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Nuclear Engineer: My biggest concern is Fukushima plant will collapse… Concrete under reactors is being “eaten away”… “There’s ongoing chemical attacks” − Containment structures are tilting, in jeopardy of falling over (AUDIO)

Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer: “Yeah, it can happen − and that’s my biggest concern. Tepco is building a wall along the ocean… it’s trapping all this groundwater onsite, and essentially making the ground mushy… There’s already significant damage [to the reactor buildings] − the entire coast of Japan dropped three feet during that earthquake and never rebounded… But the Fukushima site didn’t fall straight, it fell at an angle, it’s about a two inch incline across the site now. So the buildings are in mushy ground and they’re not quite straight. The other part is that there’s a toxic brew of radioactive chemicals inside there, but there’s also just chemicals – they’re eating away at the concrete and they’re eating away at the steel. It’s a nasty chemical broth inside these plants. My fear is that if there’s a Richter 7 quake, not the Richter 9 that happened 6 years ago, if there’s a Richter 7 quake on that site it could breach those containments… The horse is out of the barn at that point… (discussion continues at 32:00 in) On toppling over… probably half the concrete inside the containment that was originally there has been eaten away by the hot radioactive fuel − and there’s ongoing chemical attacks − so I really think the concrete under the containment is pretty darn punky [“resembling punk in being soft or rotted”] right now, and is getting punkier as time goes on.”

Massive die-offs reported in Pacific Ocean − Officials: “No fish out there, anywhere, over a very large area”… “What’s happening? Where’s their food?” − “Alarming… Frightening… Total failure in reproduction… Like nothing we’ve ever observed before” (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima is “worst industrial cataclysm in history of world… As close to hell as I can imagine” − Melted fuel ‘disappeared’ − Contamination will go on for hundreds of thousands of years… “No one knows when it’ll end” − Gov’t perpetrating ongoing cover-up (VIDEO)

Fish leaking pus, covered in lesions, deformed along US West Coast − Fisherman: Nearly all fish caught affected; “I’ve never seen this… Some had pus all over body” − Official: So many are showing illness, environmental conditions could be a factor (PHOTOS)

Report: Nuclear fuel still burning through bottom of Fukushima plant? − Expert: Corium likely melted into earth… Will pour highly radioactive waste into ocean “for rest of time” − NYTimes: Fuel may never be removed, reactors to be entombed like Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Expert warns of collapse at Fukushima reactor: “It would be the end of Japan”… New photos show serious structural damage at Unit 2… “It’s a fantasy” that they can decommission plant − AP: Melted fuel has broken pieces of structure in containment vessel (VIDEO)
Nuclear Engineer: My biggest concern is Fukushima plant will collapse… Concrete under reactors is being “eaten away”… “There’s ongoing chemical attacks” − Containment structures are tilting, in jeopardy of falling over (AUDIO)

Nuclear Investigator: Worry over underground explosions at Fukushima − New data shows molten fuel is “dropping lower each day”, melting deeper into ground below plant − Disaster far worse than public being told − “Why aren’t we reading about this everywhere?”

Excerpts from a column by Robert Cringely (Cringely is a best-selling author and his work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, and Forbes. He wrote in 2009 that “there is a place for nuclear power in our energy future”.), Feb 17, 2017 (emphasis added):

Here’s why I am writing about this subject and why you should take me seriously. Back in 1979 I was hired by the White House to help investigate the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. My friend Robert Bishop, whom I consulted for this column, was the only American at Chernobyl.
I wrote… that the [Fukushima] accident was far worse than the public was being told and that it would take many decades − if ever − for the site to recover.
Well it’s six years later and, if anything, the Fukushima situation is even worse. Far from being over, the nuclear meltdown is continuing, the public health nightmare increasing. Why aren’t we reading about this everywhere?
The most recent evidence… means is there’s a puddle of molten uranium that has melted its way through the steel pressure vessel, through the reinforced concrete containment, through the reinforced concrete foundation of the nuclear facility, and is now working its way through whatever rock or soil lies underneath the foundation, dropping lower each day… If the molten uranium hits an underground aquifer, such a spread could get even worse.
There is no solution… but there are a few things that can be done to mitigate this crisis, with the main one being what’s being called an ice wall… The point of the ice wall is to contain the poison while also minimizing incursion of water. Starve the puddle of water, the idea goes, and just let the uranium do its thing… water is bad because the uranium’s heat will turn it into hydrogen and oxygen which will then explode. Why worry about such subterranean explosions? Think of it as fracking. Just as fracking uses explosions to release trapped natural gas, Fukushima-style fracking will fill the fractured rocks and their entrapped water with radioactivity. Here’s the important bit: These new radiation numbers show the uranium puddle is on the move, downward − ever downward. To be even minimally effective the ice wall has to go preferably deeper than the puddle. While the ice wall technique has been well publicized, its required depth hasn’t been. I’ll guarantee you right here that the ice wall doesn’t go deeper − not even close − because that would cost more than the Japanese utility and government are willing to pay. I’ll also guarantee you that 99.9 percent of the Japanese population doesn’t understand this danger.

TV: Explosion hits US nuclear plant − Officials declare emergency alert − “Fire shuts down reactor” − Gov’t conducting special investigation, possible “serious safety consequences” − “Atmospheric steam dumps” required (VIDEO)
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“It would be the end of Japan”
would be を使ってくれていますが、
実際は is と言いたいところでしょう。
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“Why aren’t we reading about this everywhere?”
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