米軍提供の武器でクリミヤを攻撃した時の反撃はすさまじい: ずくなしの冷や水



Ukraine threatens to strike Crimea with American missiles
The peninsula is a crucial military hub for Russia, Ukraine’s military intelligence believes

Ukraine threatened with ‘crushing blow’
Kiev will pay a heavy price if it decides to strike Crimea, a Russian MP warns
Russia’s response to a threatened Ukrainian attack on Crimean targets will be so harsh that the Kiev authorities will never be able to recover from it, Mikhail Sheremet, who represents the region in the Russian parliament, has warned.

Commenting on continued suggestions by Ukrainian officials that Kiev forces may hit targets on the Crimean Peninsula or the Crimean Bridge, Sheremet stressed that such a move would be followed by “a crushing blow to decision-making centers in Kiev, military infrastructure and arms-supply logistics channels.”

“The Kiev regime will receive such a rebuff that it will no longer be able to recover,” the MP told RIA-Novosti on Sunday.

The warning follows Saturday’s statement by Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Vadim Skibitskiy, who claimed that Crimea could be targeted by US-supplied М142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems.

The peninsula is a legitimate target for Ukrainian forces due to becoming a Russian military transport hub amid the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, the spokesman said. Russia’s “Kalibr systems, frigates, small missile ships, submarines” in Crimea also “must be hit” as they endanger Ukraine’s security, according to Skibitskiy.

Sheremet insisted also that “the US, which supplies lethal weapons to Ukraine, will also bear responsibility for the provocation towards Crimea.”

“Russia won’t play nice with its enemies if the US decides to join their ranks. We have the opportunity to put in place the American authorities, who have crossed all red lines,” he added.

Since Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine more than four months ago, several high-ranking officials and military commanders in Kiev have claimed that Crimea, which overwhelmingly voted to reunite with Russia in a 2014 referendum after a coup in Ukraine’s capital, could be attacked by the Kiev’s forces.

Earlier this month, Alexey Arestovich, a top aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the Ukrainian military would target the Crimean Bridge as soon as it obtains the capability to carry out such a strike.

American officials had earlier claimed that their Ukrainian counterparts had promised them that US-made arms wouldn’t be used to hit Russian territory as it could escalate the conflict even further.



この警告は、土曜日のウクライナ軍情報部スポークスマンVadim Skibitskiy氏の発言に続くもので、同氏は、クリミアは米国が供給するМ142 HIMARSとM270 MLRS多連装ロケットシステムの標的となり得ると主張した。



"米国が敵に加われば、ロシアは敵にいい顔をしない "と。我々は、すべてのレッドラインを超えたアメリカ当局を配置する機会を得たのだ」と付け加えた。





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