サウジ国王のモスクワ訪問 どんなだったんだろう: ずくなしの冷や水


サウジ国王のモスクワ訪問 どんなだったんだろう

サウジ国王のモスクワ訪問の総括記事が出るのを待っていましたが、まとまったものにまだ接していません。次はUAEの通信社The Nationalの報道からの抜粋です。

1 Saudi Arabia and Russia yesterday agreed to expand their cooperation beyond energy and work together to end the conflict in Syria and galvanise defence manufacturing in the kingdom to create local jobs and boost diversification efforts, following a historic meeting at the Kremlin between King Salman and Vladimir Putin.

2 Saudi’s economy is expected to return to growth next year thanks to expansion in its oil GDP, the IMF said yesterday. The kingdom is undertaking massive economic transformation plans aimed at diversifying its oil income and creating new revenue streams to cope with the low oil price era, a strategy led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This year non-oil GDP is forecast to grow 1.7 per cent this year, according to the IMF.

3 Ahead of his departure, King Salman was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, which is run by the Russian foreign ministry.

4 On Saturday, Saudi minister of environment, water and agriculture Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al Fadhli met with his Russian counterpart, Aleksandr Tkachev, the official Saudi Press Agency (Spa) said. During the meeting, the two men discussed increased co-operation on agriculture and the export of Russian agricultural products to the kingdom, including grain and livestock.

5 Russian state media said the visit represented a recognition by Riyadh that Moscow’s influence is on the rise in the Middle East after Mr Putin’s military intervention in Syria changed the balance of power in favour of president Bashar Al Assad. Saudi Arabia is backing rebel groups in Syria.

6 King Salman insisted in Moscow that Iran, which is allied with Russia in Syria, ends its “interference” in the Gulf and the wider Middle East. The Saudis are also angry over Iranian backing for the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

7 “We emphasise that the security and stability of the Gulf region and the Middle East is an urgent necessity for achieving stability and security in Yemen. This would demand that Iran give up interference with the internal affairs of the region, to give up actions destabilising the situation in this region,” King Salman said at the Kremlin.

8 But the Saudi king made no mention of Riyadh's long-held position that Mr Al Assad would have to step down before any peace deal could be reached in Syria. Mr Lavrov said during the visit that Saudi Arabia had expressed its support for a Russian-backed plan to establish so-called "de-escalation" zones in Syria with the support of Iran and Turkey. Riyadh had previously been opposed to the plan because of Iran's role.



サウジ国王 シリア戦争の政治的解決を支持と表明

サウジ外相 対ロシア経済制裁は近く解除されるとの見方


Russia ready to mediate talks between Saudi Arabia & Iran – deputy FM
Russia is ready and willing to mediate in establishing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov has stated.

"We tried several times and offered [to help Iran and Saudi Arabia sit down at the negotiating table], but we do not impose our intermediary role," Bogdanov told reporters.

“But we have always told our partners in both Saudi Arabia and Iran that we are ready to provide both a platform for contacts and friendly services."

Bogdanov added that Moscow has always highlighted the need to resolve the issues between the two countries.

"Many problems would have been much easier to resolve had there been mutual understanding and trust between Tehran and Riyadh," Bogdanov said.

He added that the situation in the entire region, especially regarding antiterrorism efforts, depends on mutual understanding and cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Bogdanov stressed that Russia always tells Saudi Arabia and Iran that it is ready to report something from one side to another or to organize their bilateral contacts. "These proposals remain on the table both with our Saudi and Iranian partners," he said.

In May, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism and seeking confrontational policies in the region. He was responding to comments by the Saudi deputy crown prince, who earlier ruled out dialogue with Tehran. Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud, the kingdom’s defense minister, said it was impossible to mend relations between his country and Iran due to Tehran’s “extremist ideology” and ambitions to “control the Islamic world.”

Diplomatic ties between the two countries were severed in 2016 after Iranian protesters attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran, following the execution of prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia's foreign minister responded by accusing Iran of setting up “terrorist cells” inside the kingdom. Iran then issued a warning that “divine vengeance” would come to Saudi Arabia as a punishment for Nimr’s execution as well as for Riyadh’s bombings in Yemen and support for the Bahraini government.

In February of this year, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, while on a visit to Saudi ally Kuwait, said that Tehran would like to restore relations and improve ties with all its Gulf Arab neighbors.

One area where Moscow and Riyadh disagree is Iran’s involvement in Syria.

Riyadh, a main backer of the Syrian opposition, is against the actions of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Hezbollah group in Syria. According to Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir, these groups influence the situations in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf countries, and Yemen, and have no place in Syria or any other part of the world. Riyadh’s primary objective has been to put an end to Iran’s involvement in the region.
Meanwhile, Russia has argued that Iran and Hezbollah are operating in Syria at the official request of President Bashar Assad.

“We don’t see Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. We believe that both of them [Iran and Hezbollah] – like Russia’s air forces – came to Syria following the request of the legitimate government,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed in April.
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