News from the front. Radiation sickness no. 15: Lethargy, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, somnolence, losing consciousness: ずくなしの冷や水


News from the front. Radiation sickness no. 15: Lethargy, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, somnolence, losing consciousness

October 9, 2015

Recently there have been more and more cases where people can’t resist sleepiness. It’s a disorder of the central nervous system. 4 years and 7 months after the nuclear accident and the timing of the outbreak is as predicted. Following are quotes from a few twitter accounts that re-tweet anything that might concern radiation sickness symptoms, such as @neko_aii, @hunterkani and 2@ch_NPP_info. For the convenience of the reader, I have put my own comments in blue. Everything else is quotes from their tweets.

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/10/9のツイート
"actnen: この寝ても寝なくても眠いの何かの病気なんか?
↑” Is it some kind of disease that I can’t get rid of this sleepiness? Doesn’t matter whether I get to sleep at night or not. My boss explaining me about work and I couldn’t help falling asleep. Honestly.”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/10/9のツイート
"shinoise: 最近病気を疑う位日中唐突に寝落ちしそうになるけど検査した方がいいのか 親戚と従姉妹にナルコレプシーの人がいる"
↑” Should I go and have this checked? Irresistible sleepiness in the middle of the day without warning. Must be some kind of disease. My relatives have narcolepsy you know”

※ ぶっ飛びわんわんおー。@ちび ‏@yasu_xxx_h 氏の2015/10/7のツイート
寝すぎてもう病気じゃね?とか思う( ˙-˙ )
結果朝6時20分までフルで寝たよね( ˙-˙ )
13時間くらい寝た( ˙-˙ )
月に2.3回ある( ˙-˙ )
↑”Makes me think I must have something. I came home and fell asleep. Woke up 3 times but couldn’t open my eyes. Just couldn’t get up. I ended up sleeping through till 6:20. That’s 13 hours sleep. Happens like 2 or 3 times a month. And I’m not even tired”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/10/9のツイート
"s_r_kp: なんでこんな眠いの?
↑”Why am I so sleepy? Can’t get up in the morning. I sleep during classes. Had no classes in the afternoon so I came home and slept. After dinner the ultimate sleepiness. Fell asleep. I was even sleeping while drying my hair. I think I have reached a pathological level”

※ ゆい(唯) ‏@mlssyui 氏の2015/10/8のツイート
↑” These days I am falling asleep when I shouldn’t theoretically. Like when I’m playing games on the train standing up. I suddenly wake up and realize I’d been asleep. Maybe I should go and have it checked could be some kind of sleeping disorder”

※ chouetteシュエット ‏@furotuku 氏の2015/10/7のツイート
@hunterkani かにちゃん、いつもツイありがとう。どんどん増えてますね。自分、乳がんなので免疫落ちると眠くなるのよくわかります。パタンとたおれるようにして眠ってしまいます。死期が近い老人もよく寝ます。寝てばかりの感じ。ガンで治療しなかった人も寝てばかりになっていきます。
↑” Thank you kanichan for re-tweeting everything. There’s more and more isn’t there? I myself have breast cancer and I know that feeling of sleepiness when resistance is low. You just kind of collapse into sleep. Old people at the end of their days sleep a lot as well. Just constantly sleeping. If you have cancer and don’t treat it you end up sleeping all the time”

↑” Hey there look at this guys lol! 2 grown up men sleeping on the ground at the bike park @ Nishiarai”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/10/7のツイート
"kinoppyyyy: 駐輪場で自転車を出そうとする姿勢のまま寝てる女性がいて、この瞬間この体勢で寝る!?って驚いて思わず笑いながら生死の確認した。あの方が無事家にたどり着いて布団で寝れますように。今日も今日とてお疲れ様です。" 201510070017
↑” I saw this woman who looked like she was pulling out her bike from the bike park and she was actually asleep! I mean, do you sleep in that position? While doing that? I burst out laughing but couldn’t help making sure she still was alive. Hope she got back safe and is sleeping on her futon by now. I know life is hard”

People are not just sleeping at stations, in the trains or on the street. Depending on the way of collapsing further injuries could be caused. Sometimes the collapsing is caused by strokes or heart attacks.

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/7/29のツイート
"nnoobbiittaa: 小田急のホームにズボンはいてない奴が寝てる" 101507291426
↑” Hey there’s someone on the platform of Odakyu line sleeping without his trousers on”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani氏の2015/7/29のツイート
"nekotto: コンビニで水買ったんだけど、店員さんがバーコード読み取る姿勢のまま静止して動かなくなったから、え、あの…って声かけたら立ったまま寝てた"
↑” I bought water in a convenience store and the guy at the till was just scanning the bar code and he stopped moving. I said “ Uh .. excuse me?” and he’d fallen asleep”

※ しるびあ@契約延長中 ‏@silvia260103 氏の2015/7/29のツイート
↑” As usual I was waiting for the traffic lights and as usual I got sleepy and closed my eyes and as usual I fell asleep lol Woke up by the horn from the car behind and looked ahead and the lights were green and all clear ahead”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/7/29のツイート
"copen_kuni: 横断歩道の向こう側、マンションの目の前で倒れてる?横になってる青年がいるのにそいつの側を通る人が誰も気に留めてない。
声掛けたら目を覚まして気持ち悪くなって寝てたとのこと。家が目の前だって言うから起こしてマンションまで 201507281748
↑” There’s a guy collapsed? Or just lying on the ground across the zebra crossing in front of a building but nobody seems to care. Actually he was lying down because he was feeling sick. He told me he lived in that building so I helped him in”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/7/30のツイート
"hina_ngo: 近くの駐車場で営業車から転がり落ちて地面で寝てるひといてビビった" 201507290525
↑” Hey guys I freaked out cos there was a guy at the car park nearby on the ground. Had fallen out of his company car while sleeping”

※ neko-aii ‏@neko_aii 氏の2015/5/29のツイート
"hazukiaki14 2013年10月6日
今日所用で仕事終わりに渋谷 新宿寄って東京駅から帰ったんだけど、渋谷で倒れてるおっさんみて、新宿で頭から血を流して倒れてるおっさんみて、東京駅で倒れてるおばちゃんみた...何がおきた((((;゚Д゚)))))))"
↑” I had things to do at Shibuya and Shinjuku before I finished work and went home via Tokyo station. On the way I saw an old guy collapsed in Shibuya, another one collapsed and bleeding from his head in Shinjuku and an old lady collapsed at Tokyo station. What happened?”

※ neko-aii ‏@neko_aii 氏の2015/5/25のツイート
"@muragon0 2012年10月21日
↑” There was someone collapsed on the platform today and people trying to speak to him. Just as I said I’d get the staff this blood came spurting out of his head just like when there’s a tiny hole in a plastic bag full of water. I can still see that image. Really freaky”

※ KEIJI ‏@ky0081氏の2015/7/25のツイート
↑” I was walking in the station when this guy in his 40s collapsed in front of me. First thought he tripped but then he started twitching and losing colour and snoring so called an ambulance. Hope he was ok”

The Tokyo area is not the only one hit.

※ 飛行機雲撲滅委員会@nochemtrail氏の2015/5/27のツイート
↑” Really upset about what I read just now. A friend in Sendai said that he fell unconscious for a few minutes in the middle of the day without even wanting to sleep. And all these comments from people in Miyagi that said “me too”…”

※ 鉢巻 友達 ‏@UMISHO_RyuZU 氏の2015/8/1のツイート
↑” What are these people doing sleeping on the benches at Sendai station? “

What concerns me most is the reaction by the young people. They mainly find it annoying, rude or stupid but they don’t seem to wonder why it’s happening, why all these people are sleeping in these impossible manners and places. They are not aware that it is an advanced form of radiation sickness. Hence those who are criticizing these people in their tweets are as much at risk themselves. If their parents are not aware of the risk of radiation there’s no way they are going to be concerned about it.

Tweets on “I sleep and sleep and am still terribly sleepy”

※ 放射能汚染・内部被曝情報氏の2015/5/8のツイート

↑” Seems in Tokyo yesterday there were incredible numbers of people getting ill on trains and at stations again. A person bleeding from the head lying on the floor at Shinjuku station. At Shibuya station someone fell off the platform. At Komazawa-daigaku station an emergency call for someone ill. At Kokubunji station another ill person. At Nakano station the Chuo line had to do an emergency stop because someone pressed the emergency button. Isn’t this a sign that the whole metropolitan area is collapsing?”

Next is a comment from my reader Sakuradorf posted on 12/5/2015.
“ When I went to the Sky Tree the day before the golden week holidays the Tobu line had a case of emergency illness and the trains were heavily delayed. All express trains were stopping at all stations. Plus, the underground was messed up from a driver getting ill. I realized that what I read on twitter is actually true. However there’s no coverage by television or newspapers at all on these people falling seriously ill on public transport. Nowadays the truth is only to be found on the internet.”

One of my friends has passed out in the streets several times. He does not remember anything of the incidents. He only realises that he has passed out after coming back to consciousness. So my friend was ahead of the trend.

The number of cases of fainting in a group of people, although at different levels ranging from a light cerebral anemia to a stroke, could be the barometer for the development of radiation sickness.

Loss of consciousness while driving could cause an accident. You might not collapse because you are seated but all manoeuvres will stop. No acceleration, no braking.

※ 2ちゃん原発情報 ‏@2ch_NPP_info 氏の2015/4/18のツイート
名無し:04/18 15:55
yoiki_papa (千葉県在住)
↑” The abnormal everyday scene of my work environment: Already 12 accidents since the beginning of April till the 12th. Accidents either by car or at work. Considering the weekends there’s one or more accidents per day. What’s more abnormal is that the only thing they do against it is “to raise awareness” of the risk. Come on guys….I can only laugh at this”

If you pass out while on the bike the only way you go is falling.

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/7/30のツイート
"yuna_gb927: 因みに昨日眠すぎて帰り道の自転車で何度も居眠り運転してガードレールに衝突したりほんとにやばかった 帰ってそのままソファーに倒れこんで寝てた"
↑” Btw I was so sleepy yesterday I was on my bike and fell asleep several times. I even ran into the crash barrier and it was like omg. As soon as I got home I fell onto the sofa and fell asleep.’

Many images of collapsed people on this site. I invite you to check it out and see how abnormal the situation is.
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