COVID-19関係海外情報短信 日本人はアベ政権に殺される: ずくなしの冷や水


COVID-19関係海外情報短信 日本人はアベ政権に殺される

Long-term customers shocked as Bank of America restricts coronavirus bailout loans to businesses who’ve borrowed before
Bank of America customers trying to apply for their piece of the $350 billion small business bailout were appalled to learn the bank was restricting loans to businesses who’d borrowed previously – despite claiming otherwise.
Outraged customers discovered on Friday that the massive financial institution is unilaterally denying loans through the Paycheck Protection Program – the small business bailout passed as part of last month’s coronavirus economic stimulus – to any business that hasn’t borrowed from Bank of America previously.
While the bank’s CEO Brian Moynihan told CNBC it was merely prioritizing existing business loan customers, the policy posted on its website contradicted that claim, revealing that a prerequisite for applying to the scheme was a “small business lending relationship, inclusive of credit card,” that existed prior to February 15. Bank of America was the first of the ‘big banks’ to begin accepting applications – and, as of Friday morning, the only one, though the program’s website was supposed to go live at midnight on Thursday.
Social media was filled with outraged reports from customers, some of whom said their relationship with the bank goes back years.

MOSCOW (Sputnik2020/4/3) - Russia is suspending, from April 4, all flights for bringing its citizens back home from abroad, a source in a major Russian airline said on Friday.
"From midnight, all air travel with foreign countries will be suspended, including for Russians' evacuation from abroad," the source said.

According to media reports, Sky broadband is down across the UK as users report that they are unable to access the internet.
Customers in Cornwall, Plymouth and other parts of Devon are reporting a loss of internet services, according to the CornwallLive media outlet.

Russia Will Deliver Virologists, Medical Equipment to Serbia to Help Combat Coronavirus
The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, discussed the possibility of cooperating in the fight against coronavirus, with Moscow pledging to provide humanitarian assistance to the country.
The Russian Defence Ministry stated on Friday that eight Russian medical teams with equipment are ready to be sent to Serbia to help fight coronavirus.
As of Friday, Serbia has registered 1,171 coronavirus cases and more than 30 fatalities, while the total number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has surpassed 1 million with about 53,000 fatalities.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to increase the production of personal protective equipment and disinfection products in the necessary volumes and create a reserve in the light of growing COVID-19 pandemic, according to a document published on the government's website on Friday.

Putin Prolongs Non-Working Week Until April 30 as Part of Russia's COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Spreading Among Retirement Homes Across Sweden, Elderly Residents 'Terrified'
In some places, the problem is exacerbated by the lack of protective material, which may run out after several days or hours at worst, healthcare professionals admitted.

The situation in Stockholm's retirement communities and nursing care homes is alarming, as over 400 COVID-19 cases in 100 care homes across the region have been confirmed, national broadcaster SVT reported.

There are around 16,000 people living in about 400 special housing facilities for the elderly in Stockholm County alone, bringing the total infection rate to 3.1 percent.

Staff, residents and relatives are worried about what will happen, as people in the highest risk group are no longer safe. So far, senior citizens in the 80-90 age bracket have accounted for the largest group of COVID-19 fatalities in Sweden.

The outbreak is not limited to Stockholm. According to Swedish Radio, at least 90 municipalities throughout the country have so far confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 in their retirement homes.

“The problem is that in many places you only have protective material for days or at worst hours ahead. This creates great concern among the staff, which can lead to great absenteeism if they dare not work,” Stefan Amér of the healthcare company Familjeläkarna ('Family Doctors') said.

“One resident said that he was terrified of getting coronavirus. He has high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and allergies. He is really at risk. So I told him that we do what we can to minimise the risk,” nurse Maria Placonà told SVT.

According to Georg Engel, head of palliative care at one Stockholm nursing home, the end of life will look completely different in the coming months. In many cases, there will be no relatives to offer their final farewell.

The concerns were shared by Sweden's state epidemiologist.

“We are worried about the elderly group. The curve goes up again. It is very unfortunate,” state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said.

Tegnell, who has repeatedly called for the elderly to be protected, admitted that the strategy hasn't worked.

“No, it obviously hasn't. That is exactly what we are trying to prevent in every way possible. It is possible that it cannot be prevented altogether. Now, the state is taking another step and forbids visits altogether, except in extremely exceptional cases, and these figures unfortunately argue that maybe that is exactly what we have to do,” Tegnell told Swedish Radio.

So far, Sweden has 5,466 registered COVID-19 cases and has seen 282 fatalities. As opposed to the rest of Europe, Sweden appears to have gone its own way in tackling the coronavirus epidemic, as only voluntary restrictions and no lockdowns have been imposed. With only a few restraints in place, such as a limit on gatherings of over 50 people, Sweden largely continues to run as usual, with schools and preschools still open.

The country's largely voluntary measures and laissez-faire approach has been largely attributed to the “Swedish model”, which builds on mutual trust between the state and the citizens.

Half of Sweden's Population to Be Infected by COVID-19 in April – Professor
4月末までにはスウェーデンの人口の半分がCOVID-19にかかっているだろうと 教授が述べる
Stockholm University professor Tom Britton said that he would “bet his house” that something between 250,000 and half a million are infected in the Nordic country of 10 million at the moment.

T.S. Eliot once wrote that April is the cruellest month, and it also happens to be the month when the spread of coronavirus will be most intense, according to Tom Britton, a professor of mathematical statistics at Stockholm University, who specialises in modelling how infectious diseases behave in a population.

“This disease is so contagious that over half of Sweden's population will be infected before the end of April. After that, the spread of infection will not stop, but it will go slightly slower so that about two-thirds will be infected by the end of May,” Britton told Swedish national broadcaster SVT.

Britton said he would “bet his house” that between 250,000 and half a million are infected at the moment. This is in stark contrast to the official count of 4,947 sick.

This means, according to Britton, that April is high time for the elderly and at-risk groups to stay at home and avoid social contact.

“If you go out in April, maybe one in ten people is contagious. This means that you only need to meet ten people for you to run a fairly high risk of getting infected. If you do the same thing in late May or June, however, you do not run the same risk at all,” Britton said.

Jan Albert, a professor of infectious disease control at the Karolinska Institute, stated that there was a lack of conclusive data, as few tests have been available to the general population so far, but called Britton's projections “not at all unreasonable”. Albert also anticipates the infection to peak in April.

“Right now most people expect an active spread of infection, which is heading towards some kind of peak. Whether it is a single peak or if more are to come, we do not know,” Albert mused.

In tackling the coronavirus epidemic, Sweden has long been an outlier in the EU, imposing no lockdowns and content with only voluntary restrictions built on the so-called “Swedish model” where citizens are assumed to possess a deeply ingrained respect for the authorities. Apart from a few restraints, such as a limit on gatherings of over 50 people, Sweden largely continues to run as usual, with schools and preschools still open.
コロナウイルスの蔓延に取り組む上で、スウェーデンは長い間EUの外れ値であり、市民が当局に根深い敬意を抱いていると想定されるいわゆる「スウェーデンモデル」に基づいた自発的な制限のみで、封鎖やコンテンツを課していません。 50人以上の集まりの制限など、いくつかの制限はありますが、スウェーデンは学校や幼稚園がまだ開校しているため、おおむね通常通り運営されています。

While the number of infected people is comparable with its neighbours, Sweden has seen 239 deaths, most of them in the 80-90 age bracket. Still, this is more than ten times the figure recorded in neighbouring Finland, and even more than in the rest of the Scandinavian nations combined.

Greater Stockholm has been the most affected area of the country, spurring calls to impose a lockdown on the capital area. However, only 18 percent of Stockholmers support the idea, SVT reported.

According to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, the infection curve is only starting to get steep.

“If you look at the last month in Sweden, we have had a relatively flat curve but now we're having a fairly steep upturn,” Tegnell told the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the global number of COVID-19 cases was likely to reach 1 million within the next few days, with 50,000 fatalities.

Dutch Navy submarine aborts North Sea training mission due to Covid-19 outbreak on board
A Dutch combat submarine was forced to cut its voyage short and quickly return home after several of its crew members tested positive for the Covid-19 disease.
The mission was aborted after 15 sailors on board the Walrus-class submarine HNLMS 'Dolfijn' showed flu-like symptoms. Eight of them later tested positive for Covid-19, the Dutch Defense Ministry said.

‘No such plan’: Modi govt dismisses report it’s considering extension of coronavirus lockdown beyond April 14
New Delhi has denied that it has been considering an extension of the 21-day lockdown for a week, with fears mounting that a massive migrant exodus is bound to undermine the effect of the measure.
India has been in a state of a complete lockdown since March 25, after Indian PM Narendra Modi announced sweeping restrictions on movement and ordered all non-essential commerce to shut down.
Public transport came to a screeching halt, with most states banning inter-state bus routes, railway lines and, in some cases, private transport, including buses and auto-rickshaws. While the measure was aimed at emptying the streets of people – quite a challenge for the world’s second-most-populous country of over 1.3 billion residents – the move backfired, as it saw thousands of migrant workers setting off on a long journey home, including on foot.
The sight of scores of workers, now jobless, roaming the streets without much money or food, has sparked concerns that the lockdown might not be that effective and prompted authorities to provide buses for the stranded migrants to take them home.

Russia Now Has Three Drugs That Can Help Treat COVID-19 – Russian Academy of Sciences

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian state-owned military corporation Rostec is now developing a portable mini-laboratory for coronavirus diagnostics, Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

Russian PM Orders Suspension of Border Crossing by Car, Rail Starting 30 March

Workers in protective suits disinfect Dolmabahce Palace due to coronavirus concerns in Istanbul
Istanbul Nearly Deserted Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - VideoTurkey is suspending air travel with other countries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on 27 March.
Istanbul is almost empty as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on citizens to go into "voluntary quarantine" due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A day earlier, Turkey registered 2,069 new cases of the coronavirus in 24 hours, bringing the total number of positive cases to 5,698, according to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.
Turkish authorities have banned people aged over 65 from going outside due to the risk of infection.


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WATCH thousands of Ukrainians swarm border to get back home ahead of coronavirus lockdown
27 Mar, 2020 21:35 / Updated 1 hour ago
With Ukraine’s borders scheduled to slam shut to cope with the Covid-19 contagion, thousands of Ukrainians who had been working in Europe risked infection by crowding at crossings to get back into the country.
Endless lines of mostly men, many wearing face masks but some without, waited for hours at border crossings between Ukraine and Poland on Friday, hours before the lockdown was to take effect. RT’s news agency Ruptly captured some of the footage in Lublin Voivodeship, on the Polish side of the crossing in Dorohusk.
Similar scenes unfolded at other border crossings, with photos widely shared on social media showing tightly packed crowds – the exact opposite of “social distancing” advised across the world as the best way to slow the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

'No new patients until release': WATCH staff protest KIDNAPPING of Haiti hospital chief as Covid-19 takes root in country
The chief surgeon and director at one of Haiti’s major hospitals was kidnapped on his way into work, triggering protests from the facility’s staff, who have refused to take any new patients until the doctor is freed.
The surgeon, Dr Jerry Bitar, was abducted soon after leaving his home for the Bernard Mevs hospital in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince on Friday, an administrator at the facility told Reuters. Crowds gathered outside the hospital to demand Bitar’s release, chanting slogans and declining treatment for any new arrivals.
“Hospital staff decided not to take any new cases for the time being,” said the administrator, Carla Puzo, adding: “We will continue to look after those already here.”

First train with medical supplies for Europe leaves Wuhan as China eases Covid-19 lockdown
28 Mar, 2020 08:04 / Updated 1 hour ago
Beijing has resumed its railway freight service between Wuhan and Europe by delivering medical aid to Germany as authorities work to lift strict quarantine measures after the number of new cases Covid-19 dropped.
A train loaded with medical supplies and construction materials has left a station in Wuhan, the capital city of China's central Hubei Province, and is set to arrive in the city of Duisburg in Germany in two weeks, Chinese outlet the Global Times reported on Saturday. The delivery will be the first China-EU cargo freight operation from Wuhan since the city was placed under strict quarantine in January after the Covid-19 outbreak.

[ワシントン 25日 ロイター] - 米首都ワシントンDC当局は、新型コロナウイルスの感染防止のため、生活に必須の業種を除くすべての企業の閉鎖を命じた。期間は25日夜から1カ月。

※ シリア国旗NadieHarbiehシリア国旗@HarbiehNadieの2020/3/25のツイート
#Syrian government issued a decision to enforce a nighttime curfew across #Syria from 6 PM to 6 AM as of Wednesday 25/03/2020, with all commercial activities and shops to be closed completely during curfew times for confronting the #Coronavirus (#COVID19) #fightcoronatogether

モスクワ、3月24日-RIAニュース。18:33 03.24.2020(更新:18:46 03.24.2020)

Egypt imposes nighttime curfew, partially closes shops to fight coronavirus spread

The Egyptian government has imposed a two-week long curfew and is shutting down shops and restaurants to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the country.
The curfew will be in force between 7pm and 6am starting Wednesday and apply to all citizens and transport, Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly announced in a televised address. Violators would be subjected to fines and prison terms.
Businesses will have to stay shut between 5pm and 6am on all days except Fridays and Saturdays, when they will not be allowed to open at all. Supermarkets, pharmacies and bakeries however will be exempt.

India to go into COMPLETE lockdown from midnight – PM Modi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the country will go into complete lockdown for a period of 21 days beginning on Wednesday after midnight.
“If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days, we will be pushed back 21 years,” Modi said.
There will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes.
The country had been in a partial lockdown for several days, with the so-called ‘janta curfew’ imposed throughout the country to restrict the freedom of movement in the hopes of stemming the tide of infection, but Modi announced the decision to extend both the scale and length of the lockdown in a televised address on Tuesday.

Germany-bound shipment of 6 MILLION face masks vanishes in Kenya

A shipment of face masks, ordered by Germany to protect health workers battling the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, has mysteriously vanished in Kenya. It remains unclear whether the batch was stolen or simply misplaced.
The German military confirmed the loss of the shipment on Tuesday. The batch of six million FFP2 protective masks was due to arrive in Germany on March 20, but it went missing at an airport in Kenya.
“The authorities are trying to find out what happened,” a defense ministry spokesperson said, confirming earlier reports by German media. The Kenyan Airports Authority (KAA) told Reuters it was still “assessing the situation.”
It remains unclear how – and why – the shipment ended up in the east African country in the first place, as the masks are said to have been produced by a German company. It was also not immediately clear whether the six million masks were stolen or somehow got lost in transit.

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Germany’s Covid-19 cases jump by 2,705 in one day as death toll hits 47
The number of Covid-19 cases in Germany has climbed by 2,705 to 16,662 and the death toll has hit 47 after 16 fresh fatalities were reported on Saturday.
The Robert Koch Institute announced the stark figure on Saturday morning and it is based on data collected up until midnight on Friday.
The federal agency, which is responsible for disease control and prevention in Germany, said a total of 47 people have died after testing positive for the illness, an increase of 16 from Friday’s tally.

Spain’s Covid-19 death toll jumps by over 300 in one day, number of cases nears 25,000
The death toll from the Covid-19 illness in Spain has hit 1,326, an increase of over 300 in just one day, as the coronavirus crisis deepens in Europe.
The Spanish health ministry announced that the number of Covid-19 cases in the Iberian country climbed to 24,926 on Saturday, an increase of nearly 5,000 from Friday’s tally of 19,980.
Speaking on Friday, Spanish health emergencies chief, Fernando Simon, said that the number of infected people could actually be higher than reported as the test laboratories are “overwhelmed” and unable to process all of the samples.

Italy coronavirus death toll hits 4,825 as 793 die in ONE DAY in biggest daily increase
The death toll from the Covid-19 illness in Italy has nearly reached 5,000, as health authorities reported on Saturday that another 793 people have fallen victim to the coronavirus.
Saturday’s staggering increase of nearly 20 percent is by far the largest daily rise since the outbreak began a month ago.
Officials announced that 4,825 people have died from the disease in the Mediterranean nation, which surpassed China to become the worst-hit country in the world on Thursday.
The total number of cases across Italy rose to 53,578, an increase of over 5,000 from a previous tally of 47,021.
The worst-affected region of Lombardy remains in a critical situation, with 3,095 deaths and 25,515 cases. The situation in the region has become so severe that the Italian military had to move dozens of coffins from the cemetery in the town of Bergamo to other areas because local funeral providers were overwhelmed.

ロシア スペイン旅行後自己隔離をせず多数の者と接触した女性教員が感染判明。投獄される可能性も。
‘Doctor Death’: Russian INFECTIONS expert faces jail for hiding trip to Spain & potentially EXPOSING countless people to Covid-19
A leading infectious diseases specialist in Russia’s southern Stavropol region endangered the lives of dozens of her colleagues and students by failing to self-quarantine after a holiday in Spain, where she contracted coronavirus.
Instead of self-isolating for at least 14 days, following her brief trip, Professor Irina Sannikova spent a whole week giving lectures and meeting fellow doctors and medical students - even attending a scientific conference - before she felt sick and was hospitalized with pneumonia on March 17.



One Iranian dies of coronavirus every 10 minutes, 50 get infected every hour – health ministry

Stay near home & no cycling: France tightens Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to ‘max 2km from home’

Germany calls up reservists to fight coronavirus

Saudi Arabia limits worship at Mecca & Medina mosques, risking tighter crowds amid coronavirus pandemic
サウジアラビアでまだ祈りのために開かれている礼拝所は、メッカとメディナのモスクのみ。 他のすべてのモスクでは集合による祈りが中止されている。

New Delhi to impose 1-week ban on commercial flight landings in India as it cracks down on coronavirus


※ Syrian Girlシリア国旗@Partisangirl氏の2020/3/20のツイート
The US increase of sanctions on #Iran and #Syria during #coronavirus crisis truly reveals the depth of evil , demonic and inhuman nature of their deep state.
The world is witness to their shame.

Worldwide coronavirus deaths surpass 9,000 – AFP新コロナウィルスによる世界の死者9000人を超す


共同2020/3/20 19:31 (JST)3/20 19:43 (JST)updated

Several media outlets previously claimed that the Russian capital was on lockdown or would be closed soon amid coronavirus fears, but the reports were later debunked.
Moscow being shut down over the global COVID-19 pandemic is not on the agenda, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.
"Not being discussed right now", the official said when asked if the issue of the capital's shutdown was being reviewed by the government.
So far, Russia has confirmed 199 cases of COVID-19, with one fatality. Addressing the disease, the authorities cancelled mass events and imposed travel bans, also organising mass medical testing.

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping.
March 19, 2020 18:15
The presidents thoroughly discussed the situation around the coronavirus pandemic, given that Russia and China established close cooperation in fighting the infection from the very outset.
The Russian side highly assessed the results achieved by the Chinese leadership and the Chinese people in countering the spread of the disease.
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping spoke in favour of further mutual assistance and deeper cooperation in healthcare and the development of new medicines.
In addition, the leaders exchanged opinions on a number of other aspects of promoting friendly Russian-Chinese relations.
何だろう? 石油問題?

‘US wasted precious time China has bought!’ Beijing shreds Washington over ‘racist’ coronavirus rhetoric
Washington has passed off blame to Beijing for its own failures in addressing the Covid-19 outbreak, China’s Foreign Ministry said, hitting back at the ‘Chinese virus’ rhetoric with the ironic term ‘Trumpandemic’.
“Some people in the United States attempt to stigmatize China's fight against the epidemic and shirk its responsibility to China,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told reporters on Friday, referring to the finger-pointing adopted by President Trump and other top officials (after weeks of US media outlets calling it the 'Chinese' and 'Wuhan' virus).

Pentagon sends 2,600 Europe-based personnel into QUARANTINE after 35 test positive for coronavirus

RT 20 Mar, 2020 17:35 / Updated 10 hours ago
‘You are NOT invincible’: WHO chiefs give desperate warning to world's youth about Covid-19
Though coronavirus has disproportionately affected the elderly and infirm, the chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has issued a stark warning to younger generations: “You are not invincible.”

"Data from many countries clearly show that people under 50 make up a significant proportion of patients requiring hospitalization," the agency's director-general said at a press briefing on Friday.

He then urged young people directly to take the threat of Covid-19 seriously: "This coronavirus could put you in hospital for weeks, or even kill you.”

Tedros added that even if younger people show mild or even no symptoms after contracting the virus, “the choices you make about where you go could be the difference between life and death for someone else.”

His WHO colleague Michael Ryan emphasized the point by insisting people should not consider anything about the viral outbreak as 'normal.'
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