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EU has no alternative to Russian energy – ex Saudi Aramco VP
Unlike Europe, Moscow has other markets to turn to
There’s not enough capacity in the world to replace Russia’s gas supply to the European Union, while Moscow has plenty of markets to sell its energy to, the former executive vice president at Saudi Aramco, Sadad Al-Husseini, told CNBC on Monday.

“The US doesn’t have the LNG capacity to replace Russia’s exports to Europe,” he said, noting that power bills across the EU are set to soar this winter.

According to Al-Husseini, that could lead to serious problems on the global energy market. “This situation is a new world, and it’s not a very good one for energy,” he warned.

“In any case, there isn’t enough LNG capacity in the world to make up for the Russian exports to Europe,” the former executive said, adding that, “It will take years for the EU to find resources to replace Russian supply.”

As regards to Moscow losing EU buyers, he noted that, despite Western sanctions, there are “plenty of alternative markets” for Russian energy, including China, Japan, or India.

Meanwhile, Europe does not have alternative energy sources, he said, “while the US is maxed out already, North Africa has got problems,” and OPEC is also running out of spare capacity. “So, it’s a global problem,” he said.

The official suggested that, while the Russian economy may suffer under Western sanctions, the rest of the world will be suffering with them. However, he stressed that “Russia may recover a lot sooner than Europe.”

Western Europe headed for ‘energy collapse’ - Hungary
Unlike oil and gas, ideological convictions won’t keep Europeans warm in the winter, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has warned

Western Europe’s policy of rejecting Russian energy, even in the absence of suitable alternatives, could lead to systemic collapse when the public is left without heat this winter, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned on Monday.

“All these statements … from Western Europe on the issue of energy supply simply do not work at all with winterr approaching,” Szijjarto explained to a meeting of his country’s diplomats, according to the Sputnik news agency.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that while “ideological, political, communication statements with effective support from the international media can easily inflate balloons that cover people’s eyes,” all the ideology in the world won’t keep EU citizens warm when winter approaches.

It is very difficult to explain to someone in winter that they are not cold when there is no heating.

Insisting that Hungary had not yet fallen into this trap, he warned that pressure from other EU governments would only get worse, as the current world order “is approaching a huge collapse, almost at the speed of an asteroid.” Russian sources are integral to European energy security, he argued, implying that without them, social discontent could lead to systemic collapse.

Not only will Hungary not entertain talk of sanctions on Russian energy, but other nations will quietly back it on the matter – even if they won’t do so publicly, Szijjarto told the ambassadors. While Budapest has pushed back against bloc-wide calls for an embargo on Russian oil and gas since the notion first began circulating among EU politicians, other states that once demanded Moscow be punished over Ukraine have quickly realized that no other source of energy can make up for the loss of Russian supplies.

Electricity costs in Germany and France shot up to record heights on Friday, driven by Moscow’s threat to shut down the last operational turbine on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for three days’ maintenance. Those countries are far from the only ones to feel the bite of sanctions that were supposed to punish Russia, however, and Europeans of all nationalities are stockpiling what fuel they do have – whether it’s firewood or coal – for the long winter ahead.





ハンガリーはまだこの罠にはまっていないと主張しながらも、現在の世界秩序が "小惑星のような速度で大崩壊に近づいている "ため、他のEU諸国の政府からの圧力はひどくなる一方だと警告している。ロシアのエネルギー源はヨーロッパのエネルギー安全保障に不可欠であり、それがなければ社会的不満がシステム崩壊につながる可能性があることを示唆した。


ドイツとフランスの電気料金は、モスクワがNord Stream 1パイプラインの最後のタービンを3日間のメンテナンスのために停止させると脅したことにより、金曜日に記録的な高さまで跳ね上がった。しかし、ロシアを罰するはずの制裁措置の影響を受けているのはこれらの国だけではない、あらゆる国籍のヨーロッパ人が、これから来る長い冬に備えて、薪であれ石炭であれ、持っている燃料を備蓄しているのである。

US oil reserves near four-decade low
President Joe Biden has eaten into America’s’ emergency stocks to bring down gas prices

The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at its lowest level since 1984, according to recently-published figures from the Department of Energy. While Biden has relied on emptying the US’ reserves to bring down gas prices, his administration has no plans to replenish stocks until after next year.

The US emptied 18 million barrels of crude oil from the reserve in August, leaving the current inventory standing at 450 million barrels as of Friday. The White House authorized the sale of 20 million barrels in late July, on top of the 125 million barrels already sold off in the first six months of the year.

Gas prices have soared under Biden, with Republicans blaming the president’s green energy policies and crackdown on domestic oil production. The price of gasoline rose from an average of $2.28 per gallon in December 2020 to $3.40 a year later. With markets reeling from the conflict in Ukraine and Biden embargoing Russian oil imports, the average gallon cost a record $5 this June.


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