Source: Drones Attacking Humeimim Airbase Made in West: ずくなしの冷や水


Source: Drones Attacking Humeimim Airbase Made in West

Source: Drones Attacking Humeimim Airbase Made in West
TEHRAN (FNA)- The drones that have been attacking the Russia-run Humeimim airbase in Western Syria have been made in the western states, including the US, a military source revealed on Tuesday, adding that drone attacks on the military airport have been underway for three days now.

A mid-ranking military source from the coastal province of Lattakia reported that the Russian air defense units continue to intercept unidentified combat and reconnaissance drones flying near Humeimim military airport.

The sources further said that the air defense has repelled several drone attacks on Humeimim in the last three day.

In the meantime, the English-language website of Sputnik quoted a source in the Syrian Army as reporting that the targeted drones near Humeimim airbase have gone under test sand study, confirming that the drones' parts were made in the western states.

The report further said that five of the downed drones were more likely used for spying operation over Humeimim.

“The drones were invisible to conventional radars, because they were made of wood, plastic and modern innovative materials. Despite the deliberate use of these innovation technologies, the UAVs were detected by the Russian military,” the source stressed.

It explained that first and foremost, the drones were tracked by the Russian-made photodetectors and secondly, adding to the UAV’s destruction were the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) who are specifically tasked with protecting the territory around the Humeimim base.

“After NDF fighters found out that the drones were flowing at low altitude, they shot down two UAVs with the help of Kalashnikov assault rifles,” the source added.

Well-informed sources disclosed on Sunday that the Russian Air Defense Units fended off one of the largest drone attacks on the Russia-run Humeimim military airport in Lattakia province.

The sources said that the air defense units fired over 10 missiles at several attack drones that raided Humeimim airbase in the coastal province of Lattakia in Western Syria.

The sources went on to say that the air defense intercepted most of the drones, adding that it was the largest drone attack on Humeimim since December 31st last year.

The Humeimim airbase has come under several drone attacks in the last month.

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