇太子は述べた。



Saudi Arabia reveals stance on Ukraine conflict
The kingdom said that it maintains “positive neutrality”
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has said that Riyadh and other Arab states are taking an impartial stance in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and want to maintain ties with both parties. He made his statement after the conclusion of the Arab League summit in Jeddah on Friday, which was attended by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“Since the beginning of the crisis, the Arab countries have taken a position of positive neutrality, opening dialogue with the Russian and Ukrainian parties, while ensuring Arab relations with the two sides,” the diplomat said, adding “we welcome hearing the viewpoints of both sides of [the] Russia-Ukrainian conflict.”

The Ukrainian leader, meanwhile, argued, without singling anyone out, that some Arab nations were turning “a blind eye” to Moscow’s “illegal annexations” of territory.

Saudi Arabia has declined to join Western sanctions on Moscow, which include the efforts to curtail its energy exports. Riyadh’s continued cooperation with Russia through OPEC+, a cartel of oil exporters, has drawn criticism from the United States.
王国は "積極的な中立性 "を維持していると発言

"危機が始まって以来、アラブ諸国は積極的な中立の立場をとり、ロシアとウクライナの当事者との対話を開く一方、両者とのアラブ関係を確保してきた "と外交官は述べ、"(ロシアとウクライナの)紛争における両者の視点を聞くことを歓迎している "と付け加えた。



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Russian ammonia

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Poland ‘concerned’ about closeness of Сhina and Russia
Warsaw has demanded that Beijing side with Kiev and condemn Moscow
Poland’s deputy foreign minister told China’s special envoy, Li Hui, on Friday that Warsaw disapproved of the growing relationship between Beijing and Moscow.

“Poland notes with concern Beijing’s declarations concerning its persistent will to strengthen its bilateral relations with Russia, the aggressor state,” the Polish Foreign Ministry said, according to a readout of the meeting.

Deputy Minister Wojciech Gerwel also told the Chinese diplomat that “any military aid, including the potential supply of weapons from China to Russia, may result in a grave [sic] consequences for the bilateral relationship between Europe and China.”

Ambassador Li, in his capacity as Beijing’s special envoy for Eurasian affairs, is on a week-long tour in Europe to promote a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. He told Gerwel that China stands behind the 12-point roadmap for peace it had unveiled in February. Li argued for a ceasefire and peace talks, and said the current situation in Ukraine is not in anyone’s interest.

According to the Polish Foreign Ministry, Gerwel insisted it was unacceptable to “equalize the status” of the aggressor and the victim, and that China must “exert pressure on Russia to return to compliance with the principles of international law.”

Li was in Kiev on Thursday, meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. The Chinese diplomat reiterated that Beijing was willing to serve as a peace broker to help reach a political resolution to the conflict.

The Chinese envoy’s itinerary will take him to France next, followed by Germany and Russia. He will also visit the EU headquarters in Brussels, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

“China stands ready to continue to promote talks for peace and make China’s contribution to the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis,” Wang told reporters at the daily briefing in Beijing on Friday.

In March, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. During his trip, Xi said that the friendship between the countries was growing “day by day.”




ポーランド外務省によると、ゲルウェル氏は、侵略者と被害者の「地位を等しくする」ことは受け入れられないと主張し、中国は "ロシアが国際法の原則を遵守するように戻るよう圧力をかける" 必要があると述べた。




3月、中国の習近平国家主席はモスクワでロシアのプーチン大統領と会談した。出張中、習近平は両国の友情が "日に日に深まっている "と述べた。


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Moscow names German chancellor’s ‘biggest mistake’
The belittling of civilian deaths in Donbass by Olaf Scholz was unacceptable, Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman said
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will go down in infamy for making light of the suffering of civilians in Donbass at the hands of Ukrainian troops, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday.

She was referring to Scholz’s comment from February 2022, when he suggested that Russia’s claim that Kiev had been committing genocide in Donbass was “ridiculous.”

“It was the biggest mistake of his life,” Zakharova argued in an interview with German author and war correspondent Thomas Roeper. She added that the infamous remark will eventually stain Scholz’s legacy more than any of his “political blunders.”

“Every person is free to form their own opinions, their attitude towards life. Everyone can have doubts and seek the truth. But you cannot make light of the grief of people who are losing their loved ones each year,” Zakharova said.

The spokeswoman insisted that Scholz’s words were cynical, given that the Ukrainian crisis “has been orchestrated by the West.”

Moscow has accused Western countries of encouraging nationalistic and anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin cited the need to protect the people of Donbass and Kiev’s failure to implement the 2014-2015 Minsk peace accords among the reasons why Russia launched its military operation in the neighboring state in February 2022.

Russian officials have also accused the West of turning a blind eye to civilian deaths in Donbass. According to Moscow, around 5,000 people have been killed and nearly 9,000 wounded by Ukrainian troops since 2014.

Kiev denies killing civilians and has accused Russia of committing genocide in Ukraine. Moscow, meanwhile, maintains that its armed forces are only targeting military and military-linked targets.

彼女は、キエフがドンバスで大量虐殺を行ったというロシアの主張を "ばかげたこと "だと示唆した、2022年2月のショルツの発言に言及しているのです。

ザハロワは、ドイツの作家で戦争特派員のトーマス・ローパーとのインタビューで、「それは彼の人生最大の過ちだった」と主張した。彼女は、この悪名高い発言は、いずれショルツの遺産を、彼のどんな "政治的失敗 "よりも汚してしまうだろうと付け加えた。


報道官は、ウクライナ危機は "西側諸国によって仕組まれた "とし、ショルツの言葉は皮肉であると主張した。



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