インドネシア、マレーシア、フィリッピンがテロに警戒を強める: ずくなしの冷や水



Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines deploy navy, fighter jets to jointly combat terrorism

Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines have launched joint operations in the Sulu Sea off the north coast of Borneo, amid fears that the Islamist insurgency in the southern Philippines might spread throughout the region.

The Indonesian military said the joint maneuvers, which began on Monday from Tarakan island in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, were “in the spirit and centrality of ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations], in maintaining stability in the region in the face of non-traditional threats such as piracy, kidnapping, terrorism and other transnational crimes in regional waters,” read a statement to the media as quoted by the Straits Times.

Ministers and top army officials from the three countries, as well as defense ministers from Brunei and Singapore, attended the ceremonies which kicked off the mainly naval-based operation, although land and air forces are taking part as well.

A new Maritime Command Centre (MCC) was also inaugurated at Tarakan, at a ceremony witnessed by officials from all three countries. Tarakan is a port city just south of Borneo and facing the conflict-wracked island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

Additional command centers are also being planned in Tawau in Malaysia, on Borneo, and in Bongao in the Philippines.

"We see these functioning as a triangle, like a spider's web, where everything inside the triangle will be monitored," Indonesian military chief General Gatot Nurmantyo said as cited by Reuters.

There has been renewed concern over Islamist activity in south-east Asia, particularly after extremists overran the city of Marawi on Mindanao island, Philippines nearly a month ago.

The attack on Marawi was carried out by the IS-affiliated Maute group, which together with other extremist groups like Abu Sayyaf have been carrying out terrorist attacks in the region, as well as other crimes such as hostage-taking, extortion and piracy.

Philippine Army Launches New Anti-ISIL Offensive in Marawi
TEHRAN (FNA)- Philippine warplanes bombed ISIL terrorist group positions and ground troops launched a renewed push against the militants holed up in a Southern city.

The country’s military spokesman said the aim of the operation was to wrap up the fighting before the weekend Eid festival, Al Waght reported.

The offensive came amid worry that ISIL reinforcements could arrive after Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Fighting in Marawi City has entered a fifth week, and nearly 350 people have been killed, according to an official count. Fleeing residents have said they have seen scores of bodies in the debris of homes destroyed in bombing and cross-fire.

"We are aiming to clear Marawi by the end of Ramadan," said military spokesman Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla, as army and police commanders met in nearby Cagayan de Oro city to reassess strategy and operations against the militants, who claim allegiance to ISIS terrorist group.

"We cannot definitely say when we could end this because we are fighting door to door and there are booby traps which pose danger to our troops."

The seizure of Marawi has alarmed Southeast Asian nations which fear ISIL terrorist group, facing defeat in Iraq and Syria, is trying to set up a stronghold in the southern Philippines that could threaten the whole region.

Fighting was intense early on Tuesday as security forces made a push to drive the militants, entrenched in Marawi's commercial district, south towards a lake on the edge of the city.

Planes flew overhead, dropping bombs while on the ground, automatic gunfire was sustained with occasional blasts from bombs and artillery. Armoured vehicles fired volleys of shells while the militants responded with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades.

On Monday, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines began joint naval patrols in their region amid increasing threats from militant groups.

The "trilateral coordinated maritime patrol" was launched as authorities tried to stop any fighters from Marawi escaping to Indonesia while posing as refugees, Indonesia's military chief Gatot Nurmantyo said.

Fighting in the predominantly Muslims city of Marawi, 830 kilometers South of Manila started as a response to a botched military operation to capture wanted ISIL ringleader Isnilon Hapilon.

Fighters from the ISIL-affiliated Maute group continue to engage security forces in fierce battles while controlling parts of the city.

ISIS-linked militants storm school, take hostages in south Philippines village

Several residents have reportedly been taken hostage and used as human shields after armed terrorists stormed a village in the Cotabato province of the Philippines, according to local police.

Government troops are now engaging members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) after the terrorists overran the village of Malagakit, located just outside of Pigcawayan town, Chief Inspector Realan Mamon said.

Pigcawayan Mayor Eliseo Garsesa said that about 200 armed men entered the Christian-Muslim village early Wednesday morning. Police earlier estimated that around 300 Islamist fighters raided the locality.

The police chief confirmed that the militants entered the village shortly after 5:00am on Wednesday.

"We can confirm that they occupied a school and there were civilians trapped. We are in the process of determining how many were trapped and their identities," Mamon said, according to Reuters.

The mayor revealed that authorities had received intelligence reports about text message chatter that the “armed groups were coming.” Garsesa, however, said that such messages were common, and it could not always be verified, the Manila Times reports.

The militants are holding 12 hostages – 6 adult males and six children, according to the Manila Bulletin. The ongoing fighting resulted in the wounding of at least one auxiliary force soldier of the armed forces, known as CAFGU.

Government troops managed to push back the initial jihadist attack, but ISIS-linked fighters managed to take at least five people hostage as they retreated, according to a spokesperson for the Army’s 6th Infantry Division.

“But as they (BIFF fighters) were escaping, they took some civilians hostage and [used them as] human shields,” Capt. Arvin Encinas, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

So far, the Philippines Army has been unable to determine whether students and teachers were among the captives.

Mamon, also could not confirm initial reports that students were being held hostage after the terrorists reportedly occupied a local school.

“We are still verifying that report,” Mamon told the Inquirer by telephone.

For almost a month now, the Philippines army has been battling radical Islamist militants in Marawi, the capital of the country’s second largest island, Mindanao.

Apart from the main Maute terror group, which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), there are around 20 other foreign and local jihadist cells, including BIFF, operating in Mindanao, Solicitor General Jose Calida revealed on Monday.

“In addition to ISIS-linked local rebel groups, there are also ISIS cell groups that operate all over Mindanao. These cell groups conduct coordinated attacks with the aforesaid rebel groups,” Calida said.

The death toll from the fighting in the Philippines has so far surpassed 300 casualties. Some 225 militants, 59 soldiers and 26 civilians have been killed in the clashes according to official government figures.

On Tuesday, president Rodrigo Duterte warned of a full-scale civil war if the ongoing violence spills into other parts of Mindanao. He urged the local separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which was recently offered some kind of autonomy, to “take care of the area they want” and join the fight against foreign-influenced Maute and other terrorist cells.

“Because if there’s civil war, there would be killings. Here in Mindanao, there are more Christians and they have better guns. They are buying. The rich ones, they’re stockpiling guns,” Duterte said, according to the Inquirer. “That’s what’s dangerous. To prevent a communal war, we really need to stop this.”
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