中国が世界の食糧不足を深刻化させる?: ずくなしの冷や水



China won't drain supplies to accomodate West − media
Beijing is reportedly focused on securing sufficient food supply for the populous nation
China’s government is not planning to release the country’s massive reserves of grain to provide much-needed relief to Western nations that are bracing for historically high food prices, Chinese local media outlet Xinjiang Daily reported on Friday.

“Some foreign media have recently claimed that the build-up of Chinese grain reserves supposedly 'portended' the [Russian-Ukrainian] conflict by causing a rise in prices in the global grain markets, they even called on China to free up 20% of its grain stocks to save the European market.” the newspaper reported, adding that the demands are “absurd and inadequate.”

In December, the US Department of Agriculture estimated that China is expected to have 69% of the globe’s maize reserves in the first half of the crop year 2022, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat.

The report highlights that grain prices in China have been under pressure since the beginning of 2022 due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, along with droughts in South America and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, China has reportedly managed to maintain stable prices in the domestic market.

Some Western critics are accusing China of contributing to global inflation, food price hikes and regional shortages of foodstuffs as the nation keeps importing record levels of grain year after year.

According to the publication, “acute shortages” in some agricultural produce, such as soybeans and sunflower seeds, pose a threat to China’s food security. A sharp decline in grain stocks will reportedly “seriously affect” sustainable supply and trigger market turmoil.


"一部の外国メディアは最近、中国の穀物備蓄の積み増しが世界の穀物市場の価格上昇を引き起こし、(ロシアとウクライナの)紛争を「予兆」していると主張し、中国に欧州市場を救うために穀物在庫の20%を解放するよう要求さえした。"と、同新聞は報告し、この要求は "不合理かつ不適切 "と付け加えている。












Send weapons to Ukraine to prevent world famine, German minister suggests
Increasing the weapon supply is purportedly needed to avert global famine, the official argued
Supplying Ukraine with “more effective” weaponry amid the ongoing conflict with Russia is essential to avoid the supposed looming “global famine,” German Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir has said. The official made the remarks in an interview published Sunday by the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine is increasingly turning out to be an attack on the international community,” the minister claimed.

That’s why it's so important that the West support Ukraine with more, more effective weapons – and Germany shouldn't be exempt from that.

Ozdemir also alleged that the Russian military has been deliberately targeting Ukrainian agriculture in the conflict that broke out in late February. He cited “alarming news” coming from the country yet did not elaborate on the source or exact nature of the allegations.

“We are receiving alarming news from Ukraine, where Russian troops are apparently also deliberately destroying agricultural infrastructure and supply chains,” Ozdemir stated.

The alleged attacks are a part of the “starvation strategy,” purportedly employed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the official went on. This “strategy” is set to take a heavy toll on the countries already experiencing issues with food security, in particular a number of African nations, Ozdemir claimed. The situation needs to be addressed globally, and the UN World Food and Agriculture Committee should play the central role in this, the official believes.

“Here we have to agree on fundamental, structural questions of agricultural and food policy worldwide,” he said.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has prompted fears of global grain shortages as wheat prices soared to multiple-year highs last month. Both Russia and Ukraine are major wheat suppliers, accounting for some 30% of global exports.
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