ロシアは戦闘員のアゾフスタルの脱出は投降以外にないとの態度継続: ずくなしの冷や水



Russia agrees to release only civilians through the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol. All soldiers must surrender. No other way. The same applies to the wounded of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. https://t.me/boris_rozhin/45556

On the territory of "Azovstal" there may be a general of the Canadian army, - Basurin.

Among the militants of the 56th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a video is being distributed in which prisoners from the 79th brigade tell the truth about their command:
"We sat in the trenches for almost a week, we were abandoned by the commanders, left to die on the battlefield.
The enemy forces greatly prevailed - one tank against 30 tanks.
The commanders told us to fight "with machine guns against armor."
The SBU now considers us deserters only because we survived.
The 95th and 79th brigades were "destroyed, 70 percent killed."
And they "do not want to fight in units where officers run away in cars and leave the wounded behind."
そして彼らは "将校が車で逃げ出し 負傷者を残すような部隊で戦いたくない" と言っています。

According to Basurin, there are more than 3,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war on the territory of the DPR alone.
Earlier it was reported that more than 100 captured soldiers and officers from the total number of prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the DPR will stand trial in various cases related to the commission of war crimes on the territory of the DPR.

It is worth noting that the information above about the lack of guards in the Makeevka colony (the Ministry of Justice of the DPR is recruiting new guards for prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) concerns not only Makeevka. Similar problems with the lack of personnel for the protection of all prisoners of war manifested themselves in other points of temporary accommodation for prisoners of war.


Besieged Ukrainian commander appeals to Turkey
Leader of marines holed up in Mariupol has asked Ankara for help
Sergey Volina, the commander of Ukraine’s 36th Marines brigade, which is still entrenched at the Azovstal steel plant in the Black Sea port-city of Mariupol together with the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, has called on Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to “extract” Ukrainian troops from the city.

The commander was talking to Turkish broadcaster Haberturk TV late on Friday.

“I now call on the Turkish people and the president to launch the extraction procedure,” Volina said, urging Ankara to “do everything possible to take the Mariupol garrison to Turkey” and provide it with “security guarantees.”

The marines’ commander has admitted that his troops are in a “very difficult” situation after 65 days of fighting Russian forces. He has also revealed that those entrenched at the steel plant include some 600 wounded soldiers.

He did not elaborate on whether he was referring solely to his own unit or to the Azov regiment as well. Volyna has also maintained that there are civilians hiding in the underground catacombs beneath the vast complex of the steel plant and there are injured among them as well.

Ankara has not responded to this appeal in any way so far. The Black Sea port of Mariupol has seen intense fighting since the start of the Russian military action in Ukraine in late February. The city was encircled by Russian forces and militias of the two Donbass republics in early March.

The Ukrainian forces as well as foreign mercenaries and militants that initially holed up in the city eventually retreated to the Azovstal plant. Now, the site remains the last pocket of resistance. Built in Soviet times, the facility has a massive network of underground tunnels, turned into a fortress by the Ukrainian forces.

On April 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin that Mariupol has been fully under Russia’s control except for the Azovstal plant. The president then called off an assault on the facility and instead offered those entrenched there a chance to surrender.

Russia guarantees anyone who would lay down their arms their lives, as well as “decent treatment under all international norms,” Putin outlined at that time. Moscow also said it sought to organize humanitarian corridors for those willing to exit the Azovstal plant several times before April 21 but those attempts failed.

Instead, the Azov militants and the Ukrainian forces, including Voluna himself, demanded they be allowed to leave through the assistance of an unnamed "third party" while also keeping their personal weapons. They also maintained that surrender was not an option.

On April 22, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian fighters and foreign mercenaries only need to raise white flags along the perimeter of Azovstal to be able to surrender. “This humanitarian offer by Russia remains in force 24/7,” it added. Some 2,000 Ukrainian fighters remain at the plant, according to the ministry’s estimates.

Kiev still maintains that Ukrainian forces would be able to rescue the troops holed up in Mariupol if provided with enough weapons. “There is a military way” to unblock Mariupol, President Volodymyr Zelensky told the media on April 21 as he called on western nations to supply Ukraine with more pieces of heavy equipment.

同司令官は金曜深夜、トルコの放送局Haberturk TVのインタビューに答えた。

"私は今、トルコ国民と大統領に脱出手続きを開始するよう呼びかける "とヴォリナ氏は言い、アンカラに "マリウポリ守備隊をトルコに移すために可能な限りのことをする "と "安全保障を提供する "よう促した。










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