Russia Warns US Against Lethal Arms Deliveries to Ukraine: ずくなしの冷や水


Russia Warns US Against Lethal Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

Russia Warns US Against Lethal Arms Deliveries to Ukraine
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States against lethal arms deliveries to Ukraine, saying that it might worsen the situation in the country.

Possible deliveries of US lethal weapons to Ukraine will not change the situation, but this may lead to an increase in the number of victims, provoke the use of military force in other territories, Putin said during a press conference on the results of the BRICS summit on Tuesday, Sputnik reported.

"This [the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine] is the sovereign decision of the United States as to whom they sell arms or supply them to for free, and of the country that is the recipient of this aid. We cannot influence this process in any way. But there are general international rules and approaches − the supply of weapons to the conflict zone does not favor the pacification, but only aggravates the situation," Putin stated.

According to him, "there is one more thing to pay attention to − who is encouraging such ideas".

"This is because the self-proclaimed republics have enough weapons, including those seized from the opposing side, from nationalist battalions. And if American weapons enter the conflict zone, it is difficult to say how the proclaimed republics will react − maybe they will send the weapons they have to other zones of conflict that are sensitive to those who create problems for them," Putin warned.

On Thursday, during his visit to Kiev in honor of Ukraine's Independence Day, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis stressed that the US was "actively reviewing" the supply of "defensive lethal weapons" to Ukraine.

In recent weeks, US officials have floated Javelin anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft weapons among the kinds of "defensive" weapons that the US may send Kiev.

At his press conference, Mattis confirmed that the US has already agreed to supply the country with an additional $175 million worth of non-lethal equipment and supplies, for a total of $750 million over the last three years.

Early August, Russia’s foreign ministry warned that a reported US plan to supply lethal arms to Kiev will escalate the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, adding that the alleged defensive nature of the weaponry doesn’t mean Washington wouldn’t be responsible for a potential spike of violence.

“The masterminds of the plan to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, apparently, proceed from the assumption that the situation in the east of this country isn’t explosive enough already and that it’s needed to add fuel to the fire,” Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of the Russian foreign ministry’s Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, said.

The diplomat pointed out that “references to the fact that the talk is only about the supply of weapons of a defensive nature don’t change the essence of the matter.”

The government in Kiev has “no one to defend from” because the forces in the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk “aren’t making any attempts to expand their territory,”Ulyanov stressed.

The reported US move only would escalate the violence as “those circles in Ukraine, who are inclined to bet on the military scenario, would probably perceive the American deliveries as an encouragement of military hostilities,” he explained.

“The responsibility for this development would fall not only on Kiev, but on Washington as well,” Ulyanov emphasized.

Kremlin press-secretary, Dmitry Peskov, also pointed out the counterproductive nature of the reported plans to supply lethal arms to Ukraine.

“Our stance is well-known: we believe that all countries, especially those that are looking to be part of the settlement [of the Ukrainian conflict], must avoid any sort of actions which can provoke another spike in tensions in the already difficult region,”Peskov stressed.

Russia had also warned late July that a possible US decision to funnel lethal weapons to Ukraine would set back peace efforts and fuel Ukraine’s persistent civil war.

The Wall Street Journal had reported that the Pentagon and the US State Department have prepared a plan to supply Ukraine with antitank missiles and other weaponry. The unnamed high-ranked officials cited by the publication claimed that Kiev would require the American “defensive arms” to protect itself from possible aggression by Moscow.

Ukraine has repeatedly asked Washington for arms supplies, with the issue being discussed during talks between president Donald Trump and Ukrainian president Poroshenko in June. The sources said though, that the plan has not been approved by the White House with Trump being unaware of the move.
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