Bingの翻訳機能は素晴らしい Googleの翻訳機能は米国離れを糊塗: ずくなしの冷や水


Bingの翻訳機能は素晴らしい Googleの翻訳機能は米国離れを糊塗

‘Boycott Bing!’ Riyadh furious after search engine translates 'Daesh' as 'Saudi Arabia'
Saudi Arabia's monarchy was left fuming after Microsoft's Bing search engine translated 'Daesh' – the Arabic acronym for Islamic State – as 'Saudi Arabia.' Many have called for a boycott of the search engine.

While no one fully expects online translation tools to be perfect, it is at least expected that they won't falsely identify countries as being synonymous with terrorist groups that commit gruesome atrocities.

However, that's exactly what Bing did over the weekend, in an incident that has infuriated Riyadh. Representatives of Saudi Arabia's monarchy called for a boycott of the search engine, along with many citizens.

Some took to social media to express their outrage.


Googleの翻訳例 2016/9/14
A senior Algerian legislator described Iran as the superior power in the region, and called on the Arab countries to become united with Tehran instead of Washington.



"to become united with Tehran instead of Washington" が「テヘランの代わりにワシントンで統一になる」です。

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