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According to the SVR, Poland is preparing the annexation of western Ukraine under the guise of "historical reunification."
Options for the entry of Polish troops into Western Ukraine were openly discussed in Europe back in March, when the United States made it clear that they would not openly participate in such an operation, but would not mind if Poland with a "group of countries" occupied Western Ukraine.

Poland has secret plan for Ukraine, Moscow claims
Warsaw plans to deploy troops to occupy western Ukraine, Russian spy chief alleges
Intelligence obtained by Russia suggests that Poland and the US are working on a plan for Warsaw to regain control of Ukrainian areas that Warsaw considers as “historically belonging” to it, Moscow's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Sergey Naryshkin has said.

According to the alleged plan, the first stage of this “reunification” will see Polish “peacekeepers” deployed in western Ukraine under the pretext of “protection from Russian aggression,” Naryshkin outlined in a statement on Thursday.
The details of the operation are now being discussed between Warsaw and the US government, he claimed, adding that the operation is designed to be executed without a NATO mandate, and only volunteer states taking part.

Warsaw has so far been unable to find any other nations to join its cause, he added. But the Polish authorities are unconcerned by this, as they want to minimize the number of “unnecessary witnesses” to their actions, Naryshkin said.

Despite their publicly declared goal of countering Moscow, the Polish troops would be deployed in parts of Ukraine where they’ll have almost no chance of engaging Russian forces, he explained.
According to Russian data, the actual “tactical objective” of the Polish troops will be taking control of strategic facilities from the Ukrainian National Guard. Poland’s intelligence services are apparently now searching for “reliable” members of the Kiev elite, who would be willing to form a pro-Warsaw counterbalance to Ukrainian nationalists.
The Polish government assumes that entrenching its forces in western Ukraine would, with a high probability, lead to the split of the country, he claimed. In this case, control over the territories where the peacekeepers are set to be deployed would remain in the hands of Warsaw, the spy chief continued.

The plan appears to be an attempt, he pointed out, to repeat an historic deal that was struck after World War I and saw Western nations accept Warsaw’s right to occupy, in the first instance, parts of Ukraine to protect its people from the “Bolshevik threat” and, later, to include those areas into the Polish state.

Poland denies secret plan for Ukraine
Talk of Warsaw coveting its former territories is Russian propaganda, says the Polish security spokesman
Poland has denied claims by the top Kremlin spy that it plans to take over a portion of Ukrainian territory, calling it a “Russian information operation” aimed against Warsaw and Washington. Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin said on Thursday that Poland might be plotting with the US to occupy western Ukraine with “peacekeepers” under the guise of military exercises – which Warsaw says are still scheduled and completely unrelated.
“Russia’s intelligence chief is spreading insinuations against Poland and the US, convincing falsely that both countries are preparing ‘a Polish annexation of western Ukraine’,” Stanislaw Zaryn, the spokesman for the ministry in charge of security services, tweeted on Thursday evening.

“The highest officials of the Kremlin are joining in the denigration of Poland,” Zaryn complained, noting that “lies” about Warsaw’s alleged designs on Ukrainian territory have been around for years, but intensified after “Russia’s invasion.” He spoke on behalf of Mariusz Kaminski, the Polish interior minister and coordinator of secret services.

Naryshkin had said on Thursday that Poland and the US were working on a plan for territories in western Ukraine that Warsaw considers “historically belonging” to Poland. The first phase of the “reunification” project would see Polish troops deployed there as “peacekeepers” under the pretext of protecting Ukraine from “Russian aggression,” Naryshkin outlined in a public statement.

Upon its reconstitution in 1919, Poland claimed territories that are now part of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, known as Kresy Wschodnie, or “eastern borderlands.” Cities like Lwow and Stanislawow – known as Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk in present-day Ukraine – ended up in the USSR after WWII, however, as Poland’s borders were shifted westward to the Oder-Neisse line.
Even as Warsaw vehemently denied Naryshkin’s claim, the Polish Ministry of Defense said it was proceeding with large-scale military exercises near the Ukrainian border, starting May 1. The Polish public was warned that “columns of military vehicles” would be moving on “highways, expressways and national roads,” and urged not to film the traffic.
“We make an appeal to the public,” the military said. “Please do not publish information and photos showing troop movements and their location, dates and times of travel of military columns, [or] data on departures and landings of military aircraft,” as this could have a negative impact on the “security and defense” of Poland.

Naryshkin had claimed that Poland was looking to use a “peacekeeping” operation as cover for the land grab, and seeking out “reliable” Ukrainian politicians in the targeted territories.

Poland has taken in over three million Ukrainian refugees so far. It has shipped some of its Soviet-era tanks and other equipment to Ukraine, and is currently a major hub for NATO military aid to Kiev.

Poland's Border/Territorial Changes, 17th century to 21st century

Poland announces massive military drills
The exercise comes amid allegations raised by Moscow that Warsaw is seeking to occupy western Ukraine

Poland has announced a massive upcoming military exercise, warning the residents of increased traffic and “columns of military vehicles” moving all across the country. The drills will kick off on May 1 and continue until the end of the month, the Polish military said in a statement on Thursday.

“Military vehicles will be found on highways, expressways and national roads,” the military said.

“The arrival and passage of the columns will also be used by the participants of the exercises, i.e. to practice the reception and deployment of allied forces, to coordinate cross-border activities, and to cooperate with host nations,” it added, without specifying which “host countries” exactly might be involved in the maneuvers.

The military vehicles will be moving around the country primarily at night in order to minimize the impact on civilian traffic. Still, some maneuvers will take place during the day, the military said, urging Polish citizens to avoid filming the military columns.

“We make an appeal to the public – let us protect data, especially in the current situation. Please do not publish information and photos showing troop movements and their location, dates and times of travel of military columns, [or] data on departures and landings of military aircraft,” the military said, adding that pouring such data into the web may have a negative impact on the “security and defense” of the country.

The announcement comes as Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin accused Warsaw of preparing to occupy the western part of Ukraine, which Poland considers as “historically belonging” to it. The potential “reunification” of Poland with western Ukraine will come under the guise of deploying a “peacekeeping” mission into the country under the pretext of protecting Kiev from “Russian aggression,” the official alleged.

Warsaw is currently negotiating the details of the operation with the US government, Naryshkin claimed, adding that it is set to be executed without a NATO mandate. Poland is also seeking other nations to volunteer and take part in the incursion, but has so far failed to get any allies for its endeavor, the official said. Apart from that, Polish intelligence is said to be seeking “reliable” Ukrainian politicians to form a pro-Warsaw counterbalance to Ukrainian nationalists.

Poland has firmly denied seeking to annex western parts of Ukraine, dismissing Naryshkin’s allegations as an “information operation against Poland and the US” intended to sow “distrust” between Warsaw and Kiev.
“The lies about Poland’s alleged plans to attack western Ukraine have been repeated for several years. The campaign was particularly intensified after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Stanislaw Zaryn, the spokesman of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, has said.

Poland has been among the top supporters of Kiev amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, becoming the primary hub for deliveries of Western weaponry bound for the Ukrainian military. The country has also supplied Kiev with Soviet-era military equipment from its own stockpiles.

Huge amount of Polish military aid to Ukraine revealed
Warsaw has handed half of its tanks over to Kiev, a local outlet claims
Poland has provided neighboring Ukraine with a whopping $7 billion worth of military aid since the outbreak of the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, the local state broadcaster has reported.

The weapon deliveries to Ukraine included 200 Soviet-designed T-72 tanks, dozens of Gvozdika howitzers, Grad multiple rocket launchers, missiles for MIG-29 and Su-27 warplanes, as well as other munitions and Polish-made reconnaissance drones, according to Polskie Radio.

Its journalists pointed out that the NATO country had around 400 tanks in its arsenal before the Ukrainian conflict, meaning that Warsaw has already parted with around half of its armor fleet in favor of Kiev.

Some of the Polish tanks were upgraded in 2019, but Ukraine only got the vehicles that weren’t covered by the modernization program, the report outlined.

The country’s deputy defense minister, Wojciech Skurkiewicz, has confirmed to the outlet that Poland has been supporting Ukraine militarily since the beginning of the hostilities.

Warsaw has been among the most active backers of Kiev amid the conflict, urging tougher sanctions on Russia than other EU members – up to a total ban on trade with the country – and calling for a NATO peacekeeping mission to secure western arms shipments to Ukraine.

However, on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said it learned about plans by Poland and US to use the ongoing conflict for Warsaw to regain control of areas in western Ukraine that the Poles had lost after WWII, but still consider as “historically belonging” to them.

The plotters are allegedly hoping to achieve the split of Ukrainian land by sending a non-NATO mission of Polish peacekeepers to the country. Arriving under the pretext of “protection from Russian aggression,” they would actually focus on recapturing control of key facilities from the local troops, according to the agency.

Poland has denied those claims as a “Russian information operation” aimed against Warsaw and Washington. But SVR reiterated on Friday that its statement on the Polish peacekeeping operation in Ukraine “wasn’t an assumption, but an intelligence data, obtained from several reliable sources.”










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