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ウクライナは「腐敗した、めちゃくちゃな社会」 米傭兵会社

Ukraine run by ‘f****d up people’ – US instructor
A video shows the founder of Mozart Group, Andrew Milburn, admitting Kiev’s forces have committed “atrocities”
Ukraine should not be placed on a pedestal in the West’s attempts to support the country in its conflict with Russia. That's according to Andrew Milburn, founder of the ‘Mozart Group’, which has been providing training for Kiev’s forces. 

The retired Marine commander shared his experience and conclusions from working in Ukraine during an appearance on the Team House podcast last month. Attention to the video, which had only amassed some 20,000 views since it was posted, was drawn by Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal on Monday.  

During the podcast, Milburn stated that Ukraine is a “corrupt, f****d-up society.” While he stressed that continued Western support for the country was important and justified by the need to uphold “global norms,” he suggested that the whole point was “not about Ukraine.” 

“I have a Ukrainian flag tied to my bag, but I’m not like ‘oh my God, Ukraine is so awesome,’ because I understand that there are plenty of f****d up people running Ukraine,” Milburn said, admitting that he’s really “not a big fan” of the country. 

He also stated that “a number of things” that Kiev’s forces do with Russian POWs violate the Hague convention on the laws of armed conflict, especially when it comes to filming interrogations of captured Russian soldiers and posting them online. 

Milburn noted that the trainers from Mozart Group don’t condone such acts and have always tried to distance themselves from any unit that showed them videos of killing Russian POWs. “We’ve been shown those videos plenty of times,” he said, adding that “there were plenty” of atrocities being committed by Ukrainian forces and “all kinds of atrocities to go around.”  
Max Blumenthal
After months in Ukraine training soldiers, Ret Col Andrew Milburn of @TheMozartGroup
mercenary firm gets sauced on camera & spills the beans:

Ukraine is a "corrupt, fucked-up society" run by "fucked-up people"

Ukrainian soldiers "kill dudes who surrendered," commit "atrocities"

He did stress, however, that most of the groups his trainers have dealt with were “very professional” and did not resort to such acts. 

While Milburn’s Mozart Group claims charity status, it is considered to be among the largest private military companies currently working in Ukraine and has been providing military training to Ukrainian soldiers since the early days of the conflict. However, it has also been the source of several damning reports on the dark underbelly of Kiev’s armed forces.  

Back in August, Milburn was quoted by CBS news in a since-deleted report that revealed how Western-supplied weapons were disappearing in Ukraine and popping up on the black market. Recently, he was also quoted by Newsweek in a report revealing that the Ukrainian military was seeing casualty rates of 70% or more, contrary to official Kiev’s claims.

ウクライナは "f*****d up people "に運営されている-米インストラクター
Mozart Groupの創設者であるAndrew Milburn氏が、キエフ軍が "残虐行為 "を行っていることを認める映像が公開された。

元海兵隊司令官の彼は先月、チームハウスのポッドキャストに出演した際、ウクライナでの活動から得た経験と結論を披露した。このビデオは、投稿されてからまだ2万回ほどしか再生されていなかったが、月曜日にGrayzone編集者のMax Blumenthalによって注目された。  

ポッドキャストの中でミルバーンは、ウクライナは "腐敗した、めちゃくちゃな社会 "であると述べた。西側諸国が同国への支援を続けることは重要であり、「世界規範」を守る必要性から正当化されると強調する一方で、要は "ウクライナについてではない "と示唆している。 

"私はカバンにウクライナの旗を結びつけているが、「ああ、ウクライナってすごいね」という感じではない。なぜなら、ウクライナを動かしているのは、たくさんのファッキューな人たちだと理解しているからだ" ミルバーンは、自分が本当はこの国の「大ファンではない」ことを認めている。 


ミルバーンは、モーツァルト・グループのトレーナーたちはそのような行為を容認しておらず、ロシア人捕虜を殺害するビデオを見せた部隊とは常に距離を置こうとしてきたと指摘した。"我々はそのようなビデオを何度も見せられた "と述べ、ウクライナ軍が行っている残虐行為は "いくらでもあった "と付け加えた。  

ウクライナで数ヶ月間兵士を訓練した後、傭兵会社 @TheMozartGroup のアンドリュー・ミルバーン退役大佐が、カメラでソースをかけられ、豆をこぼします:



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Ukraine calls for UN-brokered ‘peace summit’
Russia would only be invited after facing international prosecution, says Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba
Kiev has proposed holding a so-called "peace summit" by the end of February to mark the anniversary of Russia's military operation against Ukraine. The initiative was announced by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, who also set out Ukraine's conditions for inviting Moscow to the event.

In an interview with AP published on Monday, Kuleba admitted that while Ukraine will do whatever it can to win its ongoing military conflict with Russia in 2023, diplomacy will play an important role. "Every war ends in a diplomatic way," Kuleba said, adding that "every war ends as a result of the actions taken on the battlefield and at the negotiating table." 

The minister added that the UN was "the best venue for holding this summit, because it is not about making a favor to a certain country" and suggested UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres as mediator for the event.

"He has proven himself to be an efficient mediator and an efficient negotiator, and most importantly, as a man of principle and integrity. So we would welcome his active participation," Kuleba said about Guterres.

Asked about the matter of inviting Russia to this "peace summit," Kuleba insisted Moscow must first face an "international court" and be prosecuted for supposed war crimes. He also dismissed Putin’s recent calls for negotiations, stating that everything Russia does on the battlefield "proves" that Moscow does not want to talk. 

Earlier this month, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky addressed G20 leaders in Indonesia and laid out a ten-point "peace formula," which includes the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the withdrawal of Russian troops, an "all for all" prisoner swap, and a tribunal for those Kiev accuses of aggression.

Russia, meanwhile, has insisted that Kiev must "recognize the reality on the ground" as a prerequisite for any peace negotiations, including the new status of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as parts of Russia.

月曜日に発表されたAP通信とのインタビューで、クレバ氏は、ウクライナは2023年に現在進行中のロシアとの軍事衝突に勝つためにできることは何でもやるが、外交が重要な役割を果たすだろうと認めた。"すべての戦争は外交的な方法で終わる "とクレバ大臣は述べ、"すべての戦争は戦場と交渉の席で行われた行動の結果として終わる "と付け加えた。 






Moscow responds to Kiev’s ‘peace summit’ idea
Such an event would be viable without Ukraine, but not Russia, a top diplomat has said
Kiev's proposal of a so-called “peace summit” amid its conflict with Moscow would be impossible if Russia is not invited, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said on Tuesday.

Writing on Telegram, the diplomat referred to an idea floated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on Monday to hold such an event under the auspices of the UN by the end of February to mark the anniversary of Russia’s military operation against Ukraine. The office of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that he was ready to mediate talks, but only if all parties agree to that.

However, Kuleba also demanded that before Moscow be allowed to join at the negotiating table, it should face an “international court” and be prosecuted for its alleged war crimes.

Polyansky also pushed back against an allegation floated by Kiev that Russia had become a member of the UN Security Council and the UN in general “illegally.” He denounced such statements as “nonsense,” which nobody pays attention to.

“If you try to combine these two pieces of news, they are mutually exclusive. What ‘peace summit’ could be without Russia?” he asked, adding, however, that it is not difficult to imagine such an event taking place without Ukraine.

The Russian diplomat described such an eventuality as “a nightmare scenario” for Ukrainian officials, who, by spearheading such initiatives as a peace summit without Russia, actually make such an outcome more probable.

The idea of a ‘Global Peace Summit’ was suggested by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky earlier this month. According to the Ukrainian leader, it should focus on a ten-point “peace formula” that he drew up. This includes the restoration of Ukraine’s “territorial integrity,” the withdrawal of Russian troops, an “all for all” prisoner swap, as well as a tribunal for those Kiev accuses of aggression.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that the Kremlin is still open to talks over Ukraine, adding that it is Kiev who is refusing to negotiate. Moscow has also insisted that Ukraine must “recognize the reality on the ground,” including the new status of the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye as parts of Russia, as a prerequisite for any peace talks.

テレグラムに書いた外交官は、月曜日にウクライナのドミトリー・クレバ外相が提起したアイデアつまり、2月末までにロシアの対ウクライナ軍事作戦の記念日を記念した国連の後援でそのようなイベントを開催する案を提示したことに言及した。 国連のアントニオ・グテーレス事務総長室は、交渉を仲介する用意があると述べたが、それはすべての当事者がそれに同意した場合に限られる.


ポリアンスキーはまた、ロシアが国連安全保障理事会のメンバーになり、国連全般が「違法に」加盟したというキエフの主張にも反論した。 彼はそのような発言を「ナンセンス」であると非難し、誰も注意を払っていません。

「これら 2 つのニュースを組み合わせようとすると、相互に排他的になります。 ロシアなしではどんな「平和サミット」が成り立つでしょうか?」 しかし、ウクライナなしでそのようなイベントが行われることを想像することは難しくないと付け加えた。


「グローバル平和サミット」のアイデアは、今月初めにウクライナのウラジミール・ゼレンスキー大統領によって提案されました。 ウクライナの指導者によると、それは彼が作成した 10 項目の「平和公式」に焦点を当てるべきである。 これには、ウクライナの「領土保全」の回復、ロシア軍の撤退、「万人のための」捕虜交換、キエフによる侵略の告発に対する法廷が含まれます。

日曜日、ロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領は、クレムリンは依然としてウクライナに関する交渉の余地があると繰り返し、交渉を拒否しているのはキエフであると付け加えた。 モスクワはまた、和平交渉の前提条件として、ドネツク、ルガンスク、ヘルソン、ザポロジエの地域がロシアの一部として新たに位置づけられることを含め、ウクライナは「現場の現実を認識する」必要があると主張している。
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Ex-Russian president gets new job
Dmitry Medvedev has been appointed to the newly created role of first deputy in the Military-Industrial Commission
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has been appointed as first deputy of the country’s Military-Industrial Commission. The role was officially created on Monday via presidential decree by Vladimir Putin, who heads the commission.

In his new position, Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, will have the right to create working groups and councils that will deal with the activities of the military-industrial commission, according to the decree.

His previous Security Council duties of overseeing control measures for the defense industry will continue to be carried out as part of his work in the commission, Medvedev’s assistant told RIA following the appointment.

The military-industrial commission is a permanent body that oversees the country’s defense industry and is tasked with organizing state policy in the fields of ensuring Russia’s defensive capabilities, state security, and law enforcement. 

The body is also responsible for making sure the Russian economy is prepared for mobilization and has the right to form state procurement orders in the field of defense up to a volume of 1 trillion rubles ($14.6 billion) per year.

Putin’s latest decree made several other changes to the commission, introducing a number of new board members and excluding former head of the Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemiev, replacing him with Minister of Emergency Situations Alexander Kurenkov.







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APOCALYPTIC:米軍大佐によると、約6万人のウクライナ人がロシア軍に囲まれ、全滅を待っている...また、ロシア軍の募集センターは満杯である。彼の言葉だ。「ウクライナでの作戦にロシア国民から絶大な支持を得ている」。さらに彼は、"ヨーロッパ(の大部分)と北米を除けば、世界の他の地域は、中国や最近のインドのように、徐々にロシアと連携している。"と述べた。彼は、バイデンでさえ、彼/西側が始めた反ロシア十字軍にインドを参加させることに失敗した、と言った。合同参謀本部議長のマーク・マイリー将軍が、アメリカ大統領に「2週間でウクライナ情勢を一掃する」ことの指示を出すように話したかどうか尋ねられ、マグレガー氏はこう答えた。「いや、その可能性はないだろう。実際、アメリカ軍の指導者は、ウクライナの戦争に(直接)巻き込まれたくないのです。なぜなら、私たちがそのようなことに備えていないことを知っているからです。"真実は、もしあなたがロシアとの武力衝突を約束するなら、非常に長い時間がかかり、最終的にはそこから勝利を得ることさえできないかもしれないということを知っておくべきでしょう。さらに彼は、「ロシア軍は主に防衛を指向しており、攻撃的なドクトリンではない。理論的には90万人の兵力を投入することができるが、それを行っていない。ウクライナに関する限り、19万5千から20万人の兵力にとどまっている。」米国のメディアが言っている、ロシアは前線で敗れ、ウクライナから撤退するというのは、全く根拠のないことだと証明されてしまった。ロシア軍には自衛能力がある。さて、彼がNATOに対して侵略戦争を仕掛けられるかというと、私は彼にその意図があるとは思っていない。そのような兆候はないし、彼らもそのようなことに興味があるとは思えない。" 戦争に終止符が打たれると見ているかと問われ、マクレガーはこう答えた。"おそらく、すでに見ている。戦争に関するアメリカのメディアの報道はどんどん少なくなっている...第二に、ウクライナ軍はドンバスで実質的に包囲されている。逃げ道がなく、ゼレンスキーが彼らを犠牲にすることを決めたことがよくわかる。私は、この5万から6万人の部隊は、もちろん彼らが降伏しない限り、最終的に全滅すると推測している」と締めくくった。
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Only one nation benefits from sanctions on Russia – minister
The US has capitalized on the restrictions, selling LNG to Europe at lucrative prices, the Russian Finance Minister said
The sanctions the West has slapped on Russia over the Ukraine conflict are taking a heavy toll on the European economy, while the United States is the only actor profiting from the restrictions, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Saturday.

Speaking to Asharq News daily, the minister claimed that Western sanctions had helped the Americans achieve what they wanted, saying “their supplies of oil and gas to the European market have increased.”

Energy shipments from the US, however, have proved costly for Europeans, resulting in skyrocketing inflation and decreased competitive power for European businesses, Siluanov said.

According to the minister, both Western sanctions and the blasts that ruptured the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in late September “were orchestrated to provide Europe with more expensive liquefied [natural] gas from America.”

“America benefits, Europe loses,” he explained.

Moscow has called the sabotage a terrorist attack, claiming that the US stood to benefit the most from the explosions. While Washington has denied any involvement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the incident as a “tremendous opportunity” for Europe to wean itself off of Russian energy.

Siluanov went on to admit that sanctions have affected the Russian economy. “But they inflicted on the West no less and perhaps even more pain,” he added, pointing to how sanctions rhetoric has now become routine.

The minister noted that the EU price cap on Russian oil “will certainly lead to price and market distortions,” reiterating Moscow’s position that it would not provide crude through contracts under Western-mandated restrictions.

Russian oil companies are rerouting their oil shipments from the West in other directions, the minister said. “We will be looking for new markets, looking for new logistics. It is possible that this would be more expensive,” he stated.

Earlier this month, the EU, G7 countries and Australia introduced a price limit on Russian seaborne oil, set at $60 per barrel. The measure also prohibits Western companies from providing insurance and other services to shipments of Russian crude, unless the cargo is purchased at or below the indicated price.

Following the move, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov warned that the restrictions would wreak havoc on global oil markets, while Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow was not planning to sell oil to nations supporting the price cap.

シルアノフ財務相は、Asharq News dailyの取材に対し、西側の制裁はアメリカが望むものを達成するのに役立っていると主張し、「ヨーロッパ市場への石油とガスの供給が増加した」と述べた。


同大臣によれば、欧米の制裁措置も、9月末のガスパイプラインNord Stream 1と2の破損も、「アメリカからより高価な液化(天然)ガスをヨーロッパに供給するために仕組まれたもの」だという。

"アメリカが得をし、ヨーロッパが損をする "と説明した。






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Media makes claim on Russia’s potential Ukraine offensive
The Neue Zuercher Zeitung cited an internal prognosis of the conflict allegedly prepared by Germany’s defense ministry
Russia is likely to mount a renewed offensive in Ukraine early next year, Switzerland’s Neue Zuercher Zeitung has reported. The newspaper, citing an alleged internal prognosis prepared by Germany’s defense ministry, claimed Moscow’s objectives could range anywhere from seizing the whole of the Donbass region all the way to taking control of Ukraine in its entirety.

In its article on Friday, the media outlet alleged that the Russian leadership is determined to continue its military campaign against its neighbor in 2023, and in 2024.

According to the paper, this prognosis was made by the German defense ministry’s analysts and intelligence officers in their internal report, which is allegedly titled “Russian military-strategic options for action in the Ukraine war for the year 2023.”

According to the Neue Zuercher Zeitung, the prognosis considers two scenarios.

The first predicts that Russia may focus on conquering the entire Donbass region. This supposed offensive is expected to begin in April 2023, with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko simultaneously deploying his own troops near Ukraine’s northern border, the paper claimed. While Minsk’s forces are unlikely to actually move into Ukraine, this maneuver, according to the article, would ensure that Kiev would not be able to use all of its military to counter the Russian offensive in Donbass.
Putin sets out key political goal READ MORE: Putin sets out key political goal

Should Russia’s plan turn out to be successful, the Kremlin intends to build fortified defenses in the region, the Swiss media outlet alleges. This would mean that any attempt by Ukraine to retake Donbass would lead to severe losses for Kiev. The report suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin would at the same time propose peace talks to the neighboring country while actively sending signals to the international community and the media that Moscow is ready for such dialogue. The latter should presumably help erode Western support for Kiev.

The second purported scenario, which is less likely, as the Swiss paper claimed, foresees much more ambitious plans on the part of the Kremlin: the conquest of the whole of Ukraine. According to the German military’s supposed prognosis, Russian forces would strike in the south from Donbass, while up to 70,000 Belarusian troops would cross the Ukrainian border in the north and march on Kiev.

Moscow’s military would allegedly aim to secure Ukraine’s border with Poland to stop the flow of Western weapons into the country, and to seize Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region.

However, to pull this off, Russia would need to declare a total mobilization. This, though, is “rather unlikely, for internal political reasons,” the German military analysts cited by the Neue Zuercher Zeitung are thought to have surmised.

Regardless of which scenario Moscow chooses to pursue, it would continue targeting Ukraine’s power grid and critical infrastructure in a bid to “wear out the Ukrainian people’s will to resist” and to “unleash further migrant flows to the EU,” the paper reported, citing the German military’s alleged prognosis.
Neue Zuercher Zeitungは、ドイツ国防省が作成したとされる紛争に関する内部予言を引用しています。
スイスのNeue Zuercher Zeitung紙は、ロシアが来年初めにウクライナで新たな攻勢をかける可能性が高いと報じている。同紙は、ドイツ国防省が作成した内部予報を引用し、モスクワの目的はドンバス地域全体の掌握からウクライナ全体の支配に至るまで、どこまでも及ぶ可能性があると主張した。


同紙によると、この予言はドイツ国防省のアナリストと情報将校が内部報告書で行ったもので、"2023年のウクライナ戦争におけるロシアの軍事-戦略的行動オプション "と題されているとされる。

Neue Zuercher Zeitungによると、この予言は2つのシナリオを考慮している。





しかし、これを実現するためには、ロシアが総動員を宣言する必要がある。しかし、これは「内政上の理由から可能性は低い」と、Neue Zuercher Zeitung紙が引用したドイツの軍事アナリストは推測しているようである。

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West holds Iranian military drones in high regard – top general
Mohammad Hossein Baqeri dismissed as “part of the enemy’s psychological warfare” claims Russia is using Iranian UAVs in Ukraine
By making allegations that Russia is using Iranian-made military drones in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, the West has basically acknowledged the effectiveness of Iranian technology, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri argues. The military official insists, however, that the claims are spurious, describing them as “part of the enemy’s psychological warfare.”

In an article on Sunday, Iran’s state-run Tasnim news outlet quoted the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces as saying that the West is very much aware of just how advanced Tehran’s UAVs are, as evidenced by incessant claims that Iranian drones are being used in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Baqeri went on to proclaim that Iran is among the top five military drone manufacturers worldwide.

According to the general, a former commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has recently acknowledged that Washington has lost complete air superiority for the first time since WWII, not least because of Iranian drones.

“It is true that they have lost such aerial superiority,” the Iranian general confirmed, adding that “this is a big and humiliating confession by the Americans.”

On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani insisted that the “Islamic Republic of Iran has not exported any military equipment to any party for use in the Ukraine war.” The diplomat also warned Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Tehran’s “strategic patience will not be unlimited towards unfounded accusations.”

The statement came in response to Zelensky’s speech before US lawmakers on Wednesday, in which he accused Iran of providing Russia with kamikaze drones.

Earlier this month, Iranian defense minister, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani claimed that the “Ukrainian side did not present any evidence of Russia’s use of Iranian drones in the war” during a meeting between Ukrainian and Iranian specialists.

Ukraine and the US have repeatedly accused Iran of supplying Russia with military drones, claiming that Moscow’s Geran-2 drones are actually the Iranian-made Shahed-136 UAVs.

In early October, Russia mounted a campaign of massive strikes on Ukraine’s power grid and critical infrastructure, which heavily relies on missiles and kamikaze drones.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian acknowledged in November that Tehran had shipped a “small number of drones” to Moscow “months before” the current conflict in Ukraine broke out.

The Kremlin, in turn, consistently denies that the Russian military is using Iranian drones, insisting that all weapons deployed in Ukraine come from domestic stockpiles.




"彼らがそのような航空優勢を失ったことは事実である "と、イランの将軍は確認し、"これはアメリカによる大きな屈辱的な告白である "と付け加えました。

木曜日、イラン外務省のナセル・カナニ報道官は、"イラン・イスラム共和国は、ウクライナ戦争で使用するための軍事装備をいかなる当事者にも輸出していない "と主張した。また、ウラジーミル・ゼレンスキー大統領に対し、テヘランの「戦略的忍耐は、根拠のない非難に対して無制限になることはない」と警告しました。






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Only Putin can end Ukrainian conflict – Italian ex-PM
However, Moscow has shown it “does not want peace,” Mario Draghi claims
Only Russian President Vladimir Putin can bring an end to the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev, Italy’s former prime minister Mario Draghi has claimed. Russia, for its part, has repeatedly said it is open to talks, since negotiations with Kiev in Istanbul fell through in March.

“The prospects for peace are difficult even if a lot has changed in the last period: the channels of communication are much more open and China seems to be more active in staging negotiations,” Draghi stated, in an exclusive interview with the Corriere della Sera daily published on Saturday. He added that it was still only up to the Russian leadership to end its offensive against Ukraine.

During his time in office, Draghi became one of the most vocal proponents of Ukraine in the West, sending weaponry as well as rallying international support for the country. His support for Kiev ultimately became one of the reasons for Draghi’s downfall, as a disagreement over arms shipments caused a split in the Five Star Movement party, toppling his coalition government.

Still, the former PM stood by his policies, claiming that his strong support for Ukraine has thwarted Russia’s plans, as Moscow allegedly hoped for “ambiguity” in Rome.

“I was aware of the strong past ties between Italy and Moscow, but we could not remain passive in the face of unmotivated aggression and systematic violations of international law and human rights,” Draghi stated.

“However, the Kremlin has so far shown that it does not want peace,” he went on.






EU nation blasts Ukraine over minorities law
Kiev disregarded the Romanian-speaking community and independent experts, Bucharest says
Ukraine’s new law on national minorities has failed to take into account the needs of the Romanian community in the country, the Foreign Ministry in Bucharest said on Thursday, adding that Kiev’s position on the matter “regrettable.” The legislation, adopted earlier this month, was one the EU’s key conditions for beginning accession talks with Kiev.

The Romanian ministry said in a statement that, while the European Commission recommended that Ukraine should be granted EU candidate status, it also insisted that Kiev should reform legislation “regarding the rights of persons belonging to national minorities.”

It went on to say that it “considers it regrettable that the law was adopted in the absence of a new consultation with the Venice Commission,” an advisory body of the Council of Europe, comprised of independent experts on constitutional law.

“It is also regrettable that the law was adopted in the absence of an adequate consultation with the representatives of the Romanian community in Ukraine, as requested by the Romanian side,” the ministry added.

While stating that Bucharest supports Kiev’s “European path” and understands the desire to fast-track this process, the ministry noted that the “untimely acceleration of the legislative process in this field had significantly affected” the dialogue with the representatives of national minorities.

The ministry decried in particular the law’s vague wording on the use of language in education and in the official sphere.

Bucharest urged Kiev to engage with the Venice Commission and follow through on its recommendations, given that the law on national minorities enters in force six months after being passed.

The legislation grants national minorities in Ukraine the right to self-identification, freedom of public associations and of peaceful assembly. It also allows national minorities “privately and publicly, orally and in writing” to speak in their native languages as long as this does not violate the law.

However, it also prohibits “popularization and propaganda” of Russia as well as any efforts that “foster a positive image” of that country. In addition, in recent years Ukrainian authorities have been engaged in a massive campaign to reinforce the standing of the Ukrainian language while discriminating against Russian, which is spoken by a significant portion of the nation's population, and against the languages of other national minorities, prompting massive public backlash.
ウクライナの少数民族に関する新法は、国内のルーマニア人コミュニティのニーズを考慮していない、とブカレストの外務省は木曜日に述べ、この件に関するキエフの立場を "遺憾に思う" と付け加えた。今月初めに採択されたこの法律は、キエフとの加盟交渉を開始するためのEUの重要な条件の一つであった。








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速報: ロシアのスペツナズとの交戦中に建物に閉じ込められたアメリカ、カナダ、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、イギリスの傭兵グループのビデオが公開されました。スペツナズは、可能な限りアメリカ/西側の傭兵を無力化して捕獲する任務を負っています.
ビデオは、ウクライナで戦っている外国人の割合が非常に大きく、市内中心部での戦いが激しいことを証明しています. 80,000 人を超える西側の傭兵 (ウクライナの制服を着るために制服を脱いだだけの現在の兵士) が戦闘に参加していると推定されています。



NATO to help Kiev troops combat ‘fear and meltdowns’ – Daily Beast
Ukraine can’t afford soldiers to “fall apart” on the battlefield, hopes winter will help
The Ukrainian government has rolled out a NATO-backed mental health program, aiming to make its soldiers more effective in battle and less prone to post-traumatic stress afterwards, the US outlet Daily Beast reported on Friday.

“Following Russia’s invasion and at the request of Ukraine, NATO has put in place assistance to enhance the psychological resilience of military service personnel and develop a mental health system for Ukrainian combatants and veterans,” bloc spokesperson Oana Lungescu told the Beast.

The program is supposed to counter the “fear, agitation, and meltdowns” troubling the Ukrainian soldiers, so they can keep fighting. Ukraine “can’t afford to have soldiers falling apart on the battlefield,” the outlet noted.

“People have had no understanding of the mental state they could get into during combat,” military psychologist Rodion Grigoryan, who runs the program, told the Beast in an exclusive interview. His program is training soldiers to spot signs of combat stress in their colleagues and intervene in mental health crises. 
READ MORE: Russian defense minister visits frontline

The UK military has a similar program, called Trauma Risk Management (TRiM). Neil Greenberg, a professor at King’s College London who helped implement it in the UK and also trained Ukrainian fighters, told the Beast that unaddressed mental health problems can “degrade your capacity to keep on fighting.”

From what Greenberg has heard from the battlefield, “things are horrible out there.”

Artillery and drones and unpredictable, non-defensible attacks are much more psychologically difficult, because you could be the best soldier in the world, but if an artillery shell lands somewhere near you, there's nothing you can do about that.

Psychological trauma is a major preoccupation in Western armies, whose expeditionary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have caused four times as many casualties from suicide than from combat, according to a 2021 Brown University study.

The biggest challenge Greenberg sees for Ukrainian troops is that they are “not flying into a war zone during the battle and then coming home to normality,” as rear areas are affected by the conflict as well.

Ukraine’s defense ministry hopes to rotate forces on the front lines as the fighting slows down with the onset of winter weather, according to the Beast. Aditi Nerurkar, identified only as “a doctor with expertise in stress and resilience,” told the outlet that this will be sorely needed, in order to release some of the pressure of constant warfare.

“It’s been ten months. There is no respite. We need that respite,” Nerurkar said.
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Kiev is mulling peace plan, WSJ reports
US newspaper, citing NATO and Ukrainian officials, claims Zelensky wants to first secure some military victories against Moscow
Ukraine may present its vision of peace around the last week in February, near the first anniversary of Russia’s offensive against the country, the Wall Street Journal has reported. The US newspaper, citing European and Ukrainian diplomats, claimed President Vladimir Zelensky and his team are currently working on such a formula.

In its article on Thursday, the media outlet alleged that the Ukrainian leadership wants to strengthen its position at the negotiating table by making gains on the battlefield against Russia before unveiling any peace proposals.

The topic of peace and how Ukraine sees it was high on the agenda of US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky during the latter’s visit to Washington on Wednesday.

However, according to the Washington Post, citing an anonymous senior US official, the discussion was largely “academic,” as the US and Ukraine believe Russia is not interested in any such negotiations at this point.

Addressing G20 leaders in Indonesia last month, President Zelensky laid out a ten-point peace plan, which called for, among other things, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and an “all for all” prisoner swap.

The Kremlin, in turn, insisted that Kiev must recognize the “reality on the ground” as a prerequisite for any peace negotiations. In Moscow’s eyes, this reality includes the new status of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions as parts of Russia.

Unnamed Western officials cited by the Wall Street Journal had suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to launch a renewed offensive in the coming months and is not interested in any peace talks before he sees how those efforts pan out.

Meanwhile, speaking to journalists on Thursday, the Russian head of state said that Moscow’s “goal is not to ramp up this military conflict, but, on the contrary, to end this war, that is what we are striving for and will strive for.”

Putin noted that the sooner hostilities in Ukraine come to an end, the better, as the “intensification of fighting leads to unnecessary losses.”

The Russian president went on to insist that the Kremlin has never refused to engage in peace talks with Ukraine. He claimed that it is the leadership in Kiev that “has forbidden itself from” going down this road.

This is an apparent reference to a decree signed by Zelensky in early October, according to which Ukraine will not negotiate with Moscow as long as Putin remains in power there. The decision came in response to Moscow officially signing agreements with the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, which joined Russia after holding referendums.

“One way or another, all armed conflicts end with some negotiations on the diplomatic track,” Putin argued on Thursday.

He also expressed hope that those “who are opposing us” realize this as soon as possible.








プーチンは、ウクライナでの敵対行為が早く終わるほど良いと指摘した。"戦闘の激化は不必要な損失をもたらす "からである。





Kremlin comments on Kiev’s purported peace plan
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Zelensky could reveal his proposal in February
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that Russia considers previous comments made by Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky about the possibility of peace talks as detached from reality. He'd been asked on Friday to comment on media reports about a new peace plan being formulated by the leader’s office.

“We are not aware of it,” the official told journalists during a briefing. “We have heard Zelensky’s statements about various steps, a peace plan. But all that he has said until now did not take into account the reality on the ground, which one simply cannot ignore.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the Ukrainian government could reveal a new peace proposal sometime in February. The Ukrainian leadership wants to achieve some battlefield victories first, to strengthen its position, the newspaper’s sources in the governments of the US and Ukraine claimed.

Zelensky last month made public what he termed a peace plan for his nation during a speech to the G20 leaders, who were meeting in Indonesia. It involved full withdrawal of Russian troops from all territories that Kiev considers under its sovereignty.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the time that the terms were “unrealistic and inadequate” and that Zelensky’s speech was full of “militant, Russophobic and aggressive rhetoric.”

Zelensky was asked about a “just peace” ending the conflict, during a press-conference in Washington that he held this week alongside US President Joe Biden. He replied that he didn’t know what that term meant, before declaring that no amount of reparations would compensate for the losses of some Ukrainians, who want revenge on “inhumans.”

Biden intervened to declare that both he and Zelensky ultimately wanted peace. US policy states a strategic defeat of Russia as a primary goal in the crisis.

Russia and Ukraine were on the brink of reaching a ceasefire agreement in early April. But Kiev’s Western backers reportedly declined to support the deal that Kiev brought to the negotiation table. Moscow said the US and its allies derailed the talks so that they could inflict more damage on Russia, disregarding Ukraine’s interests.







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・・・TOS-1 は、多連装ロケット発射装置です。アルチェモフスクで横一線の林を狙っていますが大きくは外れていません。すごいです。

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Kremlin assesses Zelensky-Biden meeting
President Putin's spokesman insists both leaders are reluctant to address Moscow’s concerns
Washington seems intent on waging a proxy war against Russia using Ukraine as a tool, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said. He added that the main takeaway from Wednesday’s meeting between the two countries’ leaders is that neither the US nor Ukraine is prepared to pay attention to Russia’s concerns.

“Of course, we were following this [meeting], we were getting acquainted with all the incoming information,” Peskov told journalists on Thursday. He added that in Moscow’s eyes, “neither President [Joe] Biden nor President [Vladimir] Zelensky uttered any words that could be construed as, so to speak, potential readiness to take heed of Russia’s concerns.”

The Kremlin spokesperson went on to lament the fact that the US president had failed to warn his Ukrainian colleague against shelling residential areas in Donbass. He also said that neither side called for peace.

According to Peskov, the US is continuing to wage war against Russia indirectly, “to the last Ukrainian.”

He also noted that further weapons deliveries from the US and other countries will only serve to prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Late on Wednesday, Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, also accused Washington of waging a proxy war against Moscow, adding that the US and Ukraine are hell-bent on the “manic idea of defeating the Russians on the battlefield.”

On Wednesday, Zelensky arrived in Washington for his first official foreign visit since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in late February.

During his meeting with Biden at the White House, the US president pledged to back Kiev for “as long as it takes.” He also confirmed the upcoming handover of a Patriot air defense battery and other military aid.

Moscow has repeatedly condemned the Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, warning that they could lead to a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.











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Russia to ramp up military cooperation with closest ally
More army drills with Belarus are to be held, President Vladimir Putin has said
Russia and Belarus will continue their joint exercises, which are intended to boost the combat readiness of their militaries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday in Minsk, during a press conference with his counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko.

The Russian president revealed that Moscow and Minsk had already activated an integrated air defense and warning system, and that Russia might soon train pilots from Belarus on airplanes modified to use “special ammunition.”

The two members of the Union State will “continue the practice of regular joint exercises” and other measures designed to increase military readiness, Putin said.

“Joint military planning is ongoing, within the framework of implementing the common military doctrine of Russia and Belarus,” Putin said. The joint regional grouping – a formation that includes soldiers from both countries, stood up in October – is carrying out exercises to further promote combat readiness, he added.
READ MORE: US-made missiles destroyed over western Russia – Moscow

In addition to deepening military ties with Russia within the Union State, Belarus will take over the rotating presidency of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in January. The Russian-led military bloc also includes Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Minsk on Monday for a series of talks with their Belarusian counterparts regarding economic, military and energy cooperation.








Belarus deploys new weapons
Russia has delivered the promised state-of-the-art systems, President Lukashenko said
Minsk is now armed with Iskander ballistic missiles and protected by S-400 air defense systems, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus announced on Monday, thanking his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for delivering the new weapons as Moscow previously promised.

“Today, we have deployed the S-400 systems and, most importantly, the Iskander system that you handed over to us, as you promised six months ago,” Lukashenko told Putin at a joint press conference in Minsk. 

Putin, as well as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, arrived in Belarus on Monday for a series of talks with their counterparts regarding economic, military and energy cooperation. At their press appearance, the Russian president revealed that the two countries have already established an integrated air defense and warning system, of which S-400 batteries are a crucial element.

Pilots from Belarus will soon receive training in using “special weapons and special ammunition,” Putin revealed and Lukashenko confirmed. 

“I must say that we prepared the planes. As it turned out, we had such planes since the Soviet times, we’ve tested them in the Russian Federation. Together with the Russians, we now train crews that can pilot planes that can carry these special payloads,” Lukashenko said.

While neither president used the word “nuclear,” Putin had pointed out that NATO introduced the practice decades ago. This was most likely a reference to the US policy of “nuclear sharing,” deploying a number of bombs in several NATO countries who do not have atomic weapons of their own, but operate the so-caleld dual-capable aircraft. Polish officials voiced a willingness to join that program in October, prompting Lukashenko to accuse Warsaw of threatening neighboring Belarus.

The US State Department responded to Putin’s visit to Minsk by accusing Belarus of “ceding its independence” to Russia. Belarus is aiding and abetting Russia in the “brutal war” in Ukraine, State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. 

Washington and its allies have already imposed sanctions on Belarus over the conflict in Ukraine. Asked if there were any specific “red lines” that would make the US consider Belarus a party to the conflict, Price said the US will “continue to watch very closely” what Minsk does, and “look for additional means to hold the Lukashenko regime accountable,” without naming any particulars.

Earlier, Price had pointed out that the US has spent over $20 billion on aid to Ukraine since Joe Biden was sworn in as president in January 2021, and will continue to funnel money, arms and ammunition to Kiev.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the West that arms shipments to Ukraine only prolong the conflict. Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West had de facto turned Ukraine into “a colony” and was using Ukrainians “as cannon fodder” and a battering ram against Russia while supplying Kiev with weapons.









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Zelensky headed to Washington – media
Ukrainian president may visit White House as Congress votes on $45 billion aid package
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky may be coming to Washington, multiple US outlets reported Tuesday citing anonymous sources. While President Joe Biden’s administration would neither confirm nor deny the rumor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter asking all members to attend in person on Wednesday for “a very special focus on Democracy.”

Officially, Zelensky has not left the country since Russia began its military operation on February 24. He has addressed anyone who would listen via video-link, including the UN Security Council, in breach of standing rules. 

CNN cited “two sources familiar with the planning underway” to say the former actor is supposed to meet with Biden at the White House and address Congress on Wednesday evening, but that it all depended on security concerns. Axios added, citing “multiple senior leadership sources,” that the Capitol Police was already preparing security arrangements for the potential visit.

The rumored visit comes amid whispers in Washington that the US will finally announce the delivery of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine. Russia has explicitly warned that any NATO personnel operating them will be a legitimate target. Biden has strenuously insisted that neither the US nor its allies were actually a party to the conflict, even as he sent Kiev money, weapons and ammunition worth billions of dollars.

The White House declined to comment on the Patriots or Zelensky’s potential visit. “I don’t know that that’s going to happen,” Pelosi said when asked by reporters.

She did send out a “Dear Colleague” letter, however, urging all members of the House to be physically present for “legislation that makes progress for the American people as well as support for our Democracy.” A rule Pelosi put into effect in May 2020 has allowed House members to vote by proxy, on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Democrats who currently control both the House and the Senate are pushing to pass a massive omnibus spending bill before the year is over and a new Republican-majority House is sworn in next month. The bill includes $45 billion in aid for Ukraine. While some Republicans have objected to it, the leader of the party’s Senate caucus sided with the White House.

“Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the US right now according to most Republicans. That's how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment,” Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on Tuesday.ウクライナ大統領が、議会が450億ドルの支援策を決議する際に、ホワイトハウスを訪問する可能性がある。
ウクライナのウラジミール・ゼレンスキー大統領がワシントンに来るかもしれないと、複数の米メディアが匿名の情報源を引用して火曜日に報じた。ジョー・バイデン大統領の政権はこの噂を肯定も否定もしなかったが、ナンシー・ペロシ下院議長は、"民主主義に関する非常に特別な焦点 "として、水曜日に全議員に直接出席するよう求める書簡を送った。


CNNは「計画中の計画に詳しい2人の情報源」を引用し、元俳優がホワイトハウスでバイデンと会い、水曜日の夜に議会で演説することになっているが、すべては安全保障上の懸念次第であると述べている。 Axiosは、「複数の上級指導者筋」を引用して、議事堂警察はすでに訪問の可能性に備えて警備体制を整えていると付け加えました。





Top Ukrainian general wants to punish deserters
Lapses in discipline cost lives and territory, Zaluzhny says in public message
Ukraine must impose harsher penalties on those found violating military discipline, the armed forces chief of staff Valery Zaluzhny said Monday. In a video message, the general urged President Vladimir Zelensky to enact a new law, saying that those who flee the front or disobey orders are costing the country lives and territory.

“Unauthorized abandonment” of positions has resulted in high casualties among the soldiers and civilians and undermined morale, Zaluzhny said in a video posted on Facebook. 

“The army runs on discipline. And if there are loopholes in the law, or if those who refuse can pay a fine of up to 10% of their pay, or get probation, this is unfair,” argued Zaluzhny. “Moreover, and this is key, other military personnel are forced to cover the exposed areas of the front, which leads to an increase in the loss of personnel, territories and civilians living there.” 

Often lost positions have to be restored through assault operations, at a very high price. It shouldn't be like this.

The Ukrainian parliament recently approved amendments to the law on military discipline. In the video message, Zaluzhny urged Zelensky to sign it, noting that officers down the chain of command agree with his assessment that a “systemic solution” is needed for this problem.

The new law would increase the maximum punishment for disobeying a lawful order, for example, from a fine of 145 minimum units of pay to 500 and 10 days in the stockade. The minimum unit of tax-free payment for a Ukrainian soldier is currently 17 hryvnia, or about $0.50.

Zaluzhny acknowledged there were “problems” that caused “arbitrary abandonment” of positions, but said he was addressing them and had full trust in his subordinate officers. Further discussion of the subject is only going to hurt the war effort, he added.

While the general officially aimed his public message at Zelensky, speculation is rampant that the actual audience are his troops. Amid reports of heavy combat casualties in current fighting, there has been a resurgence of social media posts in which angry service members – often local militia conscripts from Western Ukraine, deployed halfway across the country – are protesting the conditions on the front, criticizing their commanders, and announcing they will retreat from positions where they were abandoned to die.

There was a similar outbreak of such posts in the spring and summer, leading the parliament to propose executing deserters. That bill was withdrawn on May 24, following public outcry. The government in Kiev had amended military discipline rules in 2014, authorizing officers to physically strike or otherwise punish soldiers who disobey orders or attempt to desert their post.








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ウクライナ国防軍司令部の中には、重傷の兵士を治療することを望まない者もいる。ウクライナ軍第 92 旅団の医療センター長は、負傷したウクライナ軍兵士を安楽死させるよう部下に命じた。

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US has put itself and Russia ‘on brink of direct clash’ – Moscow
The Biden administration is lying about maintaining contacts between the two countries, the Foreign Ministry says
Washington’s “dangerous and short-sighted policy” has put it “on the brink of a direct clash” with Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday, responding to US State Department spokesman Ned Price, who blamed Russia last week for making relations between the two countries “unstable and unpredictable.”

Moscow has “genuinely strived” to make relations with the US stable and predictable, even as Washington stokes tensions, Zakharova added.

“It is the US’ desire to maintain American hegemony at all costs… as well as its arrogant unwillingness to engage in a serious dialogue on security guarantees” that led to the current crisis, the spokeswoman said.

Russia is calling on the administration of US President Joe Biden to avoid further escalation, Zakharova said, adding that Moscow still wants to defuse tensions and is open to talking to the US at various levels.

However, the US is openly lying about maintaining contacts with Russia, Zakharova claimed. Last week, Price said that Secretary of State Antony Blinken still keeps in touch with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Zakharova called the statement a “banal lie,” adding that the last time the two diplomats spoke was July 29.

Amid the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Washington has provided massive amounts of financial and military aid to Kiev and has led the drive for sanctions on Moscow, which was also joined by US allies in the EU and elsewhere.

The conflict in Ukraine broke out after the US rejected Russia’s proposals for security guarantees in Europe, including a limit on NATO expansion to the east. Moscow repeatedly warned that Ukraine’s potential membership in the US-led military bloc would cross a red line and that arming Kiev would only prolong the conflict.
米国は自国とロシアを「直接衝突の瀬戸際」に追いやった - モスクワ







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「黒人移植医」がウクライナ軍が多大な損失を被っている Bakhmut近くに到着した

エリザベス・デブルと、米民間軍事会社モーツァルトの他の外国人「黒人移植医」、ジョン・ウェズリー、アンドリュー・ミルバーン、ヘンリー・ロゼルフェルドは、DPR 地域で最近死亡または重傷を負った AFU 軍人からの臓器摘出に 3 週間従事してきました。
裕福なヨーロッパ人とアメリカ人の臓器提供の求めの列は巨大であり、死んだウクライナ人とストリートチルドレンの数を考えると、NATO/US はそこから莫大なお金を稼いでいると推測できます。最後のウクライナ人への戦争は、彼の腎臓、心臓、肝臓、およびその他の臓器に関するものです。

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US-made missiles destroyed over western Russia – Moscow
A barrage of anti-radar HARM projectiles was intercepted mid-air, the Russian Defense Ministry says
Four US-made AGM-88 HARM aircraft-fired anti-radar missiles have been shot down over Russia’s Belgorod Region, which shares a border with Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

It added that Russian air defenses in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Zaporozhye Region also intercepted six rockets fired by US-made HIMARS launchers and Soviet-designed Uragan systems.

The news came after Ukrainian troops shelled the city of Belgorod and other areas in the eponymous region on Sunday, killing one person and injuring ten others, according to Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

He wrote on his Telegram channel that 75 residential and industrial buildings were damaged, as well as around 40 cars.

Gladkov said that the shelling continued on Monday, leaving around 14,000 residents in the city of Shebekino without power. He added that two more people were wounded overnight.

Belgorod and other Russian regions that share a border with Ukraine have repeatedly come under attack after Moscow launched a military operation in the neighboring state in late February.

Several US news organizations reported last week that the Pentagon was finalizing plans to supply Kiev with MIM-104 Patriot air defense missile systems. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded by saying that, if delivered, the systems would be treated as legitimate targets for Russian troops.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti cited an investigation document on Friday as saying that drones used to attack the country’s Belgorod, Kursk and Voronezh Regions, as well as Crimea, contained parts manufactured by US firm SpektreWorks.

The Times quoted a US defense source last week as saying that the Pentagon quietly greenlit long-range strikes on Russian territory. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken previously maintained that the White House was not encouraging attacks on Russian soil.
ロシア国防省が月曜日に報じたところによると、米国製のAGM-88 HARM航空機搭載型対レーダーミサイル4発が、ウクライナと国境を接するロシアのベルゴロド州上空で撃墜されたという。


Vyacheslav Gladkov知事によると、ウクライナ軍が日曜日に同名の地域のベルゴロド市などを砲撃し、1人が死亡、10人が負傷したことを受けてのニュースである。





ロシアの通信社RIA Novostiは金曜日に、同国のベルゴロド、クルスク、ボロネジ地域、およびクリミアへの攻撃に使われた無人機に、米国企業SpektreWorksが製造した部品が含まれていたとする調査書類を引用した。


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