Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against Washington’s ‘old-fashioned cold war mentality’: ずくなしの冷や水


Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against Washington’s ‘old-fashioned cold war mentality’

Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against Washington’s ‘old-fashioned cold war mentality’
China’s top diplomat has urged neighboring states to guard against Washington’s geopolitical ambitions in Asia and called for regional cooperation to thwart foreign provocations in the South China Sea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a joint news conference with his Malaysian counterpart that members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should work together to ensure security in the region.

The top diplomat argued that the “South China Sea should not be a ground for major power wrestling teeming with warships,” adding that “China and ASEAN have full capacity and wisdom, as well as responsibility, to maintain peace and tranquility.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Wang, who is visiting Malaysia as part of a tour of Southeast Asia, called for cooperation among ASEAN states to remove “external disruption” in the South China Sea.

He called on China’s regional partners to remain “vigilant” against Washington’s "Indo-Pacific" strategy, which he said presented a clear “security risk” for East Asia.

What [the US] pursues is to trumpet the old-fashioned cold war mentality and start up confrontation among different groups and blocks, and stoke geopolitical competition.

Tensions between Beijing and Washington have been rising for months, with US naval patrols through the South China Sea continuing to strain bilateral relations. Washington has frequently conducted so-called “freedom of navigation” missions – as well as aerial surveillance missions – in the region, claiming that such operations safeguard marine traffic there. Beijing has denounced the US military presence as a provocation that threatens its territorial sovereignty. China has accused Washington of “militarizing” the South China Sea, warning that the unwanted naval activity could lead to accidents. The US, meanwhile, has alleged that Beijing is aiming to create a “maritime empire” in the region.



トップの外交官は、"南シナ海は軍艦で溢れている主要な力のレスリングのための地面であるべきではない" と主張し、"中国とASEANには、平和と静けさを維持するために、完全な能力と知恵、また責任がある" と付け加えた。

火曜日の以前に、東南アジアの旅行の一部としてマレーシアを訪問しているWang は、南シナ海の "外的な混乱" を取除くためにASEAN の州間の協同のために呼ばれた。

彼は中国の地域パートナーに彼が言った東アジアのための明らかな "安全保障の危険 "を示したワシントンの "Indo-Pacific" の作戦に対して "警戒" に残るように求めた。


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