September 20, 2013
In Belarus mother did her best enough to be called mad for children's health

Q. Hello, Mr.Zukunashi. Thank you very much for providing valuable information about radioactivity in Japan.

I am a homemaker having two teenage children. I am only one in my family who feels nervous about risk of radioactivity. My husband says in front of our children that I have to be crazy and fool to automatically believe such irresponsible blog. Also he says that the report is credible which says cancer never be on the rise under the situation of up until 100m Sv/h (he says this is the world standard).

All of my family is like that. My children say that they want to go on to University in Tohoku district or around Tokyo. Sometimes I ask them not to consume milk, Sushi and store-bought snacks because these foods are likely to contain radioactivity. Then they always say “You must be crazy! I’m ashamed of you. I wish you would disappear!” Of course they never wear a mask because it looks strange.

Since they are no longer infants, there is nothing I can do for them however they are my children.

Recently I do not feel sad because of their lack of understanding, and also I do not have any intention of trying to find how to put the radioactivity dangerous across very clearly.

After all, “once a fool, always a fool” (in the eyes of my family, I AM FOOL!).

Now I just hope that my husband will pass away without lengthy illness, and that my children will sustain only minor symptoms.


A Thank you very much for your comments. Please see the followings.

1. I am just guessing that you and your family would appear to be well so far, and I am happy with that. However in my opinion, Kanagawa prefecture including your town, Yokohama-city is high-risk area.

2. I think your husband has a lot of good reasons to think that personal blog is untrustworthy. I always distrust not just personal but public information declared by politicians. Sometimes I doubt the credibility of the information depending on writing style and way of quote put by big names on the Internet. In this case, I introduce such information with my own questions and reminders. As Information put by Government and TEPCO is always intentionally manipulated, you may get mentally tired of doubting everything they says. Their words are always conflicted and that will make you confused and brain freeze.

3. As I guess you might have already gave up persuading your family, I think you are okay with that. As far as internal exposure, home-made meal is made up of a majority of what they eat. As long as you procure low-becquerel ingredients for home cooking, your family may get radioactivity to a minimum on the whole even if they sometimes dine out or eat snacks including some radioactivity. Sometimes I stay for lunch at my friend’s house. I eat everything they serve me even if that looks likely to contain radioactivity because the invitation is once-in-a-months. I would emphasize that you should control the risk totally. Otherwise, you may have hard time with confliction and stress caused between you and your family.

4. Please keep firmly in your mind that your family is almost the same as wayward infant. They know nothing about what is going on and just shout curses. Homemakers have profound influence because they do everything about home-made meals, from purveying daily ingredients to cooking. I heard that children in Belarus were with relatively little damage when their parents were nervous not to make them eat dangerous food. I imagine it was so hard to obtain safe food under the distribution system of former Soviet Union, even for privileged class. Their difficulty is unthinkable.

5. “I just hope that my husband will pass away without lengthy illness, and that my children will sustain only minor symptoms”, this is something unusual. However I agree with you. I think all people in Japan, not just people in eastern Japan, were exposed to the radiation in late March, 2011. Initial plume was ruinous and I think there is no one with no damage. All we have to do is to avoid further exposure and to build up immunity. It is important to complete your mental preparation for keeping health damage to a minimum.

6. I, in my old age, often recall my parents. My mother used to cook Japanese traditional food, like Dango and Sushi. While I cook, I imagine how much she took up her time to cook them. Although we were far from well off, my parents always prepared healthy meals. I am firmly convinced that I and my brothers could have built a foundation of health by having those meals. I am very sorry that health problems in Japan will assume serious proportions while your cursing children are growing. If they do not suffer serious illness at the time, they will make sure to think of the reason why. Parents have to be willing to be even a demon, fool and weirdo to protect their children and family. That about sums it up.

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