YouTubeがシリア政府関連のチャンネルを閉じる: ずくなしの冷や水



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#Youtube shuts down all pro Syrian channels including, Sama TV, Syrian MoD, Sana news agency, Syrian presidency

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YouTube has shut down all Syrian government channels today.

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YouTube has shut down all pro-Syrian channels just as the fight to free Idlib from the clutches of Al-Qaeda terrorists begins.
Silencing Syrian voices only benefits jihadists and those who want to keep Syria in constant turmoil.

Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack
A number of Syrian state and media-linked YouTube accounts have gone dark, as the battle for Idlib looms amid Russia’s warnings of an imminent false-flag chemical attack and Western preparations for retaliatory strikes.

On Saturday afternoon, the channels belonging to the Syrian presidency, the country’s Ministry of Defense, and SANA news all showed a message saying: “This account has been terminated due to a legal complaint,” or “This account has been terminated for a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service.”

The Damascus-based Sana TV's channel on YouTube also appeared to be taken down, with a message reading: “This page isn't available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.”

While YouTube has yet to issue a comment on the matter, it appears that the Syrian channels went offline sometime on Saturday morning, just as Gen. Joseph Dunford warned that the Pentagon is preparing and keeping Donald Trump informed about “military options” for retaliation in case “chemical weapons are used” in Syria.

The US has made it abundantly clear that it is ready to attack Syria, should chemical weapons come into play in the government's operation to clear the remaining pockets of jihadist resistance in Idlib. Moscow believes that terrorists holed up in Idlib will try to stage a false-flag attack to frame Damascus and justify further air strikes against Syria. It has warned the US against escalating the situation in the war-torn country.

On Saturday, the Russian military said it had obtained “irrefutable” data that terrorist groups, including Jabhat Al-Nusra, and the infamous White Helmets, had already met in Idlib province and plotted the final scenarios for a false-flag chemical attacks in the cities of Jisr ash-Shugur, Serakab, Taftanaz and Sarmin.

The US and its allies have repeatedly stressed their readiness to strike Syria if any attack takes place, ignoring all of Russia’s warnings. In late August, American forces deployed missile destroyer USS ‘Ross’ to the Mediterranean and USS ‘The Sullivans’ to the Persian Gulf. The preparation of US military forces was condemned by Russia, with its Defense Ministry describing the move as “the latest evidence of the US intention” to take advantage of a false-flag attack.

YouTube offers cryptic explanation on shutdown of Syrian gov’t channels

The video-sharing giant took down four Syrian state-run YouTube channels, including two channels belonging to state media and the official account of the Syrian president, amid escalating tensions in the militant-held province of Idlib and warnings by the Russian military that the White Helmets may stage a new false flag chemical attack.

Asked to comment on the shutdown, which users reported over the weekend, a YouTube spokesperson provided Sputnik with the following statement: “YouTube complies with all applicable sanctions and trade compliance laws – including with respect to content created and uploaded by restricted entities. If we find that an account violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, we disable it.”

Earlier, the TomoNews US outlet claimed that the Syrian government-affiliated accounts may have been shut down for generating ad revenue, which if true would be a violation of US sanctions against Damascus.

Former President Barack Obama signed an executive order in 2011 prohibiting US entities from “engaging in business” with any “Syrian state-owned” entity.

The four government-affiliated channels and their hundreds of videos’ worth of content have been deleted, replaced with the message: “This account has been terminated for a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.” As for PresidencyCy, the channel of the Syrian presidency, the deleted channel displays the message: “This account has been terminated due to a legal complaint.”

YouTube’s decision prompted scorn among some social media users, who said that the deleted channels, including that of the Syrian Arab News Agency and the Syrian Defense Ministry, provided them with an alternative perspective on the Syrian conflict to that put forth by Western governments and media.

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