Live-in old parents are reluctant to emigrate from here, polluted area: ずくなしの冷や水


Live-in old parents are reluctant to emigrate from here, polluted area


Live-in old parents are reluctant to emigrate from here, polluted area

Q Hello, Mr.Zukunashi. I have a question that the day will really come when Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant suffers catastrophic damage once again because of big earthquake. I can imagine how hard and painful to escape with bare life leaving everything behind at that day. On the other hand however, I can imagine how much my life would be easier uprooting my current life, which tied myself down in Kashiwa-city, for a good cause…

A Thank you very much for your question. Please see the followings.

1. We are getting even poorly informed of current state of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant nowadays. Once big earthquake occurs, exhaust tower will collapse and it can happen that other nuclear reactor buildings (of course Unit 4 too) will lean.

2. As for base of shared exhaust tower of Unit 1 and 2, dose rate is 25Sv/h. Human being is sure to die when he is exposed to just 6Sv of radiation. There is a tear at the steel frame of this exhaust tower. TEPCO places off-limits around this tower because it is in danger of collapsing.

This high dose rate is believed to be due primarily to sludged radioactive substance sticking firmly to base of tower which had been vented from the reactor. No one knows the amount and the status of radioactive substance, including whether it is dry or wet etc. However please imagine that the tower collapses and huge amount of radioactive substance are stirred up on impact… Could you imagine how far the splattered radioactive substance would fly away…? As no one get close to the tower, no one can fix it. Also the polluted section is not only the base. You know, we will face imaginary worst-case scenario when such dangerous tower collapses kicking up a cloud of radioactive substance… Ms. Oshidori-Mako, Japanese duo comedian, thinks that the biggest concern about Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is exhaust tower collapse.

3. It is said that there is strontium mud everywhere within the enclosure of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. As the area has already much underground water by nature, polluted water has been leaking from the tanks. If they drain off the water from nuclear reactor buildings, that will result in giving buoyancy. I think even underground ice wall will float by buoyancy. If it is shook by big earthquake, it will be unavoidable. Some of manholes protruded out of the ground more than 1m when the Great East Japan Earthquake took place. Many professionals have repeatedly pointed out the great risk of nuclear reactor buildings collapse. Some of professionals even begin considering the plan which completely submerges the whole buildings in the sea. This plan is for the scenario that they cannot keep soaking spent nuclear fuel in water. As stated by Prf. Hiroaki KOIDE, it takes about 1 week for spent nuclear fuel from becoming exposed on the surface of water to start burning. There are other ideas like “dash concrete slab from concrete pumping vehicle” and “sprinkle light concrete from helicopter”. In any case, you should evacuate immediately when such plan become reality.

4. If such situation will happen for real, you should literally “escape with bare life”. However I could highly recommend that you should advance the preparation of evacuation while you can take all the time. Although you cannot advance the preparation of evacuation because you cannot obtain the understanding of other family members, of course you will be able to persuade them to evacuate only when worst comes to worst. However you should be prepared to make some degree of sacrifice if it is not until you face the worst-case scenario that you decide to evacuate. Please persist in persuading your family to evacuate paying attention to the changing circumstances around you.

As I mentioned in my blog before, middle-aged guys who never even check Internet articles realize coming crises more than expected. They expressed their true opinion to me because I was just an old passerby outsider for them.

Please don't lose hope. Old people just don’t want to use money as much as possible because they have no ability to make money. This is their normal mind.

Please see the following tweet.

Tweet posted on May 5, 2014
Finally I moved to here western Japan this week. Before moving to here, I throw away anything I don't need not to bring polluted things to new land. The days seem like a long time ago that I was obsessed “I have no choice but to move by myself…” The most difficult thing was to get rid of my furnishings. On the other hand, it was easy to pack up. Dear reader who has a hard time of the inability to move, please keep getting rid of unnecessary items. I believe the day will come when you move. Please sustain hope for the future!!!

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