フランスのボランティアがブチャの虐殺の演出を目撃: ずくなしの冷や水



A French Volunteer Described How He Witnessed Dramatisations in Bucha
NEW – July 30, 2022
French volunteer and writer, former soldier Adrien Boke, who visited Ukraine, told RIA Novosti that he witnessed the preparation of a provocation in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.

In April, Boke came to Ukraine twice with a mission to deliver humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicines. He visited both the Polish-Ukrainian border and Bucha, and saw how Russian prisoners were tortured and killed, as well as how Ukrainian militants were staging a mass massacre of civilians.

“When I talk about murder and torture, we are talking about the murder and torture of the Russian military men. First of all, officers were executed. I heard screams when ‘Azov‘ asked who the officer was here. As soon as the answer sounded, a shot was immediately fired into the head of this person <…> The worst thing is that I did not see any human attitude, there were no emotions, because before my eyes people were executed, people were hurt, people were shot, limbs were shot, heads were shot,” Boke said.

Thus, according to him, he witnessed the torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war in a hangar in the northern part of Bucha. It was in early April, that is, when the Ukrainian military had regained control of the city for several days.

Boke noted that he often communicated with UAF fighters and “Azov”, who surprised him with their inhumane attitude towards Russians, Jews and people of other races.

“I had to pretend a lot in order not to show my opinion and emotions and, first of all, not to show disagreement with their opinion. Disagreement with their Nazi ideology, especially when they expressed their attitude towards Jews and people with dark skin, because they were very cruel statements. And first of all, I’m talking about hatred for the Russians, because they <…> call you ‘Russian dogs’. And for all these military men, for the servicemen from the ‘Azov’ battalion, the main task, as they always told me – to torture and kill ‘Russian dogs’. As a former military man, this surprised me. Because everything showed that their main goal was to torture and kill ‘Russian dogs’, while they did not even talk about the liberation of their population,” recalls the volunteer.

In addition, he watched how a provocation was being prepared in Bucha to accuse the Russian military of mass killings of civilians.

“When we drove into Bucha by car, I was in the passenger seat. And when we drove through the city, I saw people’s bodies on the side of the streets, and at the same time, before my eyes, the bodies of people were taken out of trucks, which were laid out next to the bodies lying on the ground to give the effect of mass death of people,” Boke said.

He added that there were journalists nearby who immediately started filming as soon as some group of bodies was formed.

“One of the volunteers who was at this place the day before, I emphasise that I did not see it, but one of the volunteers told me this. He told me that he had seen the day before how refrigerated trucks from other cities of Ukraine arrived in Bucha, from which people’s bodies were unloaded and laid out in rows. From this I understood that there are dramatisations and extras,” the agency interlocutor explained.

He noted that both volunteers and local residents were under pressure − to avoid publicity, the militants threatened them with imprisonment and reprisal.

“We distributed medicines, including those containing narcotic substances, painkillers containing morphine. We were told in plain text: if you don’t share it with us, you won’t get where you need to go. I clearly remember that we had to deliver these painkillers to the children’s hospital and they told us that if we didn’t share, we wouldn’t get there. Moreover, when we found ourselves near Bucha, we were accompanied by military guards, they were ‘Azov’. They took us to one of the hangars and told us to prepare a separate box with morphine−containing drugs so that we could go further,” Boke said.



"殺人と拷問 "といえば、ロシア軍人の殺人と拷問のことです。まず、将校が処刑された。アゾフ』が「ここにいる将校は誰だ」と聞いたとき、私は悲鳴を聞いた。答えが鳴るとすぐに、この人の頭に銃弾が撃ち込まれた<...>最悪なのは、人間の態度が見えず、感情もなかったことだ。目の前で人が処刑され、人が傷つき、人が撃たれ、手足や頭が撃たれたのだから」ボーク氏はそう言った。








彼は、ボランティアと地元住民の両方が圧力下にあったことを指摘しました - 公表を避けるために、武装勢力は投獄と報復で彼らを脅しました。


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