Internal exposure avoidance is not difficult and brings a remarkable effect to your health: ずくなしの冷や水


Internal exposure avoidance is not difficult and brings a remarkable effect to your health

 In Chernobyl children experienced fewer health problems when their households tried to avoid radiation to the point where they were criticized for being too nervous. I'm convinced I was right when I recommend that you avoid contaminated food and drink.

 I received a comment from my reader Shimaneko-san. The gist of her comment is as follows.
 1) I avoided food from Fukushima and Miyagi after the accident, but I kept consuming food from other Tohoku areas and the Kanto area. I also ate seafood.
 2) In spring 2014, a rash appeared on my back and it spread to shoulders and hip in one month. I never experienced such bad rash before.
 3) I suspected internal radiation exposure and after that only bought food from western Japan and Hokkaido. I avoided eating out, too. After a month and a half the rash reduced tremendously.

 Intake and excretion of cesium in her body must have been at the balanced state after 1100+ days since the Fukushima accident. When she started to take less cesium at that point, since the amount of egestion wouldn't change, the accumulated amount of cesium in her body would go down significantly.

 Simaneko-san works at home, so she didn't get exposed to radiation at the earlier phase. Her external exposure should be limited, too. She doesn't have many opportunities to have to go out with her colleagues. It's relatively easy for her to avoid contamination.

 It is just an excuse to say that you can't avoid contamination since you work outside. From my observations of twitters, I'm amazed at how much people eat out, eat processed food, and snack on junk food. You shouldn't take in anything you can't be sure of its safety.

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