日本発のニュースがMSMのネット版に大きく載る 死ぬまで働けの日本に海外から強い関心: ずくなしの冷や水


日本発のニュースがMSMのネット版に大きく載る 死ぬまで働けの日本に海外から強い関心

the Wall Street Journal 2016/12/28
Japan Ad Agency CEO to Resign Over ‘Death by Overwork’ Case

The Japan Times ST 2016/12/28
Dentsu chief Ishii resigns amid mounting pressure over employee’s suicide

‘Death by overwork’: Head of Japan’s largest ad agency to step down after employee’s suicide

The New York Times2016/12/28
Japanese Ad Executive to Resign Over Employee’s Suicide Stemming From Overwork

Dentsu chief resigns after overworked employee commits suicide

International Business Times2016/12/29
Who Is Tadashi Ishii? Japan’s Dentsu CEO Resigns After Employee’s Suicide Due To Overwork

Head of Japan's largest ad agency resigns over 'death by overwork'

Dentsu chief falls on the sword that he wielded
Head of Japanese advertising agency as much a creation of its culture as its guardian

REUTERS 2016/12/28
Head of Japan's largest ad agency resigns over 'death by overwork'

mUmBRELLA 2016/12/29
Dentsu CEO Tadashi Ishii quits one year after overworked employee jumped to her death

NHK WORLD 2016/12/28
Labor authorities to refer Dentsu to prosecutors

Dentsu suicide triggers major crackdown
Investigation into 24-year-old's death highlights widespread problem of 'karoshi'

JAPAN TODAY 2016/12/30
Dentsu subjected to on-site probe 10 times before overwork suicide

Bloomberg 2016/12/29
Dentsu CEO Quits Over Employee Suicide Blamed on Overwork

FORTUNE International 2016/12/29
Head of Japan’s Biggest Ad Agency Resigns After Suicide of Overworked Employee

INDEPENDENT 2016/12/29
President of ad giant Dentsu to resign over case of employee who died 'from overwork'

QUARTZ 2016/12/28
In Japan, death-by-overwork is so common it has its own word 

電通への立ち入り調査10回 違法残業、5回是正勧告

news.com.au 2016/12/30
Boss of Japan’s biggest ad company resigns after an overworked employee kills herself

MailOnline 2016/12/30
Head of Japan's biggest advertising agency resigns after an employee killed herself on Christmas Day and blamed him for overworking her

asiaone 2016/12/31
Resignation of Dentsu president over staff suicide a stark warning for business leaders

campaign 2016/12/12
Dentsu to abandon its 1951 ‘devil’ rules The agency is to remove controversial commandments designed to promote hard work from its staff handbooks.

EXAME.com 2016/12/29
CEO da Dentsu se demite após suicídio de funcionária

ALJAZEERA 2016/12/29
Will Japan's overwork culture change?
It is known in Japan as "karoshi" - death linked to exhaustion - and thousands die in this way every year.

the Japan Times 2017/4/25
Dentsu may face prosecution for overwork suicide

The labor ministry referred advertising agency Dentsu Inc. and three officials from its offices in Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto to prosecutors on Tuesday on suspicion of violating the Labor Standards Law by making employees work overtime beyond legal limits.

The move came after a 24-year-old employee of the company, Matsuri Takahashi, committed suicide due to overwork in December 2015. The ministry forwarded documents about Dentsu and Takahashi’s manager to prosecutors in December last year on the suspicion that she was forced to underreport her working hours.

After reviewing the documents, local prosecutors will transfer the cases to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office to decide whether criminal charges will be brought.

A high-profile criminal case is likely to pique public interest given the involvement of Dentsu, the nation’s top advertising agency.

The ministry has been investigating whether other employees at Dentsu’s headquarters were made to work overtime in excess of legal limits, but eventually ceased inquiries after making little progress. The lack of evidence suggests that senior officials were aware of alleged illegal conduct.

After Takahashi’s death, her 54-year-old mother Yukimi Takahashi filed a request with Tokyo’s labor standards inspection office that her daughter’s suicide be recognized as a work-related death.

In September last year, the office recognized Takahashi’s suicide as a case of karoshi (death from overwork) after finding that she had worked 105 hours per month in overtime − far higher than the 70-hour cap set in a labor-management agreement. The company accepted that overwork played a role in the onset of Takahashi’s depression, an acknowledgement which led to a paid settlement and prompted then-President Tadashi Ishii to resign to take responsibility for the scandal.

In October, the labor ministry conducted an on-site inspection at Dentsu’s head office in Tokyo and raided the branch offices in Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto the following month on suspicion of Labor Standards Law violations.

The ministry questioned Dentsu President Toshihiro Yamamoto on a voluntary basis on Thursday over the allegations.

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これって、もしかして「残業代ゼロ法案」へのFalse Flagなんでないの??
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外国からの特派員も、知ってて触れないのか? それとも、知らないのか?

いやいや、アーミテージ失脚? シリア停戦やイスラエル逆切れ、株式や債権の怪しい動きを踏まえると、大規模な地殻変動に伴って、地上のビルが一つ崩れはじめた? ということかもしれません。今までアンタッチャブルで難攻不落だっただけに、インパクトはありますが。


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