News from the front. Radiation sickness no.23: Fainting, rolling eyes, convulsions: ずくなしの冷や水


News from the front. Radiation sickness no.23: Fainting, rolling eyes, convulsions

November16, 2015

In the article “News from the front. Radiation sickness no. 15” I explained how people are increasingly collapsing during normal, daily activities. These days I am observing cases where drowsiness does not seem to be the only reason, i.e. people actually faint although they seem to regain consciousness after a short while.

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/9/28のツイート
長野県 上田市
"cyoroco: 仕事中にバコンって音がなったから、いそいでレジ戻ったらお客さんが倒れて痙攣してて、めちゃくちゃビックリした。救急隊来たら、スクッと立ち上がって店内歩き回って更にビックリした。てんかんと言う病気なのかもしれんね"
↑” I heard a huge bang at work so rushed back to the till and found a client collapsed on the floor and twitching. Kind of shocking. It was even more stunning when this person suddenly pulled himself up and started walking about like normal in the shop when the rescue team arrived. Could have been what people call an epileptic fit.”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/9/28のツイート
"LeydeN0110: pampkm38 大丈夫よふっもう私の場合マジで死ななきゃ安いって感じやわ顔3(かなしいカオ)そーやねん私の場合大概救急車やねんけどなわからん多分倒れたままでもそのうち目が覚めるんだけど毎回すぐ見つけてもらえるからほんま有難い顔3(かなしいカオ)"
↑” It’s ok J Seriously in my case as long as I don’t die I’m grateful. I know, in many cases it involves an ambulance. Most probably I will be fine after a while even just left lying but luckily every time someone finds me”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/9/28のツイート
"pampkm38: LeydeN0110 まって!!!!のっかちゃん大丈夫!?!?大丈夫じゃないね?私もよく倒れるからわかるわ気持ち....起きたら知らん風景..."
↑“Wait!! Nokka are you ok!? No you’re not, are you? I faint a lot as well so I know how you feel… getting up and finding yourself in a strange environment…”

※ まつけん ‏@5296mazken48 氏の2015/9/17のツイート
↑”A man in a suit fainted and twitched for a minute or so. I had to ask people around us to press the emergency button. As we were reaching the next station he got up and kept saying he was ok but he collapsed in such a way he couldn’t possibly be ok, really”

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/10/9のツイート
"pla_vmelo: 電車内で発車待ってたらOLっぽい人が急に倒れて、全身痙攣し出す事案発生。駅員さん呼んだら担架で運ばれていったけど大丈夫だろか
↑”While waiting for the train to pull off a young office girl passed out all of a sudden and her whole body started twitching. The station staff was called and she was carried out on a stretcher. Wonder if she was ok”

There are also people who repeatedly pass out.

※ かにちゃんと世界線 ‏@hunterkani 氏の2015/11/16のツイート
↑”My sister had a convulsion and looked like she was struggling to breathe and foam was coming out of her mouth and after a few minutes she finally got back to normal and the rescue workers checked her and said there was nothing wrong with her. I told her what had happened but she couldn’t remember anything and just as we were talking she started having funny movements and then fell to a convulsion again with foam coming out of her mouth”

A reader of this blog recently sent a report of her own experience of passing out and I learnt that there is a symptom that is called the cough syncope. However, as not everyone mentioned in the quotes is coughing I think it is more natural to look for something else as the cause of this recent but increasingly frequent phenomenon of people passing out.

According to the American physicist E. Sterngrass strontium could trigger fainting if it is deposited and decays in the brain, especially in the frontal lobe. Strontium undergoes a beta decay which emits especially high-energy radiation. This is not the only time. The daughter nuclide, yttrium, undergoes another beta decay with an even higher energy after a relatively short while (64 hours in the case of yttrium-90). If strontium with its long half-life (strontium-90 has a half-life of 28.8 years; the biological one of about 50 years) is the cause of fainting, someone with a history has a higher risk of doing it again in the future. Even worse, if strontium has reached as far as the brain it is highly likely that there is a substantial deposit of strontium in the bones as well, which means risk of leukemia. This is because strontium is chemically very close to calcium and behaves like it in the human body.

The Japanese government does not want to talk about strontium. Although it is widely deposited across the east of Japan, the government wants to keep things quiet and has hardly done any surveys on it. Beware of what you eat.

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