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‘Marine BOMB’ prone to ‘sudden explosion’ found on hull of Iraqi tanker as Iran warns US may use false-flag attack to start war
Explosives experts were called in to defuse a naval mine found attached to the hull of an oil tanker as it departed an Iraqi port, prompting an evacuation of the ship’s crew amid simmering tension in the Gulf.

Iraqi authorities confirmed the discovery on Friday morning through the semi-official Security Media Cell Twitter account, saying a “foreign body” was spotted on the vessel as it entered international waters in the Persian Gulf on Thursday afternoon, some 28 nautical miles (52km) off Iraq’s coast.

“Immediately a team for handling explosives was formed from the Ministry of Interior,” the Security Cell continued, adding that the team was “still working to neutralize the mine and evacuate the target ship, and our naval forces are making a great effort with the bomb team to accomplish this mission.”

The tanker, rented from Iraq’s government-run Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), was in the area to refuel another vessel, which was successfully evacuated after the bomb was found.

Another security source who spoke with Reuters on condition of anonymity said the sea mine is “complicated” and has “sensors that could cause a sudden explosion,” adding that the bomb squad had never handled a device of that kind. “We asked for further assistance from a more professional bombs team,” he said.

The confirmation from Baghdad came one day after two private security firms – Ambrey Intelligence and Dryad Global – said that sailors feared that they had found a “limpet mine” on a Liberian-flagged ship in the Persian Gulf. Another private intelligence outfit, Aurora Intel, shared unverified photos and footage purporting to show the mine affixed to the tanker’s hull, also posting satellite imagery of the two vessels at sea.

イラク当局は、木曜日の午後、ペルシャ湾の国際水域に入った際に、イラク沿岸から約28海里(52km)離れたペルシャ湾で「異物」が発見されたと、ツイッターの半公式アカウント「Security Media Cell」を通じて、金曜日の朝、発見を確認した。



ロイターと匿名を条件に話した別の安全保障関係者は、海雷は「複雑」で、「突然の爆発を引き起こす可能性のあるセンサーを備えている」と述べ、爆弾処理班はその種の装置を扱ったことがないと付け加えた。"私達はより専門的な爆弾チームからの更なる援助を求めた" と彼は言った。

バグダッドからの確認は2 つの私用保安会社- Ambrey の情報及びDryad の全体-がペルシャ湾のリベリアの旗を付けられた船で "limpet の地雷" を見つけたことを船員が恐れていたと言った1 日後に来た。別の民間諜報機関であるオーロラ・インテルは、タンカーの船体に取り付けられた地雷を示すとする未検証の写真と映像を共有し、海上の2隻の船の衛星画像も掲載した。

リムペットマイン は、艦船などに対する破壊工作に用いられる水雷のうち、船底に磁力などで吸着・密着させ、時限ないしは遠隔操作によって爆発させるタイプのもの。「吸着爆弾」とも呼ばれる。 工作員を港湾に潜入させて、艦船に対する破壊工作を仕掛けるときに用いられる。 ウィキペディア

Pentagon sends aircraft carrier USS Nimitz home from Middle East as anniversary of Soleimani killing looms
The USS Nimitz, the US Navy’s only aircraft carrier currently deployed near the Persian Gulf, has been sent home just a day after two B-52 bombers were sent to the area – despite supposed ‘chatter’ about a coming Iranian attack.

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller announced the Nimitz would be heading back to its home port of Bremerton, Washington on Thursday, avoiding so much as a mention of Iran in his remarks – even as Washington and Tehran have traded threats and barbs for weeks ahead of the anniversary of Quds Force Major General Qassem Soleimani’s killing by US airstrike.

The Nimitz’s departure after over eight months deployed to the Persian Gulf leaves Iranian waters unoccupied (by the US, at least) – an odd choice, given Washington flew two nuclear-capable B-52s over the body of water earlier this week, announced the deployment of a submarine to the area, and sent still more fighter planes to Saudi Arabia.

The B-52 flyover was supposed to be a “show of force” to deter further Iranian revenge, as threatened by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei earlier this week – but it only succeeded in eliciting more hostility, as an unnamed Iranian military officer warned breaching the country’s airspace would elicit a “crushing and fiery response.”

The Nimitz was originally scheduled to return to the US in December, but it was held over to assist US troops exiting Somalia. “Most” of the 700 US troops stationed in that country are to be sent home by early 2021, according to the Pentagon – though the head of AFRICOM reassured nervous hawks that the US will not be vacating eastern Africa completely.

Iranian FM Javad Zarif claimed on Thursday that Iraqi intelligence had revealed a US plot to “fabricate pretext for war” – possibly by staging a false-flag event. While making clear Tehran was not interested in war, he promised the country would “openly and directly” defend itself. Zarif previously warned President Donald Trump against engaging in any “adventurism on his way out” after the president blamed a rocket attack in Baghdad’s Green Zone on Tehran – as usual, without conclusive proof.
米国防総省、空母ニミッツを中東から帰国させる ソレイマニ殺害の記念日が迫る






الميادين عاجل@AlMayadeenLive氏の午前6:33 ・ 2021年1月1日・Octipulseのツイート
لبنان: أنيس النقاش: واشنطن أرسلت إلى طهران عبر قطر أنها لا تريد مهاجمتها وسحبت حاملة الطائرات لتأكيد ذلك

Some 'inside US' may avenge Trump-authorized Soleimani assassination: IRGC

Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says people inside the US may avenge the assassination of top Iranian anti-terror commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

"With what you did, you created another job for the freedom-seekers of the entire world, and it is even possible that some people inside your home (the US) ... would respond to your crime (of assassinating General Soleimani," Brigadier General Esmaeil Qa'ani said on Friday.

He made the remarks in an address to a ceremony marking the first anniversary of General Soleimani's martyrdom.

General Qa'ani further said the path of IRGC Quds Force and the Resistance Front will not change with the US "acts of mischief".

“Soleimani’s path had a leader. The key to General Soleimani’s greatness was that he always moved ahead under this leadership. This leadership is still in place, and the support for the oppressed will also continue,” he noted.

The Quds Force commander further cited regional examples to show the US assassination of General Soleimani has failed to impact the Resistance Front.

“In Palestine, a military drill is held on the anniversary of Hajj Qassem in a place where no one would previously fire a single bullet. Also in Lebanon, the Zionists have been in fear for the past three months,” he said.

“Today in Syria almost the entire country except for the territory occupied by the criminal US has been liberated. In the innocent and powerful Yemen, we see they are still moving ahead,” Qa’ani added.

He said the enemies of the Islamic Republic sought to target General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis for thirty years, and finally the “filthiest man” was tempted by the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia and made such an “unwise” move.

“The entire world will definitely condemn you. Those who committed this crime must know that all around the world, you may find a brave man who is ready to punish the cowards who did that,” he added.

'Trump not immune to administration of justice'

Addressing the same ceremony, Iranian Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi said the enemy must know that life will get very difficult for it from now on, and the perpetrators of the assassination won't be safe anywhere in world.

The US president will not be immune to the administration of justice. The enemy should not think that the US president would enjoy a margin of safety after ordering the crime, he added.

He further noted that the enemy must await Iran’s harsh revenge.

“The time and location [of the revenge] will be determined by resistance forces,” he noted.

The Judiciary chief said the definite expulsion of Americans from the region will be one of the manifestations of the harsh revenge.

Hezbollah vows to take revenge

Meanwhile, Hashim Safi al-Din, the head of the Executive Council of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, told the same ceremony that the resistance front will definitely avenge General Soleimani’s assassination.

“We promise Imam Khamenei and the IRGC Quds Force that the Resistance will not calm down and remain quiet” before taking General Soleimani’s revenge, Safi al-Din said.

“We will take revenge from the villain America, and Trump will have the same fate as Saddam Hussein. We remain committed to our pledge, and won’t stop resistance,” he added.

'Gen. Soleimani barrier to implementation of US regional project'

Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Zeyad al-Nakhaleh, said the US assassinated General Soleimani because he was an obstacle to the implementation of its projects as well as the Israeli and American efforts to reshape regional fronts.

“General Soleimani was present in all frontlines, especially in the Palestinian front,” al-Nakhaleh said, describing Soleimani as an international warrior and a martyr of Quds.

“The missiles fired at Tel Aviv had been supplied to the Resistance front under General Soleimani’s supervision. He was at the frontline, and on his day of martyrdom, Palestine and Islam were his priorities,” he added.

The top commander was assassinated along with his senior Iraqi comrade Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and a number of other resistance fighters in a January drone attack, ordered by US President Donald Trump, near Baghdad International Airport.



















"我々は、ソレイマニ将軍の復讐を行う前に、イマーム・カーメネイとIRGCクード部隊に、レジスタンスが落ち着いて静かにしていないことを約束する "と、サフィ・アル・ディン氏は述べた。







Trump plotting false flag to ‘fabricate pretext’ for attack on Iran, Foreign Minister Zarif says

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has claimed “intelligence from Iraq” suggests the US is plotting to “fabricate” a reason to wage war on Iran. Stressing Tehran “doesn’t seek war,” he warned such a scam will be met with force.

Accusing US President Donald Trump and his cabinet of “wast[ing] billions” to surround Iran with air and naval military assets while Americans are suffering with Covid-19, Zarif revealed in a tweet on Thursday that Iraqi intelligence had tipped off Tehran to a US “plot to FABRICATE pretext for war.”

“Iran doesn’t seek war but will OPENLY & DIRECTLY defend its people, security & vital interests,” the diplomat continued.

Tensions between the two countries are running exceptionally high due to the approaching anniversary of the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the Quds Force leader killed in an airstrike in Baghdad on January 3.

While Iran retaliated at the time by striking two US bases in Iraq, allegedly causing brain injuries in an uncertain number of soldiers stationed there, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei renewed calls for “revenge” earlier this month, adding that Iranians should not “forget enmities” with the US government, no matter who is serving as president.

The US sent two B-52 bombers to the Persian Gulf earlier this week in a show of force, triggering outrage from Tehran. A military adviser to the Ayatollah reminded Washington that “all their military bases are covered by our missiles” and urged Trump not to “turn the New Year into mourning for Americans.” Another military officer warned that the US would meet a “crushing and fiery response” if the planes breached the country’s airspace.

The US has attempted to pin numerous apparent false flag attacks on Iran under the Trump administration, from the mysterious holes appearing in Saudi and Japanese oil tankers to the endless stream of rockets landing in Baghdad’s Green Zone that have an uncanny knack for coming to rest in unpopulated spaces. Trump’s financial backers for both the 2020 and 2016 elections were dominated by rabid Iran hawks, and the president’s ‘failure’ to start a war with their favorite bogeyman is no doubt weighing on the White House.

While Trump withdrew the US from the JCPOA nuclear deal in 2018, not merely reimposing sanctions but actually adopting new ones, Washington’s efforts to bend the other signatories to its will had mixed results. Insisting that Iran hold tight to the terms of a deal to which the US was no longer a part of, the White House didn’t get many takers.










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