NHKが流すべきを流さず 嘘を流し始めた: ずくなしの冷や水


NHKが流すべきを流さず 嘘を流し始めた

‘Training text’: NHK explains its retracted news bulletin saying North Korea had fired a missile into the sea off Japan
Japan’s broadcaster NHK reported a missile launch from North Korea, stating the projectile was estimated to have fallen some 2,000 km off Hokkaido's coast. The news, however, was retracted shortly afterwards.

The erroneous report of the missile launch was issued by Japan’s national broadcaster late on Thursday. A few minutes later it posted an update, stating the news flash was “incorrect,” causing a greater confusion.

Later in the day, the NHK explained that a “training text, not an actual fact,” had been posted in error, extending an apology to its viewers and the general public.

The timing of the 'training' exercise gone wrong could not have been worse, as the situation on the Korean peninsula remains tense. Prior to the Christmas holidays, Kim Jong-un issued a cryptic warning to the US about getting possible “Christmas gifts.” America’s beefing up of military might and its repeated threats have long been angering Pyongyang.

While US President Donald Trump suggested the presents hinted-at might actually be something “nice,” like a “beautiful vase,” the US military said it was being particularly watchful over the “gifts” on the Christmas Eve. Its festivities, however, were not impeded by any North Korean missiles… or vases.
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