北朝鮮ミサイルのサリン運搬可能説はシンゾー独自の見解か 人民日報が北朝鮮の応戦で韓国に核汚染の恐れがあると警告: ずくなしの冷や水


北朝鮮ミサイルのサリン運搬可能説はシンゾー独自の見解か 人民日報が北朝鮮の応戦で韓国に核汚染の恐れがあると警告

North Korean missiles may be capable of delivering sarin nerve gas, says Japan’s prime minister amid concerns that the hermit state may respond to the US naval buildup in the region ahead of the 105th birthday of its late ruler Kim Il-sung.

Speaking to lawmakers, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said there is possibility that North Korea already has the capacity to equip missile warheads with sarin projectiles, according to Nikkei Asia Review.

He maintained that Pyongyang is rapidly improving its nuclear and missile technology, urging the international community “to stay united and make a drastic change in the way North Korea moves towards a dangerous road.” Abe said the Japanese Self-Defense Force has no emergency plan in that regard, but stressed “the deterrent of the US-Japan alliance.”

Later in the day, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said North Korea possesses “large stockpiles” of chemical weapons as well as industrial facilities to produce them, according to TASS.

The alarming news comes amid a massive US military build-up near the Korean Peninsula, the largest for several years. Previously, US President Donald Trump threatened to take unilateral action against Pyongyang with or without support from regional powers, ordering the aircraft carrier group ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to execute a show of force near North Korean waters.

This week, the White House issued another bellicose statement, saying US military assets in the region are not limited to the surface fleet. During a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, Trump told Xi he should inform North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that the US “doesn’t just have aircraft carriers, but also nuclear submarines,”according to Wall Street Journal.

“You cannot allow a country like that to have nuclear power, nuclear weapons,” Trump said. “That’s mass destruction. He doesn’t have the delivery systems yet, but he will.”

In turn, North Korea warned on Tuesday it would retaliate to any sign of American aggression with any means available.

“If the US dares opt for a military action, crying out for ‘pre-emptive attack’, [Pyongyang] is ready to react. We will hold the US wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,”said North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, as cited by AP.


‘Riskier than striking Syria’: Beijing warns US against attacking North Korea

China has warned the US against using military force against North Korea, after a surprise redeployment of an aircraft carrier group. Washington’s regional allies said they expect it to consult with them before any action.

Tension is mounting in the region as US President Donald Trump said he would solve the “North Korean problem” with or without China’s help. The warning came amid the diversion of the aircraft carrier group ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to the Korean Peninsula and a week after Trump ordered the US Navy to fire a barrage of 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase as punishment for an alleged chemical attack in Idlib province.

Responding to US belligerence, Beijing called against using force against Pyongyang.

“Military force cannot resolve the issue,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing. “Amid challenge there is opportunity. Amid tensions we will also find a kind of opportunity to return to talks.”

An editorial in the influential newspaper Global Times, which is published by the Chinese Communist Party’ People’s Daily, said the situation on the Korean Peninsula could not be compared to that of Syria.

“Taking military actions against North Korea is much more risky than launching a missile strike on Syria. Pyongyang is able to deal a heavy blow to South Korea. Regardless of Pyongyang's nuclear capability, a radiological dispersal device, or a ‘dirty bomb,’ if thrown on the South, will cause nuclear pollution, which will be unbearable to this US ally,” the newspaper warned.

The paper said Washington needs to accept the reality that it “has no power to put global affairs in order at the moment” and work with other leading world powers on the Korean situation through the UN Security Council, a body that the US has shun by the unilateral attack against Syria.

US allies in the region, South Korea and Japan, have both asked Washington to consult with them before taking military action against Pyongyang. Both countries station thousands of US troops on their territories.

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逆説的ですが、原発が動いている限りは、日本政府は差し迫った脅威を想定していないか、あるいは北朝鮮との内通によって、攻撃がないことを確信しているか? どちらかということでしょう。


まあ、何かの理由をつけて原発を停止する時までは、右往左往することもないし、あまり巻き込まれて恐れたり不安になったりする必要もないのではないかと? 目の前の状況に囚われるよりも、もっと大きくて、目に見えない世界の変化に意識を合わせた方が良さそうですね。
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