パキスタン首相に暗殺計画 米国はイムラン・ハーンの退陣を狙う: ずくなしの冷や水


パキスタン首相に暗殺計画 米国はイムラン・ハーンの退陣を狙う

Plot to assassinate Pakistani PM uncovered, minister claims
The report comes after Imran Khan claimed a foreign nation threatened consequences for Pakistan unless he is “removed”
Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry announced on Friday that the country’s security agencies reported a plot to assassinate Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“After these reports, the prime minister’s security has been beefed up as per the government’s decision,” Chaudhry said, as cited by the Dawn media outlet.

A similar statement was made earlier this week by Faisal Vawda – leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, of which the PM is a member – who said there was a conspiracy developed to assassinate Khan over his refusal to “sell the country.”

Vawda claimed that the PM had been repeatedly told that bulletproof glass needed to be installed in front of his dais during his March 27 rally in Islamabad, but the leader refused. “But as always and as usual, he said my [death] will come when Allah wills. Don’t worry about it,” Vawda said.

The PTI leader reiterated that along with an upcoming vote of no-confidence, there was a threat on the prime minister’s life and that there have been mentions of an assassination.

The concerns over the potential plot come after Khan claimed that a certain foreign nation, which he tried not to name, had sent a message insisting he needs “to be removed” or else Pakistan will face consequences.

“America has – oh, not America but a foreign country I can’t name. I mean from a foreign country, we received a message,” he said in a televised address on Thursday. Khan added that the “threatening memo” was sent in an effort to meddle in his country’s political affairs.

The message reportedly came from Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, and included a recording of a senior Washington official suggesting that relations between the two countries would improve if Khan loses the no-confidence vote.

Khan has refused to bow to American pressure and condemn Russia for sending troops into Ukraine, arguing that Pakistan has nothing to gain by the move. However, this has made him a target for the US and its allies, which are already upset that neighboring India has also refused to join their sanctions campaign against Moscow.

On top of the mounting international pressure on the prime minister, he faces a no-confidence vote, while his party has lost its majority in parliament.

Pakistan PM names ‘foreign power’ that wants him toppled
Imran Khan accuses the US of meddling as no-confidence vote looms
Pakistani PM Imran Khan ‘accidentally’ named the United States as the culprit when he claimed “a foreign country I can’t name” was eager to see him removed from his post via a no-confidence vote.

“America has – oh, not America but a foreign country I can’t name” sent the leader the message in an effort to meddle in his country’s politics, Khan said in a televised address on Thursday, after a no-confidence vote against him was rescheduled.

Khan had received a briefing letter from the Pakistani ambassador to the US that included a recording of a senior official from Washington implying the relationship between the two countries would improve in Khan’s absence, local media reported on Thursday.

“They say that ‘our anger will vanish if Imran Khan loses this no-confidence vote’,” Khan claimed, describing the contents of the letter.



"イムラン・カーンがこの不信任投票で負ければ、我々の怒りは消える "と言っている」とカーン氏は手紙の内容を説明し、主張した。

朝日ニューデリー=石原孝2022年4月3日 17時56分
経済低迷のパキスタン、首相が議会解散の意向 不信任案の採決は却下

Pakistani PM loses no-confidence vote
Imran Khan had previously claimed the opposition was acting on orders from abroad
Pakistan’s National Assembly has passed a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, with 176 lawmakers out of 342 voting against him. The speaker of the parliament’s lower house Asad Qaisar, who is also a member of Khan’s party, announced his resignation after adjourning the house three times throughout Saturday.

Khan PTI’s party effectively lost its majority in the National Assembly in March when seven MPs from its coalition partner decided to join the opposition’s ranks. The rivals accused the cricket star-turned-politician of mismanaging Pakistan’s economy, battered by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as mishandling Islamabad’s foreign and internal policy.

Sunday’s motion means that Khan’s five-year term has ended early, much like that of all previous prime ministers of the country.

Mass protests in Pakistan against ‘imported’ government (VIDEOS)
Ex-PM Imran Khan has said the country headed for a new “freedom struggle” blasting his ouster as a “US-backed regime change”

Massive demonstrations rocked multiple Pakistani cities, including the country’s capital of Islamabad, on Sunday, with thousands taking to the streets to express their support to the deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan. He was ousted by the country’s parliament in a successful no-confidence vote on Saturday. Khan blasted the vote as a foreign-backed regime change operation.

“Never have such crowds come out so spontaneously and in such numbers in our history, rejecting the imported govt led by crooks,” Khan said on Twitter, sharing footage of the protests.

The protests were spearheaded by Khan’s PTI party, which called upon its members and supporters to take to the streets across the country.

Earlier in the day, Khan reiterated his allegations against the US, blaming his ouster on Washington and branding it a “regime change” operation aimed at bringing “into power a coterie of pliable crooks all out on bail.”

The former PM has also said the country was entering a new period of “freedom struggle” with the Pakistani people protecting “sovereignty and democracy” from a “foreign conspiracy of regime change.”

Previously, the politician claimed to have a recording obtained from the Pakistani ambassador in Washington proving the allegations. The US had firmly rejected such allegations, denying any involvement into the Pakistani events.

Pakistan’s National Assembly passed a vote of no-confidence against Khan with 176 lawmakers out of 342 voting for the move to end his office term early. The PTI party effectively lost its parliamentary majority back in March, after seven MPs from its coalition party defected and joined the ranks of the opposition. Pakistan’s parliament is set to hold a vote to pick a new PM on Monday.

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