プーチン逮捕状を巡り国際的に論議が起きる: ずくなしの冷や水



Asian leader warns Putin warrant could spark nuclear war
The ICC action against the Russian president could lead to dire implications in Europe and elsewhere, Cambodian PM Hun Sen believes
The issuance of an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court (ICC) could lead to nuclear war, as well as creating other implications globally, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned.

The warrant has only sowed further division in the world, potentially jeopardizing diplomatic efforts to reach a settlement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has been raging for over a year already, the PM believes.

“This ICC warrant to arrest Putin will complicate efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, especially before [Chinese] President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow during which he is expected to mediate for peace,” the PM said in a social media statement on Sunday.

The warrant also poses a threat to international efforts in other spheres, namely tackling “global issues such as climate change and diseases,” the Cambodian leader said. Moreover, the ICC move has sharply increased the risk of events spiraling into a nuclear exchange in Europe, the PM warned.

“Will Putin agree to be arrested without confrontation? If the ICC tries to arrest him, would the Russian authorities be willing to allow this to happen easily?” he said, noting that while the ICC currently has 123 member states, a number of major countries, such as the United States, Russia, India and China do not recognize it, while the body itself has no authority to arrest any suspects without the cooperation of national governments.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president and the presidential commissioner for children’s rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, on Friday. The court alleged that the two were involved in the “unlawful deportation” of children “from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

Moscow has called the charges unacceptable, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that the warrants are “null and void from the legal standpoint,” and that the court’s jurisdiction is not recognized in Russia. The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case of its own against the ICC prosecutor and judges, describing their decision as “obviously illegal, since there are no grounds for criminal liability.”





ICCは金曜日、ロシア大統領と子どもの権利担当のマリア・ルボヴァ=ベロヴァ大統領委員に逮捕状を発行しました。裁判所は、2人が "ウクライナの占領地域からロシア連邦への "子どもたちの「不法な強制送還」に関与していると主張したのです。

モスクワはこの告発を受け入れられないとし、クレムリンのドミトリー・ペスコフ報道官は、令状は「法的見地から無効である」とし、裁判所の管轄権はロシアでは認められていないと述べた。ロシア調査委員会は、ICCの検察官と裁判官に対して独自の刑事裁判を開始し、彼らの決定を "刑事責任の根拠がないため、明らかに違法である "と述べている。

US shouldn’t cooperate with Putin arrest warrant – Bolton
The former national security advisor said he considered the International Criminal Court “fundamentally illegitimate”
Former US national security advisor John Bolton has come out against the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to indict Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the court “fundamentally illegitimate.”

“I believe and have for many years [that] the International Criminal Court is fundamentally illegitimate,” Bolton told Sky News on Monday, adding that its arrest warrant for Putin is “not something that the United States should cooperate with.”

“It’s a very dangerous institution,” he continued. “It is an exercise of governmental power in a vacuum without any constitutional framework to restrain it.”

The Court's pre-trial Chamber issued a warrant on Friday for the arrest of Putin and Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova for the “unlawful deportation” of children from “occupied areas of Ukraine.” The charges refer to Russia’s efforts to evacuate civilians away from areas – mostly in the predominantly Russian-speaking region of Donbass – shelled by the Ukrainian military.

Neither the US nor Russia recognize the ICC’s jurisdiction. Speaking to reporters on Friday, US President Joe Biden said that he believed the arrest warrant was “justified,” but admitted that the court was “not recognized by us either.”

In addition to sanctioning a number of top International Criminal Court officials in 2020, the US maintains the ‘Hague Invasion Act’, giving its military permission to invade the Netherlands were any US citizens detained at the court.

As George W. Bush’s undersecretary of state, Bolton signed the official letter withdrawing the US from its jurisdiction in 2002. As Donald Trump’s national security advisor, he threatened sanctions against anyone cooperating with its investigations into alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan.

While Bolton has maintained for two decades that the ICC is a “direct assault on the concept of national sovereignty,” he argued on Monday that its indictment of Putin could hinder eventual peace talks in Ukraine.

“If you want negotiations to take place, do you think an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin makes it more likely or less likely he will negotiate?” he asked Sky’s Kay Burley. Instead, he suggested that either Ukraine or a hypothetical pro-Western government in Moscow should try the Russian president.
米国はプーチン逮捕状に協力すべきではない - ボルトン
元国家安全保障顧問は、国際刑事裁判所を "基本的に非合法 "と考えていると述べた。
ジョン・ボルトン元米国国家安全保障顧問は、国際刑事裁判所(ICC)がロシアのプーチン大統領を起訴したことに反対を表明し、同裁判所を "基本的に非合法 "と呼びました。

"私は、国際刑事裁判所は基本的に非合法であると信じているし、長年そうしてきた "とボルトンは月曜日にスカイニュースに語り、プーチンへの逮捕状は "米国が協力すべきものではない "と付け加えた。

"非常に危険な機関である "と彼は続けた。"それを抑制する憲法の枠組みもなく、真空の中で政府の権力を行使するものだ"。

裁判所の予審室は金曜日に、"ウクライナの占領地域 "からの子どもの "不法な国外追放 "の容疑で、プーチンとロシアの子どもの権利委員マリア・ルボヴァ=ベロヴァの逮捕状を発行しました。この容疑は、ウクライナ軍によって砲撃された地域(主にロシア語圏のドンバス地域)から市民を避難させるためのロシアの取り組みについて言及している。

米国もロシアもICCの管轄権を認めていない。金曜日に記者会見したジョー・バイデン米大統領は、逮捕状は "正当なもの "だと考えていると述べたが、裁判所が "我々にも認められていない "ことを認めた。




「交渉が行われることを望むなら、プーチンの逮捕状があれば、彼が交渉する可能性が高くなると思いますか、低くなると思いますか」と、彼はSkyのKay Burleyに尋ねた。その代わりに彼は、ウクライナかモスクワの親欧米政権がロシア大統領を裁くべきだと提案した。

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