禁輸措置を解除すればロシアは穀物や肥料を輸出する: ずくなしの冷や水



Russia offers help with food crisis
Moscow is ready to export grain and fertilizer if the West lifts its politically motivated sanctions, President Putin says
Food shortages across the globe are not Moscow’s fault but Russia is ready to help alleviate them by exporting grain and fertilizers – if the West removes its “politically motivated” embargo, President Vladimir Putin told Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi during a phone call on Thursday.

Putin pointed out it was “groundless” to accuse Russia of problems with agricultural products reaching global markets, according to the Kremlin’s readout of the call. The Russian president attributed the situation to “disruptions in production and supply chains, as well as the financial policies of Western countries during the coronavirus pandemic,” which were only “aggravated by the anti-Russian restrictions” imposed by the US and the EU over the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia is ready to make a “significant contribution to overcoming the food crisis” by exporting both fertilizer and grain if the Western embargo is lifted, Putin said.



While discussing the situation in Ukraine, Putin informed Draghi that Russia has reopened the Azov Sea for maritime traffic and maintains a safe lane in the Black Sea for civilian shipping, which he said was being hindered by the government in Kiev.

The call, which came at Draghi’s request, follows reports in the Italian media that his government had proposed a peace plan for Ukraine. According to the daily La Repubblica, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio sent a proposal for ending the hostilities to the UN last week. Neither the Kremlin nor the Russian Foreign Ministry have received any such proposal from Rome so far, according to their spokespersons.

The call also touched on Russian gas exports – as Putin reassured Draghi that Moscow will continue “uninterrupted supplies of natural gas to Italy,” at prices fixed by the existing contracts.

Rome had previously rejected paying for gas in rubles and Draghi himself campaigned for buying energy elsewhere, only to come around last week.

ドラギの要請によるこの呼びかけは、同国政府がウクライナの和平案を提案したとするイタリアメディアの報道を受けたものだ。日刊紙『La Repubblica』によると、イタリアのルイジ・ディ・マイオ外相が先週、敵対行為の終結に向けた提案を国連に送ったという。クレムリンとロシア外務省のスポークスパーソンによると、今のところローマからそのような提案は受け取っていないとのことだ。





US considers offer to Belarus – media
Minsk may be granted a waiver in exchange for shipping Ukrainian grain, a US official reportedly said

The US is considering granting Belarus a six-month waiver from sanctions imposed on its potash industry last year, in exchange for opening up the railroads to start shipping grain from Ukraine to Lithuania, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing unnamed US officials.

The sanctions were slapped on Minsk over opposition protests in the country and a border crisis involving hundreds of asylum seekers from the Middle East trying to reach Poland and Lithuania through its territory. The EU and US accused President Alexander Lukashenko of orchestrating the situation and imposed restrictions on the export of fertilizers, a major source of foreign currency revenue for Belarus. Minsk denied that it directed refugees to its neighbors.

Washington reportedly wants to temporarily lift the sanctions both to increase the supply of fertilizer on the world market, and to incentivize Minsk to help the West transport Ukrainian grain. The shipments would go to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.

Ukrainian shipping lanes were cut off due to the Russian military offensive, which began in February. The US has accused Moscow of causing a global food shortage through its naval blockade in the Black Sea, and wants it to allow cargo ships to use the Kiev-controlled port of Odessa to export grain reserves.

Russia has denied the accusations, saying the shortages were predicted years ago due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the disruption of supply chains caused by lockdowns.




Naval coalition to escort Ukrainian grain dubbed a risk
Such an international mission would only increase tensions in the Black Sea, Russia’s deputy FM says
Moscow has warned against putting together an international naval coalition to make sure ships with grain leave Ukrainian ports amid a claimed Russian blockade in the Black Sea.

Ships with grain have been unable to depart from Ukraine amid the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities and the West have been blaming Russia for blocking their passage, while Moscow has insisted that the logistical problems have been created by naval mines placed by Ukraine.
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