イスラエル保健省、流出したビデオが本物であることを確認、虚偽の声明を発表: ずくなしの冷や水



Israeli Ministry of Health Confirms Leaked Video Is Real, Issues False Statements
Israel’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that a leaked video showing an expert warning the agency about potentially facing lawsuits over COVID-19 vaccine side effects is real, but issued false statements about the discussion.

Video footage recorded during a meeting held behind closed doors over the summer showed that experts hired to analyze post-vaccination adverse event reports said the analysis proved a causal relationship between some of the events and the vaccines and warned about presenting the data in a certain way in order to avoid lawsuits.

In an official report authorities released about two months later, in August, they said, “The report presents all the cases that were reported in close proximity to the receipt of the coronavirus vaccine, and does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship between receiving the vaccine and the reported phenomenon.”

The ministry, or MoH, repeatedly declined to comment to The Epoch Times about the video and also did not return queries from Yaffa Shir-Raz, a health journalist and professor who obtained the video from a source.

Officials present during the meeting also declined to comment or did not respond to comments and have not commented publicly on the situation.

An unnamed official at the MoH now says the video is legitimate. The remarks were made to Reuters, which posted a “fact check” on clips of the meeting that Shir-Raz has posted online and in social media posts sharing the clips.

The official did not address why key portions of the discussion were left out of the final report. The official asserted that all the data presented during the meeting appeared in the final report. The official also claimed that the clips were “taken out of context.”

“The meeting participants can confirm that the sections were taken out of context,” the official said. “The leaked clips were carefully selected and edited in a biased manner, so that their presentation deliberately omits the fact that this is a discussion about raw data that has not undergone any analysis or standardization, during an initial attempt by an assisting team to understand from epidemiological professionals how to proceed and analyze raw data correctly.”

Shir-Raz told The Epoch Times that she found it interesting that an anonymous MoH source responded to Reuters when the ministry would not respond to repeated requests from her.

“It is unfortunate that the Ministry of Health does not have enough courage to stand behind its response officially, and instead prefers to hide behind an anonymous responder,” she said in an email.


The MoH official offered several falsehoods in their comments to Reuters.

The official falsely said, for instance, that the reports that were analyzed “cannot be verified,” when the reports were submitted to a new system that requires submitters to include information such as their name and a number from their citizenship certificate. The new system replaced an older system in December 2021 and the data was garnered through May 2022.

MoH also claimed that “there are no unknown side effects or new signals.”

But according to Sasha Zhurat, one of the presenters, that’s not true.

She said during the meeting that the data “allowed us to really identify new phenomena like tinnitus, like hypoesthesia and paresthesia” and that “we actually identified new phenomena that do not appear in the consumer brochure such as dizziness, tinnitus, hypoesthesia, paresthesia.”

Zhurat also pointed out that the brochure, handed to prospective vaccine recipients, listed certain durations for possible side effects.

The leaflet says the problems are “supposed to pass within a few days and we saw that this was not the case,” Zhurat said. Some problems lasted for more than a year, including menstrual irregularities, with no end in sight.

Zhurat declined to comment on the discussion, telling The Epoch Times in a Facebook message that she’s no longer part of the team analyzing the data.

Shir-Raz had said on Twitter that one of the meeting portions showed that only one of the four health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in Israel provided adverse event reports. MoH said that reports were received from all of the HMOs, or organizations that provide citizens with healthcare.

The HMOs have not responded to requests for comment.

During the meeting, presenters said that many of the reports came from Meuhedet, one of the HMOs. Maccabi, another, “did not send that much because … they collected phenomena by themselves and not through your form,” Maya Berlin, another member of the team said.

Dr. Mati Berkovitch, the leader of the team, said the point was “super important.” “This means that there are HMOs that keep the information close to their chest,” he said.


約2ヶ月後の8月に当局が発表した公式報告書では、"この報告書はコロナウイルスワクチンの受領に近接して報告されたすべての症例を紹介しており、ワクチンの受領と報告された現象との因果関係を必ずしも示していない "と述べている。

同省(MoH)は、このビデオについて、繰り返しエポックタイムズにコメントを拒否し、また、ある情報源からビデオを入手した保健ジャーナリストで教授のYaffa Shir-Raz氏からの問い合わせにも返答がなかったそうです。




"会議参加者は、その部分が文脈から切り取られていることを確認できる "と、この関係者は述べた。"流出したクリップは、慎重に選択され、偏った方法で編集され、そのプレゼンテーションは、生データの正しい進め方と分析方法を疫学専門家から理解しようとする支援チームの最初の試みにおいて、何の分析も標準化もされていない生データについての議論であるという事実を意図的に省略しています。"

Shir-Razは、The Epoch Timesに、同省が彼女からの度重なる要求に応じないのに、匿名のMoH情報源がロイターに回答したことは、興味深いことであると話しました。





MoHはまた、"未知の副作用や新たなシグナルはない "と主張した。

しかし、発表者の一人であるSasha Zhuratによると、それは真実ではない。

彼女は会議の中で、このデータによって "耳鳴り、感覚低下、知覚異常のような新しい現象を本当に確認することができた "と述べ、"めまい、耳鳴り、感覚低下、知覚異常など、消費者向けパンフレットには出てこない新しい現象を実際に確認した "と語った。



Zhurat氏はこの議論についてコメントを避け、The Epoch TimesのFacebookメッセージで、彼女はもうデータを分析するチームの一員ではないことを伝えました。



会議では、報告者の多くがHMOの1つであるMeuhedetから報告を受けていると述べた。もうひとつのMaccabiは、「...彼らは自分たちで現象を集め、あなたのフォームを通さないので、そんなに送ってこなかった」と、チームのもうひとりのメンバーであるMaya Berlinは言った。

チームのリーダーであるMati Berkovitch博士は、この指摘は "超重要 "であると述べている。"情報を胸に秘めるHMOが存在する "ということだ。
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