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Congratulations to @jeremycorbyn




May & Corbyn visit site of London tower fire, but PM avoids talking to survivors
A tale of two leaders. Prime Minister Theresa May made a private visit to the site of the Grenfell Tower blaze on Thursday, limiting her interactions to emergency workers. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, met with survivors and volunteers.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is now a more popular choice for prime minister than the Conservative leader Theresa May, according to a recent poll.

According to YouGov pollsters, 35 percent of those asked “who would make best prime minister” opted for Corbyn. PM May lagged a point behind at 34 percent. A third of respondents were not sure.

May has been under extreme pressure from the opposition and her own backbenchers to improve her performance after her disastrous result in the snap election.

The electoral gamble, aimed at strengthening the government’s hand, left the Tories without a majority in the House of Commons. She was reportedly given 10 days to “shape up” or step down.

In the week ahead of Election Day (June 5 to June 7), a similar poll on who would make the best PM put May ahead on 43 percent. Corbyn fared at 32 percent.

May’s response to the Grenfell Tower disaster is believed to be partly at fault for the fall in support, as the PM failed to meet victims on the day following the blaze.

She was heckled while attempting to exit a response center where she eventually met Grenfell families, away from the prying eyes of the press.
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