米国はバイデン氏のキエフ訪問の前にロシアに「通知」: ずくなしの冷や水



No strikes reported in Kiev despite sirens during Biden’s visit – Reuters
Aerial attack alarm was heard in the Ukrainian capital, news agencies reported on Monday

Air raid sirens rang out in Kiev during US President Joe Biden’s unannounced visit on Monday, but there were no reports of Russian strikes, Reuters said.

According to AFP, the alarm was heard when Biden and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, flanked by armed security, were exiting St Michael’s Cathedral where the leaders had a meeting. The siren did not cause any panic, the news agency said.

Biden's trip to Ukraine is his first since Russia launched a military operation in the neighboring state nearly a year ago.

He promised to announce more weapons deliveries to Kiev and additional sanctions against Moscow, according to the White House.

The visit comes as NATO members are ramping up military aid to Kiev. The US, Britain and Germany are among the countries that pledged last month to transfer modern main battle tanks to Ukraine.
バイデン氏訪問中のキエフでサイレンが鳴るも空爆の報告なし - ロイター






US ‘notified’ Russia before Biden’s Kiev visit
The decision to inform Moscow was made for “deconfliction purposes,” Washington said
The US told Moscow in advance that President Joe Biden was planning to visit Kiev, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Monday. The American leader had previously stated he would visit Poland, but not Ukraine.

“We did notify the Russians that President Biden would be traveling to Kiev,” Sullivan said, adding that the message was sent “hours before” Biden departed Washington and was provided “for deconfliction purposes.” Sullivan did not indicate how Russian officials were contacted, or how they responded to the information.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is deputy chairman of the Security Council, confirmed via his Telegram channel that Biden had received “safety guarantees” from Moscow for his visit. In the same post, Medvedev called Washington’s aid to Kiev a way for “NATO countries’ military industries to profit,” and referred to the US president as an “old man from across the ocean.”

Biden made the surprise trip to Kiev on Monday, in his first visit to the country as president. He met his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky and the pair visited the Mikhailovsky Cathedral. Despite the forewarning and apparent guarantees from Russia, air raid sirens were heard in the city. However, there were no reports of Russian strikes and the sirens did not cause alarm to Biden or Zelensky, according to AFP.



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