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US inflation accelerates to 40-year high
Rising gasoline, food and shelter costs drove much of the increase, data shows
US inflation hit the highest level since 1981 in May, US Labor Department data showed on Friday. Consumer prices soared 8.6% in May from 12 months earlier, faster than April’s year-over-year surge of 8.3%.
On a monthly basis, prices grew by 1% from April to May, a steep rise from the 0.3% increase from March to April. The surging food, gasoline, and rent prices have been imposing severe pressure on American families.

Research by the Bank of America Institute showed that petrol prices were eating up a larger share of consumers’ budgets. For lower-income households, spending on gasoline reached nearly 10% of all the expenses on credit and debit cards in the last week of May, the institute said in a report this week. That’s up from about 7.5% in February.

Meanwhile, prices at the pump are averaging nearly $5 a gallon nationally and edging closer to the inflation-adjusted record of about $5.40 reached in 2008.

Economists, cited by the Associated Press, expect inflation to ease this year, though not by very much. Some of them have forecast the consumer price index to drop below 7% by the year’s end.

Biden attempts to blame Putin for inflation
Responding to the worst inflation in 40 years, the US leader has stuck with blaming Russia
US President Joe Biden on Friday blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the record gas prices and 40-year-high inflation currently rocking the US. Amid dismal polling figures, Biden insisted that his administration is attempting to curb runaway costs.

Speaking at the Port of Los Angeles, Biden touted his administration’s efforts to ease supply-chain backlogs and called on Congress to crack down on global shipping companies that he claimed had unfairly jacked up their prices since the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, his speech came hours after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a grim report showing that consumer prices soared 8.6% in May from 12 months earlier, the highest rate of inflation since 1981. Food and gasoline prices rose by significantly more than 8.6%, with gas increasing by nearly 50% since last year, and reaching record highs in June.

Biden attempted to blame Putin for these costs in particular.

“Today’s inflation report confirms what Americans already know. Putin’s price hike is hitting America hard,” he declared. Insisting that the US job market is “the strongest it’s been since World War II,” Biden repeated “we’ve never seen anything like Putin’s tax on food and gas."
「今日のインフレレポートは、アメリカ人がすでに知っていることを確認するものだ。プーチンの値上げがアメリカに大きな打撃を与えている」と宣言した。アメリカの雇用市場は "第二次世界大戦以来最も強い "と主張し、バイデンは 「プーチンの食料とガスへの課税のようなものは見たことがない 」と繰り返した。

Healthcare workers calling in sick due to fuel prices – union
A UK union has warned the cost of fuel is stopping care workers from going to work
UK healthcare workers have been calling in sick because they can’t afford the petrol they need to get to work, public services union Unison revealed on Thursday. The possibility of widespread strikes looms in the coming months as the government has refused to increase wages, fearing a wage-price spiral fed by runaway inflation.

Talks underway with militants on civilian exit from Azot plant, LPR envoy says
According to Rodion Miroshnik, up to 500 civilians may be hiding in bomb shelters at the plant
LUGANSK, June 11. /TASS/. Contact has been established with militants holed up in the Azot chemical plant in the city of Severodonetsk and talks are underway on providing civilians with a safe passage to leave the facility, the Lugansk People’s Republic’s (LPR) Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

"Contact has been established with the militants, talks are underway on the safe withdrawal of civilians from the plant. Ukrainian forces will receive guarantees that their lives will be spared and they will be given humane treatment under the relevant international laws if they release the hostages, lay down their arms and surrender without conditions," he pointed out.

According to the envoy, up to 500 civilians may be hiding in bomb shelters at the plant. Up to 400 militants are holed up at the facility, he added.

Head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said earlier that Ukrainian militants, who were forcibly holding hundreds of Severodonetsk residents in the Azot plant’s underground facilities, planned to blow up chemical containers when retreating.





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