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Switzerland turns down NATO request on Ukrainians
Bern has refused to treat Ukrainian civilians, arguing that they are “indistinguishable” from soldiers, local media report

Kiev names condition for peace talks with Moscow
Ukrainian foreign minister appears to rule out talks anytime soon

Germany explains why it can’t use alternate route for Russian gas
The German government says the country cannot use the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for additional Russian gas supplies, TASS reported on Monday

Ukraine walks back firing of top security officials
Ukraine’s prosecutor general and the head of national security agency have been suspended, but not fired.
Contrary to reports on Sunday night, Ukraine’s prosecutor general and Security Service (SBU) chief have been suspended, but no decision has been made on whether to fire them, the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky clarified on Monday.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and SBU chief Ivan Bakanov were removed from duty in a surprise announcement on Sunday, with Zelensky claiming it was done because of “rampant” treason in both agencies, with 651 criminal cases against its employees launched.

Such a vast “array of crimes,” as well as contacts between “employees of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Russia,” raise “serious questions” for Venediktova and Bakanov, the president insisted, warning that “every such question will get an appropriate answer.”

The deputy head of Zelensky’s office, Andrey Smirnov, has now said “there’s currently no talk about firing those two officials. We’re talking about suspending the Prosecutor General from office, and the head of the SBU being temporarily barred from his duties.”



ゼレンスキー事務所のアンドレイ・スミルノフ副所長は、「現在、この2人の職員を解雇するという話は出ていない」と述べている。検察庁長官を停職にし、SBUの長官を一時的に職務から外すという話だ" と述べた。

Gazprom declares ‘force majeure’ on EU gas flow – media
Energy giant cites “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control, Reuters says
Russian energy giant Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to at least one major EU customer starting July 14, Reuters reported on Monday citing a company letter it has seen.

According to the document, Gazprom could not fulfil its supply obligations due to “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control, Reuters explains.

The agency cites its sources as saying that the letter was referring to supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

The route is currently undergoing planned annual maintenance which is due to be completed on Thursday, however many in Germany fear that the flow will not be resumed.

Last month, supply via the pipeline was slashed by 60% as a vital piece of equipment was not returned from repairs in Canada on time due to sanctions on Russia. According to media reports, the gas turbine should be back in Russia within a week.





EU admits goal of anti-Russian sanctions
Brussels aims to create problems for the Russian economy, but it won’t stop the fighting in Ukraine, said Josep Borrell

The embargoes imposed by the European Union against Moscow are intended not to stop the fighting in Ukraine, but wreck the Russian economy, the bloc’s foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell said in Brussels on Monday. Borrell also announced an EU ban on Russian gold exports later this week.

“The EU sanctions will not stop the military activities in Ukraine, but ought to create a lot of problems for the Russian economy,” Borrell said, adding that the EU “cannot afford sanctions fatigue.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin “counts on the fatigue of democracies with sanctions,” the EU high representative for foreign policy said. “It is not easy but we must continue to put pressure on the Russian economy. Our European societies must not abandon this policy,” he added.

Borrell’s comments echoed the argument he made in a blog post over the weekend, responding in part to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s statement that the embargo policy has been “miscalculated” and harmed the EU members more so than Moscow.




EU ramps up military support to Ukraine
The approval of a fifth tranche has taken the bloc’s overall military assistance to Kiev to €2.5 billion
The European Union agreed Monday to allocate an additional 500 million euros in military aid to Ukraine. With the approval of the fifth assistance package, the bloc’s aid to Kiev has reached €2.5 billion ($2.5bn), the head of the European Council Charles Michel announced following a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

In his post on Twitter, Michel noted that the funds are being released in the framework of the European Peace Facility (EPF) – a financial mechanism created in 2021 to enhance the bloc’s ability to act as a global security provider. The EPF reimburses governments for military equipment supplied to Kiev, “including items designed to deliver lethal force for defensive purposes.”

“EU support in military equipment to Ukraine Armed Forces now at €2.5 billion. Europe stands with Ukraine,” Michel wrote.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry welcomed the announcement describing it as “an important step in strengthening European security.”
欧州連合は月曜日、ウクライナにさらに5億ユーロの軍事援助を割り当てることに合意した。 5番目の支援パッケージの承認により、キーウへのブロックの支援は25億ユーロ(25億ドル)に達しました。欧州理事会のシャルル・ミシェル議長は、EU外相会議の後に発表しました。

ミシェルはツイッターへの投稿で、資金は欧州平和施設(EPF)の枠組みの中で解放されていると述べました。これは、グローバルセキュリティプロバイダーとして機能するブロックの能力を強化するために2021年に作成された金融メカニズムです。 EPFは、「防衛目的で致命的な力を提供するように設計されたアイテムを含む」、キーウに供給された軍事機器を政府に払い戻します。

「ウクライナ軍への軍事装備におけるEUの支援は、現在25億ユーロに上ります。 ヨーロッパはウクライナを支持している」とミシェルは書いた。

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