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Zukunashi no Hiyamizu's Blog   Index of articles in English

1. Index of articles in English

Nuclear power won't last (Prof. Hiroaki Koide)
Original Text from :http://actio.gr.jp/2012/03/27113651.html

Is Fukushima Really 'Under Control?'
Original Text from :http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no70/, http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no72/

There's nothing we can do.
Original Text from :http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no113/  

Things You Should Know about Fukushima
The gods of death are lining up
Air dose rate of Tokyo measured by citizens
“No way! I can't believe you saw radioactivity!”  Sky around Tokyo appeared covered by smog at noon in Mar 15, 2011.
Fieldwork 1
Fieldwork 2
Fieldwork 4
Fieldwork 4 Additional Thoughts 
Fieldwork 7 or 1.15μSv/h in a Vegetable Field near Tokyo
Fieldwork 10 or Appearance of Rashes at a Hot Spot 
From the US Soil Survey: Depleted Uranium and Uranium 238
The US’s Severe Assessment of Radiation Contamination in Japan
They say that the soil in Japan has a lot of uranium in the first place…Was I wrong? My final attempt

Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 1  I found 0.23μSv/h at home. I am anxious to avoid internal radiation exposure
Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 2  I am confused than ever where I have to flee to
Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 3 Live-in old parents are reluctant to emigrate from here, polluted area 
ZUKUNASHI’S QUESTION-AND-ANSWER SESSION 4 In Belarus mother did her best enough to be called mad for children's health

Discussion about “search words”
Construction workers face health deterioration
Why many of decontamination volunteers died
“My leg is cramping up!” Some of paralysis and seizures are caused by cranial nerve disorder…?

People living overseas damage their health after brief stay in Japan
Radiation Dose Estimates according to the US Department of Defense
Foreign visitors in Japan, let's work together to avoid internal exposure!
Foreign visitors in Japan, Please avoid contaminated food! 
Health problems may rise in the whole North hemisphere 
Internal exposure avoidance is not difficult and brings a remarkable effect to your health

In Support of Young Mothers 
Please Mr IA Try Not to Lose Your Temper

Experience of a mother who moved from Fukushima to Niigata in January 2013

There’s a monster walking round with a machine taped to the end of his stick He knows the tragic destiny of the Japanese

Vital Demographic Statistics of Japan The Trends of the 48 months after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident

5/28/2015 Ordinary Scene of Japan 

7/9/2015 The Panoramic View on Radiation Problems

8/25/2015 Fukushima Foods for Tokyo Olympics Athletes – Endo Olympics Minister says
Original Source: Fukushima Foods for Tokyo Olympics Athletes – Endo Olympics Minister Expressed His Willingness

1/21/2016 This is Daily Life in Japan These Days

1/22/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no.18: Falling down the Stairs

1/23/2016 This is Japan now: The Japanese don’t fear death; the Japanese stay calm until they die themselves

2/11/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no. 15: Lethargy, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, somnolence, losing consciousness 

2/12/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no.23: Fainting, rolling eyes, convulsions 

7/11/2016 The dead bodies in the exclusion zone of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident and their treatment New!

Transition of Birth and Death Rates after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

2. Recommended articles
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Was I Exposed to Radiation From Fukushima? 
Is a Study Abroad Program in Japan Safe?
Pump and pray: Tepco might have to pour water on Fukushima wreckage forever
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