drag-queen や drag-show と聞いてわかりますか?: ずくなしの冷や水


drag-queen や drag-show と聞いてわかりますか?

drag-queen や drag-show と聞いてわかりますか?


Involving kids in drag-queen shows is deviance, not Pride
The annual Pride Month has gone from normalizing relations between consenting adults to sexualizing children

この記事に関して、"Drag the Kids to Pride"でGoogle検索すると動画や記事がヒットします。drag-queenがどんな衣装を身に着けているかはわかりましたが、社会的にどう位置付けられているのか、さっぱりわかりませんでした。

BDSM:bondage、discipline & sadomasochism(緊縛、調教、SM)の略記です。そういう趣味の人も意外といるようです。「ローソクにムチ持って」と言われるあれです。

スペイン マドリッドのLGBTのパレード。年配男性の一団が歩いています。こんな姿が人気を呼ぶ? 画像は自主規制しています。

Drag show at kids’ party causes heated protest
The ‘family-friendly’ event became a flashpoint in America’s culture war, according to images from the scene
The streets outside a bar in a small town in Texas became the scene of a heated confrontation between people protesting a ‘family-friendly’ drag show hosted by the establishment and defenders of the event, some of whom were armed.

The protesters accused the bar of “grooming children” by exposing them to sexual content, as they gathered to protest the show last Sunday. But according to reports from the scene on social media, they were outnumbered by activists from the opposite camp, who dismissed the demonstrators as ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’.
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