トルコ製のベイラクターTB2は約200万ドル: ずくなしの冷や水



US drones won’t survive over Ukraine for long, pilots say
Russian air defenses are too risky for Gray Eagles, Kiev pilots would prefer jets instead から

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle is the latest in the General Atomics lineage of strike drones used during the US “war on terror,” from Afghanistan and Iraq to Somalia and Yemen. It is armed with Hellfire missiles, which have a range of about eight kilometers – less than the Switchblade or Phoenix Ghost suicide drones the US has sent to Ukraine already.

“It could be useful” on the frontline, said another fighter pilot, introduced as ‘Juice’. However, he added, the Gray Eagles would probably not survive for more than a mission or two. Each drone costs $10 million.

Ukraine has made a big deal out of having Turkish Bayraktar TB2 strike drones in its arsenal. The TB2 costs around $2 million or so. Moonfish claims they were “very useful and important” in the early days of the conflict, but are “almost useless” now that the Russian troops have beefed up their air defenses. The pilots told Foreign Policy that Ukraine was now limiting the use of Bayraktars to “rare special operations and attack missions.” Russian war correspondents, meanwhile, suggest that it’s because most of the drones have been shot down already.

“We have a lot more pilots than jets right now,” Moonfish said, suggesting he and his colleagues should be trained on “advanced” US fighter jets such as the F-15 and F-16, which would be more survivable against the Russian S-400s.

Both types first appeared in the 1970s. They have been repeatedly upgraded since then, and the latest versions are considered by Western experts to be on par with the Russian Su-35 and MiG-35 jets, and slightly ahead of the Su-27 and Mig-29 fighters Ukraine operated at the start of the conflict. However, there are no indications the US has any to spare, or that there is political will in Washington to send them to Ukraine.
MQ-1C Gray Eagleは、アフガニスタンやイラクからソマリアやイエメンまで、アメリカの「テロとの戦い」で使われたGeneral Atomics社の攻撃型無人機の最新機種である。ヘルファイアミサイルを搭載しており、射程距離は約8キロ。これは、アメリカがすでにウクライナに送ったスイッチブレードやフェニックスゴーストの自爆攻撃機より短い。


ウクライナは、トルコ製のベイラクターTB2という攻撃型無人機を保有していることを大々的に宣伝している。TB2は約200万ドルほどする。ムーンフィッシュは、紛争初期には「非常に有用で重要」だったが、ロシア軍が防空を強化した今では「ほとんど役に立たない」と主張している。パイロットはフォーリン・ポリシーに、ウクライナは現在、ベイラクターズの使用を "稀な特殊作戦と攻撃任務 "に限定していると語った。一方、ロシアの戦争特派員は、ほとんどのドローンがすでに撃墜されたからだと指摘している。




MQ-1C Gray Eagle 1000万ドル 13億円
トルコ製のベイラクターTB2は約200万ドル 2億6千万円
ロシアのカリブル巡航ミサイル 100万ドル?
米国トマホークミサイル 200万ドル? 2憶7千万円
イージス艦に搭載する迎撃ミサイル「SM3ブロック1B」2050万ドル 27億円 (関連費用を含む2019年4月10日 8:18日経)

Russia and Belarus discuss joint defense plans
Moscow and Minsk must ‘fortify’ their Union State borders, defense minister Shoigu says
Moscow and Minsk need to take “urgent measures” to bolster their military capabilities in the face of an “undeclared war” by the West, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Thursday, after meeting with his counterpart from Belarus, Viktor Khrenin.

“Belarus is our most important strategic partner, closest friend and ally,” Shoigu said after the meeting in Moscow, adding that the bilateral cooperation between two members of the Union State is currently developing amid “an undeclared war against our countries” by the West.

“Circumstances dictate the necessity of urgent measures to fortify the defense capabilities of the Union State,” Shoigu said, including the reinforcement of an integrated air defense system. Russia is “ready to provide any support” Belarus might need, he added.
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