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Germany reacts to Ukraine’s NATO membership bid
Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says that the bloc must not be dragged into war with Russia
Germany will do everything to avoid NATO becoming a direct party in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has said. Her remarks came after Kiev requested to become an official member of the US-led military bloc.

“We have made it clear from day one that we have a responsibility to ensure that the war does not spread to other countries, that NATO does not itself become a party in the war. And that remains true today,” Baerbock told the broadcaster ARD on Friday evening.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that other countries and NATO are not drawn into this war,” she added.

The minister reiterated, however, that Berlin will continue to “support Ukraine, including by [sending] heavy weapons, in its right to self-defense.”

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said the decision on Ukraine’s membership would ultimately be made jointly by all NATO members. “Germany will not do it alone,” she stated.


Nine countries announce support for Ukraine’s NATO bid
The alliance’s chief, meanwhile, noted that the consent of all 30 members is needed
The presidents of nine NATO countries came together on Sunday to express their support for Ukraine’s membership bid and also to urge all allies to “substantially increase” their military support to Kiev.

The statement came two days after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced his country’s intention to apply for fast-track NATO membership.

“We firmly stand behind the 2008 Bucharest NATO Summit decision concerning Ukraine’s future membership,” the presidents of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia said.

At the Bucharest summit, the alliance members welcomed the “aspirations for membership in NATO” of Ukraine and Georgia but didn’t provide any time frame for these countries’ accession.

“We support Ukraine in its defence against Russia's invasion, demand Russia to immediately withdraw from all the occupied territories and encourage all Allies to substantially increase their military aid to Ukraine,” the statement said.

Erdogan voices ‘principled position’ on NATO expansion
The US national security advisor has traveled to Istanbul to discuss accession of Sweden and Finland to the bloc

US national security advisor Jake Sullivan has made an unannounced trip to Türkiye to meet with his counterpart in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s administration amid renewed concern that Ankara may block the pending additions of Sweden and Finland to NATO.

Sullivan met on Sunday in Istanbul with Ibrahim Kalin, chief advisor to Erdogan, to discuss continued support for Kiev in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and “progress on NATO accession for Finland and Sweden,” according to a White House statement.

The talks came just one day after Erdogan renewed his threat to block NATO’s expansion, unless the two Nordic countries fulfill the conditions of an agreement signed in June.

“Until the promises made to our country are upheld, we will maintain our principled position,” the Turkish leader said on Saturday. Ankara has demanded that Helsinki and Stockholm stop their alleged support of organizations it views as terrorist groups, and has reportedly requested the extradition of over 30 people accused of terrorism.

“We are closely following whether the promises made by Sweden and Finland are kept or not, and of course, the final decision will be up to our great parliament,” Erdogan added.

NATO ‘not obliged’ to assist Ukraine − German ambassador
Berlin’s envoy to the military bloc clarifies that NATO won’t actively fight for a non-member state
Germany’s permanent representative to NATO has explained that the US-led bloc is not obliged to offer direct military assistance to Ukraine. Ruediger Koenig added that its members want to avoid a major war.

He was speaking to Dein Spiegel, the youth version of Der Spiegel magazine, which published the interview on Saturday.

The Ukraine conflict dominated much of the article, with Koenig describing Russia’s decision to launch its offensive against its neighbor in late February as a watershed event.

“We had peace, and now we see all of a sudden that one country is attacking another one just like that, in Europe,” the official said, adding that no one could have imagined anything like that.

Germany’s representative to NATO stressed that the military alliance as a whole, however, has no legal obligation to help Kiev repel Moscow’s attack as Ukraine is not a member state. This means that Article 5 of NATO’s treaty cannot be activated, the official explained. Under it, an attack on one ally is considered to be an attack against the whole of NATO, with all member states having to stick up for the targeted nation.

According to Koenig, the military bloc is anxious to avoid getting actively involved in the conflict at all costs because “this would mean a very big war.”

Such a scenario, which would see 30 more nations join the fray, is something “nobody wants,” the diplomat noted.

When asked what can be done to help Ukraine, the envoy explained that individual member states are providing Kiev with weapons and money. Koenig went on to cite EU sanctions imposed on Russia over the past six months.

He concluded that the prospect of peace is rather slim as Ukraine and Russia’s positions seem to be irreconcilable. Koenig clarified that Ukraine “rightly” demands that Moscow cede all former Ukrainian regions in the south and east of the country that recently voted to join Russia, as well as Crimea, which joined the country in 2014. The official pointed out that the Kremlin, however, is unlikely to agree to such terms.

Dein Spiegel is a media that offers “exciting, understandably written stories” for children who “want to understand the world,” according to a description on its website. The magazine is published monthly.









Dein Spiegelは、ウェブサイトの説明によると、「世界を理解したい」子どもたちに向けて、「刺激的で、わかりやすく書かれた物語」を提供するメディアである。月刊誌として発行されている。

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