英国の香港政策は???: ずくなしの冷や水



It’s madness for UK to threaten China, so why aren’t media and MPs speaking out against Bojo’s crazy plan?
George Galloway
A lucrative post-Brexit UK-China trade deal has been flushed away. And Britain could have up to 3 million Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong on their way. But no one wants to hold the prime minister to account.

Perhaps in an ordinary week, the Chinese takeaway just ordered by Boris Johnson would have attracted more attention from the so-called mainstream media and their political echo chamber in the scarcely functioning parliament.

But there’s been too much going on. Police officers “took the knee” before protesters in Whitehall (who then bombarded the prime minister's residence in Downing Street and attacked the same police, a detachment of whom literally ran away).

And Black Lives Matter protests shredded whatever was left of the government’s social distancing regulations.

So the gigantic developments in UK-China relations passed by with little comment and unopposed – indeed the Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy tacitly endorsed them.

Some of the very same anti-EU politicians who have made a career by warning of the dangers of mass immigration, of closed-off immigrant communities which could scarcely speak English, of the role population growth had played in creating the Brexit storm, have just threatened China. If it passes a law in its own country, Britain will open its doors first with “renewable visas,” and then a “path to citizenship” for up to 3 million Hong Kong residents.

The mass media, veterans of a thousand anti-immigration front pages, scarcely even reported it.

And when China – denouncing this gross interference in its internal affairs – threatened condign retaliation (almost certainly the cancellation of the post-Brexit trade deal between the two countries), the government went “fine” and the media said “meh.”

Seldom can a moment so important have gone so unnoticed.
Picking a fight with China

Yes, Britain – having alienated the countries of the European Union with whom it still wrangles over post-Brexit arrangements – and having effectively broken relations with Russia – has now picked a fight with China. And if we WIN, we are rewarded with the biggest ever influx of foreign migrants from a single place at a single time in our island’s history.

By comparison, after the British-sponsored dictator Idi Amin expelled Asian citizens from Uganda, some 27,000 of them came to the UK.

Britain has been ever-reluctant to listen to the Last Post of Empire, even though in my lifetime that has been confined to repressing people in the six counties of the northeast of the small island of Ireland in which the flag still flies, gunning down Johnny Arab in Aden and extorting princely potentates in the Persian Gulf.

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暴徒は無知で洗脳されているから、英領事館で「あたしはイギリス人」と言い追い出されていた。米英が大事にするのは、一部のリーダーだけ。あんな期限付きのパスポートで訪英して、そのまま無国籍に? イギリスがどれ程残酷な植民地主義の国か、暴徒は知らない。

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日本人の中には、英国の貴族の間でといかにも権威があるかのように言う人もいるが、そういう話は疑ってかかること。英国の貴族? アンドルー王子が何をしました?
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日本人は、日本人に対して憎悪と仕返しの憎しの心を持つた狂人政治家元小泉首相を最高権力者に選んだ国民すよ、本当にバカです。そして今の派遣貧乏地獄があります。小泉の言葉 改革なくして成長なし。大笑い。英国は、中国人の生き血をすった悪魔の国ですよ。軍神安倍総理 日本の救世主 万歳3。
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