海外ニュース 223/3/21: ずくなしの冷や水


海外ニュース 223/3/21

Russian influencer accused of $1.55 million tax evasion scheme
An Instagrammer with more than four million subscribers allegedly cooked the books to hide the size of her coaching business
A well-known Russian Instagram blogger, who teaches others how to become popular online, is under investigation for allegedly failing to pay $1.55 million in taxes. She previously pledged to discharge her debt to the state and blamed bad legal advice for her troubles.

A criminal probe into the financial affairs of Aleksandra Mitroshina was announced by the Russian Investigative Committee on Tuesday. The agency claims the influencer used a simplified tax scheme intended for small business owners between October 2020 and May 2022.

However, her social media coaching enterprise was far too big to qualify for the scheme, and Mitroshina used bookkeeping tricks to conceal this fact, according to investigators. They estimate that she owes $1.55 million in taxes for the period.

The announcement of the investigation has not come as a complete surprise, as Mitroshina herself revealed last June that the Russian tax authorities suspected her of evasion. She denied the allegation. At that time, she pledged to pay her dues and advised people not to neglect paperwork, and to seek a second opinion rather than relying on the guidance of a single tax lawyer.

Mitroshina has yet to comment on this week’s development. According to her social media accounts, she has been residing in Dubai since last year.

Aleksandra Mitroshinaの財務に関する刑事調査は、火曜日にロシア調査委員会によって発表されました。同委員会は、インフルエンサーが2020年10月から2022年5月にかけて、中小企業経営者を対象とした簡素な税制を利用したと主張しています。




Ukrainian drone attack repelled in Crimea
There were no military installations in the vicinity of the drone attack, an aide to the regional leader says
Several Ukrainian drones were brought down by air defenses in the town of Dzhankoy in Crimea late on Monday, local officials have said.

Debris from the destroyed UAVs damaged a house and a shop in the area, the leader of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, wrote on Telegram on Monday. One person was injured in the incident, he added.

The victim was a 33-year-old male who suffered shrapnel wounds. He was hospitalized, and his life is currently not in danger, the head of the Dzhankoy administration, Igor IvIn, told local media.

“All of the drones were aimed at civilian targets… There are no military facilities nearby,” Aksyonov’s aide, Oleg Kryuchkov, wrote on Telegram early on Tuesday.
Indonesia to ditch Visa and Mastercard
Jakarta wants to reduce its dependence on foreign payment systems, citing sanctions on Russia



この取り組みについて、中央銀行の広報担当者であるErwin Haryono氏は、規制当局が地元企業と協議しているのは「進捗率は90%程度」と述べ、国内カードには手数料の引き下げなど多くのメリットがあるとした。また、同氏によると、"オフショア決済やUS VisaやMastercardなどの海外決済ネットワークへの依存は、もはや必要なくなる "とのことです。
Australian veteran charged with war crime
A former special forces trooper has been accused of murdering an Afghan civilian while deployed to the country




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