ゼレンスキーがユダヤ人であればどうなのか: ずくなしの冷や水



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ロシア外務省のセルゲイ・ラブロフは、@ZelenskyyUa について次のように主張した。
ユダヤ人の先祖は重要ではない。"ゼレンスキーがユダヤ人であればどうなのか?その事実は #ウクライナ のナチス要素を否定するものではありません。ヒトラーもユダヤ人の血が流れていた。"

So what if Zelensky is Jewish, ‘Hitler also had Jewish blood’, says Russia’s foreign minister
Israeli foreign minister slams Russia’s ‘unforgivable, scandalous and horrible historical error’
Justifying Vladimir Putin’s call to “denazify” Ukraine, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov argued that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish ancestry did not matter.

“So what if Zelensky is Jewish? The fact does not negate the Nazi elements in Ukraine. I believe that Hitler also had Jewish blood,” Mr Lavrov said in an interview with an Italian television on Sunday. “Some of the worst antisemites are Jews.”

Mr Lavrov was referring to an unproven theory that German dictator Adolf Hitler had possible Jewish and African ancestors.

Mr Putin declared war on Ukraine on 24 February, describing it as a “special military operation” to disarm the eastern European country and remove leaders who he described as neo-Nazis.

Although Ukraine has a dark history of antisemitism, with the ultra-nationalist militia Azov battalion even fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the three-month-long war, Nato and its allies see Moscow’s “denazification” bid as a pretext for an invasion.

The Russian minister said Mr Zelensky could promote peace between the two countries if he stopped giving “criminal” instructions to his “Nazi soldiers”, according to The Times of Israel.

There are publications “confirming that Americans and especially Canadians played a leading role in preparing ultra-radical, openly neo-Nazi subdivisions for Ukraine”, Mr Lavrov alleged.

Israel called Mr Lavrov’s comments "unforgivable" and "delusional", saying he was suggesting Jews were to blame for their own genocide. Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid calling the statement "scandalous and a horrible historical error".

"The Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust. The lowest level of racism against Jews is to blame Jews themselves for antisemitism," Mr Lapid said.

The criticism towards Moscow comes at a time when Israel has sought to take a neutral position in the war.

Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, said Mr Lavrov was "propagating the inversion of the Holocaust by turning the victims into criminals on the basis of promoting a completely unfounded claim that Hitler was of Jewish descent," it said in a statement.

"Equally serious is calling the Ukrainians in general, and President Zelensky in particular, Nazis. This, among other things, is a complete distortion of the history and an affront to the victims of Nazism," the memorial added.

Since the declaration of war, Ukrainian leaders have often called the Russian president a new-age Hitler for his unprovoked aggression, especially after his troops bombarded areas of Jewish importance, including the Babyn Yar mass murder site and Uman – a sacred site to Hasidic Orthodox Jews.

“This is just pure Nazi behaviour. I can’t even qualify this in any different manner,” Mr Zelensky told the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella organisation of Jewish groups, over a Zoom call on 7 March 2022.

Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of the battered, war-torn country, added that Mr Putin’s actions remind Ukrainians of “the pattern of Adolf Hitler”.

Mr Zelensky has often used his own history to say that Ukraine is not the hate-filled nation that Mr Putin paints it to be. Mr Zelensky’s grandfather had reportedly fought in the Soviet Army against the Nazis, while other family members died in the Holocaust.

The Russian foreign minister claimed that the upcoming anniversary of Russia’s liberation at the end of World War II will have no impact on Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

“Our soldiers won't base their actions on a specific date. We'll commemorate our victory in a solemn manner but the timing and speed of what is happening in Ukraine will hinge on the need to minimise risks for civilians and Russian soldiers,” he added.













「これはまさに純粋なナチスの行動だ。私はこれを別の言葉で修飾することもできない」とゼレンスキー氏は2022年3月7日、ユダヤ人団体の統括組織である米国ユダヤ団体会長会議(Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations)で、Zoomコールで語った。







Israel wants apology from Russia over Hitler remark
Tel Aviv says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s words about Jews are a “historical error”

The deputy leader of the Bundestag’s Left Party, Sevim Dagdelen, has accused the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andrey Melnik, of being a Nazi sympathizer and urged for his immediate expulsion. The move was called for after Melnik insulted Chancellor Olaf Scholz, calling him an “offended liverwurst” for his reluctance to pay a state visit to Ukraine.

“If you don’t expel the Nazi sympathizer Melnik now, you have lost all self-respect,” the MP tweeted on Tuesday.

“Anyone like Melnik who describes the Nazi collaborator Bandera as ‘our hero’ and makes a pilgrimage to his grave or defends the right-wing Azov Battalion as ‘brave’ is actually still benevolently described as a ‘Nazi sympathizer,’” she added.



Putin issues an apology – Israel
Russia’s president has apologized to the Israeli PM over controversial remarks made by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Vladimir Putin has issued an apology to Naftali Bennett for Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statements during phone talks on Thursday, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has said. Lavrov made the controversial remarks over the weekend, suggesting that Adolf Hitler may have had Jewish ancestry and that some of the “most ardent” anti-Semites are Jews themselves.

“The Prime Minister accepted President Putin’s apology for Lavrov’s remarks and thanked him for clarifying his attitude towards the Jewish people and the memory of the Holocaust,” the PM’s office said.

While the readout of the talks released by the Kremlin press service did not mention the apology, it said the two leaders discussed the importance of the upcoming Victory Day celebrations “for the people of both countries, who carefully preserve the historical truth about the events of those years and honour the memory of all the fallen, including the victims of the Holocaust.”

“The President of Russia recalled that of the six million Jews tortured in ghettoes and death camps and killed by the Nazis during punitive operations, 40 percent were Soviet citizens,” the Kremlin press service noted. “In turn, Naftali Bennett highlighted the Red Army’s decisive contribution to Victory over Nazism.”
The international controversy was sparked by Russia’s top diplomat on Sunday as he spoke to Italy’s Mediaset media company. Lavrov confirmed that the “denazification” of Ukraine remains one of the primary goals of the ongoing military operation against Ukraine. A reporter then mentioned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was Jewish, prompting Lavrov’s controversial remarks. The diplomat suggested that Hitler “had Jewish blood in him,” adding that “wise Jewish people say the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews.”

Before apparently getting sorted out at the top level, the scandal prompted a brief diplomatic back-and-forth between Russia and Israel. Lavrov’s Israeli counterpart, Yair Lapid, strongly condemned the remarks, demanding an apology.

“Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks are both an unforgivable and outrageous statement as well as a terrible historical error,” Lapid stated. “Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust. The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of anti-Semitism.”

Lapid’s statement prompted a response from the Russian Foreign Ministry, which brought up “tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and Nazis” during the Holocaust, mentioning, among other things, the so-called ‘Judenrats’ – Jewish councils established in ghettos that reported to Nazis. Moreover, the Jewish ancestry of any president cannot be a guarantee against neo-Nazis raising their heads, the ministry noted.

“[Zelensky] hides behind his ancestry himself and covers with it real neo-Nazis, spiritual and blood heirs of the executioners of his own people,” the ministry noted. “The Jewish ancestry of a president is not a guarantee of protection from rampant neo-Nazism in a country.”




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