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This is Daily Life in Japan These Days

May 29th, 2015 

↑ “Only mid week and there’s already someone collapsed on the floor at Shinagawa station lol. So the station staff does nothing about it?”

↑ “People passed out on the floor at Shinjuku station”

↑ “Looks like there’s someone passed out at the exit of Chiba station. Sawdust scattered about”
(Zukunashi: Sawdust is often used for covering and absorbing vomit)

↑ “More and more tweets about people passing out in the street on timeline, in addition to people getting ill and being carried out of trains. What’s scary is that no one seems to find it odd”

↑ “Got job offers from Seven and Kasumi. Which one should I take? I guess Seven’s better. Anyway, saw someone collapsed in Shin-matsudo”

※ charley ‏@charleycharley7 氏の2015/5/29のツイート
↑ “More than 20 people needing emergency treatment on trains. In a single day. Ok, you could say it’s only 20 out of 8 million. But that makes 7300 people in 365 days. It certainly isn’t insignificant.If at least 10 people witness each case then 80.000 people are given the chance to “wake up”. Let’s move out of here! It’s not too late yet!”

Zukunashi: The first five are quotes from the twitter account neko-aii@neko_aii. As the last tweet says, at the moment the number of people falling ill on trains and being evacuated so that trains have to make an emergency halt is about 20 in a day. If we look at what happened in Chernobyl the numbers should increase each year. That is, in 10 years time it will reach 100 evacuations per day. However in Japan, contrary to Chernobyl, we have been “supporting” the farmers of the contaminated regions by eating their produce and incinerating the contaminated debris across the country. So the outlook is far worse than 100. If you don’t do anything to protect yourself against radiation one day you might become one of them. There’s only one thing to do: move away!

Many, many more cases of people passing out can be found on the internet. Among them just a few:

「半蔵門線ホームで突然倒れた男性」 (from our Diary. MASH 2014/8/8)
↑ “A man suddenly collapsed at Hanzomon station”

杏林大学2014.2.24 電車内で心肺停止の受験生を当院医師が救命 消防署から感謝状
↑ “Doctor of our hospital saved the life of a high school student in cardiopulmonary arrest on a train and was rewarded by the fire department”

2012年10月24日水曜日 電車で気を失い倒れる (wheels 2012/10/24)
↑ “I lost consciousness on the train and collapsed”

「電車で失神しました」 (OKWave 2014/2/26)
↑ “I fainted on the train”

魑魅魍魎男 氏:昏倒したときに頭を打たないよう、ヘルメットを着用して外出する人が、そのうち増えるかも知れません。
↑  “Increasing number of people suddenly passing out on trains and at stations”
Chimimoryootoko:Will the day come when people start wearing helmets to go out to protect their heads in case they collapse?

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Mr. Nick Thabit
You are welcome!
If you have any questions, our fellows are ready to reply in English.

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Mr. Nick Thabit. I saw your home page. Ho, ho. The An eye of God is very good.
We have a kindred spirit. I am a prayer. The sacred flame.
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