ウクライナ: ずくなしの冷や水



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EUは反ロシア制裁のツケを払わなければならない - 伊元副首相

EU has to foot the bill for anti-Russia sanctions – ex deputy PM
Anti-Moscow sanctions are justified, but ordinary people should be protected, according to the Lega Nord leader

The European Union should compensate its citizens for the ‘energy pandemic’ resulting from anti-Russia sanctions over the Ukraine conflict, Italy’s former deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini said on Sunday.

Speaking to RTL radio, Salvini, a member of the Senate who leads the right-wing Lega Nord party, drew a parallel with financial stimulus packages during Covid lockdowns.

“Let Europe, as it happened during the pandemic, put up a shield, to protect families and businesses, and cover the extra bills families have to pay,” he said, adding that Brussels will need to adopt such measures to stave off mass unemployment.

Salvini also signalled his support for anti-Russia sanctions, despite their apparent inefficiency. He noted that his party has endorsed all kinds of support for Ukraine and condemned Russia’s military offensive. However, he pointed out that Moscow is raking in the profits from high oil and gas prices, while Europe is reeling from the energy crunch.

“It would be the only case in which the sanctioned person makes money and the one who sanctions suffers”, he noted, adding that Brussels recognizes that economic warfare is a double-edged sword.

According to the Italian politician, the EU cannot simply lift the sanctions, as that would imply giving in to Russia.

Last week, however, Salvini urged the EU to review its anti-Russia sanctions policy, saying it could be hurting member states more than Moscow. “If they are working, fine, but if they hit the sanctioning countries more than Russia… they will stoke the war rather than promote peace,” he claimed.

Italy is set for a general election on September 25 following the collapse of Mario Draghi's government in July. According to a study released last month by the Cattaneo Institute think tank, Italy’s right-wing bloc, of which Salvini’s Lega Nord is a part, is on track to win a broad majority in both houses of parliament.









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ヨーロッパは滅亡する 2

Germany admits it ‘can’t give much more’ to Ukraine
Berlin will continue supporting Kiev but its weapons stocks are now too limited, the German defense minister said
Berlin stands ready to support Ukraine in the future but in terms of weapons supplies it can’t “give away much more,” German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Tuesday.

During a visit to Mullheim, she told reporters that Ukraine could be assured of Germany’s intentions “to continue to support them in the future.” Stressing that Germany had already provided Kiev with some state-of-the-art heavy weapons, such as Panzerhaubitze 2000, Lambrecht also said that she had a very trusting and constructive relationship with her Ukrainian counterpart, Alexey Reznikov.

“We can’t give away much more from the Bundeswehr, I'll say that very clearly, and my colleague is aware of that,” the German minister said.

Earlier this month, Lambrecht made it clear that Berlin would keep supporting Ukraine “with everything possible” but not at the expense of its own defense capabilities.

Germany has been providing Ukraine with assorted weaponry since the beginning of the Russian military offensive against the neighboring country in late February.

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‘Better to negotiate now than later’ for Ukraine, retired US general says
Logistical shortfalls could force Kiev and NATO to change strategy, Mark T. Kimmitt warns in an op-ed for the WSJ

Sustaining the conflict in Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult for NATO, so Kiev must think about negotiating with Moscow, retired US Army brigadier general Mark T. Kimmitt has said in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal.

Washington’s latest military aid package to Kiev last month included “older and less advanced” systems, which “may indicate that battlefield consumption rates have outpaced production to a point where excess inventories provided to Ukraine are nearly exhausted,” Kimmitt pointed out in his article on Thursday.

Dealing with “dwindling stocks of leading-edge weapon systems” in NATO countries would likely mean a prolonged conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Such a scenario could result in “more pressure from supporting nations, sustained inflation, less heating gas, and falling popular support” in the West, he wrote.

Kimmitt, who served as assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs in 2008-09, suggested four ways to speed up the resolution of the conflict, which has now been underway for six months.

The first option is to “dig deeper” into NATO stockpiles and send arms to Kiev that have so far been withheld by members due to their own national defense requirements, the retired general suggested. That’s something EU countries may be willing to do as it’s “better to use these weapons in Kherson than Krakow,” he added.

The US and its European allies could also try ramping up production of the systems that are required by the Zelensky government, Kimmitt said, acknowledging that such a move would unlikely have an immediate effect on the situation on the ground.

The third option is “to step up the conflict” by providing Ukraine with longer-range systems, such as ATACM missiles, F-16 jets, and Patriots, and “broaden the rules of engagement to attack targets in Crimea and possibly Russia,” he wrote. However, the retired general warned that such escalation would definitely face a “response from Moscow” and create the risk of conflict spilling into Europe.

The final available solution, according to Kimmitt, is for Ukraine to “push for an interim diplomatic resolution without (or with) territorial concessions.”

“There is little incentive to negotiate” at the moment, but Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “must recognize that diminishing resupplies would have a disastrous effect on his army, not merely for battlefield operations but for the message of declining outside support it would send to the people of Ukraine,” he insisted.

“Beginning the diplomatic resolution would be distasteful, and perhaps seen as defeatist, but as there is little chance of climbing out of the current morass, it may be better to negotiate now than later,” the retired general said.

The two sides haven’t sat down at the negotiating table since talks in Istanbul in late March. Moscow, which had initially been optimistic about the prospects for the peace process, later accused Kiev of backtracking on all the progress that had been achieved in Turkey and said it had lost all trust in the Ukrainian negotiators. Russian officials warned that Moscow’s demands would be more extensive if talks were to resume.


ウクライナでの紛争を維持することはNATOにとってますます難しくなっており、キエフはモスクワとの交渉を考えなければならないと、退役米陸軍准将のマーク・T.Kimmitt氏は、Wall Street Journalに寄稿し、次のように述べた。












German leader’s party calls for Ukraine ‘peace initiative’
Chancellor Scholz’s SPD says “more intelligent solutions” to Ukraine crisis are needed
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has pledged to support the government in Kiev with money and weapons no matter what, but some members of his own party are now calling for a peace initiative as well, Der Spiegel reported on Friday. According to the outlet, several SPD parliamentarians at a meeting in Dresden said their party needed to encourage peace and diplomacy.

“We need a peace initiative from the SPD,” Bernd Westphal, who is the party spokesman on matters of economic policy, reportedly said at the meeting, calling for “more intelligent solutions” than war, which destroys lives and infrastructure and makes everyone poorer.

“The SPD is the peace party and must provide an impetus for it,” Westphal argued, according to people present at the meeting who spoke to Der Spiegel. Similar statements came from fellow Bundestag members Nina Scheer and Ralf Stegner. According to Stegner, Germany should be active in politics and diplomacy, and not be reduced simply to the role of a weapons supplier.

French President Emmanuel Macron also defended diplomacy in a speech on Thursday, telling his diplomats that no one wants “Turkey to be the only world power that is talking to Russia.” He has faced vocal criticism from Kiev and eastern EU members for making phone calls to the Kremlin since the conflict in Ukraine escalated in February.

While no one at the SPD meeting in Dresden objected to the calls for peace, MP Michael Roth – who chairs the foreign affairs committee – later denounced his colleagues’ statements to Der Spiegel.

“It's not as if there hasn’t been a variety of diplomatic efforts,” Roth said, claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “psychological warfare is aimed precisely at our fears. He wants to divide our societies and delegitimize our support for Ukraine.”

The Russian president doesn’t want peace, Roth insisted, so SPD members advocating for it are “falling into his trap again.”

Earlier this week, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock – member of the Greens, a junior partner in Scholz’s “traffic light” coalition – told a conference in Prague she intends to support Ukraine “no matter what my German voters think,” even if they take to the streets this winter because they can’t afford the skyrocketing energy bills.



フランスのエマニュエル・マクロン大統領も木曜日の演説で外交を擁護し、外交官たちに "トルコがロシアと対話する唯一の世界大国になる "ことは誰も望んでいない、と語った。彼は、2月にウクライナの紛争がエスカレートして以来、クレムリンに電話をかけたことで、キエフと東部EU加盟国からの声高な批判に直面してきた。



ロシア大統領は平和を望んでいないので、平和を擁護するSPDのメンバーは "また彼の罠にはまる "とロートは主張した。


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drones with a device for spraying chemicals

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Zelensky and Boris Johnson had an emergency tele talk

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Hungary reveals what weakened EU
The country’s top diplomat says the bloc’s leaders failed to protect their citizens from the Ukraine conflict’s ramifications
The armed conflict in Ukraine has “catastrophically” weakened the European Union, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, has claimed.

Speaking at the ‘Open Balkan’ summit in Belgrade on Friday, Szijjarto argued that the Ukraine conflict along with its “economic influence and a ruinous energy crisis… has led to a catastrophic weakening of Europe and the EU.” The diplomat went on to claim that EU leaders’ failure to “protect people in Europe” has resulted in citizens paying the price for a “war they are not even responsible for.”

The Hungarian minister stressed that talks are needed within the bloc to ensure that the consequences of the conflict are not “fatal to the continent.”

Szijjarto added that food shortages in developing countries caused by the fighting in Ukraine have left “hundreds of thousands of people under the threat of famine,” leading to a “new level of migrants’ aggression” at Hungary’s borders.

The official also stressed the importance of the EU’s expansion in the Western Balkans.

Unlike most other EU member states, Hungary has remained relatively neutral since the start of the conflict in February, refusing to provide weapons to either Ukraine or Russia. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has argued that such shipments could see Hungary getting dragged into direct military confrontation – which is not in the country’s interest.

Moreover, officials in Budapest have repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Moscow, insisting that the punitive measures hurt the bloc itself more than they do Russia. Hungary has also called for dialogue with Russia to put an end to the Ukraine conflict.






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13 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were killed

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Russia issues oil supply warning to G7
Countries that support price cap will not get Russian crude, according to the deputy PM
Russia will embargo countries that support the Washington-proposed price cap on its oil, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Thursday.

“In my opinion, this is a complete absurdity… To those companies or countries that will impose restrictions, we will not supply our oil and oil products, because we are not going to work under non-market conditions,” he told reporters, commenting on a plan to limit prices on Russian oil currently being discussed by the Group of Seven (G7) countries.

Establishing a price ceiling on Russian oil is conceived as a means of slashing Moscow’s revenues from exporting the commodity while avoiding shutting the country’s crude out of the market. The proposal is due to be discussed at a meeting of G7 finance ministers on Friday.

According to Novak, such a plan would jeopardize the market mechanisms of “such an important industry as oil,” and could only lead to the destabilization of both the industry and the oil market.

“And European and American consumers will be the first to pay for it, while they are already paying high prices today because of the destabilizing measures [their governments] are implementing. In particular, the sanctions restrictions,” Novak said.

The official added that Russia is currently pumping as much oil as it has the ability to produce and sell at the moment, but if global market conditions stabilize and Russian producers could be confident in finding buyers, output could be raised. He noted that Russian oil producers are preparing for the upcoming EU oil embargo due to take effect in December, but they plan to maintain current levels of production regardless.






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Russian ex-president envisions military junta in Kiev
A coup is the only alternative to a civilian government accepting Russia’s terms for peace, Dmitry Medvedev said

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev predicted that the Ukrainian military may stage a coup in Kiev to do what the civilian government refuses to do – negotiate peace with Russia.

Medvedev, who is now deputy chair of the Russian National Security Council, outlined the scenario as one of two options that he believes to be viable for Ukraine. The other was if the government of President Vladimir Zelensky changed its tune and agreed to Russia’s terms for ending hostilities. Either way, Russia will get what it wants from Ukraine, the official said.

Moscow declared the demilitarization and ‘denazification’ of Ukraine as the goals of its military operation in the country. Kiev initially appeared willing to accept a neutral status, but was later emboldened by Western military aid. Zelensky now insists that defeating Russia on the battlefield and retaking all the land that was under Kiev’s control before 2014 is the only possible option for his country.

The assessment by Medvedev apparently came in response to a Wednesday article in the Guardian, which made predictions for how the Ukrainian crisis could develop over the next six months. Dan Sabbagh, the British newspaper’s defense and security editor, offered five predictions that he considers likely.
READ MORE: ‘Absolute deficit’ in Germany’s weapons stock – foreign minister

The expectations included a deadlocked conflict and a reduction in the intensity of hostilities, a campaign of sabotage by Ukrainian special forces and a renewed refugee crisis during winter.

The Russian official said that any scenario for the conflict that would predict a victory for Kiev was “crystal-clear lies and demagoguery.”





ロシア政府高官は、キエフの勝利を予想するような紛争のシナリオは、"透明な嘘とデマゴギー "であると述べた。

Ukraine conflict will be over soon – Belarusian president
Kiev's troops on the front lines see the situation as “hopeless,” Alexander Lukashenko believes
The denouement in the Ukraine conflict is coming soon, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has predicted, alleging that there are tensions emerging between the country’s armed forces and its civilian leadership.

Speaking on Thursday during a virtual class for all Belarusian school and university students, Lukashenko said that “Ukraine is being divided” and that a “conflict is brewing between the president and the military.”

According to the Belarusian leader, the Ukrainian army is the only power in the country that can “pound the table and say: let’s talk or else Ukraine will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Lukashenko argued that the country's military, which has first-hand experience of what is actually happening on the frontline, “sees that it’s hopeless.”

Meanwhile, he warned that the conflict in the neighboring country could spiral into the “most dreadful confrontation” involving the use of weapons of mass destruction.

He also stated that “Russia cannot suffer a defeat there,” adding that Minsk stands firmly by its ally, Moscow.



ルカシェンコは、最前線で実際に起きていることを直接体験している同国軍は、"絶望的であることを見抜いている "と主張した。


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ゼレンスキーのヘルソン反攻のコスト 兵士1700人以上が死亡


前24時間の間に、Su-25 2機、Su-24 1機、MiG-29 1機、Mi-8 ヘリコプター3機が撃墜された。
- 戦車63台
- その他装甲車107台
- 機関銃を搭載したピックアップ14台
- ウクライナ兵1700人以上
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Zelensky rents his Italian villa to Russians – media
The realtor in charge of the villa denied the report, but did not provide any evidence, citing privacy
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has rented his luxury villa in Tuscany to Russians for the month of August, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Zelensky has called on EU leaders to deny visas to Russian tourists.

A Russian couple with a London address have rented the villa for the month of August, paying the princely sum of €50,000 ($50,237), the newspaper reported. The villa, located in the seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, was bought by Zelensky for four million euros while the Ukrainian leader was still an actor, the report added.

Photos posted on social media by the couple confirmed that they were staying in Zelensky’s property, Il Tirreno stated.

Corriere Della Serra, another Italian newspaper, contacted the realtor managing the property, who said that “The tenants weren’t Russian, but I can’t say more because privacy prevents me.” However, the paper said that the tenants are likely of Russian origin, “but have long since had their residence and perhaps English citizenship.”


夫妻がソーシャルメディアに投稿した写真から、ゼレンスキーの物件に滞在していることが確認されたと、Il Tirrenoは述べている。

同じくイタリアの新聞であるコリエレ・デラ・セラ紙は、この物件を管理する不動産業者に問い合わせたところ、"入居者はロシア人ではなかったが、プライバシーが邪魔をするのでこれ以上は言えない "と答えたという。しかし、同紙は、入居者はロシア系である可能性が高いとし、"しかし、とっくに居住地は決まっており、おそらくイギリスの市民権も持っている "と述べている。
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タンクで 10600 meters先のものに砲弾を命中できるか

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Russia cuts off gas supply to French energy giant
Gazprom has announced it will halt supplies to Engie following the French company’s failure to pay for gas deliveries in July
Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom confirmed on Tuesday it had cut off off gas supplies to French utilities company Engie. The Paris-based firm has failed to pay for July gas deliveries in full, the St. Petersburg major explained.

Gazprom informed Engie that it would cease the gas deliveries starting September 1 until the moment it gets the payment for the already supplied gas in full, the energy giant said in a statement. It also noted that the French side had failed to make the payment by Tuesday evening, making any further gas deliveries impossible under Russian law.

Earlier in the day, Engie warned that Gazprom had informed it “of a reduction in gas deliveries” and cited “a disagreement between the parties on the application of some contracts,” according to Bloomberg. It did not provide any details about the nature of the disagreements and did not specify the level of delivery restrictions.

French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher accused Moscow of using its gas exports as a weapon on Tuesday. She also said that France “must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a complete interruption of supplies.” Her statement was made before the Gazprom announcement.




フランスのアニエス・パニエ・ルナシェ エネルギー相は、火曜日、モスクワがガス輸出を武器として使っていると非難した。また、フランスは「供給が完全にストップする最悪のシナリオに備えなければならない」とも述べた。彼女の発言はガスプロムの発表の前になされたものである。



月曜日には、Engie のクレール・ウェイサン副社長が、フランスでは貯蔵量が90%満たされていると述べ、冬を乗り切るには十分であると付け加えた。
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