ソウル市長行方不明 ハバロフスク知事殺人関与で逮捕: ずくなしの冷や水


ソウル市長行方不明 ハバロフスク知事殺人関与で逮捕

RT 9 Jul, 2020 10:01 / Updated 15 minutes ago
Police launch search after Seoul mayor goes missing, reportedly leaving message resembling a will
Law enforcement are trying to locate the mayor of Seoul, after his daughter reported that the city official had gone missing.
Mayor Park Won-sun didn’t come to work on Thursday and his cell phone was switched off, according to media reports. Police are now searching the area where his mobile phone signal was last detected.
His daughter called police earlier in the day and said that her father had gone missing.
According to reports, a message written by Park resembling a will has been discovered. There are fears that the mayor may have taken his own life.
Police are using dogs and drones as part of an “all-out” search for the mayor, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said.
An official from the city government told AP that Park had canceled all his appointments for the day, including a meeting with a presidential official.
A well-known activist and human rights lawyer in South Korea, Park has been serving his third term as mayor, after being first elected in 2011.

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ソウル市長の告別式、市葬で開催 セクハラ疑惑判明で公葬に批判も

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Media: How murder charges against a regional governor may shake up Russia’s mainstream opposition
Governor of Russia’s Far Eastern Khabarovsk Region Sergei Furgal was taken into custody on July 9 on suspicion of masterminding murder-for-hire killings of businessmen in 2004-2005. He was flown to Moscow the same day, Vedomosti writes.
Member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Sergei Furgal became governor of Khabarovsk in September 2018, winning a runoff election against the then incumbent governor, Vyacheslav Shport of United Russia. Experts point out that the charges brought against Furgal are unprecedented and the case could have serious consequences for the mainstream opposition. Unlike other high-profile cases against regional governors, Furgal’s case is based not on corruption but on murder charges, political scientist Alexander Pozhalov noted.

The Furgal case is a serious blow to the LDPR, political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko said. "Furgal was one of the party’s public faces. He was a success story. He demonstrated how you can join the LDPR and be part of a ‘safe’ opposition that attracts those left who were behind by United Russia but are unwilling to join the Communist Party and are pessimistic about the A Just Russia party’s prospects," the expert explained.

"Furgal was the party’s long-term sponsor. Last year, he led the LDPR branch to victory in regional elections. If a court upholds charges against a high-ranking politician like him, it will deal a powerful blow to one of the oldest parliamentary parties, leading to changes in regional policies," Civil Society Development Fund’s Chairman of the Board Konstantin Kostin told Izvestia.

According to Director General of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Dmitry Orlov, Furgal is highly likely to be sacked over loss of trust and the region will be in for a tough election campaign. The expert emphasized that Furgal had always remained at the bottom of the agency’s regional influence ranking. In June, he ranked 81st among 85 regional heads

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